The search for a new Arsenal technical director has temporarily stalled

The process of former Arsenal star Edu becoming the new technical director at the Emirates has stalled, at least until after the Copa America in Brazil is completed in July.

Former invincible Edu is the technical coordinator of the Brazil national team and therefore has to remain focussed on his current role at such a critical time for his country.

However, on a positive note, talks have taken place which Edu himself has confirmed.

“I had a conversation with Arsenal. There’s an interest,” said Edu.

“I was very clear: ‘I am 100% focused on the Copa America. I’m not speaking about absolutely anything because of the Copa America.

“If, by any chance, you [Arsenal] want to speak to me after the Copa, propose something after the Copa, I will make myself available so that we can talk. As for now, I am fully focused on the Copa.”

It is perfectly understandable that Edu will not enter into further talks with us or commit to anything so close to the Copa America tournament but that does not mean that it is not frustrating and inconvenient.

The summer transfer window will be opening soon and we need that position filled urgently and while Edu would be a good fit we cannot wait forever.

Hopefully, Edu has given some sort of private assurance to the club that he is likely to take the position without making it known publicly


  1. Why not hire Arsene Wenger as technical director? His tactics are not as good as Guardiola’s, Klopp’s and Pochettino’s, but he has seen more hot prospects throughout his long illustrious managerial career and he knows the indicators of the good ones

    Based on his decades of experience, I bet he can predict which youngster would improve and he has good connections with French clubs

    I know he assessed some youngsters wrongly, but I think that was because he had to divide his focus between his managerial job and talent assessments. If he can work solely as a technical director, maybe he can spot new Henrys and new Vieiras

    1. I’m not sure Edu is the right guy for the job. With Arsenal’s transfer budget continuing to be small we need someone who has experience bringing in cheap players before they progress and become household names.

      We need the guys who built Ajax (I know overmars rejected us), or previously Monaco and Leicester. These teams built teams with minimal budgets to challenge the best. I do not believe Edu is this man.

      1. Maybe we should get a relatively unknown scout that has not given all his findings to the big clubs

        It’s not easy to spot cheap good talents and I’m afraid the scouts who built Leicester, Monaco and Ajax have exposed most bargained prospects he could find

        South America have loads of technically gifted players, but it’s gonna be a problem if they cannot learn English quickly. I believe we should keep looking in France, where Leicester found Mahrez and Kante

        1. It’s not a scout that the article is about, its the Technical Director position. We recently appointed Cagigao as Head of Recruitment, the man who discovered Cesc, Bellerin and Santi. By the way, the transfer window opened today.

          1. Late reply and nobody will see it, but that’s a good shout @Gotanidea. I think Wenger is suited to a role like that, and also he will be told if we need more physicality so it won’t be a case of him ignoring deficiencies in our team. He is a great people person, he knows everyone, can speak many languages, imagine what he can find in the market if that is his sole responsibility, the talent and the value. Only problem I foresee is Raul and Emery wanting a clean sweep, they will not go for it.

      1. What an absurd suggestion regarding Arsene Wenger.
        Hasn’t UE got a big enough job onhis hands, without having to worry about that as well?

        If you want to go down memory lane, what about David Dein?
        He would then have the intelligence to bring AW back as a Ambassador for the club, once UE has bedded in and that might unite our fan base again.

        Let’s take a leaf out of manure/fergies book, say in two years time?

    2. Arsene Wenger is never coming back to Arsenal! The man worked for us for 22 years, isn’t that enough?! He can’t even find work at another club at any capacity! Some fans really need to get over Wenger.

  2. This is a typical Arsenal error. In a time we run a shoestring budget and during a time during which our rebuilding is crucial, we look for a guy with no experience AND who is not available when the transfer window is open.

    We are a Micky Mouse club. I guess Sven didn’t take long to realize that. Boy, could we have sued him during this window?

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