The stats prove that buying Trossard is definitely not a panic move by Arsenal

Is Trossard a panic move for Arsenal? Brighton’s leading player in attacking efforts! by Dimitis

There are more than a few who will say that Leandro Trossard is a panic move from Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal. But there are also the numbers that will come to contradict them. Which will let them know that no Brighton player is as involved as the Belgian in the Seagulls’ attacking efforts!

Arsenal appear to be “one step away” from a very important transfer move, as they have agreed everything with Brighton’s Leandro Trossard, at a time when the Seagulls are willing to sell the Belgian in order to avoid losing him for no financial reward six months from now.

The “glass” between him and Roberto De Zerbi has been cracked and the Gunners knew it. They could not get the signature of Mykhaylo Mudryk, so they turned to the alternatives they had. They realized the problem between Trossard and the Italian and rushed to take up his case.

No panic moves. In fact, the other way around. A very convincing plan from Edu, who chose to pay much less than the 90 million Arsenal would have for the Ukrainian, to get a player with a different background.

A player of a good age (28 years old), who already knows the reality of the Premier League and will not have to adapt to new circumstances. “He “shone” in England, stood out at Brighton, worked brilliantly with Graham Potter and looks ready to take the step up.

As for the question of whether Arsenal went into the process of buying Trossard, with their main argument being to avoid being without a player, the answer is simple. Arsenal does not spend without reason, but tries to rationalize every purchase.

Let’s not forget the fact that Leandro Trossard is the main reason Brighton attack for such long periods of the game. It is, after all, the group with the most goals of any club in the Premier League since the league resumed, with the Belgian having the most involvement of anyone in the club’s attacks.

Either by shooting, passing or being the one to make the so-called “key pass”. A transfer that will result in… assist, before the final pass. The numbers “prove” it and the most sceptical could be convinced of the usefulness of such an addition.

Brighton’s attacks rely heavily on Trossard, with the Belgian having played 1325 minutes this season, being Brighton’s leading player in attacking actions. He shoots on 2.5 of his offensive attempts, passes the ball 1.4 of the time and creates space for himself also at 1.4, recording seven goals and three assists in 16 appearances this season.

So on average, Trossard has either direct or indirect involvement in the way the Seagulls attack, in 5.3 of their attacks! No one has a higher one, with Solly March trailing by one less percentage point and Alexis McAllister third on the list.

Therefore, if you consider that Brighton are the best and most consistent team of the “mid-table” teams after Newcastle, Arsenal are adding their best creative player to their roster, while also paying 70 million less than they would have paid for Mudryk.

It doesn’t look like a defeat, but a perfectly calculated choice, which at the end of the season will count as a success!

Dimitris Manakos


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  1. Fact! A much better choice at the moment. Don’t know what the future would be for Mudryk and him, but right now, he is a better addition. Especially when one also considers the price. As a matter of fact, a player with the future of Mudryk can still be gotten with what Edu still has left from what they priced Mudryk for. Maybe even two more players.

    I consider this a better piece of business and not in anyway a panic buy.

  2. Brighton’s top scorer this season and last season, will be our bench player. Now that’s squad depth and tells you everything about how good our starting XI at the moment is.

    And when he comes on or starts, our quality on the pitch won’t decrease. He knows the PL, he’s versatile and also great off the ball. Great signing IMO.

    Now let’s hope for some depth for the midfield.. I don’t want to think how we would cope if Partey or Xhaka injure themselves for a month or two..

  3. It’s not a panic move but I for one am very happy that MA/Edu failed in their attempt at spending a ton of cash on a massive risk.

    Trossard is in his prime, well priced, experienced in EPL and versatile. Good thing his falling out dropped him right into our lap. The perfect player to add in January.

    Now we should have cash to strengthen the area we all know that we need cover for the most, DM.

  4. Google his stats for the last 4 seasons, it’s very underwhelming. I stand by saying that we don’t need this guy and buying him has now greatly reduced time for some of our younger stars and I don’t rate him any better than them.

    1. He’s not better that Martinelli or Saka but he brings a different element that can be used from the bench or as a start against certain opposition.

      We do have a ton of attackers on our books already I agree but for 20mil nowadays he seems like a quality buy. Who else would you recommend for 20 mil?

    2. Hi Tojo, when you checked his stats for the last 4 seasons, what key thing did you measure? Did you take your time to check if his performances improved, stagnated or declined over the same period? Using mean or average can be misleading. Trossard for me is fit for now than Mudryk who was coming for the future with many uncertainties.

    3. you may as well go and buy the player you want if you are not satisfied. Right now we are at the top of the table and we do not want your negativity.

      1. I’m not negative bro, I simply don’t believe we need a winger. Get Savic which is a position we actually need.

        Veira, smith Rowe, Nelson and marquinhos are all competing for the same spot as martinelli and saka and now we are throwing trossard into the mix, seriously how can anyone actually think we need him.

        Mudryk offered something exceptional and an upgrade on our current options. Thus justified going for him, however Trossard doesn’t. I’m not saying he won’t get us 5/6 goals a season but, so will Nelson.

        1. Mudryk is never an upgrade on our current options.
          Our pursuit of him at that fee was not shrewd. Im glad we swerved that bullet.

        2. I don’t understand what you’re saying. First off, Mudryk, in the immediate sense is not an upgrade in anything we have now. The only advantage I’d say he had over Saka and Martinelli would be his pace. But the kid is extremely unproven on the biggest stage. Did I want him? Absolutely, and that’s because I trust Arteta’s management and his track record with wingers at City and now at Arsenal. But Mudryk was largely one for the feature, while Trossard is a much more immediate solution. Also, Trossard is a better ball striker than all our wingers. And while he’s right footed, his left is so good that you can’t tell the difference. And that’s a wonderful trait that makes him unpredictable. He’s also technically gifted, good in tight spaces, and can play across the front three and in CAM. Anyway you dice it, Trossard is a good buy. And he’s more than a 5/6 goals per season player. He already had 10 goal contributions this season (7gls, 3 assts in EPL) playing for a mid table team, and this includes a hat trick against Liverpool, three sumptuous strikes all scored with his weaker left foot.

          Also, in Arteta’s eyes, I don’t think ESR and Vieira are long term wing options. He’s trying to mould them into other positions too. Only Nelson is truly and out and out winger.

          And finally, I don’t get why some fans still keep doubting Arteta and his plans and his recruiting after watching the growth at Arsenal since he came in. If Arteta wants him, I trust the manager. It’s that simple. Of course, I may disagree with his decisions sometimes, but I’m not the manager and don’t know what’s happening there inside the club, so I have no standing or authority to speak as if I’m more intelligent than he is at his job.

          Moral of my rant: It’s fine to have your opinion, but pipe down, back the team, and let Arteta and Edu work.

        3. Toto you speak like that in the safety of having Saka and Martinelli fit and firing. Matches are going to come thick and fast, on Thursdays and Sundays. Saka and Martinelli are still kids. They will inevitably burn out. I shudder to imagine a scenario in a Europa league semi final facing Barcelona with both Saka and Martinelli unavailable for one reason or another and with another match say Newcastle (a must win to get ahead of city by a point) in the PL on the next Sunday. And when you look, all you have is Nelson and Fabio, we would be cooked. Let’s tell each other the truth. This Trossad signing is a no brainier.

  5. I think it’s a great bit of business and for a decent price ,pretty excited to see what he can do in this squad .
    A few Rumours going around that we might be interested in his former teammate Caicedo which would be the icing on the cake .

    1. Totally agree Dan no settling in period needed can make a instant impact anyone who gets a hatrick against Liverpool can’t be to bad a player! If we can get a forward and DM to cover any partley injury by end of transfer window we should then have enough strength in depth to see us through the rest of the season and if we do get 2 further additions i think Arsenal will never get a better chance to win the Premier league!

    2. i agree i think this is the perfect signing for us as acover player, ive always felt he needed or should be at a bigger club.

      he brings alot off the ball which will add to our press when he is playing, he wont handicap the team imo like many as saying

  6. Saka and/or Gabs are not super humans to play all of the remaining EPL, FA and EL matches. We now have a reliable wide attacking forward to rotate with considering ESR & Nelson are quality but are injury prone and need to be integrated into the team carefully. Plus we have a forward who can be played against physical teams and Gabs can come off at the 60th minute top wrap up things for us. And someone to back up Nketiah should he need rest. As usual Mikel has outdone the rest of the pack with an astute signing. Just that some of our fan base still wear the rose tinted glasses.

  7. Look at his ball recovery stats, high press stats. They are extremely good. He will give Saka, Eddie, and Gabby Martinelli chances for R&R. He does not even threaten ESR’s chances. We have games coming thick and fast. He can play in so many positions ‘skillfully’, he has a high work-rate, he is exactly what we need to carry our threat on. Now a midfield player please?……..and the Premier league title.

  8. EXCLUSIVE: Leandro Trossard’s agent, Josy Comhair, tells me:

    “I personally offered Leo to Arsenal. This is the most beautiful club for him and the football they’re playing suits him perfectly. The deal took 48hrs which shows how much Arsenal wanted him.”

    I think this answers some questions.

    1. That’s the kind of information that we Arsenal fans want Mike – thank you for sharing it.

      I must say Brighton are producing some excellent players and results…. however I think this transfer, if it happens, will come back to haunt them.

    2. Dont wish to burst any bubbles but Trossard was offered to many clubs. It doesn’t matter but that is the truth.

      1. Yes Reggie, but his agent is saying that once The Arsenal showed an interest, the player informed him that he wasn’t interested in going anywhere else.
        The agent recommended The Arsenal to him and, so he says, it took 48 hours from start to finish.

        As it’s now OFFICIAL, I can start celebrating an excellent transfer.

  9. Arteta can now rest Martinelli and/or Saka when appropriate in the knowledge that, in ESR and Trossard he has more than capable deputies.Competition is a must for any side with League winning aspirations.OT, I am somewhat surprised to learn of our apparent interest in Jakub Kiwior who is a left footed centre back at a time when a quality DM is desirable in my opinion.

    1. He played as DM in the last season. I think he is actually one that may be slotted into the DM position.

  10. This is a great signing to strengthen our squad. Improving the quality of our squad depth is vital for winning the PL Title. So happy with this signing

  11. Its not a panic transfer, he wasn’t in Arsenals top 3 priorities ( for different reasons we couldn’t get our priorities) we needed someone now, he was available and easy to get. No brainer.

  12. There’s probably some good research in here, but I couldn’t understand the stats quoted for lack of units, such as this:

    “He shoots on 2.5 of his offensive attempts, passes the ball 1.4 of the time and creates space for himself also at 1.4”

    2.5 what? Can’t be % because that would be very unimpressive. 2.5 times out of… 5? 10? It’s kind of important to know that.

    At least the tone suggests that the stats are impressive, which is good news.

    1. IDKWIC, Isn’t the truth that Dimitris, the article writer, is actually yet another misguided fan who fondly imagines stats “prove” something.
      But in reality, stats can only be used as a guide and only then when responsibly and sensibly used. I try to avoid judging any player by stats, as most of them are near useless as an accurate guide and I have little respect for stat slaves , such as Dimitris!

      He was blithely trotting out figures without any attempt to accurately explain their meaning and consequently he lost my respect immediately I read that meaningless and mysterious load of old, er “STATS!

  13. Trossard should be a useful signing given his known qualities and PL experience.
    However Mudryk has much greater potential at this point in his career. So losing him to Chelsea is not really a cause for celebration as some seem to be doing.
    Ideally, Arsenal should have gone for him in the summer when they looked at him and Brentford could not complete a deal.
    Unfortunately, even though he would have cost much less then the “geniuses” on JA would have been out in force declaring what an awful deal it was.

    1. I AM CELEBRATING! Paying over fifty million pounds for the kid would have been madness and frankly, stupid. Even if he joined Arsenal, he would have been sat right next to Marquinhos on the pine.

      We are trying to win the Premier League. Whether Trossard is a starter or cover, he can play immediately due to his Premiership experience. Is that not what people have been asking for?

      Watch out, Mudryk has a twenty-four month audition period. If he does not perform to the satisfaction of his Football Manager owner, watch him get sold.

  14. The time to celebrate is when we have won something. Trossard may turn out to be a great buy who contributes to the titles that we win. We will all celebrate then.
    Paying a large fee for huge potential is not unreasonable.

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