The stats show that Arsenal were lucky to win at Huddersfield

You have to feel sorry for Huddersfield and their new manager Jan Siewert after they played their hearts out to try and get their first win in 12 games. Everyone was aware of Arsenal’s dire away record and the Terriers must have really believed that they could finally get some points against a Gunners side that were missing half their squad through injuries and illness.

And they certainly tried, and in fact had more possession over the 90 minutes at 55%, and the sad truth is that that they were let down by the lack of finishing and confidence in front of goal. They actually had 15 shots on goal as opposed to Arsenal’s 9, and 6 on target whereas we only had 4! Luckily two of those went in, although the first one was an extremely fortuitous deflection from Iwobi’s volley, and if hadn’t gone in the game could have gone in a different direction.

As for corners won, Arsenal had a big fat zero while Huddersfield had 5. They made 25 tackles to our 19, and won 16 aerial duels to our 14. They certainly didn’t look like a bottom of the table side playing a Top Six side, and their manager Jan Siewert was pleased with his players efforts. He said on the BBC: “First of all I am proud. We played against Arsenal, one of the top teams in the table and we had many chances. We tried everything, we gave everything to win the game right until the end. How we created chances made me very proud.

“The most important thing is that I come in, in a very difficult situation. Judge us by our work and what the players are doing and this makes me proud. The supporters’ applause makes me proud. I will fight until the end to keep these lads in the Premier League.”

It is great for us Arsenal fans that we came away with the points, and it must be very frustrating for the Terriers, but let us not get carried away and think that we are back on course after this lucky win. We desperately need to get some defenders fit and stable or the Top Four will just be a distant dream.

Darren N


  1. Nayr says:

    We did not play well but you are having a laugh if you think huddersfield deserved to win.

    why don’t you mention that iwobi missed about two clear chances.

    if aubameyang played it would have been 4-0 to us.

    yes we are not playing well at the moment but that is what will get us into the top four,getting points while we are playing badly.

    1. Trudeau says:

      I dont want to start a fight but I really find this hyper criticism of Iwobi boring. Maybe it’s spurred on by posters whow can’t see any flaws in his game but c’mon. The chance that so many posters are complaining about came at the end of him helping break up play, firing a pinpoint 40 metre pass to Mikhitaryan and busting his gut for 70 metres to make an overlapping run. Yes he should have done better with the finish and clearly that is something he has to work on. But as a coach give me a player that does three out of four things right and gives that kind of effort any day. I

      1. Dan kit says:

        Which ever way you look at it ,we will never win the premiership with players of his calibre in our team ,if you’re happy to have him in the team then you must be happy fighting for 4th-6th place .you only have to look with you’re eyes to see he’s not good enough ,when you have seen players like overmars ,pires ,Freddie,nasri,Glenn Helder to name a few running down that line then you see iwobi it disappoints you .
        He’s not good enough that is the truth .

        1. ACE says:

          It’s an unequivocal truth that Iwobi isnt a
          good enough player to feature in a EPL
          winning side. Neither is Xhaka, Guendouzi,
          Mustafi, Saed, Nacho, Ramsey, Miki, etc.
          Arsenal have a collection of average players,
          are managed by a gaffer still trying to decide
          on his best 11 and system and owned by one
          of the worst owners in all of world futbol.
          Iwobi is an easy target but EVERYTHING
          about this club ATM screams of Thursday
          Night futbol and a new peer group consisting
          of Wolves, Everton and Watford.

        2. Th14 says:

          Oh I’d love you to tell me the caliber of players Leicester won the league with. Thank you

          1. Dan kit says:

            Better than iwobi that’s for sure ,if you haven’t noticed half that team are now playing for the top teams

            1. Th14 says:

              Kante and Mahrez = half of the team? Come on man… why are you like this?

            2. Tissiam says:

              false statement only marhrez who plays for man city oh and drinwater at chelsea and can,t make the match day squad!!

              1. Tissiam says:

                Sorry I forgot kante!!

      2. Ackshay says:

        I think the same, iwobi lovers get on the nerve of people here just like its the same for ozil and aubameyang which leds to over criticism but nayr never criticised iwobi he just said he missed clear chances.
        Me on the other hand i want to reach through the tv and slap aubameyang when he misses clear chances and he is one of my favorite players.

        1. Nayr says:

          well said.

    2. Bur says:

      I watched the game this morning again and to be honest Huddersfield missed a lot of opportunities, thank goodness, we had a bit of luck. I am encouraged to see Koscielny getting back into his stride. Lacazette put a good shift in., Niki showed spells of encouragement, Iwobi missed a sitter to rap the game up and in my opinion Geundouzi is not fulfilling this role he has been given . Not good enough.
      I’ll take the 3 points though and hopefully we get a few more away wins but with clean sheets

      1. Sue says:

        I think we’ve ridden our luck a few times this season!! But at the end of the day we won…phew!!!

      2. Th14 says:

        To say Iwobi missed a sitter is utter rubbish. Do you know what a sitter is? Don’t think so pal

        1. Durand says:

          More accurate to say he kicked ball directly to the GK, again.

          I did like the buil up tho, laying off to Mkhi then sprinting 60 yds in attack and trying at least. I applaud him for the effort. Iwobi was more convincing than Elneny.

  2. Trudeau says:

    Seems when we win we are undeserving. When we lose we get exactly what we deserve. Man we got some miserable grumpy Gooners this year.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think some fans are upset because they are so used to watching Wenger’s tiki-taka with Ozil’s fancy passes

      Some fans also wanted Allegri or Simeone as Wenger’s successor. Hopefully they know that Allegri also uses the defensive 3-4-3 sometimes and Simeone seems to be stricter than Emery

      Better get used to Emery’s style and support him till the end of this season. If Arsenal still sit in the 6th position or below, I believe the board would not hesitate to terminate his contract

      1. Trudeau says:

        I think the Board will take 6th this year. Next year maybe not.

        1. ozzziegunner says:

          No one need worry about Unai Emery being sacked, because if Kroenke and the board don’t support him in the transfer market he will walk to join a club with ambition. He is young enough and has a very good reputation with is peers and he will attract suitors.
          For those who think Allegri and Simeone would be attracted to Arsenal; good luck with that! Mark Hughes might be available.

          1. Kenny says:

            Jose Morinho will be next to replace Emery. After he improved Arsenal’s defenders, he is sacked but he lay the foundation of strong defence which Arsenal is missing for more than a decade.

            1. Midkemma says:

              Not a nice thought of Jose being our boss…
              Butt at least he will know how to get Ozil performing, something Emery is clueless on.

              1. Durand says:

                Be careful Midkemma, you must always agree with Emery unequivocally, or you are a hater and want him gone.

                1. ozziegunner says:

                  What is Ozil doing to help his case?

              2. ken1945 says:

                The list Ace makes of our players is certainly on the right track.
                However Ace, I would like to ask you where UE is going to get the players you and everyone else who truly support the club want?
                First of all the players of the calibre to challenge the might of City, Pool and Utd backers are way beyond the reach of UE.
                That’s simply because of kkronkie’s transfer kitty that has been holding the club back for years.
                Please let’s not debate AW, but have you considered that’s the reason we have been a second tier transfer club for years?
                Now I know your going to say that there are buys like Torreria to find and he has been a great signing…but he is on hire purchase, that’s how kronkie has brought the club to it’s knees.
                Also, would he replace Gilberto, Vieria or Petit?
                Until kronkie changes or is gone, we can only dream of those type of players in every position i.e. Invincibles!!
                Secondly the salaries, well actually they are part and parcel of the first point aren’t they?
                You only get what you pay for in today’s world, so how we can banter top class player’s names around, but not expect to pay mega wages is incomprehensible…and kronkie just won’t do it!!
                I’ve yet to find a manager who has never made a mistake in the transfer market. Neither have I heard from a supporter who thinks he couldn’t do better.

          2. jon fox says:

            You damned realist you. ! I use “damned” not as MY opinion, obviously, but of others, who are the many fantasists on here. Like you Ozzie, I always appreciate realists . There are not too many of us on here of late. Those who indulge themselves that Pep , Klopp or any other top longtime manager who has previously managed at an ambitious club would dream of coming into “Kroenkes self pocket filling” club are in dreamland. It is a near miracle that we captured a manager of Emerys distinction. Only realists have a clue HOW good a manager he is, BECAUSE only realists have a clue how awful a squad he inherited. To have got this lot of inherited clown defenders about level for fourth place with United and Chelsea, this far into the season and with all those long term injuries too, I SEE AS A NEAR MIRACLE. That there ARE folk on here who believe Allegri would have seriously considered working under Kroenke is deeply depressing as to their naivety, bordering on idiocy in CERTAIN cases. Allegri was sounded out and told Kroenke where to go. What else would any realist expect!

            1. OJay says:

              It seems some arsenal fans dont know the type of trouble we are in as a club, some think we the fans are the only people watching our team’s situation but ofcourse so are the other managers, be honest with your selves guys, in today’s market with a relatively non existent transfer kitty and expectations to get into the top 4 how many of you would jump at the chance to manage arsenal and would confidently say you can achieve the target set? lets not forget that the fans will always feel like they know more than you do lol. I’m not going to comment on Wenger and only on Emery, he is overseeing a transition in a club that hasnt seen change in 22 years, spent about 80 million euros and is ahead of chelsea seeing the same transition and spent over 200 million euros in the same period of time. I wont even speak on the struggles man utd faced when sir alex left, lets be honest to ourselves guys, Emery is trying and we really arent doing that bad, just be a bit more patient with him ok

        2. Taj aziz says:

          With 45ml 8th will be lucky

    2. Tissiam says:

      Sadly it,s been going on for few years now!!

  3. gotanidea says:

    Huddersfield dominated because Emery chose to use 3-4-2-1, which adds one extra CB at the expense of reducing the number of midfielders in deeper area

    Conte’s Chelsea could dominate in their first season because of their CBs’/ midfielders’ quality and the tactic was unpopular at that time, hence their opponents could not anticipate it. Arsenal’s CBs’ and midfielders’ quality are not as good as that season’s Chelsea, therefore they lose the possession

    But that tactic was perfect to nullify Huddersfield’s wingers, proven by two well-crafted open play goals before Kolasinac’s error. Ranieri’s Leicester City won the EPL with less possession in most of their matches, because of the counter-attack strategy

  4. Sue says:

    Hopefully we’ll be ‘lucky’ again on Thursday

    1. If we do get the result you can be sure that is what the win will be attributed to! Luck and sub par opponents! If Emery makes a half time sub he’s tampering and clueless. If they work, he had a lucky break. The grind just don’t stop for the Emery hate train.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Quantic Dream, just insert Wenger for Emery and that’s what you’ve been posting for ages.
        Sickening isn’t it? Some call it “double standards” others say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
        Thank goodness no-one actually hates UE and wishes him ill health.
        Any true gooner wants him to succeed, just as they should have done previously.

  5. Tom says:

    The iwobi debate is a matter of people who just dont want him and though that think he is good enough to represent being a starter.
    And then there is people who just want to support him to be better so he increases our squad strength.

    The ozil debate is a matter of though that think he is the best player we have for creativity and though that think he is over rated and doesn’t value a start.

    The xhaka debate is a matter of…

    It’s the Wenger in or out construction that is cemented in our current fan culture that will take a long period to move on from.

    Fans still expect us to be gold dust but we are a far cry from the mastery work of Wenger and the down turn to his work being diluted.
    We have to accept now we will be a different type of arsenal for the next 3 years. We may need to go through a period of gritty football to achieve goals and change the mentality of our players.

    A Wenger or a Pep only come along once in a generation. Even klopp is not super stylish attacking galore (his tactics are quick predictable actually), just look at his record for a 50+yr manager. Not a cabinet full of honours sorry to say.

    Are there any Wenger out fans who are not now pleased with unai emery approach?

    1. ozzziegunner says:

      Ask me in a few years time; Emery certainly won’t be here 22 years and Arsene Wenger admitted he stayed at Arsenal too long.

      1. ken1945 says:

        He also says how he was treated unfairly by some fans, how important it was to finish in the top four and said his love for the club will never die.
        Four very revealing and truthful quotes don’t you think ozziegunner?

        1. jon fox says:

          The Wenger love in continues still. Yawn!!! Seems I am the one that has moved on among us two, eh Ken? And yes, before you say it, I DO realise you were only answering the post above yours from Ozzie. But what I ALSO notice is how regularly you answer EVERY anti Wenger post you notice. I wouldn’t mind so much if you showed the loyalty you always preached back then to our PRESENT MANAGER. But you are as quick as most on her to severely question HIM! DOUBLE STANDARDS COME TO MIND. OR “HUMBUG” , WHICH YOU SAID ABOUT ME (and have not apologised for , nor the other comments in that one post) BUT I have moved on now. Have you, about constantly defending Wenger to all who don’t share your opinion on his latter decade? I don’t deny Wenger loved the club BUT he also loved his long term power supremo position and his large remuneration, at least as much. My own life heroes are far less compromised than that. That is why my life heroes are NEVER in top level football, where almost ALL IS TAINTED BY THE OBSCENE AND UNDESERVED WEALTH GIVEN TO ALL BIG NAMES, INCLUDING MANAGERS.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            jon and Ken, my post wasn’t “anti Wenger”; just giving an opinion re longitivity of the current Arsenal coach.
            I can’t understand how in his first season, with the difficulties Arsenal have, so called “supporters” can’t get behind the coach and the players.

            1. ken1945 says:

              I understood that ozziegunner, you have always been fair in your thoughts regarding both managers, as I hope I try to be.
              I was just adding some other quotes that I thought went along with yours and how they linked together.

    2. Trudeau says:

      That’s an interesting point about Arsenal fans. Maybe the years of polarisation with AOB vs AKB has made it difficult for is to debate differing point of views without seeing things in false dichotomies and making false assumptions about the posters. Ozil is lazy and anyone who disagrees is happy with tic-a-tackle football. Iwobi isn’t good enough and anyone who disagrees must be happy with sixth place etc etc.

  6. rkw says:

    no serious gunners fan could watch the game yday and conclude “at least we got 3 points” … we have been falling behind the top european clubs in football terms for a decade and are now stuck in euoropa league limbo worrying about possible upstarts rather than catching up to the top … this was not what fans were promised as the new stadium was unveiled in fact its the opposite … the problem has been down to two people KROENKE (for consolidating his power at a club where his sole interest is financial) and WENGER (for overstaying his managerial tenure) although his legacy lingers in a weak squad its pointless blaming the frenchman any more which means the heat needs to be turned up on the greedy yank

  7. ozziegunner says:

    There were many games in the past when Arsenal had time in posssession, shots on goal, corners and other statistics in its favor, but still lost. I would prefer that Arsenal win, regardless of statistics.
    Just remind me again of why Arsenal left Highbury and incurred the cost of constructing the Emirates?

    1. Midkemma says:

      I prefer to be entertained.
      Emeryball is rather boring.

      I guess we better start listening to some old chants to prepare for what’s ahead.

      “Boring, boring Arsenal… ”
      Although the chant of “1-0 to the Arsenal” will be rare, Emery leaks just as many goals… and he has been given some def CMs to help protect the backline.

      Before people jump on with the BS of Wenger trash, Emery is the one who plays the high line and refuses to adjust his tactics until he can get the players to fulfill his style.

      1. Durand says:

        Emery himself said part of manager’s responsibilities include improving the players. Guess he needs a full year to teach Xhaka and Mustafi to stop repeating costly mistakes.

        Then again it’s probably Wenger’s fault, or Ivan’s, Ozil’s, or Kronke’s. We bash former manager, current players, but never ever Emery.

        Hopefully Emery’s seen enough of Lichtsteiner to avoid him except for emergency; I applaud his decision not to play him. Like to see Mavroporas rather than Mustafi; especially with 3 CB’s and facing a bottom club.

        Europa looking like our best route back to CL. Doesn’t matter in all honesty if Kronke won’t invest to ensure we’re competitive. Fearing Kronke will consider Europa the new top 4, but CL qualification too expensive.

      2. Break-on-through says:

        Emery is an attack minded manager. Right now he is trying to instill fight, discipline, and a shape into his players, because we are far too weak defensively. If we had a full squad, you would see better attacking and more possession. If he had more than one transfer window and more than roughly half a season with them, again you would see better attacking. He knows how important the points are, he knows how important the Europa is, so that is why he is trying to get a defensive side ready. He knows he can set up an attacking side, we seen that earlier in season, these players are happy to be let lose. We need defensive discipline, you can’t just switch only when you are against big sides, it doesn’t work like that. Away from home defensive discipline is not a bad idea. Especially when we could have a huge Europa game that might need it, or a big prem game that even a point might suffice. Emery has his reasons. When we missed allot of players under Wenger, it would’ve been smart for Wenger to set up more defensively at times, we suffered usually when the injuries racked up, esp when it was the starting team defenders and when the main goalscorer was also missing.

        It is easy to back a legend. It is easy to say great things about someone after they’ve had success. But does that make a person deserving of their managers success. I would say it is more deserving to back someone before success, what if Wenger had this type of competition back then, he would’ve likely needed the support well before any success arrived. This is one of the reasons I back Unai, because I would do the same for Wenger.

        1. ken1945 says:

          break-on-Through, good post sir, like your one about supporting the manager whoever he is/was.
          If one didn’t do that, how on earth can one call him/herself a gooner?
          Question his decisions etc of course we must, but try to wish him ill or hope he loses games is just to sick to comprehend.
          How could any true gooner want that?

          1. Midkemma says:

            I don’t think any gooner wishes Emery to lose.
            It means wishing Arsenal to lose.

            It doesn’t mean we have to be gullible and believe fantasies.

            Was it bad for UTD fans to turn on Jose? He was their manager. I do not think UTD fans was wishing UTD to lose, upset that they did and a bit pessimistic due to their manager but I do not think any of them was wishing UTD to lose as that loss would make them feel good.

            1. ken1945 says:

              Midkemma, there have been fans on here, during the last two seasons who have done just that..wanted us to lose and hoping for ill health to our ex-manager.
              I have never wanted Arsenal to lose a single game and was delighted we got three points yesterday.
              But exactly the same criticisms that were thrown at our ex are being repeated now and, as far as I’m concerned, not to question them is double standards and hypocrisy at the highest level.
              This self righteous indignation that we shouldn’t ask and seen as not wanting UE to succeed is laughable if it were not so idiotic.

              1. Midkemma says:

                Fare play Ken.

                I am vocal against Emery tactics and upset he appears to set up the team to negatively but never want us to lose.

                I can’t recall those posts but my memory is like a sieve at times XD

                Personally I wouldn’t call those people gooners but I see your point Ken.

                1. ozziegunner says:

                  Midkemma , Durand and others, to be fair how often has Unai Emery had a full squad to choose from, to develop a stable defense. Good defense is very dependent on teamwork and understanding, trust and confidence in the players along side you. How can this be developed, when combinations are constantly changing and players out of position?

                  1. ken1945 says:

                    ozziegooner, UE has been so unlucky with the defensive injuries and I agree completely with you regarding the need for a settled defence.
                    What I would like you to address is why he picked seven defenders against the bottom team in the premiership?
                    Chelsea beat them 5-0 the weekend before, so it was an opportunity to get some goals back.
                    Good for us, however, that they got thrashed 6-0 today and puts us back up into fifth place.
                    Shows what a good job UE is doing with all the injuries, but we should be doing even better against clubs like Huddersfield and Cardiff with the attacking players that are not injured surely?

        2. Midkemma says:

          We had Rioch and he only had 1 season.

          It isn’t about blindly supporting someone just because you think it is right, we could have given Rioch more time with that attitude. Emery is in the test drive period, if we do not like how he handles then we will take him back to the dealership and find one that does suit us better. This isn’t about soothing strangers feelings, this is showing ambition to be a top team.

          Emery has not taken Arsenal into his style, he is throwing out entertainment for boring football, I will not support a manager that gives us boring football. Pressing alone is not a tactic, the two good points about Emery is his team spirit and his coaching. He is not a top manager, he is a top coach.

          A top manager wouldn’t be exposing our def to a high line when they know it’ll take a few windows to get the type of players they need, a top manager would adjust to get what he wants in the short term and use that short term success to demand the players he wants later.

          Prove yourself first. Earn the second season.

          As for Emery being an attack minded manager, I doubt that, I think he is a limited manager and he doesn’t know how to control a game. Due to his own limitations, he has to either press hard to win ball back or attack, he doesn’t know what else to do.

          If he was so good at teaching def discipline then why is he being so foolish to ask the defenders to play high up and hurt themselves? We do that too often. We do not have players for it yet Emery insists on it. This is all for the press. Bunch players together and press. Easily exposed by a long ball. Again, this is towards his single play. I call it a play as it isn’t deep enough to be called a tactic.

          Playing out from the back isn’t exactly attacking football, it is boring and predictable to the point that oppositions know they can get at us. We will not play long balls so just throw people forward and press Arsenal. We are playing the number game with Emery, it is so freaking obvious and boring.

          Just to explain what I mean about playing the numbers; opposition has 3 attackers and we have 4 defenders and a GK(if back 4), oh look, two extra players to pass around to draw the opposition out a bit. How often have we watched that his season with Emery?

          Make a man advantage higher up the field by passing between the defenders for ever and a freaking day like a impotent attack manager who needs tactical viara. Man available ahead? Now pass forward.

          It is boring and predictable football. It isn’t attacking, it is a single freaking play that Emery isn’t adjusting to fit the players.

          I mean nothing against you BOT ^.^ Fellow gooner.
          Just being passionate 😛

  8. Break-on-through says:

    I didn’t read the article, I took one look at the headline and seen it as complete and utter nonsense. There was only ever one winner of that game yesterday. We should have won the game at-least three nil, but we could’ve easily have won by four or five goals. Any spectator who can not see this clearly, has no business judging a football game. Other than Leno making an excellent save and Koscielny being first to read a rebound, they did not trouble us in the slightest. I guess this type of crap sells and gets people talking, because truth is truth, and that headline is far from any truth.

    1. RSH says:

      have no idea why so many fans have suddenly been acting hysterical since the Huddersfield game. When you accept the fact you have to fight for every point in this league and to stop expecting 5-0 wins just because they are the bottom team, the better. Liverpool won the same fixture just 1-0, and there were three shots that entire game. You think LFC fans were crying about getting the three points as much as we have been? And anybody who watched the game knows we had plenty of chances and should’ve had at the very least 3 goals .

      1. Midkemma says:

        Liverpool are not known for gifting goals to the opposition on a whim.
        I watched the game, I got nervous each time they pressed us hard, we can’t trust our backline like the scousers can. 3 shots for them can be enough… For us, Emery can’t keep a clean sheet so we need more.

        I am just grateful we have Auba and Laca, without such quality strikers then we wouldn’t have scored as many as we have and we could be lower than we are!

        It is not all of a sudden either. During the 22 game run, I recall reading articles suggesting we was lucky to be getting the points and we haven’t really improved at all.

        1. RSH says:

          We’ve had horrible defenders for two season, and Liverpool have the best one in the league, so that’s not really surprising. And again, we easily should’ve had three goals this game, four if Elneny didn’t want to be a hero. Only two teams have scored more goals than us this season, and we were missing our top scorer. Three points is three points and we are still in top 4 race. Things will come together the more our squad improves. I just don’t understand why people are freaking out about Huddesfield and choose to ignore good performances like Chelsea.

          1. Midkemma says:

            I know we have had poor def record for a while, I would say more than just a couple seasons but I get your point.

            Do you not see my point though?

            Yes we have a bad def, we all know that, that is why we get nervous when we are only 1 goal up.

            Producing only 6 shots in 90 mins doesn’t do much to help us fans think “Well, they may score 1 but we will get 4 or 5”, no, it leaves us thinking “Oh Sht, I hope they don’t score, we are not getting shots on and if they equalise then we are throwing 2 points away”.

            LFC fans might not be crying over only having three shots but not like they have the fear of bad def like we do!

            Remember when you had faith in Arsenal def? 1-0 to the Arsenal?
            As soon as we got a goal then it was almost like we won, we had so much faith in our def that in some ways we welcomed the attacks as our defenders would destroy attackers.

            We no longer have that faith.

            1. RSH says:

              Agree, I see your point. Our defense is atrocious and we do have to rely on goals more. We were 2-0 up at HT though and that did give us the cushion to see out the game. We’ve had better games than yesterday for sure, and we’ve had plenty of games where we have created a lot of goal scoring chances. Again, we are one of the highest scoring teams in the league, so we do deliver on the goal front on a regular basis.

              1. Midkemma says:

                The first half wasn’t too bad, the second we did seem to drop a level, this is the opposite of those 22 games where it was the 2nd half that got us through them.

                The goals I put fully down to the players over tactics, the tactics are not creating as many chances as we could, I do feel Emery has hindered our attack and it might be overlooked due to how good our main two strikers are.

                I may be wrong but the number of shots we take compared to the other teams who have scored well, we have about 2/3 the amount of shots. More credit to our strikers for being efficient over the manager for mind blowing tactics. They was good before they came to us so it isn’t like Emery is responsible for that.

                If Emery can get us shooting more… That in itself would make me a happier gooner. Less worried about teams doing comebacks because we stopped creating chances and started leaking goals.

                1. RSH says:

                  I think the quality of chances we create are far better than the way we played under Wenger. At the end of the day chances created stat doesn’t matter. Goals scored does.

    2. Midkemma says:

      “Other than Leno making an excellent save and Koscielny being first to read a rebound, they did not trouble us in the slightest. ”

      So we just felt sorry for them and ran the ball into our own net, just to make sure that Huddersfield could see a goal in their stadium for their team in 8?9? hours of gameplay?

      Arsenal are such gentlemen for being so kind…

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        stop it you know they didn’t give us trouble

  9. John0711 says:

    Just watching Leicester and there’s a few young player who would get in the arsenal side

    1. RSH says:

      Arsenal need to start looking into more English players. Chilwell, Maddison especially have been great this season, and Barnes is enjoying a decent run in this side as well. United, Spurs, Liverpool, City all have English players that are integral to their squad.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Quality English players can cost a lot.
        Arsenal funds appear to be restricted.
        I think it would be best to go for quality over nationality. Some English unknowns can be quality and cheap, not saying we should ignore English.
        Once we start climbing backup and getting UCL football, then we will be getting more income and can afford the inflated prices for quality English players.

        Liverpool spent money on VVD along with Alison, while they have some good english, they added real quality to support the developing players.
        Spuds built up their squad over many years, some of them wasn’t in UCL, they are profiting from the lean years where they put the foundations in. City do have English players, do you think we could compete with them in transfers? They bought quality and paid for it as well.
        UTD was doing worse than us until Ole took over, see how a surprise name can turn a team around… UTD didn’t need some famous manager to replace Jose.

        1. John0711 says:

          McGuire Maddison and chilwell would coat poss £130 m yet it’s not like we don’t have it just that we won’t spend it.

          1. Midkemma says:

            TBH I do not think Emery has earned a big transfer window yet.

            He hasn’t shown enough tactical ability to warrant us spending most of our funds and then leaving non for a new manager if the board isn’t happy after the rebuild.

            I am not saying he should win the EPL but I do not think he has done enough to show he can move us forward as a club, he has done wonders in training but how much is that praising Emery and how much of that is moaning about Wengers training… Wenger didn’t train very well towards the end from reports.. Any good coaching could look like a miracle under the circumstances.

            I am not saying those players are not good enough, I just do not think Emery has earned the risk of spending so much and leaving us with little, Raul is already trying to sort out the mess left behind after Gazidis.

            I will say though, as soon as any club goes in for them then we will City start sniffing around, HG players and City not exactly moving players from youth to 1st team… That £130 mil could easily become a couple hundred mil.

            VVD went for how much and he doesn’t have the HG tag that McGuire has.
            Shaw went for how much a few years ago, inflation on that and those two alone could cost more than £130mil if they bargain well.

            They was happy to hold off on Mahrez so I doubt they would roll over for english talent that comes at a premium. I could be wrong tho 😛

            1. ozziegunner says:

              Arsenal could have got Virgil Van Dijk for a relative pittance when he was at Glasgow Celtic. He was on the Club’s radar and mentioned enough on this site at the time.
              Midkemma, you seem to want Emery’s hands tied behind his back, by not authorizing any improvements to the squad. You will get your wish to force him out, will no.idea who this Club could attract to replace him.

      2. ACE says:


        Not saying that each or any of these players are
        good enough to walk into the first team @
        Arsenal but its quite telling that the club has
        been unable to move a few youth talents into
        the first team over the past few years. Would
        bleeding the likes of Sheaf, ESR, Saka, Nelson
        be any worse than the underwelhming shifts
        consistently put in by the likes of Mustafi,
        Xhaka, Lichsteiner, Miki, Ozil, etc.

        Madison/Gray/Chilwell/Barnes/MaGuire have
        been very impressive for LC today.

        And Spurs are Lucky as F to somehow be
        leading, been played off the pitch for the
        majority of the contest

        1. John0711 says:

          I agree ACE I would rather play the younger players and look to the future

          1. Trudeau says:

            I some ways, slipping out of the race for fourth could be a long term positive for Arsenal. As long as we weren’t caught for sixth, giving more time to some of the young players above could be a key to the future. If the rumours of the size of transfer kitty is true we need at least three young players to take a Guendouzi type step up next year. Would be great if one were Mavraponas

          2. ACE says:

            If Arsenal fails to make the CL(highly likely)
            and Kroenke(predictably) refuses to back
            Emery in the summer window than what
            choice does the club have but to promote
            from the youth ranks or invest in a few more
            Guendouzi’s at positions of need.

        2. RSH says:

          Good point. If anything this is the season we should’ve given game time to our youth. Especially youth defenders because they cant be any worse than some of the players we already field. If we cant keep Nelson i’ll be very disappointed. And we have lack of wingers and Saka still can’t get a chance when again we dont have much to lose by playing him or at least letting him be a regular sub.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    I read an article about fans telling Niles he played poorly. It showed twitter replies to Niles account, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when seeing them saying to him ..Niles you need to stop losing possession like that …Niles you played bad passes, but if you stop doing that and work on your forward game then you can be very good. The stupidity of some fans. Do you not think Niles knows he’s not supposed to do that, of course he bloody knows. Do you not think he is trying to improve. I don’t know if these were kindergarten fans or what. But Niles just said thanks and I’ll try to keep that in mind, I’m sure with a huge sigh as he typed it. This here is some of the problem, imagine fans trying tell professionals, trained by professionals, trying to tell them what they should’ve done and what they need to do. They should be saying to him you know you’re better than that, we know you are too, spoke about the positives, and then got right behind him so to give him a boost, chin up buddy. Seriously, I’d block them on my twitter account if I was a pro footballer, I wouldn’t care, I’d tell the club that that’s my personal life and I’m not putting up with any of that stupidity.

    1. Midkemma says:

      AMN replies was… Wow. AMN looks like a real gentleman in how he dealt with those. Apologies and promises to try harder.

      I don’t think I can be more proud of an Arsenal player in how they deal with criticism.

      Massive respect for AMN.

      1. Durand says:

        AMN showed total class in his responses. Exactly the type of professional footballer we want at Arsenal. Taking the time to respond, and in such a positive way and avoiding confrontation.

        That hopefully gets the fans behind him in the tough stretches when he is fighting for a spot and game time.

        Loving AMN more, and much respect to the young man.

        1. Midkemma says:

          You’re right, exactly the type we want at Arsenal, a player who connects with the fans 🙂
          Would love to see him get a regular run in a pos that he is happy with, although, he does seem to be happy to represent us in any role asked… How lucky we are 🙂

          I hope he can settle in a role and not turn into another Ox.

      2. Break-on-through says:

        This must be the reason why Mesut and Gundagon hire someone else to manage their online profiles.

        1. ken1945 says:

          BOT, so typical of some on here.
          There we are praising a young mans attitude and respecting it and then you , somehow, manage to get in a dig about Ozil!!
          I really do despair about the attitude of some of our fans I really do.
          Just get behind the players, you did it with AMN, so why keep digging at Ozil?
          Could it just be that Ozil, being the star he is, gets more comments than AMN, who will be a star one day?
          As Ozil has to ensure he can give 100% every single minute and run up and down, side to side and look healthy, it could be hasn’t quite got the time to answer all of his fans?
          Just a thought BOT, just a thought.

  11. ACE says:

    Spuds are the luckiest freaking team. LC have
    wasted at least three or four quality chances
    (Vardy is such a douche) and have bossed the
    majority of this game but somehow find
    themselves down 2-0.

    LC are a MUCH better team than Huddersfield
    but the similarities in both fixtures is quite

  12. Grandad says:

    Yet another unconvincing performance stats or no stats.Good to see Kocielney doing well after all he’s been through.

  13. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Watching The City game and I gotta say, an attack and midfield like this is actually what we need… We can only wish

  14. Grandad says:

    Having watched Leicester a number of times this season I have to say that Chilwell has developed into a top class full back who would even improve Man City where he is likely to end up next season.

  15. Arslan says:

    For the first time this season Arsenal didn’t play possession football against a team outside top 6… Not that Arsenal didn’t want to.. but Huddersfield didn’t allow us with their high pressing & attacking that lead to them dominated possession the entire match!
    Against bottom of the table team that just last week hammered by our close rival Chelsea 0 – 5 showed how bad Arsenal was & how unlucky & determined Huddersfield was…

  16. JJPawn says:

    Wenger would have fixed the defense this season with better player. We would attacking with everything else, and now in 4th challenging for third. What prevented Wenger from competing with the top two was money.

    Emery will be okay, but will need to remove the stars first. Then bring in some blue collar players in.

    The problem always was with not having money to buy the top players.

  17. Harre says:

    Just arsenal has become a platform of negativity on players esp Iwobi, performances and all that negative.
    The same people who used to call for grinding of results no matter what the performance still cry when that is done..Iwobi needs to start scoring, he scores, you complain.
    We need a ruthless new manager who has guts to drop Ramsey and ozil if they don’t perform; here comes Emery who does it and still others need Wenger back.
    Its high time we go behind our team with positivity.

  18. Sean Williams says:

    The starting point of all the basis of the team is our owner, and the investment in time and the consistency of finances he invests into the club. When Abramovich was allowed in this country he invested big money and big time/support in Chelsea. The result can be seen now he is no longer here to energise Chelsea. Kroenke is the opposite. Yes he gives funds sometimes, but not with the consistency to be a big team. We are FACTUALLY lessening as ‘Big’ team now. The so called self-sustaining model Kroenke uses is really and truthfully based on the policy of austerity and not growth. Like our country. If we do not get Satan Kroenke out I do fear that we will become a model of mediocrity. We are run by deluded Kroenke disinterest, yet the supporters run on a policy of interest. We are a ‘Portfolio’ team. What chance has Emery got? Satan Kroenke out!

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