The sooner Debuchy leaves Arsenal, the better

Yes it is easy to feel sorry for Matthieu Debuchy as he got injured soon after joining Arsenal from Newcastle, but since his return he has done himself no favours at all. He seems to think he has a God-given right to be in the starting XI and was moaning at Arsene Wenger even before the season began, as he admitted when asked if he regretted staying at the Emirates.

“Yes, I clearly lost six months. I would have preferred to leave last summer but the coach told me I would have my chance – it was not the case.

“I do not know who is responsible. Last year I got injured and I’ve been away a long time and Bellerín played some good matches. This summer, I had a good preparation and I was able to resume the season – but the coach decided otherwise.

“It is very hard, I went through difficult times. This is the first time I find myself in this situation. Playing a match every two months, that’s not possible.”

In fact Debuchy did get a chance to impress when Hector Bellerin got injured, but the fact is that the French international played like someone who had little interest in winning his place back. If he had showed even half of his previous form he could have regained his place, especially as Bellerin himself made quite a few indifferent performances on his return.

It feels like Debuchy has done nothing but moan for the last year, and he seems to be under the impression that he only has to play regularly to get his place back in the France team, but wherever he goes he will have to actually play good football, not just expect everything on a plate.

It appears he has an offer to go on loan to Aston Villa to try and help them out of the relegation zone as he told the Guardian: “It’s true, they are among the teams interested in me. I am currently studying everything but it’s not a possibility I have excluded. Whatever happens, even if it is to return this summer and then start again, I have to go this winter. I cannot stay at Arsenal.”

I agree with him. He should go as quick as possible, and Wenger should tell him to find another club for next season. We don’t want moaning prima donnas at our great club….

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  1. OT…
    I havery this feeling we’ve reached the end of our transfer window. ☺
    Enthusiastic about seeing Elneny in action though…and about the emptying of the physio room.

  2. By the way, if Debuchy is not happy at Arsenal, he should leave. Does he expect to be played all week when Bellerin is on a roll? If you want to be on the field all week, improve buddy. That’s what the game is about.

  3. Agree with every word of the original post-

    I had high hopes for him, and played good last season. But Bellerin has surpassed him by some distance –

    Debuchy has been terrible in the few matches he’s featured this season

    Not every transfer works out, but with Chambers as cover too – we won’t miss him for a second

  4. We need a summer clear out to provide space for others.
    debuchy is one of those who need to leave.
    Others like rosicky arteta flamini need to follow suit.
    I also dont see mertz staying with us much longer

  5. Gutted we didn’t get all 3 points yesterday – even though we all know a draw against Stoke is a reasonable result. But these are the games a champion winning side wins

    Very disappointed with Walcott – wasn’t Able to get into game at all.

    Should have pushed Ramsey forward into the Ozil role. Move Ox to the wing (replacing Walcott). With our new signing playing along side Flamini – or Chambers if not feeling brave

    Would have given passing and scoring ability further up pitch, and provided more security in defensive midfield

    1. Exactly my thought as well, we should have played our usual 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 with Ramsey as number 10 rather than trying to feet in both Theo and Ox though I would start with Theo as he is more of a goal threat.

      Wenger is trying to force the world into believing Ox has a future playing in the middle, far from it Arsene, your boy has poor passing ability, no vision for a final pass, no technical ability to control the game and quickly runs out of ideas. The Ox is good on the wing where he can dribble all he wants and actually have some space for him to run all he wants.

    2. @Simon_MrMac
      LOL@Push Ramsey into the #10 pos. He goes there whether you tell him to or not. Why didn’t he yesterday?

  6. Hello fellow Gooners,

    A sincere request to you all.(I am not superstitious, but still ) Please stop jinxing us.

    1.As soon as the summer transfer window closed, you guys kept on saying what if Coquelin gets injured..we have nobody to replace him and BOOM , Coquelin gets sidelined for 3 months.
    2.Then some folks started saying Cazorla will get injured and BOOM, Cazorla sidelined till March.
    3.Exact same thing happened with Alexis with everyone here shouting we should rest Alexis or he will get injured and BOOM , Alexis does his hamstring. (not an impact injury).
    4.Bob writes an article about what will we do if we lose Ozil to injury..and next thing you know Ozil has inflammation on his foot.
    5.Muff saying before the Pool and Stoke games that he will be happy with a point in both games and BOOM , we only manage a draw against both teams.

    This is so freaky its ridiculous. Like I said earlier I am not a superstitious person, but I do believe in energy(+ve or -ve). So I would request all you Gooners to please stop jinxing us with negative thoughts. We are TOP of the League. That’s reason enough to be +ve.
    COYG !!!!

    1. I wouldn’t consider it jinxing really but more of karma.

      Before the start of every season the whole world knows what Arsenal need except one man. Every man and dog would tell you Arsenal needed another DM and a ST. For Sanchez the man was in the red and Arsene knew that but decided not to rest him. Carzola would have had cover in Ramsey, Rosiky and Wilshere but the two have been away as well so its tricky to plan for this. Ozil requires cover in the sharp of Isco if we can or Reus who can also bench other players like Theo.

      We are so predictable I tell you its hard to turn a blind eye to obvious things. Having said this we remain faithful all the way even when the wheels fall off which I love about our fans, sad our manager cant respect that.

    2. Hahahaha………. The power of the Tongue


      But still have to believe its partly due to callousness, carelessness and the inability of a set of ppl at arsenal to see beyond their noses!

  7. Bye bye Debuchy. Sorry it couldn’t work out for you here and wishing you all the best.

    If you wana stick around till the summer you might just walk away with the prem medal, this is on condition you don’t become a bad apple in the dressing room.

    With Bllarine and Jenk’s coming back in the summer, I think we are safe in that department for now.

  8. I don’t understand what Debuchy wants.Bellerin has been a beast of a right-back ..which coach would bench him on his current form? Would Debuchy have robbed Alaba in the 90th minute and ran like that to create a goal? Would he have forced assists in the Bournemouth game like Bellerin did? Cause all I can remember from Debuchy is woeful positioning and non existent attacking. Let him leave, Bellerin is younger, faster, stronger,fitter,cheaper and BETTER than that moaner!

    1. @quantic dream
      Debauchy thinks its a given he should be playing, no matter what his form is. Sagna would be ahead of him in the national squad anyway…

  9. I’m dreadful of news like this fellow gooners:
    Alexis open to Man Utd & Man City move

    Arsenal winger Alexis Sanchez would be open to joining either Manchester United or Manchester City but would turn down any move to Chelsea.

    Source: Don Balon
    Monday, 18 January 2016 10:5

    If Arsenal or specifically Arsene is reluctant to bring Top quality players then I will not surprise If Ozil and Alexis ask to leave for team which shows it…Buying decent cheap players to fill the gaps WE BADLY need are not th answer for those top players.

    well known DM and WC ST is what is only needed and our manager said there is nobody better than Wellbeck when back from injury, are you deluded? If we spend 50-60 millions in this 2 players we will be able to win the EPL and give hard time to Barca plus looking into the future to have a team ready to fight against City for seasons to come …dear gooners, all the best players will want to play for PEP and then they will dominate EPL for years to come plus the so called middle table teams will get harder to hurts me as a 25 years all gooner fan to see the lack of ambition from our coach to the board and believe me a change is needed if we fail to win it this year..never being so open to us.

    1. @vinie2000
      Fist thing vinie, you should read the whole context of the Express article. Another thing, buying 2 new and or expensive players would only guarantee us more depth in squad and not the EPL title nor EPL dominance…
      Lastly. regardless of where Pepsi goes or who he signs, there’s no guarantee of automatic EPL dominance there either.

  10. Argh! Take it easy on Debuchy pls..when he joined we were happy, we he played, we enjoyed it and quickly said “Bacary who”??? Until he was injured…remember he is ahead of Sagna in France team…because we now have Bellerin we quickly despise him,that’s unfair
    What I don’t like is the way he continues to moan…
    In my opinion, Wenger should have given more game time…Wish him best of luck

  11. lets call spade a spade. some of the articles on this blog are just off-points. the same thing has been said on monreal and Gibs – that Monreal should be sold and he has no place in the team, but here we are today Monreal is one of the best leftbacks in Europe at the moment. and now Debuchy, hahahaha. Bellerin is doing a great job at the moment but remember Debuchy just need some fitness to get back in good shape. a good player is always a good player even aFTER INJURY. he used to be France’s first choice of right back in the world cup and he did wonderfully well with perfect crosses and tackles. you should instead focus on underfoprming players like chambo, walcott, and even your so called beloved ramsey who is seen everywhere and roams around the pitch like the chelsea’s Willian but keeps on losing the ball to opponents.

  12. I miss one thing about Debuchy,his accurate crosses and he is also a bit dangerous from set pieces..
    He loves Arsenal and he fights for others..I can’t remember that match where he quickly ran to protect one of our players..
    And for those that think Jenkinson is Arsenal”s sorry I don’t think so..he is nowhwere as technical and assured on the ball as Bellerin,Debuchy or even chambers…

  13. With West Ham about to sign young Leeds RB Sam Byram, my guess is that we’ll see Arsenal & WH mutually agree to cut short Jenkinson’s loan. As soon as he returns, off goes Debuchy. Hopefully, for his sake, he’ll find himself at someplace other than Aston Villa. Wouldn’t wish that nightmare upon anyone.

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