Arsenal’s new striker revealed at last!

Arsene Wenger had some words of encouragement today for the Arsenal fans that are desperately waiting for the Frenchman to pull his finger out and spend some money in the summer transfer window. The manager suggested that there may well still be a few arrivals and that the signing of Petr Cech did not spell the end of his work on the transfer side of things.

But while many football experts and fans expect one of those new players to be of the centre forward variety, a report in the Daily Mail explains why that might not be happening.

The paper reveals that Wenger is planning to introduce our young English striker Chuba Akpom into the first team in the coming season. The boss has a lot of faith in the 19-year old and when you consider that the great Alexis Sanchez nicknamed him Titi because of his similarity to our club record goalscorer Thierry Henry, it could be a very exciting season for the young Gunner.

Akpom made seven appearances as a sub with the first team last season, after smashing nine goals in just 11 under 21 games. He is strong, fast and can finish and with Wenger preferring him to Benik Afobe, Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo, is this the player that will prove to be the biggest challenger to Olivier Giroud for the centre forward position?

With Wenger already having the options of Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud and Alexis Sanchez, if Akpom can impress during the Barclays Asia trophy and the Emirates cup, do Arsenal really need to sign another striker?

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    1. For the love of God…stop this everything is OK without any new signings Thingy. 99% of the fans want a new striker cuz they realise the importance of a world class striker in our title push. Kpom,giroud may do well but we need players who can do great. A striker that will score 30 goals for us.Giroud should be used as our super sub and Theo should play on the right wing. We fans mostly want Theo on the wing. Welbeck and akpom could be our third and fourth strikers repectively.most big teams hsve 3 or 4 good strikers. Look at lits of teams like chelsea,juventus,mancity,for sure manure will get another striker and use rooney too.we need a striker. We fkin need one.

      1. thingy?
        is it already a thingy?!

        dammit ivan.. the fans declare this situation a thingy..u must do something ….!

        1. Cuz we really need a top striker.I think Wenger knows that also.let’s see what he does about this thingy

          1. I realy rate this guy Chuba Akpom,
            he’s sharp and in the right place at the right time
            he just needs to score one or two goals to get his confidence
            let’s not forget TH took quite a few weeks before he scored his first goal

            I belive Akpom will be top top striker in the near future

      2. Can you name an example of this mythical 30-goal striker that we could REALISTICALLY buy? I wrote ‘mythical’ because there are not too many of them around and they are already spoken for. So, please, let me know which one is readily (meaning for less than 80 mil pounds) available?

        1. you ot a point.
          I have been looking around but if its not Lacazette, all others will be “unbuyable”
          And maybe not even Lazacette

          1. I think that we could get Benzema since Real Madrid are unpredictable but if it happens it will be towards the end of August.

        2. @JOOLS
          His name is Benik Afobe and we sold him for beer money…Still SMFH, till it hurts about this sh*t…

          1. I did not like to see him leave either but since he did not cost an arm and a leg he would not be considered ‘world class’ :-). Then again, I remember quite a few prospects I liked depart (Emmanuel-Thomas, Jay Simpson) and they did not make us regret letting them go…

            1. @JOOLS
              He is a 32 goal striker though. Streets ahead of many of those we have now, including Akpom…

              1. Yes, he had a great season but there must have been a good reason why he was let go. Unfortunately, I do not know it 🙂

    2. Bale 2 Madrid____Ozil 2 Arsenal
      Suarez 2 Barca____Sanchez 2 Arsenal
      Reus 2 Madrid_____Benzema 2 Arsenal????????????????

    3. Hahaha! I find it a laughing stock though it is just the way our manager thinks. Wenger once said to the press “we will have an addition but only a top top quality player”, the next week wenger signed SaNogoal

  1. Article got me very excited .. We need a top striker otherwise top4 finish only .. Striker to compete let’s see wengers real ambition

    1. I say give chances to welbeck and akpom too, but get a main striker should start 30 games for us and bags in 25 goals and giroud and welbeck on the bench and bring them anytime we need to .akpom still needs work, he’s not the 109% player he should be yet, but in a year or two akpom would be a huge striker. But for these two years we are going to need a big name striker to give us that killer instinct. I know I will get thumbed down but I’m sad we don’t get Martinez and try for falcao.falcao is not done my friends and he made a mistake joining Chelsea. We could have these players as our four main strikers, cavani,giroud, welbeck,akpom. Now that’s what I call a strong striking options.

    1. Me too I feel like crying watching manure and other teams buying all the quality players there are out their in the market. I mean as Wenger said if we can improve one area we would, Scwheni was available all along and we didn’t get him. He might have wanted a move to the Emirates.anyways I feel like crying cuz the more I listen to Wenger’s voice the more I get the feeling that we won’t be bringing any new players.

  2. Just get Lacazette

    Or Cavani, Benzema, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Greizmann, Reus

    Put us out of our misery please

    1. Benzema would be the perfect pick but he doesn’t want to leave Madrid and probably would if real get aguero. We would have to risk waiting for him,he might then stay at real and we miss getting a striker.we should go for other targets. Even dzeko would be a good buy time to pull one on mancity. I strongly think dzeko would be a great signing for us and dzeko himself. If we can’t get him go for IBRA. IBRA has at least 2 to 3 years top class in him,just get him. He would like the challenge and we would look like a huge force cuz IBRA is a world class striker.

  3. NEW striker? Noticed I used abbreviated letters? Seriously.. what is happening to this site? This is a prime example of a click bait pi*s article. Getting so tired of it.

  4. click bait is the new legal high…

    someone mainline some metro rumours into my veins…ohhh yeahhhhh

  5. Hahahaha. this a joke right. if only i can tel when wenger is joking i won’t be laughing with a question mark on my head.

    1. With a question mark on
      your head we all laughing 🙂
      Need to amend your
      fashion sense a tad ?
      Check out Gok Wan for ideas 🙂

  6. Whats everyones issue?? We as a club once prided ourselves as a team that makes our own stars.
    Henry, anelka, adebayor, toure, nasri, cesc, rvp, koscielny, we made them top players.

    I have grown to hate teams that neglect the youth just to buy ready made players. Why cant you do both, would you rather pay 30 million for a defensive mid? Or give our own, arsenal-made coquelin the spot.
    Would you have preffered 30mil cb, or a 10 million unknown koscielny?
    Whos to say he doesnt take bull by the horns and be the breakout star next year?
    Harry kane was woeful on loan, got his chance, scored 30 goals last year.

    Apkom has everything needed to succeed, pace, technique, power, and composure. He has the belief of our manager, how about we give him the support of the fans too.

    In my opinion, anybody can buy a star.
    But only the top class clubs can make their own.

    1. Akpom and welbeck could play our cup matches and learn from a world class striker like IBRA and a little from giroud

    2. Top class clubs also buy stars. Just as Barcelona bought Neymar and Suarez. Top class clubs though, don’t buy an average striker with no potential and expect him to turn into Ibrahimovic all of a sudden. An average striker gets you 4th which is all we are getting next season at this point in time.

      1. Fairly sure we have bought sanchez ozil and cech in the past 3 summers, I said do both.
        Also, I am assuming this average striker is O.Giroud, the striker 5 years younger than zlatan, and the striker who happened to be the top scorer in France and the reason montpellier….. MONTPELLIER won the league.
        He scored 19 in 37 appearances last year,
        compared to 23 in 60 the year before
        compared to 19 in 51 the year before.
        but yeah no potential to improve there.

  7. ROFL….Is this supposed to be a joke?? Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or grieve or be angry. All feelings are getting mixed up, that is what a stupid article does to you! hahaha / ewww / erghhh all f**g mixed up!

  8. that’s it i leave this site in the past weeks they dont produce anything but worthless junk just to sell ads
    we fans need a proper and serious site beside DM and striker

  9. I thingy that Akpom
    is worth a shot 🙂
    Why not?
    A bit young?
    Walcott +Wilshere started at 17.
    Chamberlain 18 Chambers 18.
    Wellbeck Gibbs were barely 19.
    Heck Walcott went to a world cup at 17.
    Szcz was number one GK at 21.
    I think Afobe being let go is a factor too.
    The “thingy” is he can’t do any worse
    than Sanogo Campbell Chamakh Park or Ryo.
    Zelalem is another who is close.
    makes preseason that more spicy.

    1. no one is saying he cant have a run in a couple games but to put winning the epl and champions’ league in his hands. lol i think not.

    1. To be fair we all come
      here to talk football
      in particular Arsenal football.
      So the new articles gives
      the debate a frame work
      a reset button.
      Otherwise the debate would
      become a complete tangled messi.

  10. The Boss is correct to be exploring the possibities of getting one or two of his young Gunners to make it to the senior team. Bellerin and Coquelin have potentially made the grades as they were promoted to the senior team where they have since impressed with their terrific performances. The Boss has set the condition for Cuba Akpom to comply with or reject it. Let him impress very well in the 2 Barclays Asia Trophy games and the 2 Emirates Cup games by scoring goals and give assists, is the condition, I believe. And the Boss could start him in the Charity Shield game against Chelsea at Wembley. And if he does well in that game, our BPL home game against West Ham could be waiting for him star in. That’s how to break into the first team. But is Akpom ambitiously ready as the Boss is trying to make him ready for the big onslaught? Let’s wait to see. You can only lead a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink.

  11. Ot I read the other day on a semi reliable arsenal transfer site that wenger was planning to invest in a dn player. Carvalho is our first choice followed by krychioawak. Niw carvalho is ruled out for 3 months with a leg fracture picked up at the u21 tournanent I guess krychiowak it is then! Ironic the news breaks a day after sxhneiderlin signs for mu, (though ms may never have been a target for us). On the striker situation each day goes by and its deftly quiet for us, mr ozcan is apparently getting lots of twitter based abuse.

  12. On topic who comes up with these titles?! Some articles without the titles are actually pretty good. I know from experience mr admin likes to edit articles sent in to dramatise them and the title I used was completely changed. I’ve not bothered to post since.

  13. Someone would have to make room for a new Striker. I think Walcott will be used more as a striker, along with Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom. The right wing will see more of Ox and Gnabry, and whoever is available when our midfield is fully fit… Ozil, Ramsey, Cazola, Wilshere, Rosicky.
    Unless we are looking at Welbeck as primarily a back-up to the left wing, i am assuming someone would have to leave to accommodate that new “WC” striker.

  14. Relying on Akpom this year speaks of wishful thinking, desperation or smokescreen. I’m leaning towards smokescreen. Surely, with Sonogo, Wenger learned his lesson in putting too much faith in a totally young and unproven striker. The kind words from Wenger and others are just that– kind words– designed to bolster up a kid’s confidence. Don’t read too much into them.

  15. Well, I am sure of getting plenty thumbs down but I don’t care because it pains me how wenger openly show our lack of ambition, season-in-season out. Look at how serious managers are always looking for a solution to their minor problems long before the season starts, but wenger will just relax in some beach or some radio france hoping for things to fix themselves.
    I can remember how higuin delayed his move to italy just incase arsenal might change their mind. I remember also Jovetic and erikson, demba ba before he joined chelshit, remy, cabaye, the list goes on.
    Instead of addressing key problems wenger will go and start something so funny that you might think the man is going crazy. Example is reason before last, our habitual injury started early and we were like well, there must be some january business if we’re to survive. Wenger ignore all our problems, signed only two loanees (Kallstrom and Viviano) and refused to use the few decent options we were left with ( poldi, Tomas, coq, etc).
    It is pure lack of ambition when you see your rivals strengthening with the likes of van persie (manu), mata (chelsea), matic, fellaini,fernandinho, sturridge etc and you went ahead start bringing the likes of Sanogo and other 16-17 year old players.

  16. All I have to say… I DO NOT LIKE THE WAY ARSENE WENGER treats Arsenal fans… With total disregard & no concern for how we feel. Not fair at all, not fair!!!!

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