The spotlight should now focus on the Arsenal Board – not the new manager

The board takes the spotlight now. by Konstantin Mitov

It’s done. We’ve finally won an away game and we won’t be seeing Wenger manage us ever again! Enough has been said about this, but what was important is that we actually won away. It’s a terrible record to take over with 0 wins away in 2018, not that having 1 is great, but breaking that negativity cycle is key at Arsenal.

We didn’t really play too well. It was a familiar away performance, but Huddersfield didn’t take their chances. On the other hand we have enough quality up top to create chances even when we don’t play great and Aubameyang pocketed another poachers goal to help us to a victory.

It’s the one positive you take into next year. He has come in February and managed 10 goals and a few assists in a team low on form and confidence. If we can bring in the right man who will repair the defense, balance the squad and install a winning mentality, we’ll be a real threat next season.

It’s a difficult task on it’s own, but Arsenal now need a manager who will be a uniting figure for the fans. And the rumours of Mikel Arteta don’t help. If we appoint him, the fans would back him at the start, but I don’t think anyone will be fired up. If we want an ex-player, get Vieira. If we want a young man, then Nagelsmann is the one in my opinion.

Let’s face the facts, Allegris comments suggest he’ll be staying at Juventus. Nagelsmann also looks like staying for at least another year. The rumours of Low have dried up and the world cup makes it really difficult. We’ve scratched Ancelotti for some reason off our list which is sad as he’d be a good choice for the transition period that is inevitable whoever we appoint.

Then who’s left? Enrique is too expensive, then we go to Vieira who mentioned in an interview that someday he might manage Arsenal, but not right now and with Guardiola saying “I want the best for my friends”, people are already sharpening their pencils for the Arteta story.

My fears are that we’ll put another puppet on a string, but there is a problem. Wenger was too big of a target and the board could hide behind him. Mikel Arteta is hardly a big shield. If things go wrong, the finger is firmly pointing at the board and that’s a group of people that is much more difficult to get rid off.

I really enjoy the fact we hired Mislintat and Sanllehi, and we’re pairing them with Ivan and Josh Kroenke to create a strong group of people who will share some of the responsibility Arsene had. But it feels like this decision is something we’re not prepared for.

I feel like the empty seats caught the board by surprise. They didn’t expect things to go that bad and perhaps wanted to wait for another year to prepare the successor, but the issue was forced. Raul and Sven both still don’t have 6 months officially at Arsenal and they will be highly influential in making the biggest decision this club has made since leaving Highbury.

It’s obviously something you don’t want to rush, but the world cup hardly helps. Hopefully we’ll appoint a big name. We desperately need one in my opinion. Anyway, it’s time for a bit of an Arsenal break and it’s one everybody related to the club has needed for a while. The ball is now at the boards feet. We’ll see what happens very soon.



  1. Ken1945 says:

    Just realising the board have played a major role in helping the last two years being a disaster?

    1. Anko says:

      Yes. And I think everyone who think Wenger is the main problem will think again. How bad can it be that Arsenal Football Club is considering hiring Arteta as our new manger. It is a shame and it shows how little this board think of us fans. They think they can serve us any rubbish and we will just take it. Man City were doing alright under Pelegrín yet they made a deal with Pep. We have not known good football for a long time, haven’t won a major trophy, haven’t even competed favourably yet they are even considering Arteta. I am very sad. I think we all need to stand up and reject his appointment. As the way we are always linked with the best players only to be disappointed, so they are doing with the appointment of a good quality manager. Pep, Klopp, Conte, Poch, Jose and then Arteta!!!!! This is a disgrace of a board!!!

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Pochettino – about 4 years with Spud…no trophies considered as world class…

    Klopp – about 3 years with Liverfool….1 champions league winner trophy….considered as world class

    both managers were little known when they joined Soton and Dortmund…..

    whoever is the new manager we still have to support the club

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      I dont understand John, are you trying to compare the managerial cv’s of Klopp and Arteta?
      If you are, I really wouldnt go there. Klopp was a very well regarded and successful manager before he joined Dortmund and from where he went to our rivals Liverpool. So not only did he have to prove himself as a miracle worker in an average German team, he also proved himself as a manager of a top German team before being considered for the Liverpool job.
      We are at the moment considering Negelsman wh is at the pre-Dortmund Klopp stage. Viera who is in the MLS – which is a very very weak league and Arteta who has been sitting next to Pep for a season. I mean talk about lowering of the bar.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        @ Arsene is Out

        Klopp has never won anything with Mainz so how can he be successful?

        whoever is the new manager…. we should still support the manager and the club …….

        there is no point complaining and hope that the club become City…..

        1. Arsene is Out says:

          Success criteria for some teams is different than others. I hope you have an understanding of that. A top club might from time to time take a chance on a manager who was successful beyond expectations and showed a lot of promise in a smaller team. That is what Dortmund did with Klopp. That is what we might decide to do with Nagelsman. Arteta does not fall into that category. I hope I am making myself clear.

          Who said anything about becoming City?? Your responses are unthoughtful and childish. Do you want to be a part of a smart and considered conversation or just blurt out whatever bs comes to mind?

          Also one last thing supporting the manager and supporting Arsenal FC are not the same thing. I wanted Wenger gone for a decade but that did not stop me from supporting Arsenal. I would hate to see Arteta as manager of Arsenal but his arrival will not stop me from supporting the club I love.

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            unthoughtful and childish?

            personal attacks again and yet again?

            didn’t Klopp relegated Mainz and could not led Mainz to promotion?

            have said….doesn’t matter who the manager is….once its decided…chances should be given…and support to the new manager should be made

          2. Xxnofx says:

            John -have you seen how Liverpool and spurs play when there on it .there both very close to being champions of England if they add just a few more top players ,compared to us who are in a right mess ,,and your calling us to support arteta if he’s appointed .
            I for one will be very very disappointed if he’s given the job (which it looks like he mite be ).

        2. ClassiqueGunner says:

          I shake my Head for you….

        3. Malcolm Townsend says:

          What STOKE CITY we want a TOP manager, not a mickey mouse that appeases the board there will be more empty seats

    2. David Rusa says:

      What’s the point here? That we hire anybody regardless of whether or not he can return us to the top? Who defines world class? There is a great chance Jurgen Klopp could win Champions League but for Pochetino I don’t know how to classify him.

  3. Arsene is Out says:

    It sucks that this is happening in a world cup year. It also sucks that its happening after we gave Ozil 350K a week, which ties our hads a lot in terms of salaries and transfers etc.
    Extending Arsene’s contract last year was the single worst thing they did to the club. Along with mediocre Xhaka and Mustafi, we have wasted a lot of time and money and now are in a precarious position.
    Can we attract a top manager? Can we give them they type of transfer kitty they would require?
    My guess is no. Again I hope to be wrong.
    So we have to because of past mistakes work within a tight budget. This leaves us with the option of a younger and hungrier coach who is willing to prove himself and work within these restraints.
    First of all this is an inexcusable and extremely sad state of affairs for the 6th richest club in Europe. But if this is the reality then we have to deal with it.
    There are several options of young hungry managers, who are actuly currently managing teams and doing quite well. Viera is one, Negelsman is another Arteta is NOT. Let me repeat Arteta is NOT a manager. We can not seriously be thinking of a first year coach of a rival(He is NOT number 2 at City) as the man who should take the helm of a ship that has been slowly sinking for the best part of a decade and turn things around.
    This is like an episode of The Twilight Zone.

    1. Mobella says:

      Chill man, why are you so worked up on something you have no absolute control over. What John is saying everybody deserves a chance. Whether proven or not, experienced or rookie no one can predict how future will turn out. I don’t mind any coach as long as he knows what he is doing, not even Arteta but the only reason i won’t pick him is bcos he choosed man city instead of staying with us.

      1. A.ball08 says:

        Morning gentleman and ladies
        Like you I hope it isn’t arteta but hey ho nothing will surprise me with the clowns in control
        My first choice is still out there “CARLO ANCELOTTI”
        Gone quiet on his name being linked to us and talk about him returning back to Italy which I do hope he doesn’t
        3 years to steady the ship and pass on the baton

  4. Enagic says:

    Was unacceptable for not bringing in Mane and Mahrez when they were available for cheap and keep Walcott

  5. jon fox says:

    It is clear that IF , and it is still IF at present, the club choose Arteta, he already begins with a whole shed load of hate and resentment before even starting. Forget for a moment whether that is just or unjust. Those are just opinions. But what is clearly fact is that he has a large majority of fans, though not all, desperate not to have him as manager. A wise board would not burden a managerial novice – and again, FACT shows that he is a novice – with this burden of loathing even before he starts. Fans who hate the idea are just being realistic in stating that a club of our size who would pick a total novice are taking an almighty not to say, catastrophic, risk. Wenger had a decade of glory and still got slaughtered. That would be as nothing compared to what a novice, without even a proper ” “loved”career as a player here, would be sure to face. Rightly or wrongly it would certainly happen , uinless he hits the ground running hard and sustained it. Of all big clubs only Arsenal would appoint a novice and one already loathed. Watch the fans turn on Gazidis and Kroenke should it happen.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      As you say, it would only be this board and owner who would take a chance ona untried manager.
      But i think this all goes much deeper than we think.
      Our previous manager, for all his good points and bad, was forced into resigning from a contract that had one year left to run.
      His early departure has left the board and owner completely open to scrutiny as to their suitability in running our great club with due dilligence.
      Gazidis has done some excellent work in recruiting our three wise men and I feel we must acknowledge that.
      But he has now put himself right at the front of the fans observations in this due dilligence debacle and it seems like utter chaos.
      Now I don’t know if Arteta, who is completely blameless in this, would make a good manager or not. We had another unknown come into the club 22 years ago and I think everyone will agree that, at least in the first ten years, he was electrifiying for us.
      My biggest problem and one I cannot get my head around, is why does the owner and board seem to have been so unprepared for the situation?
      If the protests and Gazidis were as successful as some claim, then surely everything should have been in place to say “Merci Arsene” and “hello whoever” wirhin 24 hours of the departure? That is due dilligence in my eyes, not crucifiyng Arteta and bringing our club into yet more public ridicule?

      1. Durand says:

        Hello Ken

        Not sure I would call Wenger “unknown” when he came as you put it. Unknown to English fans perhaps, but he HAD management experience when he joined at least. Arteta has none, I think many many fans didn’t care for him much as a player either.

        To answer question of preparedness, I’ll give it my best guess.

        Owner and board were surprised by the empty seats game after game, and were caught off guard at the apathy and indifference shown by the fans.
        They started a PR campaign to try and win fans back with Josh Kronke doing his “investigation” to win back fans. Next trotted out big name managers as a trial balloon; Allegri, Ancelloti, Enrique.

        I think they were vastly unprepared for manager’s conditions to fix our mess and salaries they were asking. Owner seems surprised that 2 or 3 players added wouldn’t be enough, and that top managers aren’t willing to risk their hard won reputations to manage a club that seems ok with no title in 14 years.

        Now we hear Arteta as a leading candidate?
        I had applauded Gazidis for his catalyst, but maybe I was premature in my congratulations.

        We are on a precipice of “catalyst for change” and “catalyst for shame.” Choice of manager could propel club for the next decade, or set us back several years due to a grand experiment.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Durand my friend,
          So, what was Wenger doing while this was going on?

          1. Durand says:

            Ken Wenger was busy laying cover for underperforming players that got him sacked.

        2. Ozziegunner says:


      2. David Rusa says:

        Wenger had managed Monaco and got a trophy or two and went to Japan where his club was top. He already had a good managerial experience outside England which Arteta doesn’t. This comparison is wide of the mark. Anyway the question is why go for someone without experience when there are many tested managers around?

        1. Rudy Garcia fan says:


          There are at least 4 or 5 managers in the top 5 leagues who have succeeded against the odds in recent years and might still be available: Nagelsmann, Garcia, Jardim, Sarri. (Allegri reportedly unavailable)

          Unless we can’t get any of those or even Ancelotti (perhaps the best of the rest), maybe the board is indeed clueless. But let’s wait before any final judgements are made).

    2. David Rusa says:

      For once I agree with you Jon Fox. I have expressed similar sentiments elsewhere. Facts will always be facts. The Board cannot change the fact that Arteta is resented as a manager because of his inexperience and the expectations of the fans towards their new manager. Most fans expected an experienced manager at least during the interim period. If those in charge at Emirates have decided otherwise they should brace themselves for hard times ahead. This will be a self inflicted wound and they should take the blame for it.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        David, how can fans be held responsible for poor decisions by Kroenke and the Arsenal board? At the last AGM Sir Chips Keswick expressed the distain which the board feels for Arsenal fans.
        On their heads be it!

  6. Nick2741 says:

    If we hire a Arteta we will lose even more ground ,first let me tell you he hasn’t got a clue second the players who are there don’t want him and don’t respect him that would be Ivan’s choice . If they want a young manager it should be viera and pires as no 2 Arteta is arogent . Don’t forget him and the Man City manager spent a hell of a lot of cash ? which we can’t give someone like Arteta to spend if we appoint Arteta then I will not renew my season ticket I don’t trust or like the man i speak for a lot of Arsenal fans .. if you are reading kroanke make sure you get some one like viera or pires or Henry as no 2 any one but that Arogent full Ivan’s friend ..REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  7. John Wick says:

    If it is Arteta then we as fans should not sit back and accept it! We are one of the biggest clubs in world football and could be appointing a complete novice with no managerial experience because we know full well Arteta would be cheaper than actually hiring a real manager! Does anyone actually believe that Arteta is gonna come in fix a terrible defence, add steel while continuing to play nice football? We all know that’s not gonna happen he would be completely out of his depth and I don’t need to back him I already know the outcome as does anyone with even the slightest bit of football knowledge. Arsenal FC generate a lot of income it’s no secret and of course we make profits during transfer windows so nobody is gonna tell me the best we can do is bloody Arteta and with a rumoured 50 mil to spend? What the hell is going on at this club? We already know the board and owner don’t really take fans seriously we have a chairman who knows very little about football a CEO who thinks we’ve been overachieving! If this appointment of Arteta is made what we need to do is get Kroenke out ASAP followed by the geriatric board and Ivan Gazidis! If we just settle for 2nd best that’s all we will ever get and the board will think they can mug us fans off again for another 10 years.. man u, spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, man city would never settle for a number 2 so why should we ? We missed out on some big named managers to keep Wenger and now we’re after an ex player who wasn’t even that good in the first place and when I watched Arteta try to act like a captain you could clearly see nobody even took notice of him and that will be much the same if he becomes manager! We have to stop acting like cheapskates and start acting like a big club or arsenal will disappear off the radar!

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. Jeremy says:

    Seriously, I think if fans stick together. We can get rid of anyone.

    Much less to speak about Kroenke, the terrible.

    His interest for Arsenal FC would evaporate once empty seats became a norm. And he would be wishing for a swifter exit from the club.

    1. John Wick says:

      True Jeremy ?

  9. Foot gunner 3617 says:

    yak Arteta???? What for, that why Pep is happy to get rid of him at MC.

    1. Angus says:

      Happy to get rid by offering a new contract to his number 2? Or by fending off our and Spurs interest last year when all 3 of us offered him a contract? Jog on!

      1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

        Good one. Arteta is at least more capable than Vieira whose team in the MLS reeks of Wenger-style defensive frailties and team weaknesses while not quite as good attacking-wise. Basically a younger, poor-man’s Wenger

  10. Midkemma says:

    After nearly a decade of failing and now you feel it is time they should be in the spotlight?

    I have been screaming this for the past 9ish years, how we should be putting pressure on the owner and CEO over Wenger otherwise we risk the board jumping towards answers which may be wrong… Arteta as manager?

    I was trying to highlight how Wenger wasn’t the final say on how much AFC spent by looking at the club, it has since been confirmed that my thinking was correct and Wenger would be told if he had £5 million or £50 million and Wenger would work within the budget he was given.

    I only got behind the new manager idea when Wengers tactics had gotten too bad to keep us in the top 4.

    Now to read so called fans saying the spotlight only now needs to focus on the board… IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THIS WAY YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe if you lot had paid attention then the board would have had the spotlight on it before now and Gazidis would have had to step up faster and not wait for Wenger to bypass him for a new contract to force the changes.

    Special K has ignored valid issues to paint a picture of Wenger being the devil, now Wenger has gone he finally sees the board and for me, too little too late.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      I find it astonishing that only now, after Wenger has gone, do we see people actually asking and thinking about the board and the owner.
      It seems utterly ridiculous to me that some people thought that Wenger could tell Kroenke and the board that only he could/should run the club.
      The REAL problem was that some people invented facts and problems and screamed the house down accusing Wenger of this and that, whilst having no actual FACTS to prove it except the teams performances.
      Well, now the pigeon has come home to roost and the club no longer can hide behind Wengers coat.
      Once again I ask Gazidis and the board, where is the money that you said Wenger had to spend?
      quote: There are only two players in the world we couldn’t afford.
      How hollow that sounds at the present moment!!!

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        And, just as a footnote, where are those who accused Wenger of lying over the transfers of Griezman and Lemar?
        He wanted them, but the owner and board vetoed his decision. Surely you can all see that at least?
        This owner and board are toxic make no mistake!

        1. Angus says:

          Ken your right but sheep are sheep. Media says sheep do and then bleet that they are not sheep and came up with that opinion on their own.

  11. Sue says:

    I can imagine the mickey being ripped out of us (just for a change) if Arteta is appointed! Even Ian Wright said he fancies him to takeover!
    I honestly don’t know what he’ll be like as a manager & I know everyone has to start somewhere, but Jesus Christ this is the Arsenal we’re talking about!! I want us to compete & win things & be the force we once were.. but I’m not sure it’ll happen under Mikel…..

    1. Anko says:

      My problem is not particularly about who is appointed but the reason. Why would they not hire Enrique because of money? And hire Arteta because he will not make a big wage demands? Is this not the same reasons we have lost out on quality players over the years. The board don’t think we deserve the best!!!

    2. Angus says:

      I’d like our poisonous fanbase to do one but this is arsenal we’re talking about. The prior to wenger what 5th best team? Certainly behind Liverpool/Everton so what are we talking about again sue?

      1. Angus says:

        Seriously a section of our fanbase believe we are Real/Bayern/Man Utd… lmfao

  12. RSH says:

    I’ll get 100% behind the new manager, even if it’s Arteta. He needs to be given a fair chance. The Board is a joke, as we have always known, and it wouldn’t be shocking if they set Arteta up to fail by giving him a small budget this summer. I hope this stupid board realizes whoever they pick, they will need to invest heavily in the squad or we won’t get any better.

    Personally, I don’t see the point in immediately rebelling if Arteta is picked. Seems quite childish. He’s far from my preferred pick but he’s done nothing to deserve immediate disrespect.

  13. Ronny says:

    The arsenal board want someone to pick the team and make substitutions that’s it!
    For years Wenger has had too much control and no we’ve Sanheli and Mislintat I believe gazidis wants to go the other way.
    Arteta grade a student will get the job.
    I for one will have my head in my hands and be gobsmacked when and if it happens but I will still support him and Arsenal vieromently.

    One thing is for sure and I said it not long ago during and post Wenger Arsenal fans will always argue and fight, (read above for proof).
    The Akb and Aob split has a long way to go before its healed.

    1. Angus says:

      Tbf there is only idiots and those that accepted Wenger going after he failed 2 years. Anyone else is delusional fools, its not an argument its reality that they can not handle we are not Man United or Real Madrid or Bayern Munich we dont have that history…….. we dont have that money………. get it through your heads…….. least the idiots have to blame someone else now. Really hope Arteta sacks us off wins another titles and takes Everton next year they will be bigger than us anyway (by rights from history not for wenger they still would be anyway.)

  14. Ronny says:

    Another thing I don’t like the man but Gary Neville has a point on our succession planning or lack of it.
    Why the heck did we not have someone in place or at least be at short list stage, or knowing who’s interested who’s not etc.
    If open and honestly handled I’m sure Wenger would have favoured a proactive approach to a degree during his reign.

  15. Me says:

    Wenger was not really known or proven when he came to Arsenal but he had David Dein and little pressure or expectation because no one had heard of him plus he had a great foundation to build on.
    The problem we have is that we have Ivan, Sven and Raul who combined do not compare with Dein and a world of expectation on whomever comes in.
    Arsenal need an established, world class manager not a coach with a couple of years experience or a manager from the completely inferior MLS.
    I fear for Arsenal – I have little confidence in this club to attract the right person.
    Arteta is NOT the right person…

    1. Highbury44 says:

      But probably the only one who is willing to come will little or no transfer budget.To me that’s why we can’t a big name manager.They all want a £200 million plus budget which simply isn’t on the table.In today’s market without that sort of money you aren’t going to be able to complete so no successful manager will come and risk their reputation .Hence we will be left will Arteta and only way he knows how to manage is the Pep way but unfortunately minus the 500 million he spent

      1. antbadapple says:

        I got fed up with the issues Wenger wasnt addressing in the end.. We do have the infrastructure to compete in the future.. I think Wenger wanted the extra year to finish his plan to leave the club in a good financial position with plenty of young experienced players but we have sort of forced his exit and the carpet was pulled from underneath him… you can tell by the shocked look on his face!

        1. Angus says:

          lol antbadapple talk to me in 10 years about Wenger. We’ll be lucky to keep top 4 hope we do but we’re never winning the title unless we hit a perfect year like Leicester (which is luck btw.)

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