The Season run-in could be vital for Chamberlain!

Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is quite an experienced member of this current squad, having joined the club back in the summer of 2011. At just 23 years old, there is still a lot of time for Chamberlain to shine at Arsenal and hopefully he can bring some inspiration into the team, for the final few months of the season’s run in.

Chamberlain has been able to feature regularly for the Gunners in recent matches, and has in fact missed around half an hour over the course of the last 450 minutes of football. It’s a change to his normal position in the squad, which usually sees Wenger stick him on the bench, only to bring the player on for the final 5 minutes.

However despite the fact that we’ve seen some rather impressive play from Chamberlain this season, even if the Gunners as a whole haven’t performed well, Arsene Wenger is still convinced that there’s a lot of work for the player to do.

Wenger said: “Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was in action for England last week, and lately he has done well. He’s been more stable, more focused in his performances, I still believe it’s a very encouraging period for Alex, but there is more to come from him.”

“The work we do with him now is to get more and more from him, because there is still potential in him that hasn’t been completely exploited yet. That’s normal because he is still an under-25 player.”

“Whether he plays centrally or wide, what he gives to the team is being strong in the challenge, he has good acceleration and in central midfield this kind of potential to go forward gets you away from pressure.”

I think in Arsene Wenger’s statement he’s introduced a key point which a lot of us are able to see. Many will state that Chamberlain hasn’t progressed as well as we would have hoped and the expectations put on him as a teenager haven’t become fact in reality. However a large part of his undervalued talent is down to the fact that he has been the ‘runt of pack’ at Arsenal for a number of years now. The Ox had a promising 2013/14 season, in which he played most of the campaign, but besides that he has been used sparingly by Arsene Wenger throughout his Arsenal career. The Englishman has also seemingly played almost every position on the pitch, having been utilised on the wing, as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder and even a right back at times. Wenger just hasn’t settled on Chamberlain’s position in this squad, although I think the majority of fans will agree that The Ox’s best football comes from when he plays as a central midfielder. It’s highly valued when a player can play In a number of positions, but Wenger needs to decide on a position for the Ox in this squad and stop using him so sparingly. Without playing time and experience, the Englishman won’t improve and thus we won’t see the potential that many feel the Ox still possesses.

There have also been rumours that the player may be one of many members of the squad whom are currently considering their respective futures. Chamberlain has been linked with a number of English clubs, including the likes of City, United and Liverpool. Chamberlain may find the situation at Arsenal to be very frustrating, but right now do Liverpool or United really pose any more of a threat to the league’s title chances, than Arsenal do right now. I think Chamberlain will look to stay beyond the summer, but a vital part of his decision could be down to whether he’s going to see his playing time increase at Arsenal and what the club’s ambition is.



  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    He is a talent, but he lacks what is key in being a good player and thats a proper football brain. therefor he useless. I still remember last year when we where thinking about winning the leauge, and the clown was dancing in the tunnel like a fool. With a decent manager ox would be long off from the club. We have Walcott already, two of them is one to much.

    Still who gives a damn about the players in the club. They are all here for the money anyway. No passion no desire. Besides Sanchez we will be losing soon, the team is filled with average players.

    1. TH14atl says:

      Completely agree. For how many years have we been talking about waiting for inconsistent players to come good, or stay healthy, or maximize their potential? It never changes. Theo, Ox, Jack, Ramsey, Giroud, Gibbs, Chambers, Sczcesny, Fabianski, Mesut and Welbz to an extent. It never changes.
      They’ll play well 3 or 4 games out of 5, we’ll begin to depend on them, and then they either won’t show up in a big game, or they get hurt and then aren’t available. The squad is full of these types of players.
      Can’t kick them all off at once, so basically we’re stuck toiling in mediocrity.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Ox has FINALLY shown some improvement this season, and is young enough to still fulfil his potential, but as Arsenal fans, are we not fed up of “potential”? I don’t fancy waiting another 3/4 years to see if the Ox will become a top player, like we have had to with so many other players. The Ox hasn’t done enough over six years to earn ANOTHER contract, and ANOTHER pay raise.

    Do you think another top manager would have given Ox six years? Luke Shaw is a very expensive prospect, yet has barely had a game under Mourinho, and why? Because he’s not good enough, and not fit enough, hence Mourinho doesn’t pick him, simple as that. Shaw will most probably be sold in the summer as well, as I’m sure Mourinho will not want to waste years, and millions on wages, waiting for Shaw to possibly become good. He’ll cash in early, and get someone better. It took just a few months for Mourinho to spot the weakness in Shaw, yet Wenger cannot spot ANY weaknesses in some of his players even after a decade! It’s ridiculous!

    Arsenal need a ruthless manager asap!

  3. Twig says:

    Make a choice

    – Insigne
    – Belotti
    – Mbappe
    – Lukaku

    1. khangunners says:

      Wenger out

  4. lucia says:

    As an arsenal fan and as a human being I for one always give credit when it’s due.
    Respect to monreal, the guy was all over the pitch gave us a good width all through and he was good defensively too. Mustafi also played well .
    I would like to point out difference between koscielny been world class and great player..he is a bottler.he is not a fighter.I have seen Sergio ramos, pepe,Luiz, even our very own mertesacker play with injury but he the first opportunity he gives up.
    I thought xhaka played well .the problem I think is he is not a natural defensive midfielder. Play him along side someone like Kante, or idrissa gueye of he wouldn’t have to worry too much about loosing the ball because boy he can spot a pass forward pass unlike some of our players.
    What has happened to Bellerin? He has turned crap over miles our worst player he can’t cross when he gets to the by line instead of crossing he passes it backward .he strongly needs a challenge next season else his complacency will kill his game.
    Was it a result we wanted? Hell no.
    Was it a fair result ? Maybe
    Was it a better performance to compare with our recent abysmal performances? Hell yea

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