The SIX best options to replace Wenger at Arsenal

Potential managers who can take over Wenger in the summer by Konstantin Mitov

With the Europa League approaching fast and us sticking with Wenger, it’s more than likely than in 2 weeks time our season will officially be over. And with this board you never know if logic will prevail or we will let Arsene continue the destruction of Arsenal football club.

The expression of the manage’rs face on Sunday looked empty. The guy was clueless on how to influence the game, nor was he interested in doing it anyway. Worst is that everyone around him even Lehman looked exactly the same. It’s like they are afraid to tell Arsene the truth. I honestly hope the entire coaching staff and Bould leave with Wenger as well.

So if his dictatorship finally ends, I’d like to point out 5 replacements who I think would be best for us and then list 5 who are the most likely to happen according to speculations. Let’s start with the best solution in my opinion – Diego Simeone.

The guy is the complete opposite of Wenger, which makes him number 1 on my list. He’s a guy known for motivating players and turning them into lions on the pitch. He’s a master tactician, he’s always on the touchline and he’s passionate. He’s won the Eruopa League with Atletico, he’s reached 2 champions league finals and he’s won the La Liga where Barcelona and Real stand head and shoulders above the rest. It’s hard to see why he’d come here, especially after he said he wants to manage in Italy before, but we still have one of the best stadiums and training grounds in the world, and not all of our players are complete garbage, and with the right salary and given the right resources, Simeone is the best candidate all day long!

Second on my list is a manager who’s managing in the league right now and is destined to leave his club at the end of the season. Conte would be another excellent option for us, seeing how he took Chelsea from mid-tabled to Champions and despite falling out with their board, he’s a top manager, who’s not afraid to criticize the people on top of him and, image for a moment, our next manager saying the board doesn’t support me, but I wanna win”? I’d love it! It’d highlight whats wrong with the football club, instead of hiding like everyone does here. Conte’s passion on the touchline is something I really wanna see from our next manager so Antonio is number 2, although again, highly unlikely he’ll stay in England, let alone join Arsenal.

Third comes Max Allegri whose stunning work at Juventus is nothing to take lightly. The work this guy has done by taking players out of favor at clubs and turning them into beats is noticeable. He’s won numerous titles in a row, he’s built one of the most solid defences in Europe, he’s made two Champions league finals and I don’t think he needs any more praise. I’d take him in heartbeat, but unless he wants a new challenge and Arsenal is a big one right now, I hardly see him leaving.

Fourth is a manager with an arms-length of success! Carlo Ancelotti has won trophies everywhere he’s been and despite not the best of times in Bayern, he’s won the title in England, won the Champions League three times and if we want to be a top club again, we need a top manager. The guy has the class this club used to be associated with and he’s often at London so I’d take him in a heartbeat.

The last spot is shared between two people – Jardim and Tuchel. Both managers exercise exiting football and we have a massive rebuilding job. Jardim’s work with young players especially Mbappe, Bernardo Silva and Lemar has been fantastic and the links with him make sense.

Now the list of managers most likely coming starts with Joachim Low and this link always pops up when Arsenal is linked with a manager, and he’s again amongst the bookies favorites once again. For me he makes no sense as he hasn’t managed a club team in more than 10 years and despite his national team heroics including two Euro finals and winning the World Cup, I think there are better options, but of course I’d take anyone over Wenger all day long.

Next comes Thierry Henry or the idea of another former Arsenal player (like Arteta for example). While I think Thierry would command respect immediately as he’s actually won titles with this club and loves it from the heart, I think it’s too early for him to take over yet, but it might happen as he’s Josh Kroenke’s favorite for a Wenger replacement for a while now – and as we know Josh is in London for three months, so this is a possibility.

Brendan Rodgers is the third most mentioned name and while I like Brendan and I his style of football, I just don’t feel like he’ll fix the defense and command the respect some of the other people mentioned, and his demise at Liverpool after Suarez was sold reminds me of what Wenger is doing now, and we’ve sold our best players before, but there’s something about him that makes me want to give him a chance, especially after giving Wenger 10 more years than he deserves.

Apart from those three, again the names of Simeone, Allegri and Ancelotti lurk with the latest the only one that isn’t such a big longshot with the bookies, and to be honest Carlo is the best most realistic option I see right now, so will it happen? Let’s get Wenger out first, than we can enter the wonderful world of being a football club once again!



  1. John0711 says:

    Henry or jar-din for me

    1. tas says:

      John what has Henry achieved as a manager he has no track record and if he was really interested in management he would if given up his job at Sky and concentrated on being a coach, TH is more of a film star Hollywood but someone like Viera is a dedicated serious manager

    2. Arsenal007 says:

      Luis Enrique (Former Barcelona coach).

      1. sol says:

        Oh! yaALLAH let this not be a fantasy.Transition stages are not easier as we are talking.But if the board needs immediate impact I think first former Barcelona coach L.Enrique will be my favourite.

      2. Yossarian says:

        Yup. That name that should definitely be on the list. Zidane might be also be available in the summer. Along with the names already mentioned, it would be a tragedy if Arsenal kept Wenger and missed out on all the good managers that we could replace him with at the moment.

  2. Goonerboy says:

    I always enjoy articles discussing our next manager. I cant imagine how it feel to see a new manager at Arsenal, its gonna look/feel strange.
    In this list of top managers, i dont really fancy anyone…

    My choice is crazy and unique, and that is David Wagner of Huddersfield town
    I saw a documentary about him where i learnt he worked with Klopp at BVB…
    He also adopts same style/philosophy like the German.
    I know he is not among the elite group but so was Pochetino a couple of years ago…

    All he needs is top players to work with and you never can tell what will happen…

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      The next manager needs a big ego and big personality. Henry low simeone all fit the bill. I also like the idea of wagner from Huddersfield. But the first 3 I think would know how to win the fans ober and restore faith in the club

      1. Nay Sayer says:

        Henry is NOT a manager yet.

        Let him manage a smaller team and we’ll see if he’s at least average (not likely based on his idiotic brain and flamboyant persona).

        Jardim seems the only credible/likely option that relates to Arsenal. Ancelotti once the player roster is better, perhaps. If it’s the dirty cheating Simeone parking the bus, what does Arsenal mean?? A red and white shirt and the name??? That’s it? Then why not support another red and white team??

  3. Nayr says:

    i agree simeone first choice.
    conte/ancelotti/jardim second.

    henry,arteta,rodgers…all too risky

  4. Nayr says:

    Watch out also for RAFA BENITEZ.

    arsenal is very unpredictable

    1. Alkali says:

      He sure knows how to waste

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Arsenal need someone who is aproven winner and not some guy who
    is untested and learning his trade.If you look at the resume of the bosses at the
    top teams most if not all have won major trophies.
    As for the fm the least said the better. These are the final moments
    in his reign and if he is smart,he shd call it a day.

  6. citrenoogeht says:

    Leonardon Jardim is my pick.

  7. pires says:

    konstantin ,why you don’t send your CV to become the manager of Arsenal fc…Wenger is still there and “fans” who behave like this with a living legend cannot be real fans ….go and support City

  8. dutchy says:

    I would love to see former gunners take over from AW. Experience isn’t everything. Henry, Bergkamp AND Arteta 😀

    1. Sue says:

      Not sure about Arteta

    2. Alkali says:

      Throw Vieira into the equation, he has a bit of experience and he looks like a no nonsense manager.

  9. Sue says:

    OT so it seems the United fans aren’t very happy with Sanchez…… oh what a shame ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      It appears to be…

      Sanchez is a very talented player but hes too selfish and lose the ball a lot…

      Sanchez could have been our Salleh…a goal scoring winger and assist

      Sanchez together with Aubameyang and Lacazette would have been formidable but he chose to leave

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    the new manager has to work within a budget given and or approved by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE)

    Arsenal appears to be one of their most successful franchise

  11. True gunner says:

    He simply needs to be replaced. even with nobody.

  12. Colin says:

    Let’s focus on getting rid of this parasite before we start dreaming about a new manager,because he’s stubborn,arrogant ,selfish and seems to be in full control of his own destiny ,so let’s ramp up the protests,the banners and the chants.WEGNER OUT.So F- – K- – Of – – C- -t — Ur- – S- – t .

  13. pires says:

    while you”r at it kosantine why you don”t send your CV to become manager of Arsenal…Wenger is still there and “fans” who behave like this with a living legend are not true “fans”…go and support city

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      There are so many quality managers in this site…

      offering reviews, players selections, strategy and tactics….

      why do we need to look for someone external?

      We could just look for someone here…

      a cheaper alternative as well

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        John, you apparently cannot accept that a major proportion of people interested in football and especially Arsenal on this site, plus ex players and commentators/pundits can see the deficiencies of Arsenal under Wenger’s management. No one has to provide a CV to comment on this site and you and I are unaware of the credentials of otbers who post here in respect to football (player, coach, referee), their profession, business management etc. Everybody is entitled to an opinion whether or not they are capable to earning £10 million managing Arsenal FC.

    2. Arseneout says:

      who is the legend??!!! the one who lost 8-2 to man utd? or 10-1 to bayern??! or been humilated by milan 4-0 ??? or lost 4 games in a row?? lost to man city 3-0 back to back?? he once was a creative manager but now he is done, and he destroyed what he build.

  14. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Simeone has always been my no 1 choice. I’ve said before, Argentinians mix skill and toughness together and he takes no prisoners but whether our non footballing board would appoint him, I’m not sure.

  15. Innit says:

    Im not sure about Conte. I raised an eyebrow when he brought in Morata. I knew he would not be a top goal scorer. Giroud scores more than him. In fact i think he has scored around the same amount as Lacazette.

    Don’t get me wrong. He would be an upgrade to what we have now and he has won the PL but he wouldn’t be at the top of my list.

    My personal favorites are in alphabetical order:
    1. Allegri
    2. Ancelloti
    3. Henry (reason: give him a chance. He could be terrible or or like Zidane)
    4. Jardim
    5. Simeone
    5. Tuchel

    I would not say no to Loew, Conte, Benitez or Enrique either.

    Not that keen on Arteta, Brenda or Viera

    Also, don’t be surprised if the new manager gets dumped within a year. It happens sometimes when transitioning ie Ancelloti (after winning the double for Chelsea), Van Gaal and Moyes from United

    I think all the names mentioned would be an upgrade to Le Profeseur

    Brighton was another nail in the coffin. How many more nails need to be ? in before he is gone I wonder?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Tuchel and Jardim would be good options…they play attacking football and work within budget

      The rest are with clubs that have huge budget and limited competition…

      However, Tuchel has fallen out with Mislintat…this could be an issue…

      additionally, Jardim may have communication issues if he arrives and we may require to hire an additional interpreter

  16. Gary says:

    Sarri from Napoli, too early for Eddie Howe

  17. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Simeone has a great record for finishing 3rd in a 3 horse race. May finish 2nd this season. Would he do better in the EPL? He did well in champions league until this season but hasnt won it. His record is good but not great. Conte took over a Chelsea team that won the title 12 months before his arrival and then stopped playing for Mourinho. They were not a mid table team. Conte has made some big mistake this season eg Costa, Matic. He struggles against Wenger. When was the last time Ancellotti built a team? We need the new boss to work with the board to rebuild a team. Imo this will take a minimum of 3 to 5 years and probably longer. Arteta and Henry have no experience so would be a huge gamble. Money is the key ingredient. Plenty of transfer funds and we can challenge for the top 4 again reasonably quickly. Without the money it will be a very long journey. I doubt that we have the funds, hence the selling of so many players before we replace them with just a few new ones.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      so far 95% of the managers have inherit a team or has strong and big budget to purchase a team….

  18. Jay Dee says:

    There are a number pf good options given above and a lot of them(definitely not all) would be an upgrade. I also hear the plught of those asking for fans to respect Wenger and his legacy. Trust me, the Wenger Out movement is not undermining his “legacy”, but saying the man has given all he can, its time he moves on. Does that mean immeditely he leaves things look ip. Probably not but we need to start rebuilding now before we get relegated because with the tv and aponsorship monies that epl clubs now get mean even a team that will get relegated is strong and deserve to stay up, tactics and responsiveness is what will win the day and not who did what, when.

    My personal fav is Thierry Henry. Hear me out. While all those other managers arw great, we ALL know what they are about, how they set up. In some cases, we even know who their first signing might be. Henry on the other hand has heart and passion, worked under Wenger, Pep, Tigana and Deschamp. And he as a player was known for having a football brain because he understood the game. I think he is a risk worth taking. Theway he has criticised signings and tactics hasnt been like some of us, randomly. He has also explained the pitfalls and even strengths of Wengers tactics. I actually have a really good feeling about him. We need some like him who will leave his heart on the pitch. With some of the recent backroom additions at Arsenal, he would be ok. I would however recommend he gets Viera as his second. Besides, if we screw up in this transitional period, i can be comfortable with letting Henry because it would be a gamble to begin with. Imagine Arsenal firing Simione for poor performance. We would never get a good coach after that.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Arsenal relegated is too far fetch…

      Henry is paid to give comments…

      its way easier give views and comments on TV

      We have so many options and cheaper alternatives like Konstantin and Innit that could have been a great manager for Arsenal

      They provide comments and quality reviews such as strategy, selection and all….

      They are way cheaper than Henry or Gary Nevile….

  19. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    After Craig Burley’s comment on ESPN about giving Arsene Wenger his spare set of golf clubs, there has apparently been a convey of delivery trucks carrying golf clubs to the Emirates. Will Arsene take the hint?

  20. wenger says:

    There is only 1 = Ancelotti

    Free agent. Proven success many leagues. Premier league experiences. Professional on and off the pitch. Good record with players.

    Diego Simone will need time to adapt. Henry…are you guys kidding? Vieira possible but only MLS experience.

    1. Innit says:

      Yep. Me too. He wins trophies everywhere he goes. He has won Champions League 3 (only man to do it) times. He has won the PL, Bundesliga, Serie A and French League.
      He won the double PL and FA Cup. Chelsea rewarded him by sacking him immediately. Nice.

      He has proven himself as one of the best managers. Sure would be sweet to get him

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        I agree Ancellotti is the best available choice; proven winner, knows the EPL and how to compete in it, excellent coach particularly in defence but strong in attack also and a disciplinarian, who is multi lingual for communication with a multi national squad.

    2. joseph says:

      Wenger only Japanese and french experience in 1996

    3. GoonAR says:

      haha I thought the same thing (“are you guys kidding”) to ppl that seriously consider Henry

  21. jerbryan says:

    Troops or Dt ?

    In all seriousness there are good managers across the continent. My worry with Henry is that he Will try and bring in reberto Martinez lol.

    The godfather ancelotti is the manager for me he is the type of guy that delivers and will bring back organisation to the team it would have been perfect for him to come in before ac Milan game as he knows all about them and has big pedegree in european competition

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      if DT was manager we would have won many titles and have a squad of world class players

      this guy suggested previously that we should pay sanchez whatever he wants…thats 500k a week

  22. Problem is AW ia puesuing something else.
    Football is a fans greatest pasdion, compared only with the happiest.moments of their league ve, it is a way of life. It is simply waking up in the morning, breeding the cold air and knowing at that moment that your team is going to make history that day; ev en if it is against fullham or Los blancos del Madrid. Seeing TTs no 14 jersey make that smoking run before netting that goal.against Cassillas with an elegance in his legs that had no rival.; berkamps goal against new castle that has nver been emulated again(nobody has dared). Not even messi with that velocity in his eyes and brain has ever intended to do.such a play. Or Viera winning those amazing battles in the midfield against attackers, sometimes against two players and even three, and coming through with a perfect assist for the strikrers. Seeing Sol Campbell have no rival because.he simply outpowered everybody no pnly in England but in entire Europe(with the exception of jan koller). I could continue with every single player up to our times, but I firstly need to understandthis: why is AW not seeking glory?. Honestly, I see all of the coaches do so.
    If that is the escence of the game. Crying out of happines did it. Suffering fom the bottom of your heart when you didn’t. But one thing is for sure, your blood. That is not negotiable, it is spilled all over the pitch. Everyone can see it, the thirty-eight thounsands souls. You can clearly see the scars on your body, they remind you of the duel with the rb, you can feel the pain in your burning muscles and the the fury on your lungs, they are slwoly and loudly soothing. But you hear the crowd chanting your name. You lost the game but your heart is pumping harder and faster than ever and then you remember what ARSENAL is in your life

  23. Mauricio sarri;
    plays an amazing style of football, and is currently commanding attention globally, only but is he might have slight issues with his defence, but his man-management and tactical dexterity is top-notch

    Thomas Tuchel
    can stand shoulder to shoulder with pep guardiolar in terms of tactical innovations, passion and zest to leave a mark on the round leather game, he’s young; so he can be sold a long-term objective, he also has the ability to blood young talents. However the but with him is His having an existing issue with our current chief scout ( I personally would love to see him come) as he will maintain our trademark beautiful game, but with much more aggressiveness and drive.
    NB: it looks like Bayern Munich is making moves to have him take over from their current care taker coach, if that works out u can be sure he’d be there for a long while.

    Leonardo jardim

    All round good guy, he’s also tactically innovative, plays attacking football, without neglecting his defence, can work on low budget, his awesome at man-management, and he also bloods young talents too.
    the only but with him Is the language issue, which I don’t think is a problem; pochetino got over it, so jardim can.

    over the years we’ve lost the opportunity to bring in talented, and innovative young managers, guys like pep, and kloop, these guys specifically had bias for arsenal due to our philosophy of the game, and the level of control granted our coach, this I believe has being our biggest undoing as the current coach has for a long time placed his ego and face before the good of the club and its fans.

  24. Ingleby says:

    If we do not go for a short-term (ie 2 seasons) appointment to steady the ship, my choice would be Wagner of Huddersfield.

  25. Mantak says:

    What an utterly pointless article. Seriously did you actually write this or just copy it directly from EVERY tabloid newspaper who made the same suggestions a month ago?!! If you’re gonna write an article on your opinions why not actually do that? Utter rubbish Konstantin… lazy writing!!

  26. Gunner_2 says:

    It has to be Jardim.

  27. Big Dawg says:

    I seriously think Wenger is the man for the job unfortunately the current players are either not good enough or letting him down badly. You don’t just suddenly become a bad manager, in the past every team and national team wanted him as their manger, must be for a reason.

    1. Fareed says:

      Trust me I’m one of the biggest fans of Wenger and honestly believe he has been let down by his players but something has to change and I do believe his loyalty to the players is too strong and the longer he stays at arsenal the more his fantastic legacy is being tarnished so for both his sake and the club’s sake I think he should look to build a legacy elsewhere think he still has a lot to offer ps why not the England national team…probably knows English football better than anyone else

  28. GoonAR says:


  29. Fareed says:

    Hey guys I honestly don’t think a lot of the names being mentioned would even consider joining arsenal…so I would immediately rule out allegri and Simeone…if I had to put together a list I think experience would be a huge factor…I know I might get some stick for this but my number 1 would be Rafa benitez…very experienced tactically flexible rotates his squad and hard to please players would have to earn their spot…no2 ancelotti don’t have to say much his record speaks for itself only problem I think would be is that he criticized ozil in the past although grown men should be able to sort that out…no 3 Thomas tuchel plays electric brand if football got the best out of mkhitaryan and auba at Dortmund…no4 Laurent Blanc not sure why his name isn’t in the ring did a fantastic job everywhere he managed no5brendan Rodgers he did a fantastic job at Liverpool vastly under rated…other names to ponder Luis Enrique zidane if available emery if available ps the only way Henry should become involved is as an assistant coach

    1. Fareed says:

      Forgot to mention sarri think he is fantastic as well

  30. Paulus says:

    Let’s be realistic here, whoever the next manager is will be a yes man who will not demand financial backing from the board, they will be the 2 main criteria when gadzuseless and kranke are interviewing

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