The reasons why Barcelona want Aaron Ramsey

It’s that time of the year, the season is now over and it’s transfer speculation that fills the back pages. One rumour that has caught the attention of many is Barcelona’s reported interest in the Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

Opta-powered fantasy football game have taken a look at the Welshman’s performance data from the Premier League last season and compared it against the man he’d most likely be looking to oust in the Barcelona first team, Ivan Rakitic.

The Croatian has enjoyed an excellent debut season at Barcelona, bedding in with ease and the 27-year-old has some impressive stats to back it up. While Ramsey has followed up his excellent 2013/14 season with yet another fine campaign.

So how do the two compare?

While Rakitic shades pass completion (91% to 86%), the pair have successfully completed exactly the same number of passes on average per game this season (48).

Ramsey has clearly been the more creative. The 24-year-old has created more chances (1.62 to 1.03) and supplied more key passes (1.41 to 0.81) per game. Although the Croatian’s team mates have been the more clinical, converting Rakitic’s supply into 7 assists compared to Ramsey’s 6.

The Welshman has scored one more goal than Rakitic (6 to 5) this season despite playing 3 games fewer. Ramsey has also shown to be the more defensively astute, making more interceptions (1.10 to 0.91) and more clearances (0.90 to 0.47) per game.

Suggestions that Barcelona sent club representatives to watch the Welsh international ten times last season, and with the stats to support the Spanish club’s continued interest in the midfielder, this rumour doesn’t seen to be one that will likely go away. When Barcelona want something, or somebody, they usually get them.

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  1. Referring to your last sentence, no not this time they won’t get him! End of!!!

  2. As I say before, ask 100 mil quids for him. They want it? Very good but there’s a price. We are not a feeder club anymore.

  3. Arsenal are no longer a feeder club by selling their players to other clubs for being cashed trap. But they can now sell and also buy players comfortable. Arsenal have established a long good marketing relationships with Barcelona and of late with Real Madrid and that should be allowed to continue for the common good interest of both parties. In the case of Aaron Ramsey, if Barca can give Arsenal a good money for value, Arsenal can sell him to them because both Arsenal and Barcelona have been partners in the transfer market for long. They sold Sanchez to us last season and took away Vermaelen from us. And before that, they bought Fabrigas and Alex Song from us and we got Bellerin from them. That’s what I call partnership in progress. I believe the Gooners will understand the point am trying to drive home. Nonetheless, we got Ozil from Ancellotti’s Real Madrid last 2 seasons ago. I don’t know if the Boss can establish a good marketing relationship with the ex-Liverpool boss, Raphael Banitez now the Blancos manager by selling Koscielny to Real this time. And later get another top player we want from them. The Boss has to reshufle his team by offloadig some Gunners and brings in some new additions to give a new impetus to his team. I hope I have not sounded like a crazy Gooner.

    1. Did you say ” selling Koscielny to Real Madrid” ? What have you been smoking brah!!

        1. You guys should be ashames of yourself!! Koscielny is world’s most underrarted CB. And he is one of the best in the world. As a. Gooner you should appreciate this fact. Pathetic.

          1. Idk about you but whenever I hear Barca or Real interested in our players (which happens to be the case every season) I feel flattered and proud to be a gooner, it shows how much quality our team has

  4. 3 reasons Barca won’t buy Ramsey:

    – they’re under a transfer ban
    – they’re under a transfer ban
    – they’re under a transfer ban

  5. Guys.. who did you vote for Arsenal player of the season ?

    I am undecided between Sanchez, Cazorla and Coquelin (yeah he deserves to be in contention).

    What about you ?

    1. It is a very tough call because all of them defined one part of our season. Sanchez kept Arsenal afloat in the first half o the season. In January Coquelin was the one changing our game and Cazorla transitioned between these two.
      Just not to upset anyone probably I would go for Cazorla but I am sure that Alexis will get the title.

  6. Barcelona in the search of new Xavi. Cesc wasn’t good enough. Rakitic, so far so good. Rambo? Hell no! It’s time for Arsenal to show Barca that there’s an exception of their regard.

  7. Barcelona had a transfer ban last season – who did they bring in? Suarez.

    Barcelona could buy whoever they wanted. They’ve unlimited amounts of money.
    However, I agree with one of the comments made about Arsenal no longer being a “feeder club”. The days of us needing to sell our best players are long gone.
    He may leave us for a bigger club such as Barcelona, but it will not be yet, if ever.
    It definitely will not be for less that 50m if it ever does happen which I very much doubt. Adding to this, WHOEVER Arsenal sell now, rest assured they’re in a position to attract the worlds biggest players. The likes of Ozil, Sanchez etc.

    Exciting time to be an Arsenal fan.

      1. Which other midfielder do you know can defend like a DM, create chances like a no10 and score goals like a striker ?

  8. Real Madrid don’t have a ban. Wouldn’t be surprised if they approached AFC about him.

    Even if Barca weren’t interested in him the fact there is a rumour of a connection might just prompt them to try to piss of their No.1 rival and buy him.

    Hopefully everyone on here is right and we are no longer a selling club. Time will tell..

    I think we should keep him at all costs as I truly rate Rambo as near/future WC. May put a fiver on him to be Balloon D’or winner 2017/18!;)

    1. They have Kroos who is very good actually. Also they have Modric who’s basically their heart at the moment.

  9. Lol barca want Ramsey best joke iv heard all year, Ramsey a decent player at best who’s had a good season let’s not get carried away. Barca have reserve players better then him, deluded fans!!!!

    1. Maybe one of those reserve players you mentioned should have played in place of rakitic. Or maybe you are just a troll.

    2. two good seasons. he is very good, don t be fooled. also gets goals. if he continues, he ll be right up there

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