The simple reason for Arsenal’s crippling injury problems!

Why Arsenal are so inconsistent by Big Gun

I read an interesting comment this morning about Arsenal’s poor injury record. The comment was extremely long and touched not only on that, but as to why in general we seem to be so inconsistent and struggle against tougher teams. Yes, every season we go through this and its crippling effects (pun intended!). Many have their own opinion, pointing fingers at the medical team, the manager, evil spirits, I think I read it all.

The reason I think is quite simple. The majority of our current players, physically, just are not cut out for long term exposure to the BPL and I’ll explain why. We play possession based football, great to watch at times but extremely annoying and frustrating for the opposition. This entices them to get aggressive and exert pressure to repossess the ball and in doing so, our players get mauled. If you have a long look at our squad, they are predominantly comprised of short or physically inept players. Arteta, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez, Walcott, Rosicky, Welbeck to name a few are players that I have watched closely that when put under pressure either lose the ball or fall over. Wilshere has improved this aspect of his game and Chamberlain too is not easily knocked off the ball.

Back in the days of The Invincibles, we had some strong players, players with height and steel, still capable of some incredible skill. Viera, Silva, Petit, Ljunberg, Henry, Pires, not to mention Adams, Keown, Bould, Winterburn….players not easily knocked of the ball. When teams faced us, they feared us – and I have heard those words come out of the mouths of players like Gary Neville and to an extent, Roy Keane. On top of that, Arsenal were more direct and had a very fluent style, meaning the opposition had less time to adjust themselves to defend and formulate a quick strategy. Today though, I think when teams are in the tunnel with us, there is no sense of fear, only the thoughts of how much they are going to crunch. It is a trend that has been happening for some time now and most teams have caught onto it. Apply pressure, hit them hard and cause as much disruption as possible which I must say has worked against us (Chelsea game), because the more the opposition break up our play and upset us, the more difficult it is for us to find a tempo.

On top of all this, the constant exposure to rough play takes its toll in the form of injuries. I cannot stress it enough that Wenger needs to bring in some bigger and tougher players into the squad. If you look at other title contenders, they have this box checked and I’m talking primarily about the midfield now. Players like Toure, Matic, Ramires, Schneiderlin make a huge difference, and even a lot of attacking midfielders like Mikel, Essien etc are tough. Our players might be skillful, but what good is that if they are constantly fouled and knocked over every minute?

Another thing is that Arsenal’s quality in squad depth is poor. Being physically inept is one thing, but overplaying these players is just asking for trouble. Sooner or later they are going to get injured and this is why we have this recurring nightmare every season. Ultimately Wenger is the only one who can address these issues. He needs to bring in at least two solid defensive players. Both Bender and Schneiderlin will do just fine as both Arteta and Flamini are at an end and these two players can rotate when necessary. DM issue solved. Diaby is one player who I would love to actually see heal up as he would fit the bill perfectly as an attacking player. He is tall, strong and has good skill going forward, but realistically I do not see this happening unless by some miracle he stops getting injured, ironically what we are trying to avoid. Rosicky is on his way out, what a player, but he needs to be replaced with someone tougher and taller if possible. Up front, Welbeck is looking promising and in good time he might become that all-rounder we have been waiting for, but if he also gets injured, then what? I still think we need another world class striker in the mould of Cavani.

We need teams to start fearing us again, because in sports, half the battle is won in the mind. I’m not bashing our current players, I think each of them are playing to the best of their abilities, but we need to toughen up our squad, not only to bite back at teams, but also to start avoiding this horrible cycle of vicious injuries that keeps hampering us season after season. I’m not saying we will be injury free, but it will help a lot.

Big Gun

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    1. What a load of toss… Barcelona play more of a passing game than us and yet they don’t get the injuries we get, and don’t give me that load of BS about the Spanish league not being as physical, if you actually watch it you’d know teams press more and go into siding tackles more so in the BBVA than in the BPL.

      The reason for our injuries is a mixture of Arsene’s training regime, the way our players hold onto the ball for too long, lack of player rotation, and most of all luck. Half of our injuries come from innocuous trips and falls… The problem with us is that is has happened so many times to the same players that it makes them more prone to further injuries. Think about it, it’s generally the same people who get them; Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs etc. The likes of Arteta, Debuchy, Gnabry etc. are more to do with their age.

    2. Its a load of rubbish.
      Hes said welbeck is a short physically inept player, pires is a physical and tough player and essien and obi mikel are attacking midfielders…

      1. I said those players fall into the category of either being short or weak. There is a reason why United fans called Welbeck ‘Bambi’ because he used to fall over often. I’m hoping as he develops as a player, he will become more conditioned and stronger. Sorry if you misunderstood


  1. OT: A huge Happy Birthday to the Arsenal legend Tony Adams! Too many memories of the incredible man growing up as a young gooner!

    Wish we could turn back time when Arsenal players were big, strong, tough as nails, proud gladiators like the likes of you Tony, Bould, Viera, Gilberto, Sol, Lauren, Thiery, Ian, Wiltod, Pires, Becks, etc and not this injury modern day team. We still love them but toughen up boys!!!

      1. @macgooner toughness in terms of mental strength too and other attributes that make a good footballer mate and not just in size.

        you can be as big as Adebayo, Heskey (sp), Zigic, etc but that doesn’t make you a tough player such as Wiltod, Modrich, Xavi (Barca), Alexis, Messi, Suarez, etc and this is were Pires qualifies too as a tough player,.

        He was so cool and calm in possession and never seemed to panic as compared to some of our new lads, now that’s been tough and the REAL ice man.

        Been too physical, rush, or born crunching tacklers, now that was Gilberto and Viera’s row. Capled with mental strength too ofcourse 🙂

  2. My own investigation has led me to a different, and somewhat more sinister, conclusion regarding injuries at AFC.

    Today the plot continues to thicken. Now it has come to light that Henry is leaving NY Bulls and coming back to Europe to help rescue Ozil. Look at the facts:

    – Wenger’s former no. 10 plays for Mourinho and Mourinho’s former no. 10 plays for Wenger

    – Roy Keane was a key proponent of the group that wanted SAF to sign Ozil. Why has he now grown a beard? Who is he hiding from?

    – Did SAF eventually give in and agree to sign Ozil? Is it a coincidence that SAF mysteriously retires and Wenger signs Ozil?

    – Why does Keane claim he wants to punch Mourinho? Did Mourinho sign Oscars dad,Costa as protection? Does this all go back to Ozil leaving Bremen for RM?

    There are too many anomolies. Why isthe quest to ‘fix’ Wilshere impacting the football world?


  3. Admin, I can’t find my comment!!! I’ve refreshed the page severally, yet nothing, and when I try to re-post, it says “duplicate comment detected”.

  4. Some folks just can’t do without bringing back memories of the Invincibles. Well, you can’t live your life on something you have no more; what you were is not as relevant as what you are.

    Arsene Wenger has lost it… Do you guys think that if Arsenal were still the Arsenal of old, some of our current players would be playing for us? They never would have. I just won’t mention names of terribly average players we now have starting games for us. Our standard has so dropped that some folks now accept it and think it has always been like this, just forgetting that Arsenal should rather be equated with clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, etc.

    When we say we have rivals, it should not be the likes of Tottenham, Westham and Fulham. When we say we have expectations, it should not be winning seemingly average trophies like the FA cup and the carling cup, it should not be about finishing 4th or even 3rd, it should not be about making it merely into the knockout phase of the Champions’ League.

    Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in the world with one of the best stadiums and a solid and very faithful fanbase. We must say no to mediocrity and shallow expectations, it should never become a norm in AFC.

  5. immediately after the chelsea, I have over 3000 negative articles on justarsenal… its seems every tom and dick just want to negative articles just to appease the vast group of fickle fans
    . now everybody is blaming every negative/bad event in their lifes on wenger, seriously is it.wengers fault that arsenal players are injured. is arsenal the only club with injured players,have you guys read about other team…
    be a real gunner or be a fickle fan..

  6. immediately after the chelsea match, I have read over 3000 negative articles on justarsenal… its seems every tom and dick just want to write negative articles just to appease the vast group of fickle fans
    . now everybody is blaming every negative/bad event in their lifes on wenger, seriously is it.wengers fault that arsenal players are injured. is arsenal the only club with injured players,have you guys read about other team…
    be a real gunner or be a fickle fan..

  7. Half the team injured
    Half the team tired
    Into the valley of the EPL
    strode the 11 gunners.

    Transfer blunders they knew
    but Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die:

    Injuries to right of them,
    Injuries to left of them,
    Injuries in front of them
    Diaby miles behind them

    Shatter’d and injured.
    Came thro’ the jaws of Death
    Back from the mouth of Hell,
    With the handbrake off.

  8. To me i think the board is to stingy with money. You may find they are employing wrong personnel in different positions because they don’t want to spend just like they play players out their positions. You may find there is a midwife acting like a doctor, rugby coach acting like a defensive coach…… Yes we lack big guys and hard tacklers but that is not the issue. Look at the likes of Atheletico Madrid, they have small players but big time hard tacklers. They have been branded aggresive. Look at our players when they are playing, no one even wants to put his leg to win back the ball, they just run around the pitch wishing for the opposition to lose the ball then when they are touched they get injuries for the whole year.

  9. First off, the only players you mentioned above that might be lacking physically according to their position are Arteta and arguably Ozil. It is nearly universally agreed that we are lacking in the DM department. That much is sure. We also need at the very least one more CB. However, it is clear that Wengers respect and appreciation for Walcott will not be jeopradized(unless we go for Reus HAHA).
    Secondly, I agree that a few of our players are being over played. Why? Only Wenger knows, but I imagine it to be a desperate attempt at some sort of ‘rhythm’.
    TBH, I think the biggest problem arsenal has is the unrelenting injury crises. Don’t get me wrong, I very much look forward to an experienced back line of Debuchy(Bellerin/Jenkinson)***, Gibbs(Monreal), KOS, and someone else if Chambers isn’t moved to DM. But the lack of depth at back this season and very likely is and will be negligable. As far as the offense is concerned, I think he did JUST enough. Welbeck should come good, and over take Giroud as number one. In a years time we will probaby be looking at Welbeck(giroud/sinogo) Sanchez (Campbell/podolski) Ozil (Cazorla/Wilshere) Walcott (OX/Gnabry). Plus, Ramsey(Wilshere/Diaby) and a DM(Arteta/Flamini). Clearly, this is considering a 4 2 3 1 formation, which I don’t see being very different from a 4141 formation, expcept for the lack of a cm tracking back and the occasional ozil on the wing fiasco( which i can only hope is Wenger ‘challenging’ him”/lack of Walcott..
    Not sure what i have said(A bit drunk), but my point is when we are healthy this will be a very talented squad given the proper DEPTH.

    Who does not want-

  10. *** who knows what his plan for jenkinson is. Also, I am a fan of Mert. I think he gets alot of sh*t on this site, some undeserving. However, he only has SO much time left as a starter.

    1. Have you asked your self why? No one is free from critisem. But it should proper on and not blind hate.

  11. Its so simple and you people make it so complicated. Players like Ozil, Cazorla are not meant to run down and up the field. Players like Arteta lack the physical toughnes to play as a dm. Some players are to young, and some are to old.

    The main problem is Wenger not being a Fan of rotation and buying players. Instead he likes:

    To burn players till injuries
    To freeze player till they become useless, and if they dare to start a game they play shi$ty and some retarted fans call them useless aswell.

    I am not even mad at some of our former star players for leaving, Arsenal can be a pain in the a#ss. You have over work a lot ( possible multi poz ), play also with injuries, and dont get the money you desrve in the end. So they simple leave.

    1. @Ks-Gunner, you reason like me, u express urself like me (always factual and realistic). Pal, I insist u have to work with me as my assistant once my coaching career kicks off.

  12. A lot of arsenal injuries are muscle related, tendons and ligaments, few bone issues, the majority of our players are regularly on the injury table, which leaves me to come up with the assumption that the muscles are not properly built to help with the healing process, rushed back in a competitive league only serves to put more stress on the healing muscle.

    Which will work in the short term but eventually fails again in the long run, one thing i have also learnt is if muscles are not warmth up properly before a kick about, quick turns or burst of speed will put a strain on the tissues, most of our players have those skilll sets and are therefore liable to pick up injures,

    I do believe that in our team there are frail players who are easily swept aside and could do with one or two more physical addition

  13. we need people need to pull our fingers out and realise he’s right. we need more physically big players. Im not doubting the ambition of some of our players look at a player like flamini he’s aggressive, commanding and likes to throw him self at the opposition but how many times do you clench your bum when you see him near our penalty area? How many times have you seen him eased off the ball by a physically superior player? I’m really sick of seeing teams bully us. Its the same reason we concede from set plays. its bad enough we allow teams to get the run and jump on us but with the height we’ve got in the team.. theres not really much hope.

  14. Not warming up and down adequately, diet, lack of rotation, (playing toomuch aand not enough), poor training methods, lack of physical and strength condition, bad luck and so on. I’m an ex county athelete and at 43 I suffer bad knee and shin pains. When I was 11 years old I was being taken on 8 mile road runs, too much impact for a body that has not yet developed fully. My point being that the susceptibility to injury could have been ingrained in our players a long time ago through outdated or poor methods. I think it’s no coincidence that sanchez, chambers and debuchy, (apart from an innocuous accident) have not yet suffered injuries like our players as they’ve come in from other squads. rMr forsyth has one hell of a job on his hands, I hope he has a big team and a good method of priotirtisng!

  15. There are two ways in sport to guarantee injury, don`t fully commit yourself or over commit yourself. Most of this is in the players mind and ,depending on the training methods and the demands of the manager, a player can be caught at the cross roads where (like driving a car) causes an accident. A change of attitude is needed forget philosophy.

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