The reasons why Arsenal fans are so disappointed with Unai Emery

Emery perplexedUnderstanding what some of us feel and our motives as Arsenal fans by Eddie Hoyte

A brother on here told me: “Eddie, you and I we’ve seen a lot worse than this, so why are you being negative all of a sudden?” I thought about that question for a while. Am I being negative? Am I being a bum? Am I being too harsh on the manager? I know the answers I got, now it’s almost as easy as answering any question. Different people come up with different answers, in some cases, most people come up with the same answers.

Our terrible form continues, our struggles and excuses being made by the coach and fans have multiplied a great deal. On paper, we have arguably the third best squad in the EPL but on the pitch, we’re as poor as teams struggling to make it out of the relegation zone. Every pundit, supporter, ex-players, legends, all know this squad can do better, this squad would do better, and they’ve been questioning the tactics for a while now and saying we are losing our identity.

As a supporter, I’ve been an Arsenal fan my whole life and I’ve seen us play attractive football, seen us play entertaining football. During those times, we’ve won trophies, created the Invincibles, struggled sometimes and lost embarrassingly to our opponents.

No single fan expected us to keep winning or keep being perfect, and even right now no single fan expects perfection from the team, because everyone believes “Everyone’s a winner and everyone’s a loser”, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose”. It’s the rule of life, you can’t have it your way, it has to be Like that, and I know I didn’t make that rule neither was I there to sign it. So, believe me when I say I stand with fans voicing and echoing their pains every single weekend, because we’ve seen nothing close to perfection from this club since Emery became coach. All we do is struggle, come on, we deserve a smooth ride a few times also don’t we?

This isn’t the football club we knew; this isn’t the football club we wanted.

Wenger was struggling in his last years, his teams would occasionally win some games, lose some games, go back to winning and resume losing in a short while. It was almost as if someone kept flipping the off and on switch. We knew certain games would be tough, and sometimes we got the win still. But I’m not here to talk about the past so here’s my point…

Right now, for the past 18 months, we’ve been in one place, playing badly, struggling to win, struggling to attack, struggling to defend, struggling to play even good football for 75 minutes. Right now, it seems the on and off button stopped flipping and it’s been Off for the past 18 months. While it was obvious we were struggling, fans were quick into pushing the blame, citing that the coach was making use of Arsene Wenger’s dross, that’s why we were playing like that. Some of us knew it was way more than that, it ran deeply from the first game against City. We were never up there tactically, strategically we were struggling, we would play and play, run and run, in the name of pressing; we’d be on the verge of collapsing then the coach would make some changes early in the 2nd half only for that little spark to come back on.

“All hail the genius”, “He’s a master tactician who normally gets his subs right, and he doesn’t even wait till the 75th minute”. So many superlatives and compliments, and yet people chose to ignore the bigger question. Why do we have to struggle and struggle first and then until our coach makes substitutions, we’ll fight a little? Why can’t we fight from the very first minute like top clubs do?

Now he’s had his own team and transfer windows, and now we’re so much worse than we were in the first place. Let me ask, Arsene Wenger was struggling, we can all agree, and we wanted better performances from our club, right? So, the club felt it’s time to move on to a better place and start challenging.

I’m asking you fans now, when we were all excited about getting in a new coach, were you actually excited that we’ll do better than Wenger’s last two seasons? Or you were excited with the fact that we’ll be doing worse than Wenger’s last two seasons? If the whole point was to get us better, why should we settle and be told to stay supportive when it’s the opposite of better we’re being fed? Why take one step forward and two steps backwards? Why should I be okay with it? Why should any real fan be okay with it?

This squad can’t really be judged, neither can it be properly assessed under Emery because his tactics, strategies and everything overshadows and clouds everything. I think it’s safe to say; it’s a different scenario if these guys aren’t trying.

In Wenger’s last year, his squad was accused of not trying, being too comfortable, too lazy and relaxed, and everyone could understand the solution meant weeding out the bad ones. Under Emery it’s a different case, every day we see it; these guys come to the pitch, they try, they give their all, do what they’re being told to do, they run all over the pitch, they play from the back and hold on to the ball till God knows when, but yet it results into constant failure, struggles and woeful performances.

Aubameyang put’s in his shift up front, you know he’s a smart player to get the goals when he’s playing with enough service behind him, and yet he has been denied that facility. (The Ozil never had world class strikers to play with theory comes to mind).

Lacazette gives his all, but there’s no way he can be the creator, the runner, the strength and the goal scorer.

Pepe with his confidence in one on one situations comes to mind also, he’s never scared of taking the ball to the opponents. He’s a player who wants to do something with the ball.

It goes on down to the midfield players too, our specialist DM who can’t do his job anymore, suddenly wants to turn into Kante instead of being Torreira. People say he doesn’t have the strength to last long in games so am asking if that’s the case, why push him up front to go do the same thing Kante is doing? Why ask him to start pressing and marking up front and doing it all at the back to cover for the defence when he’s not blessed with the same engine Kante has? Kante has a lot of energy to burn over a hundred minutes, Kante has been the best DM on the planet for the past 3 seasons. When we got Torreira, we wanted our own DM not our own Kante. We got Torreira and we loved his performances until he was moved upfront after the Spurs game last season to be our own Kante.

Granit Xhaka has always been an average player under Wenger, but he wasn’t this terrible either.

Ceballos has had just one awesome performance, he’s always being moved all about the pitch, he plays a ten today, tomorrow it’s the eight, next time it’s besides our 4 and so on.

Our defenders have their own struggles and it gets worse with the fact that our midfield isn’t stable enough to cover for it.

I could go on and on all day, but my point is at least we see these guys on the pitch trying to do something, trying to do what the coach wants, his philosophy, which clearly you and I, and obviously the players themselves don’t know – and it’s all coming out wrong. How can we assess this team and how can they build the bond and connection stronger when the coach disrupts everything every game?

It’s no coincidence pundits, ex-players and legends keep calling for a Brendan Rodgers or a new coach? They could’ve pointed out how Pepe isn’t this or that, how Ceballos isn’t this or that, how Torreira isn’t this or that, and so on but instead they keep hitting on the same thing every time. The manager, his tactics, strategies and selections!

It’s what I’ve been doing since last season, and what I’ll keep doing. I don’t doubt this team, no! I’m a supporter and a fan of Arsenal football Club. I’ll always stand behind the club and it’s players! Lose, win or Draw, but when one man keeps disrupting everything for the past 18 months. When one man consistently makes this team look average and bang poor then I choose to stand up and voice it out. We all know the players can’t come out and admit they’re confused, tired or lost as to what the coach wants from them? Even though we’ve read so many reports of it?

It’s what those of us who can voice out choose to do, and we won’t back down now, when even experts and our past legends keep on echoing the same thing we’ve been voicing. No, it’s not negativity, I’m not being negative, in my line of work you’re not allowed to dwell in a place of negativity. Ask any musician, producer or entertainer you know. Negativity is never allowed anywhere inside the studio.

So, get us a proper coach, and you’ll see every one of us standing behind him and the boys BECAUSE WE KNOW THIS SQUAD IS GOOD ENOUGH TO CHALLENGE FOR TOP HONOURS! BECAUSE WE KNOW THIS SQUAD CAN ACHIEVE SO MUCH TOGETHER! Just get in a coach to put them the right way and do things positively, and you’ll see why most of us don’t want this man Emery in charge. I don’t believe Leicester has the stronger squad, not even Chelsea, I do believe we have the better squad, but just because through one man we keep struggling and we want that loophole to be filled, does it mean I’m devoid of my beliefs? Does it make me any less a believer in my team? Does it make me a plastic fan? A glory hunter?

To end this brothers, now I’m asking Are you really satisfied we’re going backwards, turning into an average team despite having a mixture of fantastic senior and youth players?

Are you all saying you can judge this squad when, you, I and everyone else sees the struggle is coming from the coach?

See you in the comments….

Eddie Hoyte


  1. Been watching THE Arsenal for over 60 years and cannot remember it this bad. Yes in the 70s and 80s were sometimes dire but there wasn’t as much expectation in those times. That’s the difference, Graham won things with at times boring football but at least we were direct and Wenger spoilt us with leagues, cups, doubles and pure entertaining football. We’ve not got the hope of any of those under Emery. I’m very sad😢

  2. Nice article, Eddie 👌
    Very little I can add to that, as you’ve covered all aspects!
    Don’t they say things get worse before they get better? They’re not wrong and I have a horrible feeling about tomorrow ☹

    1. What else drives me nuts, is how some of our players, after leaving us, have gone on to do so much better. Look at Giroud scoring against us and lifting the EL trophy. Ramsey was always guaranteed to win trophies in Turin. And now the latest is bloody Oxlade, scoring against us in the cup.. and we couldn’t even win that game! All go on to bigger/better while we’re just stuck in our rut…. Really is tough right now.. I bet after tomorrow, we’ll be relieved the break is here! 😭

      1. Sue the craziest thing is the Int break used to be boring and you’d see fans cussing and voicing out the boredom that’ll come from not watching Arsenal play.
        Lately the Int break doesn’t leave any effect on anyone because both our football and the Int break are pointless😮😮

        1. Haha I was one of them!! But now I can’t wait for the break.. could also have something to do with the grand slam of darts taking place though 😄
          Anyhow, Eddie.. it appears Monsieur Wenger is not heading to Munich……

    2. Good morning sue, true Eddie very nice article. But does things have to get worse for us before it gets better, Emery has everything that should make him succeed but he just seems to be stuck with doing simple things backwards. He complicated our football, the players and the system. He didn’t need to pick fights with Ozil. Sue do you know Mustafi almost said that they had to adjust to new system every time and sometimes it’s complicated, he said it was difficult in the first half but they improved in the second and still conceded a goal. So I think emery’s inconsistency is a major problem for the players. Football is a game of consistency and the players should know each other’s positions like the back of their hands.

      1. Morning, Pat. Hope you’re good!
        Yes I saw that… it’s no wonder our football has been all over the place (especially sideways and backwards 😄) When was the last time we played 3 at the back?? All this tinkering ain’t good.. jeez what will he come up with tomorrow?!! 😖

  3. I guess the reasons why some fans are disappointed with Emery are similar to why other fans are disappointed with Wenger and Ozil. They don’t meet the expectations, hence the big protests

    Some people think the new manager could never do worse than Emery. I bet we would see that soon, if Emery loses in Leicester

    1. Emery is terrible. He cannot manage in the top flight. Wrong man, wrong place.

      Wenger should come back with this talented team as interim coach. You will see how Ozil get released to simply create with three good FWDs at any one time from Auba, Laca, Pepe, Martinelli… Wenger should then go to United in the Summer to kick Arsenal fans for once rather than be polite to a bunch of brats.

      It is astonishing that fans forget how Wenger won with a much less talented team, when City, Chelsea and United were really powerful with money being splashed. Only the Spuds and Leicester were great team playing above expectations.

      This season United, Spuds and Chelsea are manageable threats, yet we are 6th in the table!

  4. Spot on Eddie! But the only thing is that this should go to the hierarchy concerned who seem to be watching a different Arsenal week in week out. I am an avid Gunner fan for the last 20 odd years but never before I have been so disillusioned and dejected at our performance. . I definitely know we are much more capable as a team and as an example in the last season we could have been 3rd but blew it away against Leicester, CP and Brighton. This Saturday I will have my heart in my mouth because lose and we wont be able to catch up with the top 4. I only hope hope hope…. Arsenal win on Saturday.

  5. Well put, Eddie!

    Just as a matter of interest, Who would you “really” like to see at the managers table?

    Personally, (In an ideal world) I would love to see Freddie take over and bring Henry in with Sol Cambel to sort the defence out!!

    Between them they could get this machine working from back to front!!

    1. Naglesmann would be my first choice.. To take over till the end of the season would be Freddie cause the players do well understand him and he knows what it is the fans deserves.
      Arteta also, but I don’t really think choosing a back staff filled with ex players would be ideal.
      Bodgers would also be a nice risk..
      I don’t want any of those old managers though

      1. Lol, “old” managers 👍

        Leipzig don’t seem to be doing that well at the moment but then I don’t know much about Naglesmann? Will check him out a bit more!

        Love the Avatar btw man! Hahahahahaha.. 😂 🤣

      2. I’m glad you didn’t mention Vieira, Eddie.

        Some people who complain about Emery forget that Vieira’s quality as a coach is still FAR from being desired by a club like PSG, which Emery was.
        And Vieira is even more defensive than Emery. His Nice have in 50 league games under him scored 45 goals – 0.9 goals scored per game.
        Much as I like Patrick, to think he could do no worse than Emery is some seriously deluded thinking.

        At least Arteta and Ljungberg are potential gambles. With Henry and Vieira we know the level of mediocrity we would be getting.

        BTW, I agree with your 3 choices.

        What happened to Eddie Howe to Arsenal idea, though?

  6. But seriously, will Emery really go? The Board might be happy to let him go in the Summer for free rather than paying him compensation. The best we can hope at this stage is that Arsenal do well in the current circumstances and for this to happen Emery must turn topsy turvy.

    1. They will, One thing Arsenal board don’t joke with is the money.
      After the amount we spent last window and the amount they fork out every weekend as salaries?
      I bet you they’ll do anything to get back into UCL so they earn more reasonable money

    2. I know it’s not right to hope you team lose (and I don’t) but, if we do lose against Leicester, it might as well be a whoop’n! That way, Emery might just get the boot! 🥾 😁

  7. Hopefully the board sack Emery after the comfortable defeat to Leicester. With the International break coming afterwards, I think the board have been waiting for this time.

  8. I am sure Sol could work on the defence and he did manage to keep Macclesfield up so has some managerial experience. Freddie hasn’t had the experience and as much as Henry is a legend at Arsenal his management career didn’t go well. Sol hasn’t had enough experience at the top level either so I feel the top brass need to be looking elsewhere

  9. Bewe of someone called Vardi. He caused us so much damage last season and the seasons before that. He was coming to Arsenal, right? We should have a back 3 to counter his pace. As a genuine goner I pray Arsenal win.

  10. I hear that Barcelona are reportedly considering a January move for Aubameyang? Explains why he hasn’t committed to a new contract yet. If Emery stays I wouldn’t blame him to be honest!

    I really hope we can keep our best players but it’s looking grim..

      1. Sue, it is well known that Torreira and his family have not settled well in London; weather, language etc. As the saying goes “happy wife, happy life”.
        It is hard enough to perform at the highest level as a professional footballer, without the outside distraction of you and your family wanting to return to Italy.

  11. I am all for Emery getting the boot ASAP,but i cannot see this board doing that this year or at least until the end of the season,all the hype around this manager and that manager coming to Arsenal is all pure conjecture fueled by the media and wishful thinking from us the fans,I hope i’m wrong but in reality we do not know what they are thinking or what is happening behind the scenes

  12. A Nice win tomorrow could trigger our season, we aren’t winning many and we aren’t losing many. It all depends on whether we turn these draws into wins or we turn them into losses. Nobody likes losing. There is a lot of media attention around this club at the moment a lot of it justified but also a lot of it spiked to cause disruption. Win a couple and it will dissipate and move on to its next victim. A couple of losses and we could have a new manager. My only problem with a new manager, whoever it is, if they dont get instant impact, we will get all this toxic atmosphere back and back to square one. People wont like to here this but the truth is we need this coach to turn it round, if he cant, im not sure it will be all roses with anyone else. Our fans are not very forgiving.

  13. I agree with most of your comments Eddie but I do not believe our squad is stronger than that of Chelsea, Spurs, Man Utd nor Leicester.In terms of centre backs and midfielders we are lacking in quality, indeed to my mind we only have 5/6 players who would remotely be useful additions for Man City and Liverpool.Bellerin, Tierney,Auba, Lacazette and perhaps Pepe and Leno .That apart Willock, Saka and ESR are very promising,Chambers and Holding are worth having for their age and attitude,but as for the rest?,they can be shipped out asap as far as I am concerned.Torreria and AMN have particularly disappointed me as I felt they would make the grade.They have both regressed this season and whether they would make the grade under a new Manager, is open to doubt.I suspect the Board will not extend Emery’s contract at the end of the season and as for a replacement,whoever he is, he must speak fluent English and have excellent communication skills.No disrespect to Emery who speaks English better than I do Spanish,but he is clearly not getting through to our players and their frustrations and lack of confidence are becoming more and more evident on the pitch.The Arsenal Board got it right with Wenger for a decade but they have made a big mistake with Emery.

  14. What a desperately depressing to read but also spot on and well written article encompassing all the many faults of this dreadful manager who will surely be sacked, mercifully,soon after the expected loss at Leicester. It was among the very best articles I have ever read on here, despite its depressing theme. Congrats Eddie on hitting the spot so firmly and for saying loud and clear what surely almost all of us are thinking. Things could soon be looking up but we need EMERY SACKED BEFORE ANY IMPROVEMENT CAN EVEN BEGIN TO HAPPEN. It seems almost unanimous on here now that we want Emery out. The clubs well earned reputation for attractive and attacking football has been shredded to bits by this strange and out of his depth manager. Frankly, he should be sacked THIS MORNING.

  15. I omitted to include Guendouzi in my list of promising players.An oversight on my part as he is definitely worth keeping.

    1. You are having “a bad day” Grandad? Then you are highly qualified to become our next manager. It will be an improvement, as the current one is FAR worse than merely bad! i was supporting him until barely a month ago, despite huge evidence of his inability well befoe that and boy was I wrong! BIGTIME WRONG!!! How about THAT if you think YOU were having a bad day. I had a bad 17 months, so beat that!!!

  16. Eddie, would just adx my thanks for a really sensible post.

    Strange as it may seem, I don’t find this negative at all, it’s someone who wants to highlight the actual problems at this moment in time, with the solutions being explained as well.

    Like Grandad and many others, I feel the defence is the weakest area, but we mustn’t forget that Saliba has been signed and sealed – delivery for next season.

    As for losing players like auba, when UE departs ( as he surely must) the gloom and doom will be lifted and players will want to play for us again.

    Dave, our oldest contributer from yesterday, said get behind the team and a full Emirates will do just that, once we can understand where the club wants to be.

    1. Ken, I totlly agree that all the fundamentals are either in place or likely to be so by next season. All we need now is a proper manager who can grab those talented strings and make them play as one, instead of getting himself tangled up in those same strings and end up strangling himself and the team, which he IS DOING right now! But not for much longer. Gone in days or weeks but not in months, so keep the faith and rejoice when the club make that inevitable decision.

  17. If we win at Leicesters patch tomorrow, will some still be calling for Rogers? Just for the record and not on here, when we were looking for our new manager my two realistic calls were Benitez and Rogers and i got shot down in flames.

    1. Rodgers has just said about being linked to top clubs and is already in ‘a top job’ so in other words, he’s not interested!

      1. Sue to be fair, he isn’t going to say any different and at the moment alls going well and hes only just got his feet under tge table.

          1. Hi Sue. Someone on this site thought Chris Wilder of Sheffield United would be a good bet as manager. After the game with us, I might agree.

          2. Hiya georgie! He’d certainly sort the defence out, for sure! They have the joint best defence in the league, along with Leicester! Can you believe it?! Only let in 8 goals!
            Hope things with you are all good, btw! 👍

  18. We will win tomorrow, no need to be pessimistic, because, l know very well that the board will not sack Emery even if we lose, so l pray and hope for a win to kick start our season to top 4

    1. Glorious, Then if you “know very well”, YOU ARE WRONG. OH SO WRONG! Emery is curently in the departure lounge awaiting his exit any moment now. IF,which will NOT happen, you are correct, the club are about to experience a campaign against the regime and manager that will make the WENGER OUT CAMPAIGN LOOK LIKE A VICARS TEA PARTY, by comparison!. Wake up, smell the coffee and even drink some coffee, as it will fuel your braincells and make you less dull. Just think what happened to WENGER AND HE HAD A DECADE PLUS OF GLORY , A CHARM , PERSONAL WISDOM, WAS HIGHLY REGARDED BY FOOTBALL FOLK AROUND THE GLOBE TILL THE VERY END AND SPOKE ENGLISH. EMERY? ZILCH!

  19. Well articulated article from one with Gunners blood. We have sadly become a mid table club… If the good players leave, no hard feelings…


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