The team believe in Emery – and so should Arsenal fans

Arsenal are aiming for our tenth win in a row on Monday at Leicester, but we are all well aware that we are not really playing well and the opposition haven’t been world-beaters. But at least we are developing the winning mentality and belief that we are on the right track to success, even if it isn’t very pretty right now. Hector Bellerin certainly thinks so. “We need to be realistic, Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Bellerin told “There’s loads of things that are changing for us, not just as a team but as a football club so the most important thing is to believe in the way that we want to play.

“We’re a team now that play from the back, we probably risk it a bit more than before, but for us it is important for our fans and for everyone around us to believe in this idea that we have.

“At the beginning it is going to be harder, but the more we train it, the more we work at it, the better we are going to get at it.

“For us it is about getting used to the system, be a team, be competitive and have this winning mentality, take it to the next level and become the team that the manager has in mind.

“I’m sure with the help of the fans and everyone at the club we will be able to do it.”

And he is right, the fans need to get behind the team even when (as it will) we get punished for our mistakes, which could happen any time. But we are definitely improving, scoring goals and entertaining the crowds and moving back up the table. Let us all allow for a few hiccups on the way shall we?

Sam P


  1. Raja Danish says:


    1. Th14 says:

      Nicolas Pepe is the player..

    2. gotanidea says:

      Forgot about the caps lock? I think Arsenal just have the budget for one high quality player in January

      They might surprise us in that transfer window or not, because I’m afraid that they think they have enough players already

      1. muda says:

        the coach was used to Neymar, Draxler, and dimaria as his wingers so I am sure he will want an upgrade for us.

        1. JJPawn says:

          Dream on… the money is not there. The new scouting parties have to find them young somewhere for a cheap price. Or, play with a smaller team of about 20 players of greater quality.

      2. jon fox says:

        GOT AN IDEA, as someone who uses capitals a great deal, mainly for emphasis, I never THINK ANY OF US HAVE THE RIGHT TO OBJECT WHEN OTHERS USE CAPITALS. Do you?

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Its better that they’re a bit more honest with things now. Some players are playing very well more so than they’re not. But some are having less than iffy influence up til now. The team resembles that but we’re getting on top of things by pulling the points in and the mentality does seem a bit stronger. Its only eight games in so we’d have to be happy even though we’re not playing too great overall. What Bellerin said is very hopeful, because he’s right and we’re only at the start. Plenty of room for improvement, also new transfers to come, with the fans behind them I think we can keep moving in the right direction.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Admin, if you were going to take away the two comments you should’ve taken his off yesterday. I know I used the word k**b, but its a door handle. Fair enough you’re the boss. Though the guy went and asked me some personal questions before implying that I am possibly an idiot who needs to go back to school. He doesn’t know where I am from, but he took the chance none the less. The statistics is actually pretty high for Britons regarding his accusation, I mean really high, he’s basically offended more than half his own country.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Sorry, he has basically. I just prefer to write the way I talk.

      2. Admin says:

        I don’t want handbags I want arsenal….

  3. gotanidea says:

    I see there are more forward passes than Wenger’s Arsenal

    The team is more entertaining to look at, because they take more risks and press harder than last season

    Changing the manager seems to create positive effect on some players’ mentality

  4. Hi guys! I swear last night I dreamt Ramsey got injured last week and recovered in January and got sold ? Anyways I believe in Emery even if he keeps playing Ramsey as CAM. In some other devastating news, Mirror Football are reporting Mohammad Bin Salman is keen on taking over Man utd in a deal worth over £4 bn. The most depressing part is that it is alleged the Saudi prince is worth a mind blowing £850 bn. If this rumour is true and he succeeds, winning the league will be next to impossible. Even if Kroenke changed his stripes and wanted to spend, he could never match MBS.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If it’s realized, winning EPL would be less probable. But not impossible, because Leicester City have proven it (I know many people believe this is just a fluke)

      MBS is also in the spotlight currently, because of Khashoggi’s disappearance. I believe he would not want to withdraw more negative sentiment by buying an English football club with his country’s money

      1. I hope that’s the case and he moves his interest to another league!

    2. Sue says:

      Oh QD…. depressing news to wake up to! Thanks for that ?

      1. Sue says:

        And why are you dreaming about Ramsey??!! ?

        1. ?? Seems all this Ramsey talk got to my head…literally! I just want him out ASAP.

  5. Dare Omoode says:

    Positivity is the key,the players remain positive and seem to fear no team for now,but if we meet bigger teams,it will be a good test for us,it will expose our flaws and weaknesses and I will like to see players reactions towards it.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    In Emery We Trust

    or fans would rather have King Henry to manage the club?

  7. Fkhalifa says:

    Off topic, I also want to drop my input on the matter.

    “Mind you just imagine at one stage, Cazorla was playing with some of the Arsenal comedians like Ramsey, Welbeck (at center forward), Bellerin, Gibbs, Metersaker, etc. The only great players he played with was Sanchez.
    – Contrast that with Fabregas who was playing with great players like Van p (striker), henry, hleb, gallas, rosicky, and even eboue who is >>>>> Bellerin. To name a few.
    – I am one of the people that think Cazorla with all his talent should have been winning major titles but unfortunately, the crop of players at arsenal during his time were just a massive let down for his talent. That is why Hleb knew it and left the Barca. please don’t hate him because if i was in cazorla’s shoes i would have either gone to barca also to win major titles.”


    The above is a quote from a fan on here from earlier thread of fab and carzola comparison.

    The fan’s opinion is the same with my view, I’ve always thought carzola wasn’t lucky to have had Giroud for years and host of other average and below average players.
    I used to imagine we kept v.persie that year..

    I know a barca fan that nicked him Motm. that he is sure to win the award even before the game starts and that his because of his style of being classier than everyone else on the pitch.

    Fabregas though had his best years under us and was very fabulous, but Santi I feel edge him a bit. I remembered fabregas himself saying he was so happy santi joined us and surprised a player of his calibre should be playing either in barca or Madrid.

    Santi’s first season was his best for us, he was scoring with both feet,long and close range shots,assisting, creating chances and dictating plays(never hides). but the advent of our then record signing ozil(the famous best no10) made Wenger shift him to the wings and later on the deep lying midfielder position beside coq and that i feel dropped his stats.
    He made me stopped missing fabregas and we desperately need to replace him as xhaka is a massive downgrade to him.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Nice read mate, I don’t agree with all of it because every clubs best player or two is a level above others around them. Some have more of course but we don’t have that money. A squad is made up of varying quality and qualities so I would differ somewhat on whether some of those names might be of use. Anyhow, I think Cazorla myself would have stood out more in European leagues. He dealt with the physical threat as well as you could expect, and didn’t have the combative teammates that Fabregas had. Personally I believe Cazorla was more gifted than Fabregas, two footed and he could play deep and he could play high whereas it was mostly one of those areas that Fabregas excelled at. Eventually he wen’t deep when his pace slowed or else his game changed at Barca, but it was one or the other it seemed in Fabs case because he couldn’t play high at the end there with Chelsea. At Barcelona he couldn’t play high so was deemed not good enough in the end. Cazorla could’ve played for Barca and looked as good as any of them. Our league and our team was not the greatest fit, but his class was not in doubt. I did prefer him to Ozil however, or else only looking back it occurs to me.

      1. Hackinubee says:

        And here I was thinking Cazorla had more trophies at Arsenal than Fabregas, am I missing something?

  8. Grandad says:

    As far as I am aware Emery has the support of virtually all Arsenal supporters who recognise he is restricted in terms of the poor quality of certain players he inherited and the financial constraints he is obliged to operate within.He and his supporting staff have done well thus far and providing he continues to leave out players who are not performing, regardless of their price tag and status, I’m sure the fans will continue to back him.We have a number of really talented youngsters coming through who could be the platform for the revival of our fortunes with Emery at the helm.

    1. jon fox says:

      Spot on Grandad. I was surprised at how the articles title said” we SHOULD support Emery”, implying that some of us don’t . I am certain not one Gooner is dissatisfied with Emery so far. Very much the reverse. Shows how language and titles are misleading , as the article itself was fine; just NOT the strapline. Emery has done wonders so far, esp having to work with those dreadful defenders Wenger left behind, like Mustafi, Bellerin and the awful Xhaka too. Bellerin at least now looks good going forward , though still cannot defend. Shows though what a difference a team of motivated tryers(Ozil apart) makes. How the club ever allowed a manager who couldn’t motivate players, to remain so long, still mystifies me.

  9. ken 1945 says:

    Well fancy that!!
    A billionaire oil sheikh might take over a premier league club and SUDDENLY it seems winning the premier league would be an impossibility for Emery.

    Groundhog day suddenly comes to mind.
    Man. City being taken over by oil sheikh?
    Chelsea being taken over by Russian billionaire?

    Wonder why this scenario wasn’t seen as a reason for us not winning the premiership under Wenger?
    After all, the same restrictions for transfers still apply, along with the owner and board.
    Only the CEO has changed on the top table.
    Let’s just hope that all of the young and talented players that Wenger identified and signed will continue to give Emery the base for continued optimism
    Too many to mention of course, but with Wenger’s eye for talent and Emery’s ability to coach, the future is still looking good.

    1. Sue says:

      Hi Ken, I just asked Phil about you!! How are you?

      1. ken1945 says:

        Hi Sue, thanks for”missing me”!!
        Had good results from tests carried out, no need for op at moment, so I’m on pills to see if that helps.
        That means I’m back to good old justarsenal, some might think that’s not so good of course ????

        1. Sue says:

          I’m so glad to hear that Ken ? that’s great news. Well I hope the pills do help! Good to have you back on here too….. what do you think the score will be tomorrow?

        2. jon fox says:

          Good luck with your recovery KEN!!

          1. ken1945 says:

            Thanks Sue and Jon.
            Score tomorrow?
            I am useless at predicting scores and results, as I always assume/hope we will win by a cricket score!!!
            I think that if we keep Vardy quite we will win and that’s all I can dare predict!!!!

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