Analysis of why Arsenal should not accept less than 50 million for Eddie Nketiah

Why Nketiah is Worth at Least £50 Million

Arsenal has reportedly set Eddie Nketiah’s asking price at £50 million amid speculation about his future at the club. With the potential arrival of a new striker during the winter transfer window, some believe that Nketiah’s time at the Emirates may be finally over. However, renowned transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano the the club is aware of external interest but is not eager to sell unless a suitable offer is made.

For a striker who scored five goals and provided two assists in 27 games, many might question the £50 million valuation. Critics argue that this price could deter potential buyers. However, it is essential to consider several factors that justify this valuation.

Nketiah’s goals-to-starts ratio is an impressive 50%, higher than 90% of Premier League strikers. This statistic highlights his efficiency and potential when given more game time. In contrast, Marcus Rashford, valued at £65 million, scored seven goals from 26 starts, and Kai Havertz, who was also valued at £65 million, scored seven goals from 30 starts when Arsenal signed him. Nketiah’s five goals from ten starts present a compelling case for his effectiveness and potential upside.

At just 24 years old, Nketiah still has significant sell-on value. Even if his performance does not reach the highest expectations, he will retain a considerable market value in a few years, ensuring that Arsenal can recoup a substantial portion of their investment. His age and potential growth make him a valuable asset for any club looking to invest in a young striker.

Despite limited starts, Nketiah has shown flashes of brilliance. His record as the highest-ever goal scorer for the England U21 team indicates his potential to explode given regular playing time. Comparatively, Nketiah is still cheaper than both Rashford and Havertz, and his goal-scoring record per start suggests he could outperform them with consistent opportunities.

Retaining Nketiah also ensures Arsenal maintains depth in their squad. With the rigors of multiple competitions, having a reliable striker who can rotate in and out of the starting lineup is crucial. Nketiah’s ability to impact games, even as a substitute, adds strategic flexibility for Mikel Arteta.

If given a consistent run of starts, Nketiah could potentially score 20 goals in a season. His high goal-per-start ratio suggests that with momentum and confidence, he could develop into one of the Premier League’s top strikers. This potential growth underscores why Arsenal values him at £50 million, viewing it as an investment in a player who could deliver significant returns.

Arsenal’s valuation of Eddie Nketiah at £50 million reflects a combination of his current potential, market comparisons, and strategic value to the team as well as the so-called home-grown tax. His impressive goals-to-starts ratio, age, and experience make him a valuable asset not only for Arsenal but also for any club looking for a promising young striker.

While some may see the price tag as high, the underlying metrics and market conditions justify this valuation. Arsenal fans should recognize Nketiah’s worth and support the club’s decision to set a high asking price, ensuring that any potential departure adequately compensates for his potential loss and gives us funds towards securing an even better replacement..

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  1. I still believe Mikel and Edu should have kept balogun instead and sold nketiah last year…

  2. If he has those impressive stats, why is he rotting on the bench? Very strange article.

    If we are to believe what you have written there is no need at all for us to sign another striker.

  3. With the Arteta / Edu pessimists you never understand what they want.
    One minute they can’t stop complaining about arsenal selling its players for little to nothing. Then the next minute they are scoffing / laughing at the Arsenal supposed £50 million valuation. So do they want us to sell him for £10 million as that will make everyone much happier other than £50 millions? 😊

    The same thing with Reiss Nelson. People think that we should sell him for between Nothing and £5 million. Then will turn and complain about Edu / Arteta being incompetent in managing Arsenal’s assets.

    And then will complain that Arteta does not take seriously our academy graduates. He tried with Willock, Nelson, Nketiah etc but the same Arsenal fans called them crap and average. 😊

    1. Classis straw man from someone without a genuine rebuttal. Let me explain it simply for you because you don’t seem understand it.

      Holding onto players for years and years that underperform and then giving them a large increase in wages and then to turn around and try sell them for a ton of cash makes no sense, maybe to you though 🙂 if you consider this good asset management then I don’t know.

      They should’ve been moved on years ago to make space for the next academy players, the 1s that are/were still improving. Players like Cozier-Duberry and Nwaneri. Funny you mention Willock because that was managed perfectly, gave him a chance and he didn’t 100% gel so sold him off and got a decent fee while opening up a new space in the squad

      Players that have decent value but contribute less than they should/are allowed, should be moved on ASAP to recoup funds.

      Ramsdale is a perfect example, rotting on our bench while he could have been sold for decent cash. We’ve spend 60+ mil on the 2nd choice Spain keeper and second choice England keeper while selling potentially the best keeper in the world for 17m that then won the world cup. Should have sold Partey as well as much as we all love him, last 2 years his value was high but is now rapidly dropping. That is what is meant by poor asset management for anyone that’s not a regular starter. Open cheque book seems to mean no worries

      People with your mindset would’ve said Klopp was clinically insane to sell Suarez and Coutinho as they were star player…..he brought in the right players and soon after won the EPL and finished second with almost 100 points.

      Doesn’t sink in for everyone but hey, that’s life.

      1. I don’t even know where to start after reading all thr fluff. I am at work right now but when I get a bit of time i will try to address that fluffy stuff you wrote.

        And until when would you guys start turning on the likes of Cozier-Duberry and Nwaneri too.? 😊

  4. Nobody in their right mind will pay £50 mill for Nketiah.
    He simply isn’t good enough to play in the Premier and score regularly.

  5. If he’s so good why is he never played? You can analyse and demand a fee that no-one will pay all day long it doesn’t change reality.

    Your stats are completely skewed, remembering he usually only starts against “lesser” opponents firstly. Here are the real stats for his total first team Arsenal career:

    – 168 total games (7,000 mins)
    – 38 goals
    – 7 assists
    – 1 goal every 184 mins played

    – 116 EPL games (4,096 mins)
    – 19 goals
    – 5 assists
    – 1 goal every 216 EPL mins played

    He’s been involved with the first team since 2017, it’s 2024 and he still hasn’t proven he can cut it…..I can’t think of a player in EPL history that’s been given a long chance to prove themselves while surrounded by absolutely quality players too.

    He is not a bad player but at his ridiculous wages and years of underperforming we’ll be lucky to get 35mil for him (using reality as a yard stick).

    1. interesting stats – 1 goal every 184 minutes is basically 1 goal every 2 games which is not bad, better than many strikers linked with us

      PL stats of 1 every 216 minutes equates to 16 to 17 per season, that would get him in to top 10 in most seasons he has played

      now do i think of Nketiah as a regular PL top 10 goal scorer, ‘no’ i don’t

      do i think Nketiah is worth £50m, ‘no’ I don’t

      is Nketiah as hopelessly bad as JA fans make out, ‘no’ he isn’t

      in this slow depressed market £30m to £35m feels like good money for Arsenal

  6. Nketia’s struggle lies in his inability to impact the game and turn the tides in his favour.

    1. after looking at PJ-SA stats I have run a few numbers

      a 20 goal a PL season is top tier these days, i.e. consistently top 5

      an impressive strike rate like that only translates to 2 goals per season off the bench as a 10 minute sub

      given that is what Nketiah has been restricted to most of the season then suddenly it looks very different

      expecting Nketiah to consistently influence games, i.e. score goals, with 10 minutes off the bench is statistically unrealistic

      has Nketiah proved a super-sub in 2023/24 season, ‘no’ he hasn’t

      but i do remember Nketiah scoring match winning goals in the season before

      in hindsight makes you appreciate Giroud super-sub goals where you almost expected him to score when we needed it at one point

      Trossard closest we have these days

  7. A bit of a come and get them to make comments article.
    In my view in establishing what a player is worth, look it from the opposite view.
    Would any Arsenal fan be happy or excited if Arsenal announced that they were “bringing in Nketiah” for £50 million?
    I think we know the answer

    1. here’ another twist on opposite view

      would Arsenal fans be happy if Arsenal announced Ollie Watkins incoming for £50m

      near identical goal per PL minutes stats as Nketiah over their careers

      i do agree Arsenal could do with an upgrade on Nketiah, but is not as hopeless as JA readers make out

      by upgrade then needs to be a massive upgrade, particularly if parting with £50m to £100m

      i repeat i think £50m is too much to insist on for Nketiah, but £30m to £35m feels like decent value for money for the buyer

  8. I think we got 35m for Balogun who has not set the heather on fire for Monaco, and I suspect we would seriously consider a similar offer for Nkethia.

  9. We are not getting 50 million because he’s not very good at football

    Lower league level / even Championship level at best

  10. Saw Nketiah working hard in building his muscle to fight for his place in our 1st Eleven. I believe Arteta knows well about Nketiah’s work rate, reason for Arsenal value him for 50M. Don’t think Eduteta will sell Nketiah unless anyone match the value.
    *My 2cents*

  11. Player is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

    Will anyone pay 50 million for Nketiah? Doubtful, but 50 is a good starting point;

    “Haggle” us to 30 and buyer feels they got a discount and Arsenal are happy because they wanted 30 million to begin with.

    Nketiah should have been sold years ago, before extending his contract.

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