The Super League is back on as the organisers hatch a more appealing plan

The European Super League is back and the organisers have made some changes to the competition to make it acceptable to the wider public.

They initially launched it earlier this year with Arsenal and five other Premier League clubs joining six others from Spain and Italy to form the competition.

Fans and footballing bodies around the world did not receive the first draft proposal well after it made it impossible for the founding members to be relegated.

The Gunners and the other English clubs bowed to pressure from their fans and withdrew from the competition.

However, they are still legally bound to the agreement that formed it and could now take part in the revamped edition.

The Sun reports that the organisers, backed by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, have changed the original proposal.

The report says the competition would now have 40 clubs split into two leagues and clubs can get promoted and relegated.

Clubs that qualify for the competition would be ‘shareholders’ for that year and it would follow the model of other leagues with promotion and relegation.

They insist that it isn’t a closed shop, and it is also not to serve as a replacement for the Champions League.

It would be interesting to see if Arsenal will re-join the competition after these changes.

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  1. based on our form this season, minus the first-half against the Spuds and the farcical Cup affair against WestBrom2, if we were to participate in this League they would legally have to change the name for fear of being indicted for fraud

  2. Didn’t the Premier League bring in a new rule after the last Super League fiasco that would severely punish any club trying to join a new “league” in future?

      1. Honestly, I’m for giving the super league a chance.

        What makes it so different from the ECL etc?
        EUFA are just scared of losing money and so the the leagues that feed them.

      2. AdPat, yes the fines for joining the original super league were quashed but I was referring to future punishments for clubs joining a non sanctioned competition in the future.

  3. Oh Oh Oh how we like to make ourselves feel important. The reason the english clubs withdrew was that they will lose money in the long term,,,, not the outcry from the fans. Clubs value the Dollar/ Pound / Euro before the fans…

  4. Don’t know about other English clubs, but Arsenal should sit this one out and focus on improving their status in the premier league.

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