The signs are there that Arsenal are serious about signing Bundesliga star

Arsenal has stepped up their pursuit of Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng according to reports.

Last week the name Jerome Boateng popped up as a potential Arsenal signing this transfer window. However, so did a whole host of other names including the likes of Dayot Upamecano.

So, at that point, the former German international was just another name doing the rounds in the gossip columns.

Today, it does seem that there is a little bit more to the rumours and that Arsenal is genuinely interested in signing the 31-year-old.

Ther likes of the Mirror, Daily Star, SkySports etc. are all reporting the same thing, that Arsenal have stepped up their pursuit of the world cup winner.

Now, it should be noted that the Bayern Munich coach Hans-Dieter Flick, has come out and expressed his doubts over Boateng leaving the German Champions for North London

Flick said, per the Metro: ‘Jerome is a Bayern player. He has trained well during the winter break. ‘I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will be like. I’m not worrying if he’ll leave the club or not. I can’t imagine that at the moment.’

But the thing is this, Boateng contract runs out in the summer and unless the Bavarians want to lose him for free they will have to make a deal this January.

If I had to place a bet I would put a couple of quid on Boateng becoming an Arsenal player this month. It just feels like this is one of those rumours that is credible.


  1. He is too old. Half our problem is the age and slowness of Luiz and Socratis. Boateng doesn’t play much any more for a reason.

    1. Sean I hope you are watching Liverpool vs Everton now just to let every arsenal fans know how many youth players especially defenders they have playing, can we say the same for our youth system and we going to waste 190k a week on a 31 year old that bayern wants to get off their wage bill

    2. Yes but we have three young CBs holding chamber and Salina, removing Mustafi and bringing Jerome in for 2 years brings cover, experience and thus kinda makes sense.

  2. I won’t bet on it. Arsenal have other priorities as CB target.
    Boateng ain’t their preferred choice but he’s still a solid option. His situation is just like the David Luiz situation.
    If anyone really thinks Arteta wants to start next season with a bunch of oldies like Luis,Sokratis and Boateng then you really shouldn’t even bother about top four next season.
    We might get Boateng but I doubt it’ll be anything long

  3. Jon in response to your question regarding my comments about Upamecano.
    I have this Booker I follow Twitter who works for a Major betting company. So they get insider information on lots of stuff for their business.
    His ID is actually hidden for his own hob security ish.
    He hardly leaks stuffs, but when he does, he’s a 100% correct as I’ve studied him myself for two seasons now. He’s was the first to leak Arsenal would be letting go of Unai the next morning, he leaked it before the game vs Frankfurt.
    He was the one who leaked Napoli would be sacking Ancelotti regardless of the result against Genk and that Gattuso would be his replacement immediately. The following day, Ancelotti got sacked before the media picked it.
    Man is the only genuine reason I believed we Arteta was the club’s first choice and that the rumours about 26 manger list is crap. He’s the one who revealed Viera was never in run for the job, the one who revealed Poch already rejected the job and wasn’t interested so Arsenal would be getting Arteta or Allegri, or Freddie till the end of the season. Before Ornstein came out to say the board has only 2 major targets for the job. Common sense made me know the two candidates Ornstein meant were Arteta and Allegri and Allegri publicly stated He’s not ready that was why I had my money on Arteta. Also he called the Minamino transfer to Liverpool around November.
    So you can see why I’m confident about it. His record is pretty solid to me, and it makes sense since it’s his parent company getting the information for betting odds.

    P.S: Watch the media report we don’t have money and watch the same media link us to different players for ridiculous amounts

  4. Arsenal are crazy if they buy that old man

    Better invest in a young DM like Eduardo Camavinga, because Xhaka would most likely leave in the summer

  5. Boateng is just like Pique, useless defenders. Overrated players. Arteta is slowly preparing his exit route

    1. Talking rubbish boet is a good cb and will do Arsenal better then crap we have, look at his stats and with. Without record of club

      1. Stats in Germany? Check his stats at Man City. In Germany there about 4 teams who can compete at a higher level. Don’t be brainwashed by media and soccer analysts

    2. Hey Top Gunner, does Pique scores too many of own goals on your football manager? better sell him and promote Araujo

  6. You can put your house on Boateng arriving.reason? He is a short term stop gap & relatively cheap & available now.long term ,the target is upemencano.Arsenal will play the waiting game to get him cheaper again in the summer when leeipzig will have to get sensible in their dealings as his contract is running out,fast.I is possible Boateng publicity is being used as leverage to put pressure on Leipzig now to deal.well have to see.

  7. It’s OK playing the waiting game, but there will be lots of teams looking for a centre back come the summer, Barça included Without Champions League football, Arsenal will be at the back of the queue They can steal a march by getting in quick, if they’re prepared to spend the money

  8. Not so sure about this one. Not whether we’re interested or not, seems we are but whether Boateng could fill the gap in our defense. He’s obviously a top class defender but his injury resume is daunting and they seem to only get more frequent as he ages. I do believe however that even despite that, if he does sign he WILL improve the backline, until we can get someone who can fill in long term next summer.

    I hope that Arteta knows the risk of repeating his predecessors’ mistakes in going for cheap stop gap options to appease the fans need for transfers. It has brought us where we are today but I’m confident Arteta knows this more than most, as he was lucky (or unlucky) to experience it from the inside. But I fully support him and his decisions. I believe he is smart, hungry, as tough as his ever so still head of hair and indeed loyal to this club and its fans and that’s a good road to drive down. COYG!

  9. Your man Konate off off Leipzig looks like a monster, I think I must have have mistaken him for Upa, because I looked at it one day and said Jeesh, he’s a bigger lad than I thought he was. He’s great in the air, 6ft – 3 or 4. Pace there is not much of a difference between the two, dribbling ability ..Konate reminds me a little of Vieira with how powerful he looks. Stamina the smaller one will take that when talking about heavy set players. Some team might try and sign the both of these, it’s all about partnerships and it would be some signing to get them both. Both of them are right footed I think, but Upa seems to be on the left side more often. Saliba could probably forge a better one if we can get one of those lads, only 20 years of age. I say go for Konate the Monster because Leipzig might prefer that, Upa seems to get most headlines – Konate looks made for PL football, players rarely take defenders on when they could hurt them just by falling on top of them. We should go for Konate, if we’re serious about Koulibaly then Konate should be on that list too.

    1. Donate is better than Upamecano. After the speculation than we may go for Upamecano last season I watched Leipzig…Konate is the better player, stronger and taller.

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