The strengths and weaknesses of Arsenal’s new signing Kai Havertz

As per Harry Redknapp on talkSPORT, we are still waiting to see the best of Havertz, something he said needs to change: “I think he’ll (Rice) be a great signing for them. I think they’ve made a couple—him and Havertz. We haven’t seen the best of him. He’s got to be better than what he has shown at Chelsea. I think they are two big signings for Arsenal.”

The German ought to improve next season; he ought to show Premier League fans a better version of himself after Arteta decided to take a chance on him, convincing the club to pay £65 million to sign him.

As per WhoScored, the 24-year-old has two weaknesses. He is mostly caught offside, which should change at the Emirates as he won’t be playing the striking role. Besides the offside worry, he needs to work on his finishing, as it is not among his strengths.

He could have a good season if he can overcome those two flaws. His strengths qualify him as a player the Arsenal technical bench can look to for magic on the pitch. His passing ability, aerial ability, ability to hold the ball, and defensive instincts (which many have questioned) provide him with the “ammunition” to explode at the Emirates.

Havertz brings another dimension to Arsenal’s attack (though as a midfielder); hopefully, he lives up to the expectation of being Xhaka’s ultimate replacement in the Arsenal starting lineup next term.

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  1. Think the gaffer is aiming to use Havertz like his long time sparring partner Marouane Fellaini.

    Whether it’s to his chest, head or feet, Fellaini has an incredible capacity to receive and hold up the ball to allow others to run on, or play off the Belgian or to take the chance to get back into position.

    I suspect we are going to see a lot of that from the German, in and around the box or the final third.

    1. Watched him tonight for 45 minutes and he ain’t playing as a Fellaini. Looks like a like for like for Xhaka, by dropping deep and making late runs into the box when there are possible overloads. He spent most of the second half supporting Tierney with short one twos. Had a chance but was in two minds to either shoot or cross so turned into a cross shot that led to nothing.

      I’m a bit concerned to be honest, as (If/when) we buy Rice, it is massive ask to ask him to play the Xhaka press and the Partey hold if Havertz is playing as well as Odegaard.

      I understand the inverted full backs, but I hope Timber is intelligent enough to know when to hold when Rice is pressing as I don’t trust Zinny. He has a tendency to push forward when we are on the attack and doesn’t have the spacial awareness or pace to pre-empt counters.

      1. NB
        Very good assessment, seems the late withdrawal of Odegaard may have affected the gaffer game plans.

        It appears the gaffer wanted to give Havertz a very gentle introduction, would have thought the absence of Odegaard means the German slotted into that spot.

        So Havertz had a very quiet afternoon in Xhaka slot.
        The team seems a little rusty mostly members trying to find their foot.

        So Kiwior moves ahead of Tierney in the pecking order, this left back spot is leaving too much answered question.

        From all indications it would appear Saliba and Saka had a good start.

        Still haven’t herd in terms of Saliba contract, some £220 a week touted, but not the length, hoping it’s a four year plus a one year option.
        Any thing less?

        Not sure this game tells us much as to how we wants to play, it is clear the gaffer wants a 4: 3 : 3 formation.

        1. Wow, you are up early.

          I’m not making much of yesterday’s game as everyone looked very rusty and the wholesome changes in the second half didn’t really make much sense except giving everyone a run. Balogun missed some big chances but that is another conversation all together.

          I’m assuming that MA wants to play a hybrid of a 4123 where one of the full backs will invert to make a 3223. We accused MA of not having great in game tactical nous but he has the players to do this now, without argument.

          But I still have a nagging doubt about Havertz. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of him as a AM at Chel$ki but his style reminds me so much of Ozil, and we all know that he didn’t do any of the dirty work.

          Only time will tell.

  2. Boring game, difference in quality not apparent.!! Kai
    needs to win the fans over but Balogun looked sharp and
    eager to impress. Seems like every time our keepers
    try to play through the middle we are in trouble !!

  3. Havertz certainly has the talent to be very successful at Arsenal. It remains to be seen how best Arteta utilises him in terms of position and tactics. His versatility to play in the midfield and also across the front line when required makes him a very important asset to have.

  4. I just want to see Havertz getting stuck in, if he works hard off the ball and puts his foot in and throws his body about then Arsenal fans will quickly warm to him. He must act like the English midfielders and use that big body of his and earn the right as they say, he has skills tidy player when he wants it but it’s the effort and the basics that I’m hoping to see him command well

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