The reasons WHY Arsenal are the top form team in Europe


Arsenal’s seven-game winning streak has launched them to the top of the European form table. According to SkySports, Lazio is the only team to match that run in Europe – having a four goal margin better than us during that time. Imagine what we would be talking about if this form was from the start of the season? Anyway that’s that and now let’s get back to actually how it happened.

According to me the Number One reason is the media, even though most of us agree that this slating sometimes have been way unfair to the boys, some have actually been plain truth of our manager AW. Since that defeat by Swansea because of our careless attacking, and letting slip the three goal advantage to Anderlecht in the Champion’s League. I remember them calling Arsene tactically naïve, and from that time we have improved defensively and attack much more effectively too.

The second reason is rather awkward one, INJURIES. I am not in any way suggesting that injuries are good but they helped in opening AW eyes in terms of team selection. Do you honestly believe Wenger would have called back Le Coq from his loan if it were not for injuries to Arteta, Wilshere and Flamini? I can guess the answer. Well I don’t think we would be where we are with Arteta as our holding midfielder. I don’t want to add any more praise to le Coq as every Tom, Dick and Harry has seen what he has done. Were it not for injuries AW himself conceded that he was clueless on how good le Coq actually was. How about Hector? Boy! This lad is amazing considering his age. The way he plays at times I really fear for Debuchy and Jenkinson. But his chance actually came after injuries attacked our back four.

The other reason I believe is AW being partially open minded when it comes to team selection. I have for years struggle to understand how Szczesny is a top goalkeeper for a team like Arsenal while Chelsea could afford to bench Cech (and even the Spuds could afford Lloris and yet Arsenal have Szczesny? We can’t deny the fact that our team has improved defensively as a team but it surely can’t be a sheer coincidence that we improved ever since David Ospina has taken over. To me AW needs to be more open minded on his team selections in all areas especially now that we have a miracle of having almost every one available. In fact it’s my concern that it may actually interrupt our flow. Like against Liverpool, although it worked but I failed to understand why he would opt for Ramsey to play on the right wing having someone like Welbeck on the bench. It left me wondering what will happen when the likes of Arteta and Wilshere gets fully fit? Who will be sacrificed for them?

Anyway lets enjoy life while we still can because maybe I am wrong! I really hope AW proves me wrong this time round as he has proved most of AOBs. Let’s keep smiling especially now that this weekend’s Manchester derby will be a must win for both teams after Palace did us a big fat favour!! COYG.

By Ankoanko from Kenya

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  1. Off topic

    Regarding transfers, there’s this dude on lazio named Felipe Anderson who is a player I am starting to like very much. He’s so talented he has insane pace with excellent technique and close control. He glides past players but with the close control of Sanchez and he’s been adding end product to his game. I hope wenger is keeping tabs.

    1. wow.. had never heard of him. don’t follow italian league much.
      but looks incredibly dangerous from the few videos I just watched. That burst of acceleration and strength on the ball is rare.

      Will definitely be an interesting window considering the DM and CB issues we were facing have been very close to sorted. (Coquelin still needs a back-up, should be 1st priority IMO)

      Out of curiosity, would you be more excited if we nabbed him or Dybala?

      1. Absolutely I agree, a DM should be our number 1 priority coquelin needs some1 to compete with him, step in for him when rested and when we need to play 2 holding mids.

        But Felipe Anderson seems like a special talent his size to go along with his pace and technique doesn’t come around often and he’s only like 22. But honestly I haven’t seen enough of dybala to make an informed decision, dybala sounds like the flavor of the month though. What do you think of dybala?

    2. Winning “just” 7 games in a row making us “top form team” in Europe makes you reflect just how difficult it is for any team, anywhere, to win all their games. Also puts our wildly optimistic hopes of winning all our remaining games in to sharp focus – 14 wins in a row, really??

  2. We’ve always been a top team its just that sometimes we tend to be complacent in certain games and drop points but I believe with this momentum and team spirit we are unstoppable. We just need arsene to always get his team sheets and tactics right in every game

  3. The only reason I see is Coquelin and Injuries to Koscielny and Giroud.. That’s the difference.

    1. As unfortunate as it was, we’ve emerged far stronger from it.
      Gabriel, Coquelin and Bellerin may never have been given the shot had it not been to misfortunes.
      Giroud and Ozil were constantly the cause of immense critical analysis. Both have come back with focus, confidence and drive I’d never seen from either of them at their time at Arsenal.

      If we can consolidate, lift the F.A. cup again, drastically improve upon our big game struggles and ultimately look a much more ruthless, stronger team i’ll still put the season down to an improvement.

  4. There is no one reason. From Ospina making saves to our strikers scoring when the team isn’t playing well to Coq geyting to the danger first we have been able to mitigate our weaknesses.

    Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla is a serious amount of talent. Teams will struggle against that as long as Arsenal play well in defence.

      1. @Robin Vanpayslip
        I guess some fans forgot this FA cup Game (Arsenal 0. Blackburn 1 … 16 February 2013)

  5. This is the Problem for Arsenal. We have hit the top form but a little late. Had we got this top form one month earlier, we would have become PL champion and would have beaten Monaco easily.
    This is really painful. Hopefully we learnt and put in top performance throughout whole season.
    They way we are playing , we can beat any team in the world.
    Guys a CL encounter against Barsa or Madrid or bayern would have been 50-50
    Hope we maintain this form for reminder of the season and will all out matches

  6. Though I agree with most of your assessment I just had to stop when you slated the pick of Ramsey over Welbeck. Wenger played with a fluid 3 across the top which allowed us to create space and use wingers to overlap. Due to Liverpool’s 3-5-2 they have limit to their wide defence and this played into our hands. As you can see from the first goal, they couldn’t contain both the wide man and the man cutting inside. Welbeck would have done the job the same as Rambo but Rambo is far more industrious and way more incisive. As a winger Welbeck certainly has the edge but he wasn’t going to get space to run down wing early on, it was always going to be tight play where a channel would be free. Ramsey is FAR more adept at that role and the result speaks for itself.

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