The Super League is back in court – Will Arsenal re-join?

The supporters of the European Super League has taken UEFA and FIFA to court to try to re-establish the competition.

Arsenal and five other Premier League clubs supported the idea early last year as 12 of Europe’s big clubs agreed to form a competition that will be a closed shop.

However, the idea collapsed within a few hours following fan protests and government disapproval.

Arsenal and nine others left the competition, apologised and returned to UEFA.

Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid are still supporting it, and they have continued to push for it to succeed.

A report on The Daily Mail claims they will have their day in court today as they try to convince the European Court of Justice to allow them to create a rival competition.

It is an important date in football around the globe, and fans will be following it closely.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Although Arsenal and some clubs have agreed to abandon the competition, if the Super League protagonists win their battle in court the Gunners could return.

The competition is designed to help the clubs involved make more money than they are making from the UEFA Champions League now.

If they win the support of the judges, it could see Arsenal and the other Premier League clubs return to the initial agreement to boost their revenues.

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  1. If what Super League says is true (Arsenal are contractually committed), then we’ll be involved regardless

  2. If this happens, it’s the death of football as we know it. I would happily give up not being an Arsenal fan.

  3. Super league no different from the new CL format that will arrive next season I believe .
    UEFA are just as grubby as the super league owners it’s just that the super league have been made out to be some sort of mafia organisation by UEFA because they do not want to lose their billion dollar business,end of the day they are all as bad as each other it’s just that UEFA have their foot firmly through the door first .

  4. The Yanks wanting it the only way they know how to run a sporting club – guaranteed no relegation, all the money swilling around the same old clubs for ever, and everyone feeding at the trough.

  5. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    In this case, the history of big business in sport.

    (1) Ecclestone in F1.
    When he became frustrated with chamionships being decided before the end of the season, he tried awarding double points for the last race. Audiences plummeted.

    He turned a sport into a show – nobody was interested.

    (2) Rugby Union.
    The game’s big clubs tried to get rid of relegation from the English Premiership “because it harmed their business”! (errr… business has risks mate).

    They failed, but they’re still trying – they have to wait until all the little clubs are in the lower divisions before they pull up the drawbridge and turn it into a show, but the supporters groups are dead against it and they will vote with their wallets and stop watching.

    (3) Super League.
    When this was first tried, they saw that supporters are strongly against it. They should have learned and asked themselves “So how will we make more money if nobody watches?”. Especially since they’d be booted out of normal competitions, so it would be their only source of revenue. Financial illiteracy.

    Personally, I’d have zero interest in a show like that. Football already suffers from a problem with overly powerful big clubs, which makes it much less interesting. If no one can “do a Leicester”, or giant-kill one of the top clubs in the FA Cup… then the magic is gone. It would be mind-numbingly boring because it would be utterly pointless.

    If Arsenal join this, I’d stop being interested in Arsenal to be frank. As my account name says, I’m already in the camp of “I don’t know why I care” – this would complete the process.

    I think I’d get more interested in the clubs that remain in the Premiership and other leagues. Imagine a European Cup without Barcelona, Real, the big money clubs in the EPL, Juventus etc… it would be a much more open unpredictable competition – and that might actually be *more* interesting.

    1. A seemingly very similar idea to the super league has been proposed for the African market (launch date August 2022)…early days but it looks like it is being welcomed although it is not yet known what will then happen to the caf champions league

  6. I dont follow football to have this corrupt idea foisted uponj me Nor does almost every other fan too. This is precisely why it will NEVER HAPPEN.
    When fans, almost to the last man/woman, are so resolutely against an evil idea like this one, then the deeply unethical business folk who own top clubs know full well it would be the deathof their club IF they tried once more to foist this nonsense on us.
    So they will NOT do it. Essentially, that is the end of this nonsense.
    It will not happen and we all know it!

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