The signs are there that the Arsenal board is split over sacking Unai Emery

There is movement at Arsenal board level over the possible removal of Unai Emery.

It is easy to get carried away following a bad result and we have had weeks of Emery out, if not months. But it does seem that the end game is fast approaching.

Charlie Watts at tweeted this yesterday….

Charlie is normally quite well clued up on the goings-on at Arsenal and this he saw with his own eyes.

Then there is the news about Sir Chips Keswick threatening to resign as Chairman over the mess at the club as per The Athletic.

Apparently he is unhappy watching the struggles at the club, and having no meaningful role when it comes to the major decisions.

Then we have Sami Mokbel at the Daily Mail claiming that there are some board members wanting Emery sacked now. Basically, it is Raul and Edu keeping Emery in his job.

There is more from other outlets but I think you get the picture here.

Reading between the lines the board is split but right now Raul and Edu are getting their way. That can only happen if they have the backing of at least Josh Kroenke. I cannot imagine it being any other way.

Of course, all this is just an opinion based on what I have been reading today.

But for me, the end is now very close, there is a battle going on behind the scenes and I would not be surprised if there are resignations at board level the longer Emery stays in his position.

My prediction is that this will escalate very quickly.


  1. The board at least understand what it means “to be Arsenal.” They get the importance of our DNA and identity.

    Wasn’t that why Edu was hired? To ensure that DNA was throught all levels of the club?

    Raul has no Arsenal in his blood, doesn’t seem to understand fan’s fury as they watch Emery erode our identity into something unrecognizable; ugly, shapeless, lifeless, monstrosity only a Dr. Frankenstein could understand.

    Emery says he understands our anger and frustration, yet he continues to try and reinvent the wheel. Fix the defense, get them defending was all that was needed, and he’s failed miserably in 18 months.

    Board recognizes this I hope, and finally is getting involved.

    Unfortunately Kronke owns the shares now, and idiot Sir Chips and the rest getting a bitter taste of what us fan’s are familiar with.

    The “noise” from the board is all it is, “noise.”

    The board and fans MUST come together to get Emery out, and then Kronke out as well.

    1. Durand, such a powerful appraisal of the situation, one that we were discussing during the false dawn of the unbeaten run.

      We have had bad chapters in our history before, but this feels so different, simply because the problems envelope every section of the club and this is why it is so much more damaging than with our previous manager/coach.

      The boardroom, the players, the fans, the owner, the results and the current regime.
      It’s so easy just to blame UE (as I have been guilty of) or kronkie, or a certain player, but the toxicity and splits are so far reaching, it needs a miracle to solve.

      It needs to start somewhere, of course, and the axe has to fall on UE in my opinion.
      The reason being, that he has just one job, that of coaching the players with his tactics and team selection – he has lost the players and the longer he stays there, the harder it will become for the next coach to regain their respect.

      raul should then be looked at, has he made any positive contribution to the club?

      If Sir Chips doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing, how the hell is anyone else supposed to know?

      1. Sorry ken but I can’t agree with what you say about Sir Chips, yes he’s an old fogy (like me😜)but he’s saying he is thinking of resigning because he’s not happy with the way things are going and doesn’t seem to have any way of doing anything about it.
        He’s on our side I think, wanting Emery out.

      2. Spot on with all you say Ken, save only the Sir Chips comment, as it seems that this old fogey (as he undoubtedly is) at least realises that Emery must go now and it seems, though I emphasise SEEMS, as none of us know for sure, that it is the Johnny come latelys in the regime who are blocking his sacking. Sir Chips is at least – and at most too – a true Arsenal fan. What an unholy mess and can you remember a time in all your years when the club was falling apart like right now? I can’t !

      3. Ken I agree, a review at year’s end is necessary.

        After 2 years of Raul, Vinai, and Edu, are we better off or worse?
        Edu did well with Martinelli, but unsuccessful in his other duties.

        Raul made wrong decision with Emery, and delaying his sacking is making it worse. Does he really believe Emery will magically change after 18 months?

        Emery will never change his approach; evidenced by Emery trying to convince everyone his “tactics worked” in 2-0 shutout loss to Leicester. Still starting Luiz and Sokratis, the Greek in horrendous form.

        Raul and Edu loathe to admit mistakes; even the board are restless and aware the titanic is sinking.

        Meanwhile, Stan Kronke fiddles away in LA while Rome burns.

        1. Probably a bit overboard with SIr Chips gents, thanks for pointing it out.

          It’s the frustration and anger boiling over that one starts to blame anyone and everyone.

          Jon, I have never known anything like this and where it will end I just can;t start to guess.

          It makes all the other arguments about referees, individual players, personal animosities seem small change, because, in my humble opinion, our club is on the verge of internal collapse.

          Just hope I’m completely wrong.

    2. Absolutely spot on. Can’t be said better than that. Emery out first, then Kroenke who cares only for the money zero winning ambition. Greed is what killed the Arsenal board since David Dein was forced out. The Chicken must come home to roost if only supporting fans can hit the board in the pocket (where it really hurts) by mass boycott of games and less than average seasonal tickets sales.

  2. I’m sure those people know we will be heading towards relegation if they don’t change the management ASAP, because our away forms are awful and there are only eight easy EPL games left

    I just feel bad for the next manager, because he would most likely not have big transfer budget

    1. With this team there are no ‘easy’ EPL matches. You should know that based on our performance yesterday when we deserved to lose.

      1. Aye watford lose 8-0 to city but get 33 shots on us southampton lose 9-0 to leicster but have 21 shots on us and we shouldve lost both those by more than 1 thats how bad we are atm.
        lts not the team its the tactics and manager. End Of

  3. Just get him out we are going backwards. We are a total embarrassment, No excuses P45 and a flight back to Spain.

  4. You the England based fans are our only source of help. If you boycott more games at the Emirates then Josh Kroenke will act

    1. I agree to an extent Tbull but the thing is your message is only reaching less than 1% of Arsenal supporters.

  5. With the squad as it is, I’m not sure a big transfer budget will be needed by a manager that knows his stuff. The elements of a team that can make top 4 are there, but some players need a klap behind the ear and others picked in their best positions to make things work. Training methods must be completely changed as well.

    1. The thing is that Spurs and Chelsea and Leicester are all in it

      Liverpool and City will be number 1 and 2.

      Spurs have better players AND Mourinho, so they will be in top 4

      That leaves Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester for the remaining spot

      I don’t think we have enough Quality players to do it especially in defence which is a shambles

      We lack good quality CBS

      We are fine at RB and LB with Tierney and Bellerin/Chambers


      1. A decent manager should be able to put together a half-decent defense. Jonny Evans and Soyuncu aren’t household names yet are better than what we have. Something isn’t right then within Arsenal. We have tons of CB’s and no solutins. doesnt help that Emery changes thing every single game.

      2. You’re right about needing good quality CB’s Innit, the last decent one was Kos and before him, Sol. For a big club like Arsenal there is absolutely no excuse and UE had a perfect opportunity to right this wrong so he goes out and gets Sokratis and Luiz who are both, If I’m being kind, mediocre.

  6. Kroenke has nearly all the shares and therefore most powerful board member so shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not an expert on business so could be completely wrong lol

    1. Emery owns all the shares, as the small shareholders were forced by law to sell them to him and therefore he owns the club outright.
      The thing is he doesn’t have anything to do with running the club as he pays Raul and Edu to do that and the board these days I’m sure is just “advisory”, though I could be wrong on the board role in things. By the way Innit, I know we don’t always agree on things but I’m just trying to help.
      It’s Raul and Edu who need to act on this but I feel that as it was Raul who recommended Emery, he’s loathe to lose face by sacking him.

          1. Declan, It seems you also think it right to stop after just two glasses of red wine. Make that two bottles and I am with you! It occurs to me that Emery will like “claret”. Or tomato juice. BOTH DRUNK ONLY AT NIGHT THOUGH!

  7. Ts time, fans react! Am seeing da arsenal board happy and stll trust emery…. Out emery, out kroenke, out edu, out raul. Thz z bullshit! We nid new change, we nid results, we nid entertainment!

  8. Does the board really care about fans frustrations? if yes then what is this Emery still doing at our club?

  9. I have checked Emery’s team line from the beginning of the season, 7 out of the 10 outfield players are always defensive players. Only 3 are attacking players. Now tell me, how do you expect to win games with such a team? We’ve been playing with more defensive players than attacking players and we are still conceding goals and not able to win matches. Emery should salvage himself by playing attacking and defensive players on a 50/50 basis for the remaining 5 matches he has left. The players should try to play quick forward one-touch football and stop holding on to the ball or play individual game. It appears Emery didn’t coach them on this. Arteta will come in and change the mentality and style back to the Arsenal way.

    4-1-4-1 formation:




    ————– Aubamayang————–

  10. The thinking is probably that the Europa could save our season. He has a good record and got to the final in his first season, so since he’s here they’re probably saying right, let’s see if we can finish that job this season. Some managers are better cup managers, some fans have already said this about Emery, it’s a gamble but they probably believe it’s less so with Emery seeing as he’s already here whereas a new manager isn’t likely going to get the league results to fire us into the CL unless others fall hard. We haven’t faced a really difficult task in that comp but I am more confident watching Arsenal in that.

    1. There is definitely still time to make top 4. That is literally what Spurs will still be aiming for and they are now just one point behind us. THe board wants us to give up on this season so they dont have to do their jobs and can stick by Emery and not pay him money for sacking him. That’s what all this is about. If you think the board members actually care about Arsenal winning trophies then you need to look at our 9 year trophy drought again.

        1. It is November. Teams go on bad runs, Jon Fox. Arsenal need to act immediately if something is going to change though. I’m not willing to call this season a bust already when Spurs and Mourinho are going to be telling their players they can still get 4th.

    2. Just like it saved our season last season 🤣
      That final is still in the back of my mind, BOT… I’m not confident about anything Arsenal, right now..(except the women!!)

      1. Exactly. They need to act now. As in sack him tomorrow. 6m pay off is small compared to the money they make from Champions League football. They need to do the needful. A fresh air is needed. Arteta, Pochetino and the Wolves coach(nuno espirito) should be the shortlisted for the role. Ljumberg should be the assistant.

  11. Please do not misunderstand me when I say that right now I would even take someone like Big Sam Allardyce to manage us for the rest of this season. HE WOULD AT LEAST SAVE US FROM RELEGATION. Of course I do NOT want him as our manager . But with a forced choice between him and Emery it would be “Welcome Sam, please save us and give us a defence. And please introduce our players to each other”!

    On a more serious note, what WOULD make Kroenke sit up and take notice is thousands more regular empty seats(on top of the many existing empty ones)!

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahwha
      ……..oh my ribs, that really got me cracked up…..
      When did we become this kinda laughing stock????

  12. I’d like to see AFC fans with matching signs, saying stuff that Emery can’t seem to see, rather than having us all blow up along with the Arsenal team like. I’m usually against fans trying to impose a change on the team, but at this stage I’d take any good decision no matter where it came from. Emery is stubborn, first game of this season we were away and we got a well earned clean sheet, then he goes and makes his changes, and then he won’t take a hint after seeing the result of those changes.

    If Luiz plays, well then it has to be in holding midfield areas, he and Sokratis are letting more shots reach our goal than probably any other side not in the relegation zone.

    We shouldn’t have let them sell Ramsey, after Cazorla and Alexis, Ramsey was one of those players that gives you at least a six or seven in each game, reliable. Whoever made that decision needs to get in all the help that he can, he was our longest serving player ..who loved and bled for this club.

    Our players distances from one to the next player, with and without the ball but esp with it, from midfielder to defender, from attacker to midfielder, it’s shockingly bad. Do we have a midfield – Or do we just have a couple of midfield central players, who can’t run the midfield on their own.

    Defenders are positioned on the keepers doorstep even when we have the ball and are working up to a chance on goal.

    If you let them reach the danger area, em, is that not something we’re supposed to stop in its infancy, nip it in the bud, keep them away from any decent crossing or shooting distance, what is the reason for allowing them advance to that area with ease. I don’t know what our game-plan is.

    But we do look better in the Europa, and Martinelli was a great find, there, I said something nice, to give some balance to an unbalanced side.

    1. You saved almost our only remaining titbit, Martinelli, to the bitter end I see. This is not a criticism though. However, you make some great points in the rest of your post as well. My personal titbit, more a champagne moment in truth, will be when the long overdue news of Emerys sacking is made publicly.

  13. The stark truth is that after 13 EPL games we have let in more goals than we have scored (18), we are 19 points behind the leaders and 8 points adrift of the top 4. The reality is we should be even further behind because of a few lucky draws along the way. I can honestly say this is the worst Arsenal team I can remember and the most disjointed. Furthermore, there isn’t one standout player to date except, the scarcely used teenager, Martinelli.

    It has to be, mainly, the manager’s fault because of his incessant tinkering (he calls it tactics) and experimenting because he still doesn’t know his best after 18 months. But the players have to take some of the blame, there are no leaders, no commitment, no passion and they don’t look too bothered when they lose. I just can’t see Emery turning this around with an already dejected looking squad and only a third of the season gone!! The board have to be decisive even if it means Freddie taking over for the rest of the season.

  14. “there is movement at board level,”proofs none.seeing Raul and edu coming out of the changing room with long faces,did you expect them to be smiling,then sir Chips to whom I’m not going to say anything about because of respect,then a couple of journalists pretending to know something nobody else knows,sorry no credibility whatsoever!any moron can see the situation we are in,depending on results it is just a matter of when and not if,I hate people who pretend to be in the know like the rest of us, you,journalists,ME…no one knows what is happening in the board except the board members!!

    1. Hahahaha. Long-time reader. Commenting for the first time just to say bravo gerry burke

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