The Shame – A bunch of chickens could manage Arsenal better than this lot

I think Arsenal and Arteta don’t understand the word excitement and it’s meaning in the English language. What happened was predictable. It’s sad knowing your team will lose a game of football.

I’m sure there’s an excuse. This time it’s illness and the youth of our squad, tomorrow it will be something else. We had one of the worst attacks in Arsenal history, yet we didn’t want to pay the money (as we usually do) for Abraham, and we started the game unprepared without a striker.
How many seasons in a row do we do that? At least 10 if you ask me. We should better sell both Aubameyang and Lacazette. Be honest with yourselves, would one of them had made a difference in the game? Not really, because a team desperately needing energy, new faces and a positive vibe arrived miserable, lacking ideas and was beaten again.
It’s just beyond a joke that we had Xhaka as our captain. A player we wanted to sell, who wanted to leave, but we stumbled on the price, is leading the team? Xhaka ain’t worth 20 million in current market, but we didn’t cut our losses on him, because we are counting pennies and we don’t want to spend on players that will actually improve the squad.
We spent 50 mills on a CB that got dominated, even though defense was ironically the one thing we were good at last season. You could see up front we lacked ideas and a goalscorer. If Maddison is too expensive, Aouar was available for 25 mills. But then again if we want Maddison, we should’ve just spent the money on him, rather than White. You honestly think having Holding would’ve been worse?
We do not do things to improve the squad where we most need to, but we follow Arteta’s agenda to one day be like Pep’s teams and play out of the back. This is not the way we’ll find ourselves back for contention, because we can’t solve problems the way City do, by throwing endless cash at it.
So many people say, “the transfer window hasn’t finished”. But the season started and we got bullied by a new team in the division. When we find ourselves rock bottom after 5 games, it doesn’t matter that we bought someone late to try and paper over the cracks.
And part of this comes back to Edu, who allowed the ridiculous contract Auba and Willian are on and now the story with Lacazette is again sad. Why didn’t we sell him early in the window to raise funds? If we wanna keep him, shouldn’t have we addressed his contract situation?
Honestly a bunch of chickens can manage Arsenal better than it is now. Arteta is a joke manager, but I can’t blame him for the fact he isn’t sacked. If he was managing Chelsea he would’ve been sacked a year ago.
I honestly don’t think I’ve given anything as much energy and chances as I have to Arsenal, to end up feeling so depressed. I’m honestly happy that I’m travelling Europe and didn’t see the game, because I can’t bear it anymore.
I remember times, where we were scoring 5 goals to newcomers blowing them away and I can’t believe we’re struggling to create chances, but by far the worse thing is the lack of desire. No fight, no passion, no character.
And some fans have accepted this and think it’s okay and Arteta is not the problem, and it’s just how it is. It’s challenging to support this club and the negativity sadly doesn’t come from me.
The weakness crawls right from the owner down to the pitch. Nobody cares, nobody wants to win, because it doesn’t matter. It’s all about making a nice kit (amazing job Adidas by the way), and as long as the cash flows, nothing matters.
We deserve to lose and it’s sadly the best thing that can happen to us, because maybe at some point someone will realize what a huge mistake we made with Arteta and the transfer window. But then again, if I could see it and a lot of fans could see it, why does nobody at Arsenal forsee what is so evident?
United spanked Leeds 5:1, that was exciting. I’m seriously afraid that 8th might be too high for us this season. Why are we throwing another year in the dumpster though? Why sack Arteta st Christmas, when we could’ve given someone with an idea of what to do, the chance to improve us?
The simple answer is they don’t care. Remember that we tried to enter a “Super league”. Arsenal… that can’t beat a newly promoted team. Pathetic and weak. I’m amazed how fast people have forgiven the Kroenkes. It’s extremely sad, but this will inevitably hit our value, and hopefully a point of time comes when Kroenke cuts his losses so that we can actually start to move in a forward direction.
Lastly I hope Arteta and those players get exactly what they deserve at the Emirates. You have shamed this football club to new lows and if I could, I’d make it extremely visible to them.


  1. Durand says:

    Arteta-ball is the biggest obstacle we face.

    Mikel refuses to admit his tactics don’t work, but continues to waste valuable funds on new players, thinking that’s the solution.

    10 new players and counting, yet no different than when he took over.

    What’s more likely, all 10 of his additions are incompetent, or Arteta-ball is a massive failure?

    Clearly in over his head, unable to make tactical adjustments during a match, and is hell bent to micromanage team into mediocrity rather than give players some freedom.

    He’s been found out since last year, easily dispatched by opposing managers, and too stubborn to admit Arteta-ball is a bust.

    His answer continues to be “need players for my system,” in spite of 10 new additions since he took charge.

    A checkbook manager with an incompetent Edu, all supported by absentee owner who isn’t involved to win titles.

    Helen Keller could see failure on the horizon.

    1. Tunyzone says:

      Really? There’s a huge difference from when he took over of course because the team was still in European competition as at that time and was never beaten easily by a team that just got promotion into the premiar league.

      Using those kids is not an excuse because none of them is less than 18yr of age if i am correct mean while i saw completely bunch of young boys playing cup games for Arsenal some years back.

      I remember Randal, Merida, Fabregas, Song, Gibs, Traore, Vela, Simpson, Dhjoru, Lord Bentner, Theo, Denilson and other.

      All of them was under 20 as at that time they were playing and winning cup games with styles conveniently.

      Arteta is just a clueless coach that i can’t blame for have the job up till now.

      1. Tunyzone says:

        Sorry, i mean for having the job till now.

  2. PJ-SA says:

    Ego and MA are synonyms! I’ve never seen anyone be so arrogant in my life.

    Refuses to change tactics or drop underperforming players because he signed them/increased their wages.

    Half the fans on here that support him aren’t much better. Blind, bias supporters that put Arteta above Arsenal.

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      I have, but he at least earned it over a considerable period of time, with receipts to boot

  3. Reggie says:

    The biggest draw back is the way our rookie manager seems intent on wanting us to play. The build up is just to slow, careful and negative. Teams can snuff us out easily and we dont create enough. It is haphazard and dangerous, exposing all our weakness however we try to play. The Brentford (YES BRENTFORD manager out thought and out maneuvered our manager, just as most managers seem to do, including the one he replaced. The obvious warning signal wasn’t taken after that defeat to Emery, even though to some of us, we see Arteta is useless.

    1. Havyn says:

      How do you employ someone as TD whose agent is also the agent of all the players he has recruited?

      And who goes on holiday with his agent on a yacht and also a former Director of Football who share the same agent with TD.

      Insider sources say Sanhelli agent is Kia
      Edu’s agent is Kia
      Luiz agent is Kia
      Willian is Kia
      Mari is Kia
      Cedric is Kia

      They want to recruit reserve Barca GK Neto whose agent is Kia

      Kia Joorabchan runs Arsenal now Sanhelli, his principal once run the club and he is also the agent for Edu and many of our players

      Accountants call it Conflict of Interest
      My Arsenal is gone and they’ve sacked all our scouts to enable them use Kia to milk the club.

      Edu has created a ring of corruption at the club. They bought an average player, Pepe for 72m. A 19yr old boy, Saliba for 27m and a GK who was available for 18m for 22m

      Edu is corrupt and even though he was a squad player during the invincible years, he knows nothing about Arsenal

      They’ve sacked everyone there who knows Arsenal history

      The Kroenke’s are destroying Arsenal for Spurs to dominate North London

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        👍 Unfortunately too true!

      2. Sir Michael says:

        Havyn Well spoken it is rotten to the core of the club

      3. Jay says:

        💯% spot on.

    2. Gunners4life says:

      Thomas Frank (brentford manager) has been a manager for 13 years (5 years youth team + 8 years senior team). Meanwhile, our rookie manager has only been a manager for 1.5 years. Of course he is gonna be outmaneufered by TF..

  4. Vinnie2000 says:

    Our Fans should take some Blame for yesterday’s Disgrace!!

    *Get Zaha, No!
    *Get Andre Silva,No!
    *Get Bissouma, No!
    Oh, we have Pepe, Saka, Martinelli, Laca, Auba, Xhaka, etc..😒😏
    Overhyping weak-arsed, Lazy and unproductive players!
    One even said no Need for Kieran Trippier because we have Calum Chambers!😯😕

    Now, most are Crying!!
    Not just Arteta and Edu, some of our Fans need a good Smack on dier Asses!😣

    1. PJ-SA says:

      If you think any of those players playing under MA would have changed yesterday’s result you’re even more delusional then the fans you are talking about.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      so we have to sign every player that the media call out?

  5. NY_Gunner says:

    To all those that wanted AW gone so bad, this is the consequence of that…IJS

    1. PJ-SA says:

      I loved Wenger but it was time to move on mate, we were regressing steadily during Wenger’s last years.

      Or was your idea to keep him until he was 95? Most fans wanted Tuchel when he was available. The current situation has little to do with Wenger, more poor management. Get over it!

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        I felt it was about time he left also. But not in the manner he was let go, or treatment from the fans leading up to it. And if you don’t think that this is all wound together, delve deeper…IJS

        1. Goonster says:

          So if wenger had left in your much preferred manner then everything would have been much better for us today?

          Are you insinuating that that way that we got rid of him has contributed to how bad the club has gotten?

          Wenger had gotten us 5th and 6th place consecutively before he got sacked. The trajectory was very obvious since 2011 that we were going nowhere with wenger.

          You yourself wanted him gone like others wanted him gone too. To me it does not matter how he was gotten rid of. It had no impact on the next manager we got. Had no impact on how well or bad that manager would perform.

          Let me hope yoy don’t believe in things like Karma etc.

    2. Stephanie says:

      AW was taking us nowhere. We would never have won the PL again with Wenger. Poor signings, poor tactics. Just FA Cup, which we got anyway with MA

      AW was better than MA no doubt but that isn’t good enough

      MA was a horrible signing because he lacked experience as a Manager

      We will get the right Manager sooner or later. But getting free of AW was vital for our future

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        😂😂😂😂 Sounds like guilt is eatin ya up.

    3. FoSulli says:

      NY_Gunner…couldn’t agree more. Wenger was a world class manger/coach who loved the club now we are left with an ex-player mercenary that had more affiliation with Everton and Man City than he does Arsenal

      1. RW1 says:

        Wenger left 4 years too late and we suffered his delusions as a club … But the damage could have been reversed with right leadership … Hasn’t happened and we are now a bottom half of the table club playing consistently the worst football in my time as a supporter … And it will get worse unless we break the vicious circle … Kronke will have to learn the hard way that in the end there has to be something tangible underneath if the asset is going to add to his income portfolio .. Difficult year ahead

        1. CrownPrince says:

          I still can’t understand why the management of arsenal, kreoke and Arteta does not know they have no solution to this mess the club is in.. Its not totally about players again.. Its tactics and ideology

        2. Johnny says:

          Spot on….. We are never going to be anything other than a joke until Kronke gets bored and sells up.
          The Arsenal that I have supported since the 1970s is gone forever and now a chess piece for an uncaring foreign owner who probably didnt even know who we were playing last weekend.
          Bring on a relegation battle – its our only chance to be rid of him ( and his others).

    4. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      he had no choice, NYG, as he couldn’t have possibly retained his position while simultaneously being investigated for JFK’s murder…shake your head

    5. ThirdManJW says:

      No NY, this is mainly because of Wenger, and Gazidis! They created a culture of failure is acceptable, and no accountability.

      Cultures take years and years to change. Just look at the squad as a great example. It’s taken 3 years just to get to grips with the deadwood!

      You may argue we’ve gone even further backwards since he left, but let’s not forget that Wenger was 14 years straight of not even challenging for a league title. His last 2 seasons were finishing 5th and 6th, with a whopping 13 league defeats in his last campaign.

      So if we had kept Wenger, as clearly you wanted, it’s likely we would have continued to slide down the table given the overwhelming evidence. Not to mention the thrashings as well!

      I’m not saying mistakes haven’t been made since Wenger left, as clearly they have, but there are 3 major delusions when it comes to Wenger with some of our fans:

      1 – Wenger left the club in a great state
      2 – There were problems, but Wenger was not responsible
      3 – There were problems, Wenger was responsible, but it was only for his last 2 seasons

      1. Loose Cannon says:

        Thank you Sir, you rightly pointed out everything. Our decline began with Wenger and sacking him was the best decision in the interest of the club. Sacking Unai was the worst decision then, we should have sacked Ozil, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Xhaka first before sacking Unai. As for Mikel, he simply was the best who actually wanted to work with us.

        1. siamois says:

          there is no way that”Mikel was simply the best who wanted to work with us”just in Europe alone I can think of dozens and dozens of better & more experienced managers than him who would have jumped at the chance of becoming Arsenal manager MA wasn’t even a manager when we got him.

        2. towny 254 says:

          Loose Cannon Now you see how good Unai Emery is the players downed tools and he was sacked he should of been allowed to sack the players

      2. nepalesegunner says:

        But you missed a crucial point that arsenal finished 2nd in 2015 and 3rd in 2014 which indicates it wasn’t all doom as you mentioned.

  6. SueP says:

    I give you credit for getting it off your chest but blimey, it was incoherent

    1. Keni says:

      Yeah. He obviously penned the article in the heat of emotions. But the point remains that Arteta has shown that there’s no way we’re heading up with him in charge. He has to go

  7. Brad. says:

    We are just a mess from top down to players.
    This will take years to get back to challenging for titles if indeed we do.
    Getting rid of the owners is the biggest priority.
    The money we have spent has been chucked away.
    50 Million on Ben is criminal.
    He was totally the wrong C/Back for us.
    We need strength players. Pace. And leadership qualities.

  8. Emmanuel Akpan Ekwere says:

    Arsenal will definitely come good this season. C’mon, there are no small boys anymore in the game of football, what I see happening to the big-clubs in Germany and France is a true testament to this analogy, it’s just sad that Arsenal bear the brunt when there’s a footballing mishap on the pitch against them. They still played very well yesterday only that the chances they created couldn’t just be converted when it was needed to and if you ask me that’s what football is all about. Win some, draw some, lose some…. Life goes on…. I’m with Arsenal till Eternity. Emmanuel Akpan Ekwere….

    1. FoSulli says:

      I respect your positive outlook, i just wish i could share your sentiment….Lets face it that fixture would have been a tough game for any club but how can we go into the first game of the season and not be prepared to at least play for a point?

    2. Rashid80 says:

      Wait what? We played well? Are you kidding me mate? We played like ****!

  9. John0711 says:

    Konstantin I love your posts as they are words from the heart. Totally agree with everything you say. I stated two years ago
    I wouldn’t spend another penny unless the club’s ambitions matched my own, I was spending a fortune

    Now I rarely watch and I spend my money elsewhere

    1. TexMex says:

      Yes, John0711. That’s where I’m headed. I bought a bike recently, and will ride instead of spending my money on Arsenal. Their ambitions are shite….hopefully it changes soon…

      1. Laurie says:

        ” Arsenal have a weak under- belly”
        : Arsenal don’t like it when you get amongst them” ” Arsenal are getting bullied on and off the pitch” these are some of the quotes that have been associated with us for the past 15 years , everyone one loves playing us we are a soft team easy to be bullied.
        Once we lose that stigma teams will respect us again.
        We need players in the mold of Vinny Jones , Roy kean Patrick viera who won’t take any s..t we need leaders who are up for the fight. The last thing we need at the moment is an attacking Central midfielder who has no one to protect him ,we don’t need tiki tiki football at the moment it hasn’t worked for the past 15 years we need aggressive football otherwise expect plenty more nights like Friday.

    2. Oslogunner65 says:

      I cancelled my red membership back in 2014 , I stopped buying any merchandise including Arsenal kits for my 2 sons(every season), in fact I think 2014 was also the last time I took my sons to a game all the way from Oslo.
      No way am I spending my hard earned cash on a club that has a owner with zero ambition or interest in the club I love .
      It’s heart breaking to see how a once great club can become so badly run and it stems from the owner 100%

      1. Sue says:

        Coming over all the way from Oslo – wow, hats off to you Oslogunner65 👏
        My journey to the Emirates is only 2 hours!
        And you’re right, it is heartbreaking

        1. Oslogunner65 says:

          I dont really comment much as it often leads to insults or being told I’m not a fan if I don’t simply toe the line and accept what’s blatantly wrong with the club .
          Over here it’s mostly United, Liverpool, Chelsea and more recently City fans and its hard to even have good banter these days as I’ve got nothing to add as we’re so bad .
          But im confident in the future things will change for the better and once we are showing some ambition I will gladly contribute with the relative small amount towards supporting the club 👍

          1. Sue says:

            I’m so sorry you’ve been insulted on here for speaking your mind ☹

            I can’t have banter here either – everyone is too busy laughing at me!
            A real depressing time right now…
            But like you, I have hopes for the future – we can’t stay this bad forever!!

            Good on you, Oslo 🙂👍

  10. Kev82 says:

    I said on here before we signed Ben White that I want my Central defenders over 6ft tall and was told height doesn’t matter he’s a ball player.. i also said Tuchel would be a good choice to replace our clown of a manager last winter and most on here from what I read wouldn’t have touched him with a barge poll. The same about replacing our forwards and get told it’s not a priority and we don’t need a RB we have Chambers. When you put blind faith into the same underwhelming players we’ve had for years and our assistant manager coach you get served up what you witnessed yesterday and the many crappy performances before that.

    1. Reggie says:

      The scariest thing is our owner and some of our fans have confidence in a manager that has never been higher than 8th in the Premier league and has nothing at all to say wether he is actually capable of managing. Why are we trusting him? And on what premise?

      1. Kev82 says:

        Exactly Reggie, he’s jumped into a massive job from being an assistant coach, he hasn’t built any type of reputation in the management game… I know I have seen all I’ve needed to see from him to make a clear judgement and he’s completely well and truly out of his depth… Maybe the pen pushers at Arsenal see it too but they would rather this charade go on than admit they made a mistake.

  11. Wayne says:

    Despite some fans negative outlook on Wenger in his last three years at the club, Arsenal still made to the top six and was in Europe competitions for 22 years consecutively under his leadership. We all have made poor decisions in our lifetime. Arsenal have moved on from Wenger and fans must not continue to blame him for the club current fortunes. Edu,Arteta and the board are the ones running Arsenal now. I would rather have Arsene Wenger for this season instead of Arteta and Edu, if Arsenal fail to replace them with Conte and his staff.

  12. Andrew Elder says:

    @ NY_Gunner
    Couldn’t agree more, he should have left after his last FA Cup win imo. He is still our greatest manager by a mile!!!

  13. RFrancis says:

    Pointing fingers at Edu and Arteta will not help at this time; they represent only the tip of the ice-berg, unfortunately. All the signs listed above point to one thing: a highly dysfunctional and poorly run football club. It would be better to point fingers at Vinai Venkatesham, CEO, the board and our course the owner.
    While other clubs have adjusted and re-aligned successfully to meet the changing demands of the modern game, this club appears to be stuck in reverse.

  14. jon fox says:

    What a disgraceful bunch of moaning minnies our so called “fans” are. One or two marvellous exceptions like Sue P and Emmanuel but most are a shocking disgrace and don’t deserve to suport this great club.

    1. Phil says:

      Why Jon- don’t you believe every fan has a right to moan after THAT performance? Or do you feel that was acceptable ?

      1. Reggie says:

        Phil, you must know by now if you dont sing of the same page as Jon, you are either, immature, not a fan, ignorant, educationally challenged or brain dead. He only respects himself and he os the only one in the world that is always right and everyone else is insignificant. I think he is rocking though, i suspect it will only be a few more games and he will join the thickos, who know nothing.

        1. Phil says:

          Well Reggie- Jon believes he is above everyone else that’s for sure. Tell me a single fan who believes that performance was acceptable, part of “The Process”, it’s only the first game etc etc and I will say that fan knows little of what a true fan honestly believes. Nobody can be pleased with what we saw last night. I do not accept injuries/ illness/ VAR or any other excuse. We lost to a team that got to the Premiere League via the playoffs. How can that ever be acceptable? How can any fan be expected to accept that?

          1. Reggie says:

            Last night was stuff of nightmares Phil and yes we were well stuffed by a team that came up through the play offs. It just keeps getting worse, there is no defence of it.

          2. Kev82 says:

            Well said Phil 👍 I think certain Arsenal fans grow attachments to either players or managers rather than the club itself! I find it astonishing that anyone would make excuses for that pathetic display on Friday night and that hasn’t been the only horror show from Mikel’s team.

          3. TexMex says:

            1,000 thumbs up. Can’t say it enough….

          4. Sue says:

            Spot on, Phil 👍

        2. jon fox says:

          Reggie what a travesty of a comment. I had at one time respected you but how can any decent, unbiased Gooner read such utter tosh and still respect you?

          1. Reggie says:

            Ive always told it as it is jon and i will carry on doing so. Im not too fussed you dont respect my comment. In fact ive just got over it. Jon you are a good poster if you stop the defamatory remarks that are totally unnecessary. They are often way out of context.

    2. Logic says:

      You are not three Jon, you guys are 6. Three of you and then add Arteta, Edu and Venkat. There are few others who have a strong claim to be in the list as well but at the moment they are hiding under the rock, they will come out after we win and start quoting useless stats. You made me realise one thing though Jon if someone has not learnt something in 50 years then he will never get it so no point wasting time.

      1. jon fox says:

        “I am not three but six”! And I am presumably supposed to understand that twaddle, am I ?

    3. PJ-SA says:

      Jon what you see manifesting in Arsenal right now is a direct result of spineless fans like yourself. We have Xhaka at the club still because of people like you!

      Mediocrity is bred in the kind of environment you create.

      1. jon fox says:

        PJ-SA, so , having Xhaka here for more years is now MY fault? I sometimes feel I am the only sane one in an asylum – that is if any addicted football fan can ever said to be TRULY sane, which is an arguable case- on this site, with its fantasy comments!

    4. RSH says:

      when all else fails, yes, lets turn on each other and have fruitless “im a better fan than you” arguments. 🙄

      1. Sue says:

        👍 Like being back at infant school!

  15. Franko says:

    Wenger stated the rot with cheap and mediocre players and one or 2 are still at Arsenal today.

  16. Franko says:

    Arteta has to be dynamic and inventive if he wants to succeed which I doubt judging by his rigid style. If we are going to use Xhaka, he should form part of a 3 man defense with Tieney and Tavares on the left side in a 3-4-3 formation using players on their natural right or left footed positions. With Smith-Row cutting in field most of the time to add more bite to the attacking threat from the middle and create scoring opportunities. With this line up, we have a good balance of defense and attack.





    1. Bluedabadee says:


  17. Logic says:

    This Arsenal team has been screaming for a proper CM since Santi left, unlike other fans I don’t think no 10 is what we require. We need a midfield general. Partey, Xhaka, Elneny etc do not have that in them. They lack game control, can not dictate pace of game and are not go to players when team is in trouble not to mention lack creativity as well. But what do we do.. Edu goes on holidays during transfer window, why he could not choose any other time in year is beyound me, Then him and Arteta recruit two players for future, give contract Extension Xhaka and blow £50million on a CB which was not required bearing in mind when had others CB in the squad who was not given a single opportunity. We loaned or sold our young players just because the manager did not link them at all I mean what Xhaka did was a much bigger offence then Guendozi but he was given a chance to revive his Arsenal career. More then Arteta I don’t know how we have kept Edu in the club based on some absurd dealing he has done in past as well transfer window. Arteta is not the only culprit Edu and Venkat have also failed to deliver. All three need to be sacked and kicked out of the club.

    1. Sean Williams says:


  18. JL75 says:

    I fully agree with you Konstantin.
    The coach job is too big for Arteta.
    On the pitch, the players are clueless and don’t seem interested. If ESR and Tierney were not here, they might fall asleep.
    And if we talk about the manager job, this is even worse; why on earth did he sell Martinez, did he freeze Torreira and Guendouzi, did he bench Ozil, did he keep Xhaka, did he buy White while the defence started to stabilise, didn’t buy a right back (on the first game of the season, a club of Arsenal’s stature had to start with Chambers and replace him with a left back!!)?
    We need to change the midfield, we spend 50mil on a center back, we absolutely need backups at the GK and RB positions, we start the season without. If they didn’t managed to buy Trippier, Ramsdale, or anybody else with a little experience, send 3 scouts and buy them from championship… This is amateurism and for a club like Arsenal, with millions of fans around the world, this is an insult.

    Arteta should be ashamed and leave.

  19. guy says:

    Not enough space here for all of the issues so this will be scattergun.
    Firstly I want to be clear that I want Arteta gone – the list of reasons is endless but it can be summarised by the Brentford performance that had so much wrong still that its obvious to me we aren’t changing or progressing and Arteta hasn’t got a clue how to rectify that. It seems that the vast majority of fans now think the same.
    I would ask those fans to stop lambasting others who support Arteta because I understand why. These people love the club as much as we do, and believe unqualified support for every part of the club, of which Arteta is the manager, is how they wish to do that. They are not endorsing his talent, they are simply supporting their club unequivically. I get it and I admire them for that. Whatever they or you write here will not keep or lose Arteta his job, so please be more tolerant.
    I have never thought that choosing a rookie manager was in itself a mistake. Many great managers started their senior management careers with bigger clubs than ours, and revolutionised the game. Cruyff at Barcelona, anyone? We were merely unlucky that we chose a dud with the gift of the gab. Our real error was not kicking him out quickly enough. I honestly think if he had not been preceeded by another short term failure he would have gone last season, but the Board didn’t want to lose face.
    Finally, yes we are in a real mess. Our squad aren’t great, but they are nowhere near as bad as Arteta is making them look. After just one game they have that same look of rabbits in the headlights they had pre-Christmas last season. What the hell is Arteta doing to them to make them so frightened to play the game they love? I am sure that this, while not top 4, is a comfortable Euro team with any other half decent manager. But not if he stays… so I have kind of an ambiguous feeling about the future. If he goes, we will be ok, but if he stays much longer…
    But this site is becoming like an EXIT forum, and I would love to see some occasional positive comments. Doing so doesn’t make you an Arteta fan – I promise!

    1. GoalDan says:

      Hi guy, well written I had a dream that we could have a young dynamic team with a new manager who was also new, and would build and grow together. At first I thought the way Arteta spoke about “changing the culture of the club” was brilliant and Winning the FA cup early on lead me to believe it was worth sticking with him, despite the poor showing. I have a dreadful feeling this is not going to get better any time soon. Historically we often loose our first match of the season go various reasons,but they looked unprepared, unintelligent (football wise) and worse no fight. In poker the best players don’t win the most but loose the least amount of money, I think we need to throw our hand in now before we loose everything……

    2. Voyageur says:

      Good post Guy. It’s a shame that this site has turned into such an echo chamber. It’s always been at it’s best when it serves as an exchange of ideas amongst folks who love Arsenal but have different thoughts on how to get us back to the top.

      But that’s the nature of the Internet I suppose.

    3. David says:

      So tell me which players looked like “rabbits”.
      From these and other comments one would think that Brentford dominated Arsenal all over the pitch. Which is quite clearly not true.
      What Brentford did well was to play effectively to their strengths and this strategy worked well on the day. Mistakes by certain Arsenal players evidently helped.
      Arsenal had more possession, more shots etc. There is evidently a lack of efficiency up front which is not helped when you do not have the requisite strike force. So spare me the Arteta hate.
      This team can make Europe but to suggest this should be “comfortable” is unrealistic unless the squad is strengthened. There are several other strong teams in the running for Europe and each of them quite reasonably would feel that they have a chance.

      1. GoalDan says:

        No they didn’t dominate us, but we lost easily!!! Which is more worrying….

    4. Skills1000 says:

      @ Guy, I have spent time reading all the comments. I watched the games yesterday. I am so sad watching arsenal go into mediocrity. I don’t even know what the solution is. I had a false hope that we will challenge for the title this season. We have no European distractions this season. And we started the first game like jokers. Arteta is at his wits end. He should leave the club. I am tired honestly.

  20. guy says:

    ps and too many here are obsessed with the past. It is totally irrelevant and seems to merely be people trying to score points for their favourites for things that happened years ago when football was very different. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter to me what happened a year ago, so why compare?
    All that is important is now and how that prepares us for the future.

    1. Sue says:

      👍👍 I’m sick of reading about how UE lost the dressing room or how AW messed up! Uh hello, they’re both long gone and are never coming back!
      As you rightly point out, it is the present and future that’s important!

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Sue, the players (dressing room) were allowed to lose Unai Emery, by the lack of support by senior management and Board in instilling discipline and transfers in and out.
        Emery has had a successful future post Arsenal; however Arsenal post Emery is not faring too well. Hopefully the downward spiral can be turned around and with appropriate intervention, better days are ahead.

        1. Sue says:

          👍 Very successful, Ozzie, and I’m glad for him..
          As for our downward spiral being reversed, I won’t be holding my breath just yet!!

    2. ArseOverTit says:

      If you think the past is irrelevant you are very much understanding the nature of things my friend..

      Yes effort, sweat, blood and tears can achieve great things today but the old adage houses should be built on solid foundations isn’t said for nothing..

      What happened before in terms of who was hired to lead and make decision for this great club (and I’m not talking managers here) directly effects today and our future..

      Some say there is no separation between the past, the present and the future but this dividing of a series of changes and events is just a neat way of classifying something called time for humans to cope:)

      I do get the idea that everyone has their favourites though for point scoring. This does go on.

      Me my favourite is Arsenal Football Club and that and it’s decline is my biggest concern..

      We need to look at the root of the problem and not the leaves branches;)

  21. Mike says:

    4 arteta to come out with are formendable formation is are problem arsenal is just bigger then dis man!😂😂😂 Then to make things waste his still futuring Chambers

  22. Herb of the Earth says:

    I notice that every time Arsenal falls into the holes they dig someone or a group immediately tries to blame Wenger – directly or implied. Let me shout it from the roof top: If you make a change for the worse and expect better, you are deluded. Let me break it down, as I have tried to do so many times. The success of a team hinges on several factors. We shall list some of the main inter-connected ones; and we shall not weight them. 1. Supportive/progressive owner. 2. Knowledgeable/gifted coach. 3. Savvy scout. 4. Good physio. 5. Good players. Which of these have changed for the better since Wenger left? Has the owner got converted? Has he seen a bright light on his way to Damascus like Saul who became Paul? Was Wenger replaced with a more progressive coach? Then why the hell do you people continue this illusion?

    So let me put it straight: Arsenal has been in a nose-dive for a while and less able bodies cannot right it. Arsenal can be expected to do better when you fans become aggressive and mature and say No mas! We have to demand the change and stop dreaming. This means sending them a message with our monies or the lack of it. This is not about Arteta. I like him but he is not an upgrade or same buy; and the owner has not changed. The owners understand the language of money. Stop talking!

  23. Logic says:

    Arteta needs to go and no more support finencial support should be provided to him. Instead of improving players he has made establish players into flops. Auba, Willian, Leno and Laca all struggling under him. He loaned out the ones which deserved to be given more chances then current squad players AMN loaned out although did good in previous season and in FA cup even community shield, Guendozi was way better, more talented and much younger then Elneny, Wilock is if not better then atleast same level as Arsenal Cebollos, Torreria had a slight dip but was still better then both Cebollos and Elneny, Saliba not give even a look in who is way better prospect then Gabi and Ben White. On top who signs a Spanish defender in his prime playing in Brazil? there must be a reason why a Spanish player in his prime is playing in Brazil, right? Then he signs Cedric only to use him rarely and Cedric was signed when he almost did not feature in his loan spell with us so I don’t know what criteria was used to sign him. Poor tactics, poor player management, no development of young players and bad transfer choices so can someone tell me what Arteta brings to the table as a manager.

    1. Durand says:

      Arteta brings “the process,” an ambiguous, malleable, ethereal, hint of a plan that has never been defined, explained, or given any standard to measure it by.

      It’s only guiding principle is a seemingly endless carousel of players that amounts to no more than square pegs in round holes.

      Interesting to see what Kronke does now that his goose isn’t laying golden eggs anymore.

      His piggy bank across the pond isn’t ringing the cash register like it used to do.

      8th place twice, out of European football; soon enough he’ll be forced to invest in SERIOUS reform not band-aids, or sell the club to bolster his precious Rams.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Sean says:

      Yes, you nail it. How many more wrong decisions are Arteta going to make before the board sack him?

  24. Havyn says:

    It should read ‘A cheque book Manager with a corrupt Edu’

    Edu is corrupt
    He’s sacked all our squad set up and brought in super agent Kia Joorabchan so they can milk the club

  25. Quantic Dream says:

    I said it here Ben White gives me Mustafi deja vu. £50M down the drain. The club lawyers should prove their worth and find a way to cancel that deal and return him back. After that, investigations should be launched to establish who pushed for that deal and he should suffer the same fate as Raul Sanllehi for his corrupt dealings involving Pepe.

  26. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I Think I’ve read on here at JA last Friday night that Mikel Arteta will be forgiven by us Gooners who sent in their comments before and after the match kickoff saying that, if peradventure Arsenal lose the match to Brentford, after his starting the Arsenal youth players of Balogun and co. Which had so many Gooners so excited as they commented on the match.

    But now, I am somehow surplused to read from the same Gooners but save, Sue who are saying a different thing altogether in opposed to all what they’ve earlier said. As they have resorted to condemning MA vehemently after Arsenal lost the match.

    This is clearly an Irony in the support they said they’ll give MA come whatever maybe the outcome of the match at Brentford.

    I think after all the emotional outbursts coming from so many Gooners on this site that I’ve read, ot”s about time now for us to calm down and remain calmed down to have a sober reflection refraining ourselves from making over-negative commenters and remarks about our own dear beloved Arsenal. If not, it’ll turn to something else like us being anti-Arsenals.

    Yes, it was so disappointing for us to see Arsenal lost their season opening PL match away to Brentford last Friday night. In fact, I was severing when Brentford scored their 2nd goal in the match.

    But later when I’ve recollected myself, i told myself straight away that Arsenal will bounce back to beat Chelsea at the Ems in their next match in the PL. Didn’t Anthony Conte the erstwhile Chelsea manager lost 3-0 away to Arsenal in his Chelsea led team opening season PL match? But he went back to the drawing board immediately to change team tactics to win the Pl title that very same season.

    In view of my last foregoing statement. I will advice Mikel Arteta not to panic to make hasty decisions. But tweak his team selection for Chelsea where it is very necessary he has to do so. Let him keep faith in his Arsenal youth team selection. More so, for the Chelsea match for the 2nd time in the season to see what will be the outcome of the match for Arsenal this time around. Which I believe will be positive for Arsenal.

    1. Vinnie2000 says:

      This my Nigerian Guy!
      I laugh@you!
      U think this is Last season, right?
      Arsenal will get a Roasting or Annihilation@the Emirates next Sunday!
      We won 1 nil last time bcos of Thomas Partey and Elneny who worked their socks off!
      Also bcos Kante and Rudiger didn’t play!..
      Maybe you haven’t Chelsea play..Their Players give no Room for inefficiency!
      Pulisic, Werner, Alonso, Mount, Jorgihno, etc! + Deadly Bully/Beast i.e. Lukaku!
      Arsenal will see HELL next Sunday! I advise that you don’t watch or Find sth very Interesting to do..
      To Gauge the Sorrow that is coming..

    2. RW1 says:

      Whatever you are shmokin’ please give generously … it must be some powerful sh**

    3. Sue says:

      Samuel, as we all know football is a funny old game, springing a few surprises on us along the way. But with Lukaku set to make his second debut against us, and with our injuries/illnesses piling up, on top of the way we’ve been playing, I’m struggling to see anything other than a Chav win!

      I’m sorry but I’m not enjoying how we’re playing. Yes I was glad to see Balogun/Gabi (who wasn’t!), but we saw the same old same old from last season – nothing’s changed! I’m told to be patient, but it’s been 20 bloody months!!

      The gap between us and the ‘big teams’ is even bigger..

      1. Sue says:

        And FYI, regarding Arteta, I’ve been sat on the fence for a long time.. but Friday’s performance has pushed me over!

    4. instrooments says:

      @samuel….LOL….I love ur optimism

      We all want the best for our club…we ain’t anti-arsenal but anti-arteta and co cuz the reality is while u referenced the tweaks by Conte(a title winning manager at juve) the fraud of a pundit manager in our dugout will not change anything, he is so full of himself..

      That is the major reason,we want him out …he sees nothing wrong in his system but blames the players Everytime …disposing of talents for yesman zombies

      Funny thing is his time will soon be up , probably by our 5th match…

      I really want him out now, so we won’t be in a precarious situation for the next manager.
      I rather be fighting for top 4 than fighting to save our season bcos any damage done now will be significant to table standings at the end of the season like last season even if the new manager eventually turn things around.

      For example, Chelsea almost missed out on champions league places despite tuchel cleaning up lampards mess….the earlier we act the better….

    5. David says:

      Many thanks for a more balanced response than some of other rants on here.
      Many fans will say play this or that player. Or play the younger players etc. However, as you can see many of these fans will quickly change their tune if positive results are not forthcoming. Someone then has to be blamed and many fans have settled on the manager as their target.
      Whilst I feel some of these players (e.g. Martinelli, Balogun) have talent my view is that they still need development and will not be sufficient for the season. They should get some playing time but I don’t believe they should be first choice at this point. Arsenal still need at least one new top class striker but I doubt they will be able to get one in this window.

      1. instrooments says:

        @David…are you saying aubameyang and lacazette are not top class strikers??

        I always smile when we try to rate top stars in our squad low because a pundit system has glaringly failed….

        A remember a certain rudiger,jorginho,kante,aziplicueta,Werner,havertz etc were called deadwood during lampards reign till tuchel reminded us of the quality in the Chelsea squad….

  27. Dalitso Zeka says:

    Let us be honest here, Arteta is not fit to be an Arsenal coach. He had his chance and failed miserably. We all know last season that he had lost the dressing room and its why he opted for the youngsters, somehow they managed to save his job. I believe Aub was the one leading the uprising and when it did not work he should’ve left but instead we sold Willock!

    The club needs to be sold, a new winning mentality brought in with new players. We let Wenger destroy the team by making us fall in love with number four position and profits ( no wonder he is struggling to get another coaching job) and now we are allowing this to continue?

    If you guys in UK love Arsenal as you claim you do, stop buying tickets to Arsenal games to force them to sell

  28. Sean Williams says:

    Kroenke will accept mediocrity and that is the problem. In any other business a clear failure will be replaced by someone who can do the job. It’s pretty normal for bosses to want someone who can do the job, and people do get fired. There is someone on the market who has the credentials to do the job….Conte. You would think Kroenke would be searching out Conte at haste. Kroenke himself is as mediocre as Arteta, and as contrary as hell. Between Arteta and Kroenke, they are, because of their personal psycho-pathologies and disturbed characters, willing to allow Arsenal and supporters to suffer, because of their macabre, contrary, deluded dance.
    Kroenke show you care and fire this manager who is totally confused and with no plan.

    1. guy says:

      Hiya Sean. What we are seeing here is an attempt by big business (of which KSE, whilst not unique, is by far the biggest exponent) to homogenise a totally unique type of business into a hybrid of a normal big business model and the American sports franchise approach.
      KSE only care about a club on a cost to profit ratio. Traditions, success and a loyal fan base are only relevant as a marketing tool or income generator. There is no room for sentiment or glory seeking. Fans are the equivalent of employees in a one company town, requiring occasional nice words or actions just sufficient to keep them productive ie spending. They know we have no place else to go, and they count on that.
      The equation is simple – the minimum investment required to make the maximum profit margin sustainable for the foreseeable future. Relegation is not a part of that equation, but neither is top 4 football if the cost to achieve is more than the extra profit made. That is why I dont fear relagation, but also don’t expect (other than by lucky coincidence) CL football. Kroenke WILL step in if we get too close to the brink, and Arteta WILL be fired. Money WILL be sent to return to the top 6, but no more, because expenditure exceeding return is not in the business plan. Because Arsenal have no benevolent owner like Chelsea, no national government owner like Man City, no external income streams like many clubs. We stand or fall on the football income. And with Kroenke, who is about as far from being “a man of the people” as you can get, God help us!

      1. Sean Williams says:

        Yep agree with all you say.

  29. Sean says:

    Yes, I agree with the title because a bunch of chicken is still better than the brainless Arteta and Edu.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      And you can roast or fry chicken and eat it, or have chicken eggs with your bacon.

  30. Ayan says:

    For me, I’m not surprised! As long as Arteta remains the Manager, we should not be surprised with this kind of result. Arsenal is too big for him. He is still learning as a Coach. We better get a good an experienced Coach!

  31. Kenny says:

    I believe there are 2 not-so-wise fans who blame current status on ex manager who has left years ago. They have strange brains. The actual fact is that the ex manager are so good that average players became above average players.

    I only blame him for hiding the lack of investment in players by the owner. Now, the problem surfaces.
    Link: espn

  32. ArseOverTit says:

    Can’t disagree with this article as mostly spot on.

    I’d place more emphasis on the failure and decline to be on the AWOL and non caring owning though..Arteta and Wenger were just bit part actors.

    If you say outright you’re not in the game to win stuff that declaration speaks volumes. It’s just another giro like passive income for a billionaire huntsman who doesn’t give a F about the sports or clubs that earn him money.

    Irony is that he will devalue his assets by his continued ownership of arsenal football club as the slide will continue.

    Said it long ago when Wenger was being the excuse mouth piece for Stan and the new stadium debt.

    If there was true ambition to be in pole position (starting from the top) the restricted self funding model would have been looked at, personal investment would have been made, the best coach available would have been sort out and persuaded to lead us (££££££), he would have brought a system of play, with quality transfer and likewise better quality staff would have been put in place..

    It’s all a knock on effect that starts from the top and their ‘true’ intent regardless of kip service from his mouthpiece Josh.

    So, undoubtedly other managers could have done worse with the players Arteta/Emery had at their disposal a lot of others would have done better. Regardless it’s all a consequence of the top of the pyramid and the decisions made there.

    Winning isn’t in our DNA anymore. Chelsea as much as i resented their immediate cash injection and massive push forward in terms of success have a model that works.

    Football is a money game and is why Messi will earn more in a week than some small countries because he generates interest, inspired a winning mentality by lifting his teammates Nd sells a whole lot of merchandise.

    What’s the saying? Speculate to accumulate…


  33. Jatex opio says:

    Our problem is club owner not manager please.even if mikel goes now,the same will will be tomorrow.just buy two senior players who are realy quality at £160(striker and central midfielder)and maybe agoal keeper.then wait next year and buy max aron as right back.dear fans,am so sad to see every player wants to quit our clearly tells that the club has no future under arteta.the dressing room is complecated and arteta is also complicated he has lost has to act very fast to creat more pressure on his shoulder or else we are gone.lets join hand together cz its our club.the owner may sell at any time he wishes but we are forever

  34. Captaingeorge says:

    We have a good squad unlike some teams, our manager is just not good enough…

    As staring eleven
    As substitute it will enhance our game
    Then buy players like
    It will give our team as more balance depth in squad selection,
    All this players won’t cost you to $200m…
    If we can have this squad we’re good to fight for any trophy but for now, we’re the worst team of this century…
    We needs new owner and board and Coach as well…

  35. Prof.Wenger says:

    My friend well said!

    I agree with you with every single word you said. I can’t believe that they were supporting MA game after game, with Edu giving these crazy contracts for players like Willian while he should’ve paid someone like Lokonga a long time ago (Thanks to Henry BTW), I wonder when will all of this will stop?

    I am depressed with this team, lacking creativity although you have some key players, playing the players in the wrong places and wishing something will change over and over.

    Pepe was doing fine in EPL behind the attackers and on left, but not with MA he will play him on the right side and keeps Martinilli on left, the same way he killed Auba’s goal scoring!

    I don’t understand this mentality of giving him all the options and money but he is still lacking clear plan for us. He could nut shuffle the players on the field and push them forward, keeping Xhaka while Lokonga was doing enough and when you needed someone to push forward while you are losing? taking the only two strikers you got and playing Pepe as a “Finisher”?
    Seriously, our players are not that bad. They just need a better coach!

  36. Grantygooner says:

    This article expresses how I, and many other fans are feeling. With the Kronkes it’s just about the money, nothing else matters. Edu and Arteta are “Yes” men but I have a feeling their days are numbered, convenient scape-goats for the Kronkes. The only problem I have with them getting sacked is, what self-respecting manager/ technical director would want to take over at Arsenal? No interest in the team from the owners which is pretty obvious to anybody from the outside looking-in is bound to be a limiting factor for any “top manager” to consider the post.

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