The Spurs fan that threw the Aubameyang banana is fined just £500 – Is that fair?

For the last couple of weeks football has been looking itself in the mirror after a couple of high-profile racial incidents, with the likes of Kick It Out highlighting a rise in such cases. Raheem Sterling has questioned the media’s coverage, but has he been treated any differently to a Wayne Rooney, Jon Terry or Ashley Cole? Hasn’t the press always singled out our best English talent? Sterling is picked on but not for the colour of his skin. If the press were racists, wouldn’t Kyle Walker, Rashford, Lingard, Young, Rose, etc also have received negative headlines in the summer?

Instead of blaming the tabloids we need to change the culture of supporters, what makes them think a football stadium gives them licence to act differently to how they would elsewhere? The four Chelsea fans being investigated for abusing Sterling are insisting no racial language was used. Is that okay then? If it’s proven they didn’t use racial words, does that make it okay to swear, threaten and intimidate another human being?

Let’s not just make this a racial debate. If the UK want to do more than pay lip service to the issue, then zero tolerance needs to be introduced at match days. Why is it okay to call Nasri the C word in front of children, or sing, ‘she said no Robin’? Isn’t it sad in 2018 the idea of me suggesting all of that should be cut out seems naive?

But racists are idiots, they haven’t got the brain the majority have to differentiate between banter, swearing and breaking the law. That’s not the sports but societies job to educate. Yet this week the courts didn’t even support the game in shaming individuals.

Two weeks ago, Aubameyang had a banana thrown at him during the North London Derby. Spurs to their credit have banned this man for life, not listening to his feeble excuse that he just happened to be littering at a time his side went 1-0 down. Legally though he’s only been banned for 4 years while fined a small sum of £500. So, the most watched sport in the UK is being put under pressure to improve a society problem yet those in power undermine a club’s zero tolerance policy? What does that teach the next generation?

Worse, as this man’s lawyer has been quick to point out, no evidence could be found that his actions were racial.
What happened to all parties shaming these people? Making them go to work, face their families admitting the dark side they hide from them. That in their spare time they racially abuse others. This man in question admits his actions were stupid but not racial. How can he rehabilitate when he won’t admit to himself there is an issue?

What’s even worse he now wants to meet any Arsenal or Spurs players he may have offended. Of course you do. It’s insulting that he wants to look an Ian Wright in the face and even try to convince himself that throwing a banana at a black man is not racial. Instead of trying to meet Harry Kane, he’s one of many who should be kept away from the game for ever. Only then would he question himself.

But I guess society’s not ready for zero policy yet? How many times have we judged other nations for not showing racism the red card?

Dan Smith

ADMIN NOTE – An Arsenal fan that threw a plastic bottle at Spurs players in the same game was fined £650…


  1. Matt says:

    No it’s not fair. He should be flown to Gabon to Work and live with the locals for 6 months and then he may finally understand despite how bloody obvious it is that we are all equal.

    1. Sue says:

      Exactly Matt… we are all equal. Well said ?

    2. Midkemma says:

      All being equal is a nice thought but really?
      I was born with all my limbs, I wonder if someone born without any limbs would think they was born equal to me?

      What if human race has to choose 10000 people to carry on the species due to some disaster to earth?
      Is that engineer equal to the layabout who hasn’t worked for 40 years?

      1. Phil says:

        Mate-you do write an absolute pile of S**T sometimes.Shat has what you have just written got to do with anything?I suppose if YOU were born without limbs at least it would keep you away from the keyboard

        1. Sue says:

          Oh Phil stop it ??? I didn’t want to laugh at that but couldn’t help it!!

  2. Adajim says:

    I must commend the writer’s effort for lots of energy and research put into this, and on the sensitization part, I think it’s quite unfortunate, despite all efforts to preach the gospel of colour equality, some will not heed no matter the sanction, they just have it in there useless boring life. I reckon most racist are losers who didn’t have anything good doing or to do.
    To me, professional should try and prepare themselves mentality to deal with cases of unrepentant species as that, I always knew my color and it’s not a function or measure of my success

  3. john hodges says:

    of topic, 1, so far this season i see no game plans in our games,like southampton who played to our weakness in the air,2, we dont seem to have a first eleven chopping and changen (APART FROM INJERIES),3 we do not play to the strength of our strikers, 3, our defenders have forgot to defend because they have to concertrate on just playing from back all the time.just my thoughts so far,have a nice day.

  4. Sue says:

    Our fan also got a 3 year ban for throwing that plastic bottle! What an absolute joke!
    It’s all wrong

  5. jon fox says:

    What is actually not fair is that certain people – non evolved people of course – should be born so stupid and brainless as to believe in racism. Ugly history shows us loud and clear about the dark nature of parts of mankind. I am of the age when mainstream racism was the norm in Britain and at all football grounds way back in the last century. Because of the realisation in tiny toddlers just able to speak , that their playschool friends, who are often of a different skin tone from them, are normal kids without two heads and horns, the slow, laborious process of learning from our own tiny children began and has blossomed into the normal non OVERT racism we see today. I say OVERT, because racism is still here embedded in society , but to white people not often noticed. Black people see it clearly and are still made to feel angry by it. As a society we should all be ashamed if we have even a teeny racist thought in our brain. It is unspeakable, vile, stupid(as in moronic) disgusting and MUST be challenged by all decent folk whenever we observe it. My late unlamented maiden aunt was an unspeakable bigot and racist, despite being able to spell correctly and speak with a plummy accent. Racism minds no social barriers or”norms”(whatever normal is supposed to mean!). She regularly used to refer to “THE blacks, THE jews, THE irish, etc etc. Always “THE”. At her funeral she had only my own relatives there and had not a true friend in the world. She was in effect a sub human and I am not comfortable using that word but that is what she was. SHE NEVER, EVER, UNDERSTOOD THAT ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE ONE RACE, THE HUMAN RACE. Be thankful that you personally do not believe as she did; that you are fully human and have the capacity to love and to show compassion. And pledge to challenge and destroy racism all the time you remain on this earth. It is our duty. ALL OF US!

  6. Midkemma says:

    “If it’s proven they didn’t use racial words, does that make it okay to swear, threaten and intimidate another human being?”

    If the speech was not breaking the law then why is the writer moaning about the people who may not have broken a law. Is it okay to not break laws? YES!!!
    You need to consider the environment and in a country where we have free speech, either grow up or do not go to those types of environment.

    If I don’t want to hear kids screaming then I do not go to the kids park.
    If you do not wish to hear sports fans raging during a sporting event then do not go to that event.

    “But racists are idiots, they haven’t got the brain the majority have to differentiate between banter, swearing and breaking the law.”
    Autistic people have difficulty with those things you said. Autism is a scale and some people really can not tell that you are giving a bit of banter or if what they are doing is appropriate for the immediate environment.
    These are not traits of a racist. Those are negative things you have linked with a racist.

    Einstein shown a racist side when he went to Asia. But racists have no brain? Einstein had no brain? BAH!!! Einstein was smarter than Dan Smith, unless Dan Smith has recently made some kinda groundbreaking work in science???? Dan Smith calling Einstein a no brained idiot.

    “Worse, as this man’s lawyer has been quick to point out, no evidence could be found that his actions were racial.”
    You mean, it might have just been a piece of fruit that was thrown but people who want to jump on the political correct bandwagon instantly seen this as racial and must be because of the victims skin… Talk about being racist! Will any of you know he used that piece of fruit to be racist or was it because that is what the thrower of bananas was eating? What if they person was eating an apple? Maybe the lesson should be to never eat bananas at a sporting event in case you lose your temper and made a bad judgment call to throw what you are holding.

    If there is no evidence then what do you want?
    For the courts to say “We do not need evidence! we will imprison anyone we want with no reason other than an accusation and nothing to back it up! BWAhahahahaaa”??????

    At least we all know Dan Smith is a SJW. If anyone is going to be called idiots then it is SJW who shove their nose into things they have very little understanding about but it makes them look good to other people.

    1. Phil says:


      1. Sal says:

        two for two you made the scrolling down more bearable, much appreciated 😉

  7. #MeToo says:

    If I called Bale a monkey, would that be racist? He does look like a monkey so it’s not really racist. If I called a black player a monkey, would that be racist? What if that black player looked more like a monkey than Bale? In short, calling a white man who looks like a monkey a monkey isn’t racist and is actually very witty and cool, but calling any black person a monkey, regardless of how much they look like one, is always racist and people should have their lives ruined if they do. City lose to Chelsea, Sterling plays the race card and white people up and down the country reflect upon how racism is something white people must stop doing. This whole comment’s section is cringe. Tell me one country in the world where black people have a better standard of living than in the UK? Try not to name a country the majority of the population is white.

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