The small differences between Mr Wenger and Sr Arteta

Wenger v Arteta! by Shenel

There are many differences between Monsieur Wenger and Senor Arteta, as we know; one being that one is a legend of the game and the other is for sure working his way up to becoming a legend of the game.

But, one main difference I have noticed is when it comes to fielding their Arsenal teams week in, week out.

Where Arsene Wenger could really go a whole season playing the same first XI, especially if he thought it worked or even didn’t at times, he would rarely switch up the players, and he even took an age to make substitutions in the game leaving it until the 80 minute mark in some games.

On the other hand, though we have seen that Arteta is not afraid to make changes before the start of each game, and gives chances to those players whom he sees working hard for that match-week in training, who look like they want it more, passionately fighting for every ball.

Every week for our players must be like a new challenge and test under Arteta and just because they played the week before does not necessarily mean they will play the next game.

Although I like Arteta’s way as it is refreshing to see that nobody has a fixed place in the team, I worry that if there happens to be too many changes for each game throughout the season that it could break up the momentum of the team, resulting in potential losses.

I hope that this doesn’t happen, because I somehow don’t think it would get to that extreme of so many players having to be changed. However, it is nice to know and see that the manager is keeping the players guessing and on their toes throughout the season.

The passion Arteta has mirrors that of what Arsene Wenger has for the beautiful game, if Arteta can emulate Wenger’s title winning success as well then I am sure as Arsenal fans we have so much more to look forward to with him at the helm. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. Thanks Arsene for what you have done and Mikel for what you are doing – as for comparisions…why does that matter?

    Each man had/has their personal strengths and both love The Arsenal.

    Nuff said!!

    1. Thanks, but arteta knows well when the sub is needful and the team he’s facing. We support him he’s tactics are so brilliant.

  2. He has point cuz the best teams dont change there team up regurally cuz u afto find fix eleven to jell together most likely like 1-3 players look at liverpool klopp rarely change his 11

    1. Very sensible comment,we should have the same spine playing most weeks, except because of injuries, suspensions, fatigue and tactical reasons but also cup games, Europa League… more than 3 changes to the starting lineup,but with more time spent together on the training ground working, it would become easier for players to slot in without a massive drop in performances,like you said Liverpool are the perfect example, that’s the advantage of having a squad that has been together for fee years,players know each other well and their roles in too!

    1. Besides a higher zone press I don’t see Artetas tactics clearly yet. Considering he is still shaping the squad with players he wants it seems his ultra defensive setup is more because of his current players Then what he wants to do moving forward.. I can’t see him wanting to keep seven defensive layer on the pitch with 3 centre backs, 2 wing backs and 2 defensive midfielders I think the squad dictates that and why he is pursuing Aouar and Partey. Partey can anchor the midfield on his own and with Ceballos also bought in I can see he and Aour being pushed up the pitch in more creative roles. I think he will go to a 4 3 3 letting Partey drop when one of the fullbacks pushes up the pitch.

      1. One can see some impressive tactics. How AMN moves into central midfield from the wing, when our keeper has the ball, as we go from a back 3 to a back 4 as Bellerin stays back, and Tierney moves over to the left. Or how our central striker comes deep centrally when Tierney has it, and Auba moves into the space in between their LB and CB. Another is our very deep passing out from the back, making the opponent press extremely high, and getting in behind. This led to another impressive goal against Fulham, as it did in the Community Shield.

        Those are just 3 really good examples of tactical tweaks from Arteta.

        I am sure Arteta will try 4 at the back at some point, and it’s good to have different options, but I personally hope we keep our current system as the main one, simply because it’s doing so well, especially against the top teams. We’ve been so bad defensively, that it makes sense to have extra defenders on the pitch anyway.

        1. Very good point, no matter what formation MA put out we can clearly see that it is a very fluid one and that over 90 minutes it tends to evolve/change ,since he came in MA has spoken a lot of wanting his team to be able of switching systems at any time during a game and it becoming like second nature, the word he used was flexible!

    1. I don’t think it is the reason,MA has consistently said that he would use different players and systems depending on the opponent,this could be the reason why a lot of fans accuse him of tinkering and not knowing his best XI.

  3. As well as Arteta is doing right now he has some way to go before he can be compared with Wenger. Not so long ago fans were chanting’We got our Arsenal back’ after a win against the Spuds. That was somewhat confusing because these fans were referring to the type of show that was common during the Wenger years. Look how it ended for Emery.
    The point is Arteta is doing a great job for now. He needs consistent performance over a period of time to build a legacy.

    1. I know the real deal when I see one. I’ve always supported Arteta from the day we lost at chelsea last season. This isn’t Emery as the man would always change formations, have issues with players instead of negotiating with them, and never really priotized team work in his tactics & in the long run, he started 2 see the team fail. Arteta knows what he’s doing as he tries 2 put the team together, he even speaks some of their languages and he understands the players despite their shortcomings and he’s managed to improve many of them. If you look at it, we’re becoming a danger to all teams both in premier league and in Europe and it’s a long time I’ve seen that from Arsenal.

  4. Dude the reason for the squad rotation has been covid. There was no break for us and proper preseason between the fa cup final and the community shield. The coach knows more than we do

  5. Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson to Arsenal done.
    around £1.8M – 2M agreed for his fee.
    Personal terms agreed on a 5 year deal.

  6. It’s better to have a working system where different players can’t fit in than have a working team. A working system works well with players been played in their fitting positions and their replacements slot in incase of injuries or loss of form. Liverpool has been lucky with injuries despite playing same eleven almost all through the season. They don’t have like-for-like strengths in depth when injuries happen to important players like Sallah and Mane. Arsenal has grown beyond that and we would see the effects this season..I trust the system. I trust Arteta

  7. Wenger is in every way superior to Arteta, however Mikel has potential.

    The only major difference is that Arteta is adapted to the culture of modern football and I think Wenger did not.

    1. both are quite similar….

      probably the difference is Arteta is younger and dare to gamble and take risk…..

      Arteta has Edu to assist in bringing players,, especially the south american, portugese/spanish speaking ones

      And Vinai to convince which is much easier as Vinai reports directly to Josh

      When Josh says yes ……deal is on

    2. Absolutely agree especially on Wenger’s refusal to incorporate techniques of the modern game. Tactical nous is what we see in Artetas game plan, as each opposition has ita strengths and weaknesses. He prepares the team according to who we play.

    3. @adi

      Even as early as now, I would say Arteta is far superior tactically than Wenger. I have heard so many ex-players from Wenger’s reign saying he didn’t do too much from tactically perspective, even during those early successful days.

      In a way, Arteta has had no choice but to be extremely tactical, because he hasn’t had a lot to work with. Whereas Wenger relied more on talent than tactics, which was easier to do those early years, given the quality of the squad he inherited, and then the one he built up himself.

  8. Too early to make comparisons yet, but one needs to surely take into account the relative quality of the players the respective managers had.
    Arsene Wenger did, as acknowledged by Graeme Souness, inherit the best back five in Europe, one Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright, plus other top line players.

    1. Well ozziegunner, AW actually put together a better back five, who became known as part of the Invincibles.
      Let’s also remember that Wright was determined leave until Arsene gave him the opportunity to become a legend.
      As for THE MAN, just read what he says about AW.

      As I said earlier though, we are lucky to have two visionaries and MA is reaping the benefits of playing under AW and being A/M to Pep.

      So let’s not forget the benefits that both men have had and be thankfull that they both graced our club.

      By the way, that defence he inherited from GG, finished 12th in his last season… AW’s, supposedly non existent defences lowest spot? 6th!!

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