The sorry state of Arsenal transfer dealings is now becoming embarrassing

So much about Arsenal is dysfunctional these days but their conduct when it comes to transfer negotiations takes the title of incompetence hands down.

Where to start, William Saliba? for weeks they were trying to conclude a deal for the St Etienne defender to no avail and what happens? Tottenham enters the race.

Then there is Kieran Tierney, Arsenal put in a pathetically low ball offer which annoys the hell out of the Scottish champions and the club is subjected to ridicule from pundits, fans and former players alike and of course, Napoli is now in the running the sign the 22-year-old.

Then there is Wilfried Zaha, the bid was so below what Crystal Palace wanted that according to David Ornstein they have called the Arsenal way of doing business outdated and naive.

That is just what we know about.

I mean, who is sanctioning all this? It is amateurish and reflects badly on the club and all that was supposed to change since Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis left.

The club is starting to look a bit of a joke now but worse, we are losing players that would serve us well if reasonable bids were put in. No one is suggesting you meet the asking price straight off but at least show you are serious.

Arsenal is supposed to be a big club and yet clubs like Crystal Palace, St Etienne and Celtic are looking at us with contempt and who can blame them.

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If this is how they are behaving when it comes to buying players then imagine what is happening when it comes to selling players, no wonder we cannot offload the deadwood but I bet we have no issue selling the big names and most likely below market value.


    1. The transfer window is not closed yet

      There must be a big signing before the window closes, because of the new Adidas deal

    2. The guy bidding is Sanelli..remember he was the guy that used his us Fa for our players and we sold..Maybe he thinks that’s how it’s done in England,

      Can’t see him or Emery lasting more than a couple of months unless they start addressing the centre back issue

  1. I would love to know the views of a select few who have confirmed to us that the new regime as now changed .

    1. Dan
      Sadly it feels like ground hog day
      The old regime have gone and I am sure they played there part in dismantling this club brick by brick but the buck has to stop with silent stan
      The transfer window has still a long way to run but I feel disheartened when I see the spuds splash the cash on a player that we are in desperate need off..
      I feel like I have blinked and in that short time we have fallen behind the spuds and scoucers and not just by a short hasbthat happened
      I do feel sorry for the boss as he has been dealt a bad hand from the board…players he cant shift and players he cant afford

  2. Saliba: kev already stated this is done deal

    Tierney: Just need to add a little to the offer and he would be ours

    Zaha: Ornstein said this could be ugly, but Palace have no time to play hard to get since Zaha will be 27 years old this year. Either they take 50 M or his suitors would chase Pepe instead

    1. .American business behavior, the american’s are making the club look like clowns, until they leave Arsenal will not be on the right track Kroneke OUT

    2. Gotanidea – I think Kev, in one of his many disguises, called himself Chiza and made the following pronouncement back in May: “Trossard has been secretly signed by arsenal…it’s a done deal!”
      This will come as a bit of a shock to Brighton who thought the winger had joined them near the end of June.

    1. I bet you said same thing last season when we signed Guoduoz, we never can tell, d guy may come in and hit d ground running, depending on preseason performances, same with out youths, they will all be tested this month, am sure UE isnt afraid to use any player that perform well not minding the age.
      last season we all saw our youth and agreed none was ready except Guoduoz, we will know this montg how matured Nelson and the rest are

      1. How far did Guendozi take us. He only only exceeded our expectations. If we were a serious team he wouldn’t have had that much game.

  3. £65 will get the deal done for Zaha. Something in the range of Mahrez deal. Send a player back if they want, but I think £65 gets Zaha. Although I clearly would love an attacker of zaha’s quality…how about the black hole we have at centreback? If saliba is bought and loaned back we still have a gaping hole. We have so many holes to fill ??‍♂️

  4. Same old same old..groundhog year at AFC.

    And the stick we will get now on top of the usual for having backed our new sponsors great idea of having a shirt name generator where it’s possible for the impaired of thought to create stupid and offensive versions of it.

    Hats off all round!

  5. Honestly, articles such as this just demonstrate naivety and a lack of understanding of the value of money. Even if Arsenal had cash to burn I would be super disappointed if they changed the approach. Any good negotiation starts with knowing what you want to pay and how you want to pay, then you low ball and negotiation starts.

    If you see a house you like priced at 250k your first offer is 220 if you have to borrow, 200 if you are cash buyer. You might be prepared to pay the asking price but you roll the dice.

    Negotiations should be hard, you should be bold and you must be prepared to walk away. Lastly, every pound must work for you – sweat the money.

    This is is high stakes investing, not Football Manager.

    1. Thank you. I guess that is common sense but seems to be scarce this days.
      If city that seems to have bottomless pit of finance only bought Mahrez for 60m , who says 40m is a joke for Zaha who i think isnt a level below Mahrez

  6. I agreed on general terms with the topic…but i think Zaha for 40mm it’s ok…he is not world class…just a good player…for more than 50mm then go for pepe…there are better players than Zaha for less money. How much pay juventus for Douglas costa? I know de have to pay More since we are not an atractive club anymore, but Zaha is un cp, he wants arsenal and no one but arsenal has shown real interest un him.
    Is sad but if arsenal only have 40mmm to spend, probably we would have a worst team than we had the last season

    1. It’s simply too early to label this transfer window incompetent, dysfunctional or “a sorry state”

      “Frustrating” I’m okay with.

      The vast majority of transfer stories are clickbait. And the vast majority of writers have a certain narrative about Arsenal’s transfer policy.

      I for one am determined to have a bit more patience, ignore most of the noise and give the new brain trust a bit more time this window before labelling them as dysfunctional.

      1. That’s right.

        1. We don’t know how much of what the media are reporting is true

        2. How much business have most other clubs completed? zero or one player most of them

        3. We don’t know everything about the relevant bargaining power and the current situation with the players – for example, it has been reported that Tierney has been injured for most of last 6 months, yet fans are crying it doesn’t matter at all, just pay whatever they want… why aren’t other top clubs competing for him if he’s such a sure deal that we should just pay whatever they ask?

  7. Sorry but I dont get this obsession with people wanting us to offer what the selling club is asking.
    If I go to buy a car and they ask for 20k, there is no way I’m offering 20k. I’d start at 12 with a view to getting it for 15.
    Just look at the reports for Wan Bisaka. Initially quoted at 65, then 60m but then its confirmed as 45, possibly rising to 50. That’s how big clubs do business so let’s have some patience.

  8. I think we are bein manipulated by media, i am yet to give up on the guys doing negotiation they have not disappointed yet, you dont expect them to be overpaying or overbidding or just pay whatever the seller wants, there is room for negotiation, now that the kit has been lunched lets wait and see what follow. I wouldnt blame the last regime for mismanagement, cant be crying over spilled milk but i cant understand how our team/players got this bad, a squad with lacca, Auba, miki, ozil and the rest should be worldclass , imagine dis guys form 5years ago, so what is wrong? I hope we get 3good players in before aug 8

    1. The problem is the players are too comfortable at arsenal and the jokes within the squad is on the high. I have arsenal in my blood and I have to agree with you on the decline in form after joining arsenal. It’s a good sign the past fitness coach has moved on and I hope there can be an improvement this season on the pitch. I view emery as a couch who should be more about high intensity football as Liverpool, but we are no where near..

      Another thing is our transfer window dealings are very frustrating. If we loose Tierney that would be bad because everyone seems to rate him. Keeping fingers crossed.

  9. I can’t claim to know how Arsenal do business, but I’ve seen Kronke business here in the States for over 20 years.

    Amateurish behavior is down to Stan, period. Wenger and Gazidis were blamed, but they are employees, and do what they’re told.

    Is Raul this Amateur? Of course not, he wouldn’t have lasted at Barca if he was.

    Raul is doing same embarrassing amateur act Gazidis and Wenger were doing; they were all following Kronke’s way.

    Look at his teams here in the States, insulting bids and trade deals, identify dozens of big players, but never seem to sign any. Does nothing until his hand is forced.

    Moved from St Louis when fans were calling for blood, sacked Wenger when he became a target, talks about “change” with new management, but has there been any change? Really, where?

    No my friends, Stan is a manipulator of highest order, makes sweet promises, sells lies in nice packaging (remember Emirates promise), all for more money.

    He’s mastered the art here, Even conned Los Angeles out of billions for a team that will be shit again in couple of years.

    I’ve watched it unfold for 2 decades here, shamefully. He gives Americans, capitalism, and ownership bad reputations.

    Not surprised to find out Tierney and Saliba deals collapse, never on for Zaha. We’ll settle for bargins again, winger on a free, and earful of blustering talk. Again

  10. I quite agree that we shouldn’t just pay the asking price,personally 80 million quid is a bit much for zaha but 50 is bang on considering they will hand man utd 10 million so if we factor that in we need a central defender and holding midfielders we are ok

  11. Am very surprise the arsenal are behaving in this summer transfer. They can’t afford just 20million pounds for a left back defender whilst others like man u are buying right back for 50m. Am soon ashamed to support such a team. If the owners don’t want to spend then they sell the club. People are ready to buy and spend

  12. I think the main question should be is WHY have we only got 40 mill to spend as the ground is now paid for. It is the same story with every transfer either in or out, everyone of them is a saga worthy of a storyline on eastenders. Why bother going for Saha when we know we cannot afford him unless we get rid of the deadwood
    I that nobody seems to want. Usmanov wanted control of the board and had billions to pump in. At first l hated the foreigners taking control of clubs with all their money but it seems it is the only way forward

  13. It’s all very well putting in low bids but we seem to put in ridiculously low bids which pisses off the selling club and makes it more than likely they will sell to another club who comes in and puts a bid in after us. I suppose it depends on our needs and how good the player is. In the case of Tierney I would of thought he is a player who would strengthen our team considerably and 25 mill seems resonable to get him in and integrated in the club.

  14. So… this is Wenger’s fault. Did he not start with a 40M bid, or was it a 40M + 1 for that Liverpool player?

  15. I totally agree with Admin Martin. It brought back memories of £40,000,001 for Suarez.

  16. Man Uniteds first bid for bissaka was £25m. I don’t recall all this garbage coming out then?

    Also if we really do only have 40-45m to spend how come we have already bid 20m for Tierney, 40m Saga, 50m Maguire and paid 6m for Martinelli.

    Me thinks someone is telling porkies. Don’t be gullible and believe the media whether it is sky BBC or ornstein, the only ones that know the truth are the clubs themselves. If Celtic were really offended by the offer for Tierney why not say so on their official website and simply not entertain anymore dealings with Arsenal. The fact is 25m will be a record for a Scottish player, let’s not forget the SPL as a whole is on a par with league one with one club being good enough to play in the championship.

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