The Rise and Fall of Arsene Wenger – It’s time for Arsenal fans to act

A breakdown of Arsene’s downfall and what happens next? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello Arsenal people! Talking about tactics with Arsene in charge is a waste of time so instead I’d like to review what led to this situation? When Wenger arrived in English football 15 years ago he introduced new training methods and discipline at a time when they weren’t that great. He was ahead of his time (ironically).

But a big part of his success which is often neglected is the squad he inherited. It had a solid defence and with a stroke of good signings Arsene made like Anelka, Henry, Ljungberg and so on we enjoyed 7 years of great success. The squad had steel and character. Vieira and Petit would never have left our defence so exposed, like Ramsey and Xhaka did for example.

But another huge part of Arsene’s early success was David Dein. There were talks of a Director of Football and we could use a person who would address our diabolical wage structure which sees players like Debuchy on 60k a week virtually impossible to get rid of, as well as cashing in on average players after one good season like Ramsey, and injury prone players like Wilshere.

The downfall of the Frenchman began with him getting rid of experienced players, because they were old. How many of the Invincibles finished their career at Arsenal? We disposed of Vieira, Ljungberg and Pires when Ferguson kept Giggs and Scholes until their 40s and achieved unparalleled success. Slowly Arsenal became more and more Arsene-al and the departure of Dein and the introduction of Gazidis was a vital step in this process.

Arsene was part of the process of appointing our CEO which makes it harder for him to go and sack him later on. Combined with an owner who doesn’t care about the club as long as it’s in profit, Wenger became the only man capable of running the club and his greed for power saw him take this to the extreme.

Wenger prolonged his departure way more than it was supposed to and here are a few moments that were good for Arsene to leave. After the double in 2004, after the CL final defeat in 2006, and after his FA cup in 2014. The last of the 3 is important, because Wenger went through some extreme lows like an 8-2 defeat, the top 4 jokes and so on, but he won his first trophy in almost a decade and we had a squad that was capable to move to the top with a few additions and a new manager.

He would’ve vindicated himself to some extend, overseeing the stadium change to return to trophy winning ways, leaving a strong foundation to build upon but instead he asked for more and eventually he lost all the records – the top 4, the Tottenham one, the Champions league and left himself a monumental mountain to climb. It was also the first time we saw players sabotage him and although it wasn’t like Chelsea with Mourinho or like Leicester with players begging the board to sack Ranieri, the way we were losing games was unheard of.

Arsene said it’s a blip, because that’s what defeat is to him. It’s always something that happens. For him 4-0, 6-0, 8-2, 6-3 defeats are acceptable, in fact they are the norm against top sides in recent times and he thinks he got what it takes to turn it around. Part of this comes from the unquestionable support he got from fans over the years. Chants like “Arsene knows” and “In Wenger we trust”, lead to a point where it’s all him and when it goes down it goes really down.

Also Wenger is given credit for everything on and off the pitch like building the stadium and there are probably tales how “Arsene the builder” put every brick himself or he paid with money from his own pocket. We are owned by extremely rich people and Arsenal milks fans very well so it’s a bit hard to give him all the credit, but most people do.

Arsene and Arsenal are a relationship that’s gone way too long. It’s like not letting go of your girlfriend because you always think of the fun times you had together some 10 years ago, when you’ve been miserable this entire time. You try to fool yourself that things are alright (something we do, when we occasionally turn up for a game), but in reality it’s fear of accepting the truth.

And as time passes by, the break up becomes ever so apparent, yet so difficult. We at Arsenal have proved we don’t learn. Wenger got lucky with Lasagna-gate in 2006. He got lucky when Aston Villa drew with Spurs, before Van Persie left us. And what Van Persie said about the direction of the club becomes ever so strikingly true just 5 years after.

Arsene survived in the top 4 so many years partly because there was always another team in crisis, whether it was Liverpool since 2007, Man Utd post-Ferguson, or Chelsea in 2012 and 2015. Add the rise of Tottenham and the incredible money balloon football has became, these are waters Arsene finds hard to swim in.

There are too many big fishes and it takes adaptation and evolution to survive, which we haven’t done since 2005. What comes next is interesting, because we have kind of become the new Liverpool. We will sell our best players and fade to mediocrity wondering between 5th and 7th and just like them, and until we appoint a new manager this will be the case.

I’d like to finish with the contract rebels on that matter, because they epitomise the entire problem and it’s not money. We can’t sell the project. Players don’t believe in Arsene and they are boycotting him for the first time in his career. For example, he started the Ox against Liverpool, when he’ll be 90% sold after turning down a new contract. Why did we put Bellerin on the left, when we have a solid new player like Kolasinac eager to prove himself in order to play a guy who’s leaving?

We also dropped a 50 million pound striker, who scored 37 goals last year in order to play the likes of Mesut Ozil who is really strong in words on social media, but an absolute waste on the pitch. Even with Alexis work ethic it’s impossible to win, when your midfield cannot create anything up front and doesn’t bother helping out a leaky defence. Hell, if we had Messi in the squad we’d still not win, when we can’t scrape three passes under pressure and look like conceding on every attack.

Arsene usually surrounds himself with spineless players like Theo, who won’t get a better salary nor a better team with their level of play and so they back Arsene, but I think nobody believes in him now. We’ve conceded 8 goals in 3 games. Think about that. I haven’t looked at statistics, but I think only West Ham are worse.

There’s been enough proof for a very long time that he has to go. Sadly, it will be in the worst way possible, because things will not improve dramatically to the scale where we can compete unless he goes. It’s been 3 games into the season and our away fans are singing “we’re sh!t” on their way home.

Banners or no banners, it doesn’t matter. Arsene broke everything and even if it takes the whole 2 years, he’s a dead man walking. So where are his followers now? Where’s Budd, Kev and all the people who label me negative in the comments and so on? The so called “REAL” Arsenal fans which apparently I’m not? It’s easy to support the team when you win, how about acting now when the team most needs it’s fans to help an old man retire? Will you do it? Change has to come from us. We’ve waited long enough for somebody else to serve it on a plate.



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    The club died a long time ago, we’re just going through the motions now, and so are the players.

    1. enda says:

      stopped reading this muck when you said 15 years ago.

    2. Nayr says:

      I agree.

      the problem with arsenal is actually tactics.
      you should always set up to counter your opposition and arsene wenger does not do that.

      that is why it is the same old story.teams know how to play against us because they know we simply won’t look at their weaknesses.

      any tactically astute manager hammers wenger

      i wish we could get leonardo jardim or allegri.
      but two more years lads.take heart.

    3. Eddy Hung Leung Sang says:

      It was not necessary to prolonged the contract of Sir Arsene. It would have been much easier to rebuild the team with a new manager like Thomas Duchel as it was planned before the board took the slliest decision of facility by offering Wenger a two year extention. The fact we are out of the champion league would have help rebuild the team. I very much believe that the player will forced Wenger’s sacking.

    4. Best article I have read on this forum Konstantin. Where are these people that call themselves real Arsenal fans, the Wenger fan boys, were is JembutArsene, kev, Budd now. You have said exactly what the problem is at Arsenal. Wenger has to go Kroenke has to go Gazidis and the whole Board off directors to . They don’t give a crap about the club or its fans, all they care about is the bottom line.
      Arsene Wenger if you love this club as much as you claim to then you will make the decision to yourself. Your not good enough anymore, the amount off players we have that won’t sign contracts should tell you your own players don’t believe in you anymore. Please Arsene you are ruining what you built here, if you make the decision and go off your own accord I’m telling you all us W.O.B’s will forgive and forget because you put the club’s needs before your own for a change. If you stay stubborn and stay until your pushed your legacy is dead and you will always be remembered as the manager that ruined the club he helped build before he left. Kroenke get out off our club, you are not what we need please please just sell to someone who has footballing ambition who can take us to the next level. You don’t care, football clubs are not about profits they are about success .

  2. Dee@Ease says:

    Wenger arrived 21 years ago but he’s now the worst manager going around,he can’t motivate his players and should never have renewed his contract!

    1. Anko says:

      I am looking for a 60+ Year old Pinocchio manager. Lamar is no longer for sale but Liverpool just agreed a transfer fee. 21 years and now is time to go. Liar liar liar ? ?!

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        That’s bullcrap and you know it! Where have you read Liverpool have agreed a fee for Lemar? Stop manufacturing transfers from the air.

        1. Anko says:

          Sky sports news, Monaco are waiting for a replacement!!!!

  3. kev says:

    Guys forgive me for I’ve made a big ommission with regards to the Lemar transfer.This message is to those who want to know why Monaco are considering Liverpool’s Lemar bid.
    Arsenal had actually met Monaco’s last £65 bid as I revealed today but they proposed an offer to Monaco worth £35 upfront,£30 in installments and £5 in add ons.Monaco rejected this proposal because they wanted all the £65 upfront.
    Liverpool’s bid is £55 and they’re paying all the £55 upfront though still falling short of Monaco’s asking price(£65).Simply said Arsenal met Monaco’s asking price and Liverpool have not but the money Liverpool are offering upfront is £55 which is only £10 below the upfront asking price(£65).This is why Liverpool’s bid is being considered over Arsenal despite Arsenal meeting their asking price.They’re offering money upront(£55) as compared to Arsenal (£30).
    I don’t want people to come here and say I lied when Liverpool sign him.I hope everyone gets the explanation.

    1. kev says:

      Please everyone should read the above clearly to understand the Lemar deal and why Liverpool’s bid is being considered and Arsenal’s wasn’t.Please read.

      1. John0711 says:

        think everyone understands kev, we all listened to fairy tails as a child. The thing is when someone suggests they know something they shouldnt keep changing their story and to be honest we dont care now

        1. kev says:

          Please this is not a fairytale.I’ve followed the Lemar and Sancho deals for like 3 months and the above is the truth.Liverpool are not meeting Monaco’s £65 valuation but their offering £55 all upfront.Arsenal met Monaco’s £65 valuation but proposed £30 upfront,£30 installments and £5 add ons.Monaco want all £65 upfront and Liverpool’s £55 upfront bid is higher than Arsenal’s £30 upfront bid though Arsenal are willing to meet the £65 total valuation and Liverpool is not.Simply said Liverpool’s payment plan is better which is why their bid is being considered.

          1. Quantic Dream says:

            Stop your nonsense Kev! As of right now BBC sport is reporting Liverpool are CONSIDERING placing a bid for Lemar. Did you hear that? They are CONSIDERING…they have not yet made any official bid. So this story of yours about deals being discussed and payment plans and all are just the fabrications of a delusional mind and quite possibly a disturbed person.

          2. Anko says:

            Why is Liverpool considering bid for a player our manager told us is not available! He is a bloody liar

          3. Anko says:

            It will be a massive slap in the face if after beating us 4-0, then signed a player we have been longing for, for weeks! Am sorry for being an Arsenal fan!

          4. Mobella says:

            Hey man you don’t need to be defensive. You said what you are told and so far higher % of that came to pass. If few didn’t because of what you can’t influenced or controlled so be it. To Konstantin : I’m not a fan of you and this article is one of the reason. “It is time for fans to act”, yes it is and after I read everything you wrote, there is no mention how you want us to act. You are all about reeling out the problems and not solutions. Everything you wrote is not new to all of us. we all saw, experienced and lived it. Everyone knows how arsenal need redemption and i don’t think this kind of article should written at this moment because it does everything but not to placate the horrible experience we all had yesterday. See all arsenal fans worldwide have so many negative things to say, some just don’t say it because they feel it doesn’t do anybody any good. What pleasure do you derive in making us more said. I know you care as much I do and i can tell you i’m so hurt as much you do but after some much anger yesterday fans need something to cool them down not to send us to an early grave like my fellow Nigeria gooners. I will be waiting for positive article on how fans should act and rescue our club from the hell hole she is now. Thanks

          5. Durand says:

            How to respond? Huge social media storm, thats how.
            Remember Kronke and his hunting channel? Look how quickly social media killed that stupid idea. It has to be relentless, ruthless, unyielding, and uncompromising. Let them know Wenger must go. Same for Ivan and the putz stan

          6. jon fox says:

            You need to ask how? Try the obvious and needed massively joined up social media witchhunt against the whole of those who own, administer(the board) and manage this now dishonourable club. Best never to attend matches, never buy merchandise or any thing connected with Arsenal to lower the club financial value, to try forcing the parasite owner out. If you must attend, then spend your whole gametime singing Wenger and the board and owner out chants/songs and take huge banners saying the very same. More plane banners too and bombard talk shows, TalkSport and the like with furious Wenger out comments. March and demonstrate ouitside the ground, if you intend to actually go in later. Show your hate for the arrogant people in charge, not only Wenger but Kroenke and Gazidis, Law, keswick and all the old fogies on the board. FIGHT, FIGHT AND FIGHT AGAIN TO RECLAIM OUR CLUB FROM THE RUINOUS FRAUDS IN CHARGE AND NEVER GIVE IN. That is what you need do and start right now. DIRECT FAN ACTION!

    2. kev says:

      *£30 upfront for Arsenal*.
      Please read the above.

    3. kev says:

      JUST IN:Alexis Sanchez hands in Arsenal transfer request.
      Arsenal have just rejected Alexis Sanchez’s transfer request and told him he’ll not be allowed to leave.He will see out his contract.

      1. Shut up kev. Stop trying to justify your bu)(sh!t . Seriously the amount off thumb downs your getting should show you no one wants to read it seriously.

  4. Horus says:

    If he won’t even stand up and motivate the team and player , or even get the fans to roar .. what is he there for ? sits like a wet Pussy – cat I mean !

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    Kev, please calm down……. Your report is coming irritating. Sorry, I m an angry fan right now.

    1. Joshua Bryant says:

      haha im suprised kev and resource are still around. They both said Lemar deal was done! then went back on there word when it became obvious we werent signing him. they even said a deal for sancho was done but everyone has forgotten that. just give up kev your source is either fiction or he is taking the mickey out of you.

    2. kev says:

      I’m sorry but I need to explain the Lemar deal clearly and why Liverpool’s bid is being considered.What I posted is not a transfer.It’s an explanation into Liverpool’s bid for Lemar and why Arsenal’s was rejected.I don’t want people to claim I lied.I’ve followed this deal for like 3 months and at least people deserve to know the truth.Please read.I beg.

      1. Declan says:

        Kev, mate, I think people are trying to tell you to just shut up and eff off!

        1. kev says:

          Yes I know that.But at least I must tell them the truth so I can clean my hands off any blame regarding Lemar.There’s no lie to what I’ve said this transfer window.It’s just that Arsenal have meesed things up.

          1. Jimbeam says:

            Nobody is blaming you. As far a we are concerned what you say does not matter one bit. So relax.

          2. dutchy says:

            Is all good kev. Think were just tired of all this transfer stuff not happening. It doesn’t really matter how much we bid for Lemar or if the deal was almost done.. in the end he won’t be a arsenal player. Same for Sanchez, we all know he wants to leave, we do not really blame him anymore, we could have sold him and replaced him with Lemar and Mahrez, but we didn’t. Don’t expect much this season.

          3. Shut up!Shut up!Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!


  6. John0711 says:

    dont forget Vlad hes been one of your most critical adversarys.
    No one can support wenger there are people who still blame gazadis which i understand he should take some blame however.
    Whos decision was it to play ox the day before hes sold.
    why play Welbeck in front of Giroud and Lacca.
    why play Bel LWB in front of Sead
    why leave mustafi on the bench
    why buy mustafi for 35m then sell or loan him out
    who decided Xhaka was our answer to CM
    Who said Holding was struggling with confidence, subbed him, dropped him then started him agains Mane
    i could literally write and write about the strange if not idiotic decisions
    there is a part of me that thinks he is delibrately doing this but if so why?. eventually this will reduce the price of shares and reduce Kronkies money bank so why is he doing this.
    Has he lost the plot, is there someone whos about to uy the club and this is a way of stripping its assets

    1. Mobella says:

      And whose fault is it to allow Wenger to keep making fans life miserable and making it hard to support our club.

  7. antonioro says:

    Wenger is scarred of his own failure,what is doing now is not for Arsenal sake,it is for himself,he cannot believe how far down is falling.It is hard to be a donkey when you used to be a stallion.I call this dementia-comes with ages to all the people being stallions on their prime and becoming donkeys when getting old…

  8. ozil10 says:

    I just hope Arsenal go on a losing streak…. It can be a blessing in disguise but the fans will have to be united in their protests….. There will be a point when the board will say enough is enough coz not getting into the CL this yr will be a huge blow for them( that’s why apparently we are not selling Alexis)…..
    But bear in mind someone like Allegri will improve us drastically but we won’t win PL,UCL under Kroenke coz you can’t win things under an unambitious owner….
    But Wenger has to go first….

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      No need to hope. We’re already on one. Leicester game was lucky

  9. Richard says:

    I was born in 1987. I was born into being an Arsenal fan like my older brother and my father wished. During this time we have had some incredible highs and incredible lows. However yesterday was the worst Arsenal team I’ve ever seen. No passion, No hunger, No desire, lack of basics. Half of the team actually looked disinterested. Punish the lot. Stick them all on the transfer market open season. With respect to all us fans if we want chamge at the top WE mist enforce it. WE must stop attending home games. WE must stop bickering amongst ourselves. WE must demand the end of Kroeke Wenger and Gazidis. Instead if 60,000 attending the next home game what if all 60,000 demonstrated outside the stadium and the left the “World Class” players to perform to an empty stadium. The only way to force the top brass out is to hurt them fianancially. Kroenke doesn’t care about trophies he cares about money. COME ON GOKNERS STICK TOGETHER VOTE WITH YOUR FEET AND STOP ATTENDING GAMES UNTIL HE GOES.

    1. marang says:

      yes…that the way it is..boycott!!…stay boycott untill wengar ,gazidis,kroenke leavea…coyg…this time we will change..

  10. Omj says:

    For Arsene, this is the beginning of a dreadful end. Arsenal FC need to be rescued from a drowning manager without delay. Is the board ready to take the bite and make this very important decision?

    Watching Arsenal play is a real heartache!!

  11. kev says:

    Which do you want out first??
    a)Ivan Gazidis and Kroenke

    1. Tas says:

      Defenaitly without a doubt Kroenke if he goes the rest is dominos

      1. luvdaguns says:

        you cant fire an owner!

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      If one had to choose then definitely Kroenke, like Tas said above it’s a domino effect. But the truth is all three men are accountable for the state in which Arsenal is in. Realistically we have to push Wenger out because Kroenke is too far up and with all the power, because in life and in a world of democracy there is thousands of opinions and reasons of fans which differ thus is hard to find people uniting under one banner reaching for the same cause (stifling the club in financial terms). Wenger is also responsible in the footballing aspect and player management and the failure of both of them is clear cut for a fan to see.

    3. Efe iteire says:


  12. shark says:

    Arsenal is already on a losing streak. I think I have to unfollow the team until Wenger leaves. I have to move on with my life, I cannot get sick watching the club go down under the reign of God Wenger. No one can make him step down.

  13. Declan says:

    Ox transfer ‘runout’ still not on BBC.
    Article earlier a little premature maybe?

  14. Declan says:

    Rumour not runout!!

  15. Paul P says:

    How I miss our greatest manager – George Graham!

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      George Graham (“Stroller”) played with men and coached men, who played for the shirt, badge and each other.
      What Arsenal have now is an owner and manager who are going to bleed this club dry and players who are a self entitled pack of pussies!

  16. Laurence says:

    The Ox gone… I can live with that. What’s bugging me though is why did he start against Liverpool yerstersay? In fact why was he even in the squad? What is the logic in Wenger’s head to play a player that is leaving…

  17. ks-gunner says:

    Problems are there to be solved, they dont solve them self. There are still many fans who think that our situation is not a big deal, as they think that we as a club are not entitled for success.

  18. sniper says:

    Wenger and kreonke the cancer affecting our club

  19. antiwenger says:

    Seriously speaking with our current squad and resources available, how many current PL managers would do worse than Wenger? very few I think. Our record against the top six sides speaks volumes. We are flat track bullies, happy to beat the small sides with huge margins but struggle against any half decent opponent. At least we aren’t in the UCL coz I can’t imagine the sort of humiliation we would experience against the likes of Bayern, Real or Barça. Never liked Tony Pulis but West Brom are looking like a club with more ambition and organisation than us

  20. Reagabe says:

    P. Cech = 10m
    Monreal =2m
    Kosielny =5m
    Bellarin = 3m
    Mustafi = 30m
    Chambalain = 7m
    Ramsey = 8 m
    Welbek = 13m
    Ozil = 40m
    Lacazate = 44m
    Xakha = 4m
    Walcott = 4m
    Giroud =6m
    Sanchez = 38m
    Total = 222m
    Neymar = 222m
    Moral lesson… Cheap is Expensive

  21. sniper says:

    I have just read a report that half of the board wanted Wenger out including Guzidis but kreonke overruled them in voting, so you know where the problem Wenger works for kreonke who interest money .a we the fans are divided we are also part of the blame we support the owner to keep Wenger

  22. AB says:

    As a supporter of the club, I want to influence change but have no idea how. Request London based fans and season ticket holders to take action.

  23. John0711 says:

    did you know chech roasted the players after the game “why” because wenger didnt

    1. John says:

      Because Cech does the players PR after bad situations like Sunday’s loss…………Walcott does the speaking after wins……….and Mert and Koz do in between games……….just my observation………..

  24. Vijay says:

    If lemar joins liverpool and we end up with johnny f***ing evans after the transfer window I’m done with football. I forgot what it is to enjoy football anymore. Only the 3rd game this season and I feel like February again.

  25. Tedermaan says:

    Spot on Konstantin.
    But fans are divided. Everyone thinks he knows best. Just like AW! Wenger syndrome to all of us.

    So much arguing for minor details. Whom to sell, whom to play left or right… FFS Boycott the bloody tickets, TV subs, sponsor related products. To Hell with Kroenke! Let the stock-market shares lower and force the animal killer to sell. THEN maybe we can argue whom to appoint as a manager, backroom staff, players, etc…

    I’m so done… I cried yesterday, the same way I cried so many times last year and the years before.
    There is no hope left in my soul.
    No concept of faith.
    There is only love left… for Arsenal FC.
    And that love hurts.

  26. adeyemi mujeeb says:

    the problem with arsenal Is the tackle of the players and they were all afraid of taking cards… there tackle is so poor to even think of winning a trophy. wenger need to leave the club and karaoke must leave the arsenal for the man who is really willing to invest in the club. arsenal need new management to manage the club. and we want improvement in the tackling of the players

  27. AngryGunner says:

    Don’t buy any tickets or any merchandises and kroenke will be forced to sell.

    We should start a #KroenkeOut campaign , Kroenke is businessman and he should protect his public image and if we damage that , he will be forced to sell the club.

    #WengerOut campaign wont work since Wenger doesn’t care about his public image. Also even after Wenger , Kroenke will find a way to f**k the club once again.

  28. KaTs says:

    Arsenal players have lost motivation and love to footboll mainly because the manager who is supposed to be the motiviator has extinct for a very long time.
    All mangares stand along side the pitch and brace and advice players and clap their hands to encourage them. Wenger sit on his baby ass for the entire game. No, no…sorry except when he has to shout at the fourth official.
    “Wenger out” before 31 August

    1. John says:

      Or to zip up his jacket……which he has difficulty with…….the man has a mild form of dementia……..just hope he leaves……..any coach can do better with this Arsenal team,,,,,,,

  29. luvdaguns says:

    we are now in free fall, its 70% wenger fault and 30% ownership for not recognizing this. i have supported wenger but it became obvious his time to leave w honours was after last FA cup victory. He held on and the players are now leaving in droves. there is no fix now, the players gave up on the manager. the others top teams made their moves 2 yrs ago hiring klopp, pep & jose. these modern managers can recruit talent. wenger is stuck in the 2000s. We need to sell Sanchez, he is done, sell ozil, he is done, say goodbye to ox, try to hold on to what we have, and recruit our next manager… kroenke is focused on his LA Rams,

  30. Pubgooner says:

    Right now in a boardroom in US, a young nerdy graduate is drafting a presentation for Wenka to present it to the angry fans. To pacify and calm them. All on instructions from Wiggy. This young yankee nerdy has no clue at all or whatsoever of the game called Football.
    W E N G E R O U T !!!!!

  31. jamdownyouth says:

    IMO Arsenal will never progress until we have an owner who is interested in winning football games. Arsene Wenger with his ridiculous team selection and his delusion is still culpable, but the fact that he was given a two-year extension despite all his flaws is a clear indication that the owner is perfectly happy with his performance. Here in the states Kronke owns sport teams like the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids and the Los Angeles Rams all teams that are mediocre at best. This shows that the man is only interested in making money and does not prioritize winning. I hate to be a pessimist but the slide AFC is currently on is only going to get worst especially if Ozil, Sanchez and Ox walk away for free next year. Can anyone see Kronke spending the requisite money to have these replaced? I think we all know the answer.

  32. Liam Quinn says:

    Please fans stop going to games until Kroenke leaves. It is possible.

  33. Peter says:

    It pisses me off when I read a piece that starts: “Ardene Winger has been in English football for 15 years, when everyone knows he’s been Arsenal manager for 20 years. I actually agree with most of the rest of the piece, but after such an obvious error it is difficult to take anything this writer says, seriously.

  34. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I still feel we fans are the biggest problem. we have been so blind to the truth that out current situation still surprises some of us….we bash pundits whenever the speak the truth, even konstantin is constantly ridiculed here. the fact that we still have AKB’s alone is unimaginable,the fact that most of you here renewed your season tickets is just….i don’t even know what to say. we expect change but we keep doing the same things we keep buying merchandise, going to games only to come here and complain.

  35. Biodun says:

    Kronke should take 30% of blames, cos he only foccus on his pocket. Arsen wenger wil take 30% too, bcos he lack tactics and brainless in selection bcos som coaches will stil manage a point even a win wit d same squad. The rest 40% goes to d fans payin to watch d matches at d emirate or while away from home and buying jessey, kit, etc. Bcos wit all dis pays arsenal fc wil stil d same but when we fans ignore all activities of d club. Definately they wil be loss for kronke nd d rest member and then they will fight against him and btw two season d club wil move foward in greatness either from d present member or another group

  36. Bakri says:

    That is all correct and the game passed Wenger long time ago . He is still here because his main job was to save money for main shareholder who cares only about making profit. Unfortunately Arsenal fan base were split and that help Wenger to stay 10 years without wining anything and lately was very proud that he won the Fa cup and not the champion league championship.It is really time for him to go and immediately > All Arsenal fans should unite and make their voices heard and push Weger out of Arsenal as soon as possible> Arsenal fans you are the gunners and you can take decisions and forced the board and the shareholders by boycotting all Arsenal matches if they don’t listen to you. Arsenal fans you are the real power to put things in order and rebuild your wonderful Arsenal.

  37. arsenal#7 says:

    I wonder how many of Wenger’s former players are calling him advising him to do the right thing and walk away.
    I know some are vocal on the media but the amount of noise out there would normally affect a human being and would start at some point questioning whether he is doing the right thing.
    Not Wenger!!!
    I know French are stubborn and arrogant by nature by this is extra ordinary.
    Mobilize as fans ,hit the club where it hurts in the pocket or we will be witnessing the destruction
    of a great once club.
    It is a shame!!!

  38. Immanuel says:

    I always say that the power is in those arsenal fans that go and watch them play .. If and only if they can All BOYCOTT atleast 5 home and away games . Something can change .. We need to start a petition my fellow gunners .

  39. Vlad says:

    I’d like to start with my customary F OFF KONSTANTIN! And I’m here (like a true fan that I am) win, draw, or lose. Same cannot be said about you. It’s no secret that you only show up after a bad result, but nowhere to be found when the team loses, and needs support more than ever. Now, to your garbage of a post. First, Wenger arrived in England/Arsenal in 1996. If my calculations are correct, that makes it 21 years, not 15. Idiot who can’t even get his facts/math right. About “disposing” of the players. They were pretty much all past their prime. And who exactly played under Fergie in their 40’s? Konstantin, the least you can do is support your crap with facts, but you can’t even do that. No let’s talk about “losing the records” for a second here. He made CL in all of his years with the club prior to last. In the last season we got 75 points, and finished 5th. Season prior, we ended with 72 and were 2nd. Never ever a team with this many points finished outside of top 4. It’s unheard of, and one of. Now about Spuds. Yes, they finally finished above us… ONCE in how many years exactly? And while they are celebrating their final position, we’ve won 3 FA Cups in 3 years. Nothing to sneeze at. What have they won lately? You mention the stadium and the transition period. While you’re a pathetic liar and a loser, Arsene is actually a LEGEND. You’re right – no, he didn’t pay for the stadium with his own money. But what he achieved is nothing short of a miracle. He competed with the best with the likes of Senderos, Chamakh, Bendtner, Santos, Squilacci, just to name a few. Forced to sell his best players year in and year out, yet achieving the unachievable. Last, but not least, you praise Ox but slate Ozil and Theo? This makes me laugh, actually. Ox has been with the club for almost 7 years. 131 appearances, and I’ve seen them all. Do you know how many goals he scored? 9. Theo scored in double digits in every single season but one. Chance after chance, position after position, injury after injury Arsene gave Ox opportunity to prove his worth and make a name for himself. I can count amount of decent performance he’s had on one hand. He’s a bum. Just like you are. And Ozil – our “useless” German has been named player of the year for his country 5 times in 6 years. Give him with players, and not parasites happy to collect their paychecks, and he’ll perform. Surround him with Ox’s and Ramsey’s and he’ll suffer like the rest of the team. So STFU, and crawl back to the same cockroach hole you came from. I’m done for now…

    1. Pam says:

      Vlad your hate for Konstantin is immense and you get too personal. Why don’t you write articles to show why Wenger is the manager to move this club forward. I am sure that would be difficult. lastly,, you should also get your facts right. Arsenal won the FA cup three times in four years.

    2. marang says:

      no one is bigger than a club..wenger out..we sack you

  40. raymondo says:

    I have supported Arsenal since 1950 and would never dream of supporting any other team. However I share the opinions of so many fans re. our present crisis. The performance on Sunday was abject and woeful and for the first time in 67 years I feel ashamed of the team and the club. Whatever the problems are within the club, there is no excuse for any player not giving 100% on the pitch at all times considering their level of salaries. As for addressing the current problems within the club, that must wait for another time as it would take a small novel to cover all the inadequacies!

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