The tables are turned and Arsenal MUST make United suffer!!

One thing is for sure, Arsenal fans, and it is that Danny Welbeck would not have become a Gunner in the early hours of this morning if Alex Ferguson had still been in charge. To be honest, I was half expecting Man United to do what Mourinho and Chelsea did with Demba Ba last summer.

If they had pulled the plug on the Welbeck transfer at the last minute, not only would they have left us without a decent centre forward until Olivier Giroud was back from his long injury lay-off, there would have been no time for us to look elsewhere. And with the money they have been throwing around all summer, the £16 million or so they got from Arsenal was hardly important.

So they really dropped the ball on that one and we must make sure that they pay for it. Of course we are hoping for a title challenge, but the end of the season could well see us in a fight for a top four finish again, with United likely to be one of our main rivals.

So Arsene Wenger has got to get the new striker settled in quickly and get him firing in his favoured central position. In fact the Frenchman has got to get the whole team firing again because we just have not got going yet this season after easily despatching Man City at Wembley.

The players have shown great fighting spirit and mental toughness, but Wenger needs to get the flair back again. However, I think the signing of Welbeck will give the whole squad a lift and the fact that he is joining quite a strong core of his England team mates will mean that he settles in quickly.

They did it to us after signing Robin van Persie, but will Arsenal fans be able to taunt United about Welbeck at the end of the season?

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    1. and Di Maria, Mata, Herrera, Janu, Blind and Rojo….

      we cant even score against a pathetic Utd side last season….

        1. Sorry, didn’t realize we were 30 games into the season.
          Ohh and by the way if we lose to City, and United beat QPR, we’ll be on the same points.

          1. Great you can buy a Falcao jersey and put your old Drogba one in the closet. Bet you’ve never seen a wagon you weren’t happy to jump on.

                1. Whys that relevant?
                  A team that consists of Van persie, Falcao, Rooney, Mata, Di Maria, Herrera etc. And you’re going on as if they’re no threat to us?
                  Yep, I stand by my statement, you are deluded.

                2. The delusion is you in thinking you support the club. You don’t. You just sit there like a parrot regurgitating the same crap all the time. You dissect Arsenal and the grass is always greener.

                  You throw about names as many did last year like the Spurs…the problem is if you’ve actually watched Man United play this year (you obviously have not) instead of chirping out the ‘names’ you would realize that LVG’s system is fundamentally flawed for the EPL. And LVG is not man prone to switching tactics.

                  A three back system doesn’t work in the EPL when you have pace clubs. So carry on parrot, chirp out those ‘names’ and pay no attention to the product on the field.

                  PS – Falcao won’t be healthy the entire season, nor will RVP

                3. @bomber
                  I don’t support the club? You came to this conclusion because I don’t think everything is hunky dory as you seem to believe? Wake up and smell the coffee mate.

                  Ohh and do you have a time machine that I don’t know about? because you seem to know a lot about the future of Man United and their season.

                4. I too love Arsenal, does not mean I say yes to whatever Wenger does. I hope we finish top 4 again, forget top spot. But if we finish champs, I will be very happy. And if we finish below 4th place, thanks to Wenger’s stubbornness, by all means I will still be Arsenal fan, with a WENGER OUT chant

              1. JoJo is just pointing out facts, how many points did we salvage from the likes of Chelsea, United and City for the last 2 years? Did we actually win one match vs any of these teams in the PL?

      1. I couldn’t give a f*ck about United. Falcao is NOT worth 350,000k a week for any club. The only players worth that kind of money are messi and ronaldo. They’ve scored 2, yes 2 goals in the EPL this year. di Maria is NOT a wing back and it was a waste to buy him then play him out of position (Ozil comes to mind). Nothing special. I hope Welbeck scores a hattrick vs. Utd this season.

        1. Doesn’t really matter because we went from supposedly contending for the tittle, to being at risk of not getting top 4.

            1. Well we probably have the weakest strike force out of the top 5, We have 3 centre backs, one of which is an inexperienced 19 year old, and we lack a decent CDM.

              Cant exactly say top 4 will be a walk in the park, and you can forget about the tittle.

              1. A system can’t be built overnight, u should’ve known that. That’s why Lukaku is 29mil asset to Everton, Giroud is asset to Arsenal, but to nobody else. So, you think Man u and Loolpul with 10s new players bomb to top 4. Fair enough, but not to me. City, Liverpool use 2 strikers in their system, That’s why they need 4 strikers. But we use only one. With Giroud, Sanchez, Welback, walcott, poldi, cambel, sanogo, you think we don’t count us in top 5 strick force?
                We are just one player short, a decent cdm who can cover cb, that’s all. We have 3 decent cb, but also have backup for that.

                1. Really mate? Welback HOPEFULLY matures into an RVP caliber,truth is he is not even Sturidge caliber. Poldi is a former gr8, Walcott is injured, Giroud is injured, and historically, Arsenal’s come back dates are NEVER accurate. Sanogo is too young with potential, but champions do not run with potential batteries. You are spot on when you said we need a CDM who can be a CB, what if we need him both places one day due to injuries? Either play Jack CDM or? There is no plan B. I am happy with the squad, but I would like to calculate really what we spent, of the 100M WAR CHEST, which over the years have always remained intact

    2. They also have 3 defenders and van gal’s 3 defense system. If you and your enemy know about your defense, the whole scenario is change, like last year barsa problem without GK. I don’t care where they’ll finish, but I don’t think top of us.

    3. So, roony, falcao, van pus, di maria, mata will play in a same day. I said before they already had decent attack, now fabulous, but midfield to defense is shit. No way I’m worried about man u. Most ridiculous is 3defense system, and they don’t have proper wing-backs too.

      1. Their midfield is as good as ours and their strikeforce is much better than ours, they also only play once a week.
        Dont be deluded man utd is a real threat to our 4th place ambitions this season.

        Theres many ifs and buts, but any one of liverpool, arsenal and man utd may not make the top 4. Seriously all it takes is 3 defensive injuries, which is very common, and we stand no chance.

        1. Their defence is not even as good as ours with a 4 defence system and a 3 man system requires those defenders to be even better; their wing backs aren’t really wing backs and their defensive abilities will never be up to scratch.

          Lets see if they can compensate for their defence with their attack but I can see them losing points to bad teams as result (even if they beat some top teams) so they simply can’t challenge.

    4. This Welbeck guy will get alot of stick from Arsenal fans if he fails to deliver straight away b’se he’s one of the lads who turned manutd into a mediocre club recently. Gooners won’t care the time he’s given on the pitch but will want goals- welbeck’s got a big lot of gooners to prove to.

    5. RVP & Shrek are injured most of the time.
      I’m happy we got wellbeck and MUFC fans are not happy to see him go.
      That alone makes me happy.
      + I just have a feeling wellbeck will do great.

  1. Every so-called pundits always said that we won’t be in top 4 in previous decade. But suddenly, all of them call us top 3 team this season. So, do your calculation. 😀

      1. I haven’t seen or heard all, but what I have seen that all are telling chelski, city in top 2, then the rest will fight for next positions. But, if they are asked to choose top 4, all chose Arsenal in top 4, some even top3. We have seen it in sky, goal, espn. I may be wrong though.

        1. That was before the season started as we were expected to bring in a WC DM and ST, which did not happen and no one expected man utd to buy falcao and di maria or for liverpool to look this good without suarez

      1. With this squad, with Giroud/walcot injury, I don’t see epl trophy, it may happen, but very unlikely. If January addition will happen, that can change things too. Other cups are luck game, even wigan have chance.

      2. If we had the transfer window we all expected, like buying a decent cover or maybe even an upgrade to central defense and a rock to the midfield maybe we could be talking about a title challenge as it stands 3rd would be an incredible achievement 4th would be very good.

        In a 38 game season, squad quality, tactical flexibility and motivation usually win the day. Which of the above are we the best at?

  2. Yeah but still, i would love nothing better than to put one over man u! Its more than overdue! Alexis and “rambo” the goalscorers! Coyg!

  3. i am happy w everything except selling TV5 with such a thin bench a CD, Kos seems prone to injury of late, Only Chambers to back up the two, feeling better w Alexis and Welbeck, especially when Walcott returns, need Rambo back to his form of early last season, and we will click, any indication on Theo’s return?

  4. Those saying we should drop ramsey are idiots. 3 league games and 2 goals. Yes his passing has not been to the level he would like in the past few games but he’s still our best player and still scores. Just because hazard or bale have a bad game it doesnt mean you drop them.

    1. Some Arsenal fans show a remarkable brain deficiency. Drop Rambo?

      After that 8-2 Man U defeat, there were a couple Arsenal fans weeping about the inevitable relegation. I call them weak feline Arsenal fans.

      I am betting Wellbeck “does a Sturridge” as they say.
      I am betting Bellerin gets called up to first team after the break.

      Keep the faith Gooners, keep the faith !

  5. Team just needs to start playing the way they can. The offense hasn’t looked itself since the community shield. If we don’t suffer any major injuries to our defensive players I think we can fight for the title.

  6. Wenger is signing the wrong players at the wrong time….

    do we actually need another AM? a 42m flop?

    look at how things wouldhave turn out if we had went all out and sign Suarez instead of Ozil…..

    we could have brought back Fab this season…

    and spend the money on a DM and centreback…….

    but what do we get again??? another winger we do not need….

  7. Dude. United have Falcao, RVP, Rooney, Di Maria, Juan Mata. They won’t be crying over Welbeck and we will have to be on top form when we play them especially defensively

  8. Arrrhhhh…… can’t understand…why we are so negative ..some are starting with the comments..about Man U …and Falcao…. let them do their job…and lets see what they can do this season….

    For us this has been the best transfer window so far in last 8 years….. so please be positive…. if Sanchez would have.gone to Liverpool then it would have been damn bad… no one is thinking about Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy coming in…they will need time to settle as in our philosophy especially Sanchez….but the we have almost acquired all the piecea of jigsaw puzzle (I know we still need a DM who can play a CB also but that can be a Jan aquisition also)…so its time to forget other things and start supporting our team…they will gel up and will be very difficult to beat…because they have won 2 trophies recently..and everyone knows the responsibility. …so COYG!!!!!

  9. Wenger’s transfer plans in 2015
    Diaby and Arteta sign new 5 year contract
    Carles Puyol signs 1 year deal on free

    1. and he has also offered contracts to Del Perio, Baggio, Maradona, Shevchenko, Maldini and others in Rome..

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