“The situation is basically the same” Romano delivers update on Arsenal flop

Fabrizio Romano has delivered an update on the future of Willian and he claims that the Brazilian and Arsenal still want to end the relationship with each other.

Willian has been a flop at the Emirates and after one season in North London, he is looking to leave.

The Brazilian is one of the senior players at Arsenal and after his trophy-laden spell at Chelsea, he was expected to help the Gunners become a top club again.

However, that hasn’t happened and this summer might be his last at the Emirates.

He is on a huge wage at the Emirates which might be a problem for the Gunners as they try to offload him.

The Sun claims that he currently earns £220,000-a-week at the club, a wage that he is struggling to justify at the moment.

Discussing his future for the umpteenth time, Romano insists that Willian is keen to leave Arsenal.

The Gunners are also open to offers for him, but it seems there are no takers at the moment.

He told his Here We Go podcast: “We have many questions from Arsenal fans but talking about Willian, the situation is basically the same. The player wants to leave. Willian wants to leave Arsenal and Arsenal are open to selling him this summer.”

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  1. I dont get this. If a player wants to leave, why would he ask for MORE wages he’s currently earning? Surely anyone even matching current wages would be enough if you’re so eager to move?

    1. Who’s going to match the reported £220k per week wages for Willian? Thank you Edu and Arteta for bringing Willian to the Arsenal to play instead of, and limit development of Nelson, Martinelli and Pepe.
      I can see another subsidisation of wages on the cards, as for Ozil!

  2. “The Sun claims that he currently earns £220,000-a-week at the club, a wage that he is struggling to justify at the moment.”
    Just google it. You’ll be amazed at the result.

    PS. “The Sun” *did* claim that. A full year ago. Since then, multiple other outlets have reported on that. Curious why you chose to cite the most outdated source.

      1. Maybe but he got a signing bonus and i read that it was 35m for the 3 years. So basically, saying 120 or 130 does not picture well the huge cost of having him.

  3. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Arsenal to sell Willian at 220K per week.

    1. And yet our club broke the camels back when MA agreed this grotesque and obscene salary – it really gives me the hump(s)!!!

      1. MA thought he was going to compete for top4. Hope that this huge misunderstanding of his team value has helped him grow as a manager.

      2. Oh “camel”ong now Ken, its not that bad surely!
        No, its not “that bad”; its WORSE!

        At least(and at most) Ozil gave us two seasons; Willian gave us just the Fulham opening game and then “retired” on full pay!

  4. If Willian wants to leave and Arsenal are open to him leaving then cancel the contract.

    Best example of a legal mugging I’ve ever seen; and the Oscar goes to Willian for his portrayal of a footballer at Arsenal.

    It’s like we mistakenly signed his incompetent twin, while the real Willian is still on vacation in Dubai.

    Last year was a complete disaster for both, and his fitness has been questioned already, is he mentally ready to help the club on the pitch?

    What fool would pay ANY transfer fee on top of his huge wages? Even MLS team Miami scoffed at his wage demands.

    1. 👍👍👍
      Can’t see Willian asking for his contract to be cancelled. £30m over three years
      I could weep

  5. “He earns £220000 pw , a wage he is struggling to justify!” Sounds to me like the hugest UNDERSTATEMENT since Ozil was called simply “lazy”. What two catastrophic misjudgements both of those were.

    NO MORE huge wages deals for charletans and coasters who can’t be bothered to earn their obscene wages. NEVER AGAIN!

  6. Not sure where everyone as got the 220k a week from
    A quick google search will show you he’s on base salary of 100k a week .
    Which when he signed was a very good deal .
    15 million sign on and 15 million wages for 3 years ,just another player who Arteta got his hands on and went down hill .

      1. If there was a 15m bonus, it is just insane that we went to this guy thinking it was an opportunity (“he is free”). While it was just a terrible mistake.

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