The strikers Arsenal could sign to improve on Giroud?

Assuming that you agree with Thierry Henry on what Arsenal need to do to improve on this season and bring that longed for Premier League title back to north London, you will be wanting Arsene Wenger to use the summer transfer window to make a few key signings.

Henry thinks the Gunners need to sign four quality players in the summer; a keeper, a centre back, a holding midfielder and a centre forward and it is the last of those positions I want to look at. Not being all that aware of what is going on in South America I am going to have to focus on the striker´s that could be available in Europe and I am going to assume that Wenger is going to keep the same sort of system so we are looking at players to lead the line rather than second strikers or nippy goal poachers.

Edinson Cavani is the first name that springs to mind and according to rumours he will probably be leaving PSG this year, but I am not convinced that he is any improvement on Giroud. He did score a lot more goals with Napoli but Serie A is weaker than the Premier League. The Uruguayan is the same age as Giroud but you could still expect a good three years from him, although I am not sure if we should spend £50 million without a guarantee of an improvement on what we have.

There is Karim Benzema os course but unless Real Madrid sign a new centre forward, and even if they do, I am not sure we would be able to get the Frenchman. There is also his former team mate Gonzalo Higuain who looks set to leave Napoli and Wenger was reported to be on the verge of signing him before.

We have also been linked with players like Jackson Martinez, Mario Mandzukic and many more but for me they would not give us any more, and probably not as much, as our Frenchman. I do like the young Spaniard Alvaro Morata, now at Juventus and the Dutch striker Bas Dost is doing fantastic things at Wolfsburg. However, the one name that really stands out for me is young Harry Kane but it would be an expensive nightmare getting Spurs to sell.

So just who can Arsenal sign to improve on Giroud?

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  1. Getting an upgrade on olivier giroud is definitely a difficult task but getting a player different from his style isnt so difficult.
    May be we cud try getting charlie austin.
    Or mayb we just dont need a striker.
    I wud like us to play wid a front three full of pace i.e., alexis theo chamberlain. Wid dese 3 upfront it will b a nightmare for any defence. Also it will allow our creative midfieders to provide more thru balls on both d wings and thru d centre.

    1. I agree with your proposals. I have watched a couple of strikers and at the moment and Argentina is producing some terrific Under 21 strikers. Argentina is a striker factory machine.

      1) LUCIANO VIETTO. 12 league Goals. ( Villarreal)
      I came accross him while watching Joel Campbell. This is just his first season in Europe and barca madrid and Athlethico are all over him. For a 21 years old his pace and finishing and movement in the box is wicked. It may be a little late now for Arsenal as Barcelona are all over him. the funny thing is that My kid brother said he was a wonder kid on football manager. lol I guess he has made it to real life then.

      2) PAULO DYBALA . 13 league Goals. (Palermo)
      Just like Vietto he is another Argerntine Under 21 striker for parlemo. he has been a revelation this year in the serie A and he is more of a playmaker striker who combines skills dribbling with finishing. People say he is the next messi but i think he is more like Tevez and Aguero in body structure and playing style.

      3) MAURO ICARDI. 17 league goals. 22 goals in all competition. (Inter MIlan)
      Another argentine of the Under 21. he was linked to Arsenal barca Real bayern porto as a 16 year old. Barca won the battled and signed him. He was sold to italy 2 years later. This season at inter he is simply wicked. Now i get what the fuse was about that 16 year old. I saw a little more on me when i tried to scout Podolski but he was on the bench. mario Icardi is the next big thing. But the rumours are that Jose Mourinho and chelsea will use their Inter Milan connection and sign him this summer since diego Costa cannot play 2 games in a week.

      4) ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE. 26 league goals and 30 in all Competiton. (Lyon)
      he is 23 and just a lil older than the 3 argentine above but he is the higheest goalscorer in the top European leagues after Messi and Ronaldo. That is not a bad record to have. he has played this season as a loan striker and has excelled. His pressing game is terrific and his finishing with both legs is great. That is a rare quality as most strikers out there are too one footed.

      5) CHRISTIAN BENTEKE. 10 league goals ( Aston villa)
      We all know about him. he is different from the guys above as he is a target man and has got premier league experience. he ad a difficult time under lambert with 19 games without a goal. Since Gonner Sherwood is manager he is the form striker in the league scoring for fun. benteke is powerful full of pace good in the air and a good finisher too. At 24 years he may just be getting to his peak.

      That is 5 young strikers that i can say i have watched play in Europe. The others are just rumours and I can’t talked about them as I have never watched them play. Youtube videos could be very deceiving. Chamark use to be good on youtube. lol You can scout the players above.

      1. I’ve championed Benteke forever on here, and all through his 19 game baron run to which people replied saying “he’s sh1t”. He’d be a GREAT signing imo, and if Villa were to slip out the league I’d be amazed if we didn’t scoop him up.

        I’m not sold on the idea we need to IMPROVE on Giroud as I think there’s only a select few who are better (none of which are attainable) in what we require at ST, I’m more in favor of having an alternative of similar quality that can contest the position properly. My biggest Giroud issue is when he’s fit he starts NO MATTER WHAT. That’s because Welbz isn’t ST material yet and frankly nobody else at the club comes close to fulfilling the role.

        Again people love to put players down when we miss out on them, but Higuain would be the absolute dream if you’re looking to bring in a ST. He would be our Eduardo II, touch, vision, moments of magic, cut throat finishing, and crazy desire to win. He turned 27 in December so the idea we’d only get 3 years out that deal is baffling. In 5 of his last 7 years (Real and Napoli) he’s scored 25+ goals. Pure class.

        1. Agreed i would love to see Higuain arrive. Probably looks most sure to be a hit from a betting point of view.

          I also think Cavani is still a top player and think his attributes are perfect for EPL. Cant understand the sway in opinion unless its his price people are hesitant on as it would likely mean not enough budget for other targets.. still a top striker.

          I liked Arsenes description of J Martinez and how he said the player is very suited for PL football, cant really say much further on that.

          Myself, if we where looking for a similar player to Giroud for when hes injured or even to provoke better displays from a rivalry i believe Mandzukic would be a solid signing. If i am to be completely honest and put favoritism aside Mandzukic is a cut above Giroud. In General play they are maybe about even but finishing i have to give the nod to AM man. Arial prowess also AM man.

          Lacazette, he reminds me of many forwards who came out of France. They seem to produce many forwards each generation of similar qualities. I can only say if Arsene deems him quality im all for it because like mentioned i have seen allot of false promise come out of France which flattered to deceive.

          I would be excited seeing any of MM EC GH arrive… and if Arsene thought he could transform JM form into the PL i would be very optimistic.

      2. Lacazette and Dybala would be my ‘dream buys’, get them both I would say and then sell some of the fringe players who are not going to improve our squad by keeping them.

        They both give me the impression that they could play the wider attacking roles as well as the CF, this is something that I think Wenger would like. He could play them out wide (right?) and let them compete for CF, playing out wide keeps them sharp and also an area which would help them get use to the EPL.

      3. looks like only the last two can win aerial balls and hold up/link up like giroud. something that is essential in the EPL. the others could replace Walcott. but a fully firing Walcott would also improve our side immensely.

        it isn’t so easy. I remember the reading game and seeing welbeck lost when losing every aerial battle.

        we could be better off just playing sanchez in that lead role. wenger did buy him for that in mind.

    2. Alexandre Lacazette

      Theo needs to learn how to defend and to put a shift in, he needs to step up or get shipped out.
      If we get Pedro, who is definitely leaving Barca, when would Theo ever start?

      1. you are jumping to conclusions. we all assumed that Walcott wasn’t starting due to form but the reality might be wenger is being precarious because of his injury.

        welbeck needs to improve. his touch lets him down. his finishing is fine for me but not too great. but where he lets himself down the most is his lack of strength which is surprising because he is so strong. it has to be all in his mind.

  2. Off subject
    Oscar was so badly injured he’s in the squad against Leicester.
    Proved Chelsky can give it but don’t like taking it.
    Ps See that dozy look on their chairman’s face. He looks like he wouldt know o an entertaining team if it it kicked him up the arse.He should worry with his illgotten gains.

    1. I think u should talk less of Chelsea n more of your own team. game played on Sunday u still talking abt an incident in de match.are you gonna follow Chelsea’s victory parade

  3. OT
    Don’t know if anyone would share the same opinion with me here…but the media was all over Ozil for exchanging shirts at Half time (before), but they didn’t notice Terry’s celebration at the end of a DRAWN match that DIDN’T (yes it took them a step closer) win them the league…
    I cannot see another potential champion team that would’ve been so excited about a drawn match. Just showed Mou and his teams FEAR for Arsenal.

    1. the fabregas dive as well and what he said about being touched. obvious he got instructed to dive at every opportunity. very negative.

      he didn’t win much friends but you can tell from his sub and post match interview he prefers arsenal.

  4. If only welbeck could work on his finishing and first touch,we could have a 30+ goal machine world class player

    1. And I’m not quite sure, but I don’t think he has a good left foot – I’ve always seen him switching to his right to take shots which wastes time.

    2. Having seen Giroud Improve so much I have hope for welbeck at Arsenal. He has all the qualities to become a top striker. But Will the fans be patient enough to wait for Welbeck? It seems everybody wants a striker.
      I think its hard to get the so call worldclass strikers cause they are all in big clubs and most are very happy to be there . Benzema Suarez Cavani Lewandowski etc. I know some fans act as if we are real Madrid but we not. Its hard to get this guys.

      I think we could get a young and Mobile striker who have different characteristics to giroud. That atleast will help mix our game up a little.

    3. He lacks that goal poacher instincts players like kane and sturridge have but he’s still young there’s room for improvement but regardless of whether welbeck improves or not, next season we need a new #9.

      1. he has that but he doesn’t have the touch. I would like to see him improve on his strength. for such a strong looking lad he doesn’t seem to fight for the ball like giroud.

  5. The dangerous pace in our team was injured all year. Youtube those games from the FA Cup run last season. Watch the hurt that Gnabry and Ox put on teams.
    They created chaos, we missed chaos against Chelsea.
    Cheer up Gunners, think of the progress we made in the last three seasons. We have been climbing the quality chart.
    We beat every top six team this season; except the draw to Chelsea. Remember the scores from last season?
    2nd and another FA Cup is major progress. Two more signings and I expect the title next season.

    1. think we missed a trick by not playing Walcott. but it would have been hard, harsh to bench one of ramsey, carzola, ozil. and out of them three I would have benched carzola. arguably the best of the three but ozil and ramsey partnership is the best combination out of all the variation and ramsey and ozil are more direct.

      in hindsight that could have worked.

  6. we need a striker to improve the team not improve Giroud….

    Giroud can leave if he doesnt improve or contribute…

  7. get either Gonzalo Higuin or Klaas Juan Huntaleer..(they are diff from giroud–reasonably priced and easily available

    1. Are you not tired of been a selling club? Do you know how good Wilshere will be for mancity? U just can’t strengthen your rival that much. Flamin cazorla Rosisky and Arteta are all in their 30’s. They will leave or retire at some point. If you sell jack for 30 million you will still be short in future and with increasing prices and inflation you will buy a worse player for 45 million as a replacement.
      people say we got loads of midfielders but i have already mentioned 4 above who are in their 30’s. when you take away this 4 how many more are left at the club? jack will just be peaking at the right age of 25 to 26 by then. Some of you are very short sighted.

    2. I would take 30m for him all day long !!!!!
      look what that could buy us !!!!!
      someone better also someone who can last a full season
      in the past i have been disapointed to sell our players to them as they have been some of our best players but this is only good for Arsenal and everything is on our terms

      1. You guys all forget the home grown rules and the newly proposed rules are even worse. You hang on to Jack for your life, why strengthen Chelsea or City with him. If the new rules come in forget any transfer talk about fancy foreign players.

        We all will talk about, John Stones, Tyrone Mings, Aron Creswell, Raheem Sterling etc.

        Chelsea and City are even worse off when it comes to Home Grown. They will need to invest heavily. How long before Terry starts declining, Cahill the only other senior player that is home grown on both rules. Expect this summer a scramble for English & Welsh talent.

      2. ok other hafiz. give away a home grown player who will instantly make one of our main rivals better for pocket money. 30 million for wilshere when sterling is going for 50 million.

        if sterling is 50 then wilshere is 70 and no less.

  8. Anyone compare Giroud’s form from last season to this season? The man has already improved A LOT. He has stopped all those poor hold up plays, missed sitters, and weak passing that we would all berate him on last season. I even saw him pull some mean moves on Reading last week haha.

    The guy got so much sh*t last season but shunned us doubters by playing in brilliant form. I hope he takes what Henry has said to heart and comes out in beast mode against Hull.

  9. Very difficult to sign world class strikers these days e.g suarez, aguero, lewandowski etc.. love harry kane but almost impossible to sign from spurs.. charlie austin is a good striker we can look at but other options like jackson martinez, higuain, mandzukic and cavani are about to enter their 30s and are almost similar to giroud.. we need different striker someone pacy and lethal infront of goal who can create some magic moments out of nothing in big games like harry kane when he scored those two wonder goals against chelsea and beat mourinho men 5-3 at white hart lane.. COYG!!

  10. So basically…there isn’t a readily available “world class striker” to replace Giroud who we can actively chase.

    If Wenger decides to buy, he needs to buy someone with potential and not try to go for the huge money star because frankly they aren’t available. The names who could go on sale like Reus and Bale we should at least attempt to tempt because they are wide forward players and the way we play we could probably use one of those to better effect then a straight up CF. I think the return of Ox or Theo to form would mean we’d be pretty set as a front 3 anyway. We need to strengthen depth and add maybe 1 world beater if we can – I don’t think Henry is right at all about changing the whole spine.

  11. Get any one of Lewandowski, Muller , Higuain , Aguero , Rooney, Tevez and also (play Poldi up front)…

  12. My #1 for a striker is Higuain. His pace, finishing & style of play are perfect for Arsenal & a perfect compliment to OG12.

    Beyond that Chcharito would be a good bargain. Dybala, Lacszette, Destro are all Italian league gambles.

    In terms of £ spent for goals & creating goals I’d go all in for Reus. He’s a can’t miss signing. Nothing but upside to his game

  13. Chicharitoooooo. Just imagine him in the box when that cross from monreal came in against chelshit, ozil and welbs missed buh he wouldnt. a real fox in the box thats what we need

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