The reasons why Arsenal should let Martinelli go to the Olympics with Brazil

Let Martinelli Go To The Olympics? By Dan Smith

If history tells us anything about South American players, it’s two things…

They tend to dream of playing for Real Madrid or Barcelona, and secondly, representing their nation is a big deal.

I don’t want to put a damper on the one positive of our season but if Martinelli continues his development it will be a case of when, and not if, one of Spain’ big boys come sniffing.

Worst case we have learnt from previous mistakes, and if we have to ever sell we can demand silly money for an asset we only paid 6 million for. That’s how you run a football club…

In the short term though we should be doing everything to make sure the teenager and his family are happy in London.

So, I’m worried that in the summer, instead of talking about a wage increase, sponsorship deals, etc, we seem to have made a decision which instead will make the striker unhappy; i.e. not allowing him to go to the Olympics.

It would be wrong of me to say Brazilians care about international football more than other countries, but we have seen the religious/fanatical relationship Brazil have with the sport.

Certainly, when it comes to being an Olympic event, if you’re born in Europe you might not appreciate the significance of taking part in the Under 23 tournament, but Messi and Neymar were both in tears when they won their gold medals.

Obviously, they were precocious young talent who Barca would have preferred to have kept rested, but they didn’t want to upset their biggest stars.

Imagine one of those two having to sit at home and watch their nation win something and having to regret missing that for the rest of their lives.
Brazil are probably favourites to win in Tokyo. If you deny them the opportunity, you are forcing a kid to miss such an opportunity – and for what?

The scheduled dates are July 22nd -/August 8th – the day the Prem kicks off.

So, wow, he misses pre-season and if he got to the Final, missing one game, or maybe two depending on fitness. Yet what kind of form will he be in if he’s wishing he was elsewhere?

From a human perspective and even for Arsenal in the long term, Martinelli missing the start of our campaign is worth the positive of him arriving back with a gold medal. He will be top of the world, maybe even with a Golden Boot to his name, which can only make him a better player and an even better asset.

It’s a chance at such a tender age to get that taste of winning things, something our squad lacks at the monent. And the Kroenke family will like this…

If you’re the main striker, who’s scoring for Brazil in an Olympic Final, you become a marketing dream. Don’t think he won’t have advisors telling him that the likes of Puma, Adidas, etc, are queuing up for his signature.

We don’t want agents whispering in his ear, telling him how Arsenal let him down by not letting him chase his dream.

So, honestly, should Arsenal let the kid go to the Olympics?

Be kind in the comments…

Dan Smith


  1. I’m not being ironic/sarcastic one bit, but since it is so painfully obvious that it puzzles me why the club even considers disregarding it.

    Playing for the national team is not an unpleasant duty, but an honor. For the player it is obvious, but that also applies for the club. “This footballer is clearly talented, but we helped him to bring the best out of himself. We are a club that nurtures talent.” And why most clubs self-evidently let players represent their nation at ‘grown-up’ level, why should it be any different for junior players?

    While denying the player will likely hurt and cause dissatisfaction, we should mention that training and playing high stake games with his countrymen is definitely value adding. So let’s not pretend that it would hinder his development. And from the club’s point of view, we have high quality players to attack on the wings in early August (Pepe, Nelson, Auba) so it will not be a significant risk of starting the season slow if he joins the club a few days later.

  2. Its certainly a good idea to send Martinelli to the Olympics. It would keep him happy and if Brazil wins gold and Martinelli plays in the finals it would benefit Arsenal also. And, barring any serious injury which is unlikely in the Olympics, he would only miss 1 or 2 games, which I feel is ok. So Arsenal should allow him to go to the Olympics. Having a gold medal winner in our squad would do him and the Club world of good.

  3. Arsenal will let him partake in the Olympics. And he will perform greatly.

    I have so much believe in Martinelli from the very first day I heard of him.

    We have adequate cover in Saka, Pepe and Nelson.

  4. But Arsenal never said they will not allow Martineli to go for the Olympics, be it with Brazil or any other nation.
    Are you not causing a storm in a tea cup?

  5. great points from everybody. I have also wondered for years why we don’t put any buyout clauses on our players. Martinelli should have one in the region of 300 mill

  6. There is no story here to speculate on and that is fact. Arsenal has not made any comment regarding MARTINELLI EITHER GOING TO THE COMP OR STAYING BEHIND. SO THIS ARTICLE IS PURE UNFOUNDED SPECULATION BORN OF NOTHING WHATEVER. HOW SADLY COMMON TO SEE THIS SORT OF NON STORY CONSTANTLY ON HERE. It is so easy and so low class to invent a story that has no legs and then speculate on it either happening or not! Sigh!

      1. Perhaps if you had mentioned that in the article it may have given some credence to the story, but you didn’t………sigh.

        1. Well.know because I never wrote Arsenal were not letting him go
          I gave my opinion on suggestion from paper that he’s not sure if he will be allowed

  7. It’s made up/ speculation/unfounded rumours like this that make me disillusioned at times with this site.
    And before you come back at me with “you don’t have to read the articles”. I know that!

    1. Speaking to UOL, Martinelli revealed why Arsenal made their decision to keep hold of him: ‘I said that if it was up to me I would play. But we knew it would be difficult.

      ‘It was a time when I was a starter at Arsenal, and people preferred not to let me go.

      ‘He (Brazil general coordinator Juninho Paulista) already called me, spoke to me and congratulated me on what I’m doing.

      ‘I haven’t been called up yet, but I’m very calm about it

      1. It’s for the qualifiers not the actual comp. The olympics is 3rd rate behind the copa america and the world cups anyway. As far as im aware he can still be selected for the olympics if they make it.

        1. Because your claiming articles like this makes you disillusioned
          If I didn’t like something I would stop reading
          Not then go the point of writing a comment

  8. I’m not sure if this article has any basis….but if it came to it we would be ‘stupid’ to let him go. Are you totally in a dream world. We are factually in a situation that can worsen and lead to relegation. Marinelli has scored enough goals and played well enough to show he is an antidote to relegation. He is only 18….but we need him.

    1. This article is disingenuous.
      Arsenal blocked Martinelli from taking part in the qualifying tournament for the Olympics since this is not a FIFA sanctioned event.
      However the actual finals of the Olympics is a FIFA sanctioned event and as such as Arsenal do not have the power to prevent Martinelli from taking part.
      This is either a poorly researched article or…fake news (!).

  9. I read the article and read the posts and now I’ve forgotten the thread
    I’m a sports fan and would so want any Arsenal player to have the chance- a rare chance- in life to represent their country in the Olympic Games
    To see Andy Murray win an Olympic gold and the enormity of that achievement would be the same for Martinelli as a young footballer with the world at his feet. If he gets called up then go young man and come back stronger and better For having had the chance

  10. Admin Pat you make some good points and I believe he should be allowed to compete, if nothing else he’ll gain more experience. We need to up his earnings and hopefully extend his contract.

  11. Martinelli should consider playing for Italy instead

    Brazilian squad is very competitive and they never play as a unit

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