The Silence of The Emirates – Arsenal fans have had enough of Wenger

Outplayed, out-thought, outdated – Arsene Wenger by Konstantin Mitov

This is the reality. Nothing in football happens by accident and the repeated 3:0 defeat at home to City was again no coincidence. Wenger would probably blame the ball, the weather, the ref, the clock, time itself, the flat earth society and God, but there are a lot of reasons for this.

I’ve been calling this for a long time. I said it when we were still nicking 4th place. You cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Other teams developed, and soon enough they overtook us.

Look at the facts, We’ve lost 5 out of the last 7 games, we’re 10 points off the top 4, we lost the only realistic chance of winning a cup and we got humiliated again at home by the same team, there are still people who think Wenger should stay and this is not a joke.

But if you ignore the results, look at the Emirates. Silence speaks more than a thousand words and the atmosphere was a perfect resemblance of Wenger – Empty, dreadful, clueless, disbelief! Arsene was again rooted to his chair, while Guardiola was giving instructions even at 3:0! We didn’t even make a sub.

This is like that long relationship you had, which was great at the beginning, then it started fading out, then it reached the point where it’s always your partners fault, but you keep carrying on hoping the good old days would reignite, when deep inside you know it’s over.

It’s agonizing, and it’s taking longer than it should, but in order for this to change, you need brave decisions the Arsenal board cannot make. I remember an Arsenal board member saying “When Arsene has a plan we back it 100%” and what if he doesn’t? Shouts like “Arsene knows” have built Wenger a castle which is now so hard to overtake.

This defeat isn’t really that hard to swallow as I’m used to it now. I expect it and I get angry for 5 minutes then I go numb. I know what has to happen for this to change, but it won’t so why bother? None of the players on the pitch looked like they are really fighting for their manager although of course in an interview, they say different otherwise they won’t play.

So the Frenchman will hide again behind his fog wall of meaningless words, as the world has stopped taking Wenger seriously since 2010, which is such a sad ending to a manager who was such an influence to this league when he came, but overstayed his welcome by 10 years and is now paying the price.

But the one biggest insult for Wenger, which he surely sheds little tears on, which he can easily wipe with 10 million pounds a year well earned with our performances I must say, is the fact that City fans, just like Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd before then were singing “One Arsene Wenger”.

They know that the longer he’s here, the further back we go and we’re not a threat. There’s one positive in all this. We’ve added new people in key areas at the club and defeats every week only push further the issue of when Wenger’s head will drop? He’ll be asked at the next press conference and he’ll again dismiss the question, but it’s coming, or at least there is no going back.

Wenger was the master of papering over the cracks. Now there is not enough paper to stop the leaks coming in from everywhere and eventually, even if it takes till the end of next season, he’ll drown in his own failure. Should we sack him right now and look to the future? Hell yes, though it will not happen, it’s inevitable. The worst managing of a once top football club in history is finally coming to it’s end.



  1. Tas says:

    =is the fact that City fans, just like Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd before then were singing “One Arsene Wenger”.

    Perhaps that’s what AW meant. “the whole world wants me”

    1. gotanidea says:

      Hahaha… Arsenal have become comical and entertaining for other big club fans

      Wenger has attracted many publicities and the board seem to know that they can get a lot of profit from it without even winning anything. So brace yourself, fellow Arsenal fan, because I think Wenger would be allowed to manage Arsenal till the end of next 2018/2019 season

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Partially right….

        Arsenal has been one of Kroneke Entertainment and Sports successful franchise…

        The club has a self-sustain model and self finance

        and not financially supported by the Arab payroll Inc

        Shareholders getting dividends….more money for another property, car, mistress and etcc..

        Still a big 6 in one of the toughest and physical league….

        club going globalisation to expand merchandise sales like utd and liverfool…..

        1. Money is not the problem at Arsenal John! We have spent 60M on Aubameyang, 52M on Lacabent, 35M Xhaka, 35M Sanchez, 35M Mustafi, 42M Ozil..wages 350K Ozil, 150K Kolasinac, 100k Ramsey, 100k Bellerin, 100k Cech, 100k Wilshere 80K Mertesacker 100k Xhaka, 180k Auba, Mkhitaryan 180K, WE ARE SPENDING CRAZY MONEY!!! Kroenke has already demonstrated he is willing to spend the money but the inept cancerous parasite is WASTING ALL THE MONEY Kroenke is giving him!

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            We just got Auba and Mkhi, both haven even settle and integrate to the team….

            The same goes to Lacazette whos was only signed beginning of the season

            Mustafic was a desperate signing after BFG and Gabriel went injured….

            Its a pity Sanchez left…if we had Mki, Auba and Lacazette last season we would be strong….

            Xhaka is better off playing as a number 10 as he cant defend….

        2. John0711 says:

          JOhn you talk utter ?,you first say city spent £280 m on their defence when I pointed out you were wrong you also want to include the subs
          Just remember auba and lacca Cost similar fees to the city defenders
          And your answer buy the club
          Is childish

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            we spend 52 on Laca and 55 on Auba….

            but have they really settle into the squad?

            The majority of City first 11 have spend at 1 season together apart from Jesus, Mendy and Walker……

            you wanted changes….the only way is to buy the club and you could do what ever you like….

          2. John0711 says:

            3 of those out of 5 only joined summer your argument has no basis ,To repeat the same statement over and over is idiotic and childish go support spurs

          3. John0711 says:

            3 of those out of 5 only joined summer your argument has no basis ,To repeat the same statement over and over lacks intelligence and is childish go support spurs

    2. Jhud says:

      hey I know you dont like wenger but to say he wasnt up to the premier league for ten years is pushing it. wengers mistake was to be loyal and stay. he needed to change teams years ago to keep hungry and try new things. the trouble with staying with the same team is it hard to implement new playing formations as there is an expectancy for continuity from board and fans. he stayed. got complacent and we became average…but here’s the rub, mr wenger, if youd taken one of those many offers it probably would have kept your mind and tacticts fresh. a sad but inevitable day. resignation please.

  2. Sue says:

    When was the last time we had a clean sheet (with Cech)?? When was the last time we had a convincing win where EVERYONE played really well??
    It’s getting worse… didn’t think that was possible! I now wonder how many are we going to lose by rather than how many will we score! That’s really bad! The teams we have left to play will be thinking that’ll be 3 easy points!
    This isn’t the Arsenal I know & love….if I was told this back in 91 when I started supporting I’d have said yeah right don’t be stupid! This is a horrible period we’re in… I’m gutted

    1. gotanidea says:

      Wenger’s methods were revolutionary for English football clubs fifteen years ago. But football has changed and he lingers too long in his comfort zone

      He has faced Guardiola many times, so he should have known Guardiola’s system very well. As a very experienced manager that manages the same team for more than two decades, he should have been able to at least imitate Guardiola’s system, but something has blocked him from doing it

      1. sol says:

        @gotanidea ”He has faced Guardiola many times” but the scores are all the same an implication that he is too old to be updated. zat is right bro. last season they defeated man u,city and chelsea in epl, FA semi final and FA final with a spirited performance. what went wrong about plyers’ energy, hunger and ambition this season?..coz the lord is questioned? or fraility due to old age? or hw wanted to leave after sucking the softwares of the club(ambition,confidence,energy,hunger,grace and loyalty)? or what?????????

  3. kamikaze says:

    What a shitty club we have become hahaha Konstatin much love from kenya we hate wenger here since 2010 haha

  4. How will we face AC Milan now? Welbeck our only Europa league striker was horrific. Will AC have mercy like Guardiola and decide not to score any more goals? How embarrassing is it that a manager tells his players to stop scoring to keep you from getting fired? Wenger resign now and stop this foolishness and stubbornness. What are you trying to accomplish man I don’t understand!

    1. gotanidea says:

      He is trying to accomplish bigger wealth for his future retirement

      The board did not even give him strong warning after so many embarassments, so I don’t think they would replace him at the end of this season

  5. Peterhos says:

    Although we fans have been frustrated at watching overhyped, overpaid and underperforming players in an unbalanced team for some years now, it is sad that Wenger is leaving the club in such poor shape, ruining his own reputation at the same time. After the stadium was finished we were promised great things …nothing. AW promised great things with Financial Fair Play …nothing. Or maybe Kroenke was the problem, in which case AW should have said so and left. Instead, he failed to see the writing on the wall or was reluctant to leave a club he undoubtedly loves. All very sad.So now, bring in Simeone.

  6. wenger says:

    The board are already preparing life after Wenger. I think signing Raul Sanllehi was a small act but huge statement. Wengers role are slowly stripped. People need to chill, we have nothing to lose now. irony. but he will definetly leave, I dont have to tell people to stop attending games, because our fan base are already doing so

  7. Okoro E Alaebi says:

    It took fans in England this long to respond to d mediocre we call a team n board of directors that d club has. It does not really matter if d coach is changed has long has d club have board members n ownesr who think of only their pockets Arsenal will always roll in d mud. Man City needed change n d new owners overhaul d club now they r a force to recon with,before we know it they will win Champions League. Arsenal has become pitiful n laughing a stock in EPL n England. When other clubs r keeping trophies in their archives we glory in history oh n history was made yesterday when Man City defeated us trice in one season what a shame. I wonder when prolific players r brought into Arsenal, they become redundant is it d polices or they get too comfortable anything goes. I v said it n will continue to say it d club needs overhauling from top to bottom but has long has Arsenal is spineless mediocre mentality both big average n bottom clubs will boss us around. Right now I do not even know where to place Arsenal because they r not big, average or a bottom club maybe a relegated club cause that is where we r heading to. It’s only a fool that sees all these n will say in Wenger we trust we’ll I know d owners n board of directors will back Wenger because their pockets r getting fat while d club is declining we d fans r watching I guess when Arsenal is destroyed that is when they d owners will agree to sell till then fans continue to boycott matches.

  8. David James says:

    No doubt wenger instructed his top player to miss a penalty. Any idiot should know that a club whose owner has approx. 2 billion dollars cant compete with one who has over a trillion

  9. Ronny says:

    Yep our prawn and mayo eating vips and are wet and soft as you like, but clearly gazidis had had enough with the new appointments and josh K being over here so long. Could it really happen soon?
    If and when it does I really do hope that Wenger has been persuaded to resign rather than be sacked.
    Even if he’ll be sacked anyway if he declines.

    Underneath my tv right now is the red dvd 49 unbeaten.i don’t know why I do it to myself but how oh how have we slipped so far behind the others?
    Years of mismanagement and poor decisions.

    # very very sad
    # exciting times ahead?

    1. Jhud says:

      he should announce his end of season resignation now and we can pack the stadium against burnley on our last home game and give him a send off he deserves……then on with the new and exciting times!!! woo hoo!

  10. mOxla says:

    Being an Arsenal fan is today synonymous to heartless. I realized that Winger is the curse to Arsenal since 2007. I no longer waste my emotions. I am more than fed up.

    1. Sue says:

      I think a lot of us are

  11. Colin says:

    How often after a defeat we listen to Arsene Wenger talk about focusing on the next game, well he had three days to focus on what went wrong in the cup final and more than enough time to correct it,yet against the same opposition the same result,but Arsene Wegner continues to talk about players lacking in confidence ,the mental strenght and all the usual excuses made by Arsene Wegner ,so how does the all seeing all knowing wise one explain Wigan Athletic and Liverpool beating Man city,well my advise to Arsene Wegner is if he really understand the word focus he would F- – k- -Of – – Cause- -U – – S- – t. WEGNER OUT.

  12. The cassette says:

    Yoh Kev, resource..any word on that new manager? Wenger seriously making me hate football right now.

  13. royalman says:

    Do arsenal really have sensible board. Up till now the board hasn’t seen any reason for Asene to be fired.

    1. Okoro E Alaebi says:

      The Board shouldn’t just fire Wenger, they should equally fire themselves Mediocres , Spineless, Specialist in Failure n Ambitiousless Board of Directors only interested in fatting their pockets.

  14. John0711 says:

    I cannot believe there are still peopleexcusing the clubs demise. The is what happens when society introduces medals for coming last in schools and reduces a winning mentality. Most on here such as Thomas and John Ibrami have never succeeded at sport ever so they are used to mediocrity

  15. Shinoda says:

    Arsenal has had all the signs of a club in decline for a long time & any one who thinks otherwise is an idiot. How do you have a manager with the most experience in football & always losing terrible to newer & younger managers. That in itself is failure. A big club like Arsenal is judged on the major trophies, & we have been shit for quite some time. Wenger himself raised the standards higher with the invincibles, so admitting that we can’t compete with Mancity & the likes is admitting failure. Wenger did very well in his 1st decade at Arsenal, but he has just been on a free fall since then. Our board is made up of cowards & leeches whose purpose is only to make money without any football accountability. I believe Stan is only here to finance his other projects, & once he achieves that, he will leave the club in a desperate position. We may have signed a big contract with the Emirates, but once our revenue sources start going down at a staggering rate, sponsors will pull out & the Emirates will beco6an empty hole. Wenger has served his purpose, it’s time for him to go & let someone else with new ideas come in. It doesn’t guarantee immediate success but it’s better than doing the same thing and expecting different results. To all my fellow gooners, you have supported this club for as long as you can, do the right thing for the sake of our club and let’s shake this hangover of a manager from our beloved club.

  16. Rob says:

    Personally I’m very sad.

    Arsene has been a great manager of AFC but his time is clearly nearly up. He’s obviously very reluctant to address it but he knows the end is coming. That’s a sad end to a marvellous story at AFC and for English football.

    The saddest part though is that complete morons who probably don’t even know where N5 is, spend their time trolling Wenger, throwing every conceivable insult as if he alone has caused every issue at the club, present complete bs as fact (as if it has ever been about money for Wenger) and cannot display a little humility, compassion or respect for ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUBS greatest ever manager.

    So I recognise the need for Wenger to go…it’s gone too far, the club needs to continue to build on the recent changes, some of the players still need to be moved on and we need some real talent, ambition and character in the team.

    However, I cannot say this without adding that some fans on here are infinitely worse than Wenger has ever been and it’d be pretty cool if you took the opportunity to consider your own futures.

    Moaning constantly and positively RELISHING any fu throughout the season (this sites traffic peaks when we lose cos most of you revel in it.).

    An inability of many to truly reconcile economic realities (many of you just cannot understand where our money went during the past decade and what money is pumped in to other clubs) or in some cases to see any explanation for not winning the title beyond ‘it must be Wenger’. Ok all teams have fans who are perhaps less informed, we seem to have more than our fair share.

    Divisive idiots who turn on fellow supporters and insult our own fans for supporting the club. The number of times I see ‘akb’ in response to anything vaguely positive is unreal.

    A really trashy, disrespectful and moronic attitude to Wenger (he’s an old fart, cheat, fool, geriatric, crook, greedy…). We used to be a club that had a reputation for being classy…unfortunately not reflected by the online fan base.

    Constant (failed) attempts to call for marches, walkouts, protests when most of you are just tv watchers and would never appear yourselves (keyboard muppets – who as I say probably couldn’t find the club if you ever went!).

    Basically some fans are less fit to wear the shirt than even the worst of Wengers buys.

  17. David Brathwaite says:

    Agree entirely with Rob

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