The three biggest dangers facing Arsenal against Watford

The game against Watford on Monday evening will not be easy for Arsenal, there are many challenges that we have to overcome and not just in our opponents but also in ourselves, not least our mental state when it comes to playing away from home.

We are as close to a team comes in having a Jekyll and Hyde personality. At home we are formidable, almost unbeatable, a joy to watch and full of confidence regardless of the opponent – but away from home we are mice, our confidence is shot, we play like a team that already feels it has lost and we are most definitely not unbeatable.

But let’s put that to one side, for now, let’s assume that Unai Emery works his magic and instils belief into the players that we will beat Watford and sends the lads out with a winning mentality, what then are the dangers we face?

Troy Deeney

A force of nature, not a world class player for sure, but he epitomises what Watford represent, a never say die attitude and a drive to win at all costs, he will be influential in every attack, he will occupy the minds of all our defenders every time the Hornets push forward, if we do not handle him he will cause chaos, he has to be nullified it is as simple as that, he cannot be allowed to stamp his authority on the game.

Gerard Deulofeu

We saw what he did to Wolves in the FA Cup semi-final, the former Barcelona forward has the potential to be a game changer, he can be quiet for large tracts of the games but just like that he can turn from being a bystander into a match winner, he can both score and create out of nothing and at no time can we be lead into a false sense of security that he has been neutered.

Abdoulaye Doucoure

Doucoure has made the most assists of any Watford player in the Premier League this season, well, joint top with defender Jose Holebas and he is their third highest goalscorer, as midfielders go, he is very influential, he was their player of the season last year and for very good reasons, he cannot be allowed to get a foothold in the midfield, he has to be closed down otherwise we will regret it.

There are other dangers like Will Hughes and Jose Holebas, but the three I have highlighted pose significant risks if they are not managed on the pitch from the get-go.


  1. Obviously I’m glad Chelsea dropped points… but FFS I can’t stand Liverpool & no doubt that Salah goal will be on sky sports news for the next 10 years ??

    1. I would prefer pool win sue to shut up Man Utd supporters.each to their own though I suppose .

      1. There are too many Liverpool fans round me that need shutting up Dan ?

        Emery had better not play Elneny tomorrow

          1. Not true because we’ve won and lost matches without him.He also combines very well with Kolasinac who is a very very predictable player.Iwobi despite being average must start along with Ramsey,Ozil,Laca and Auba because we are short on wingers and he’s the only one who can properly take on his man.It never makes no sense to keep him on the bench.

          2. Iwobi is our best n most improved attacking midfielder this season, better than Ozil,Ramsey,Mkhitaryan
            Most of our goals this season have come through Iwobi-Kola combo down d left.

            The disrespect for Iwobi by some Arsenal fans is annoying.

      2. Liverpool fans are worse when it comes to shutting up about stuff. We won’t hear the end of this title win for at least another generation…

    2. Draw would be better but Liverpool are destined to be the champion, as what the first poster said

      I just pray they would not be a double winner. One Champions League title during Benitez’s tenure already make their heads bigger

  2. The biggest danger to us is emery not picking the strongest team that’s available ,we all know what happened at Everton .if he wants to prioritise the cup over league then it falls on him if we fail ,I would have thought the other way round but that’s just me .for me he as to play ozil laca auba together .

    1. He has to play Auba,Laca and Ozil together but don’t imply they’ve een fantastic when they played together.Out of these three players the only one who has been consistent is Lacazette.The impact of the rest has been overhyped either by stats or by blind love by fans.Ramsey and Iwobi must also play from the start because according to the team they part of our best players despite one being good and the other ok to average.

      1. You call winning over hype? Just play the damn players and keep counting the points. How much players will Iwobi beat before producing something of worth.

        1. Auba has been the most consistent out of those players, his goals and assists tell you that sure. Involved directly with forty something out of fifty something games. Unless you are trying to be picky and you are picking out an area of game just so you can say Lacazette. Sure I can say – Giroud was our most consistent player over the last ten years, and pick out hold up play as one of the main reasons, and then say he also scores and assists decently but he sure was consistent. Strikers, consistency for strikers, everyone should know exactly what that would mean (is he a consistent goalscorer or creator) Anyone who asks about consistency in strikers, that is what they’re asking.

      2. Didn’t say they’ve been fantastic I said they need to play together because they are the best we have ,and iwobi shouldn’t be anywhere near this team ,I would rather watch Steve bould running down that left wing instead of him .
        Come back to me when iwobi actually does something worth while talking about .

        1. You don’t know what you’re saying.I’d rather watch Steve Bould playing on the wing than have no winger in the team at all.You might not like Iwobi but I couldn’t care less about that.Its annoying for me watching the match without any wingers .I’d even be happy if Saka was given his chance over Iwobi but if not then Iwobi it is.The same dreadful Iwobi did far far better against Everton than any of the three despite being average and we would’ve won vs Liverpol at home had he started that match based on how he was destroying Trent.No wonder he provided the assist vs Liverpool at home once again though average outperforming all those who played that match.

      3. Ozil hasnt done anything to show he is meant to start away to a very physical Watfor. He ll easily be bullied outta the game. I’ll rather Ramsey or Iwob

  3. If these guys are our worries in form danger – blimey! We have sunk very low…

    It’s only our attitude and application that represent a danger. If we turn up with personality and hunger we will be fine!

    Do I believe? Yes but having in mind trip to Napoli only three days later I believe rather than expect..

    1. The fans’ confidence have gone down due to our atrocious away forms

      We need not to worry because Watford just have Deulofeu as their trickiest attacker

      Our CBs should be able to predict the fat cojones’ movement, otherwise I don’t know what else to say about them

  4. Is Pereyra injured?. I wonder why he wasn’t mentioned. He could pose a real threat too if he plays…. Emery might have to rest some players, keeping Napoli in mind, but I think our easiest route to champions league is prioritising our EPL games….. our remaining games are winnable on paper, we just have to put in a strong performance…. but if Emery is confident he wil win the Europa league, then it’s ok if he puts all his eggs in one basket…. and even though I would love for 5 EPL teams to be playing in the champions league next season, I prefer we finish 3rd, and also win the europa league….. I hope I’m not asking for too much

  5. Surely Emery will consider playing Mavroponas against Deeney who is a cart-horse but will be able to out muscle Monreal,Kocielney and the hapless Mustafi.Why has the young Greek who showed so much promise in his few outings in the PL last season never been given an opportunity since his recovery from injury? I really feel someone in the Management team should be letting fans know the situation with Mav who has the aerial power we will need against Watford.Can anyone enlighten me as to why he is not being trusted by Emery?

  6. We who watched the Loverpool v Chelsea game today were able to see in WORDS WRIT LARGE, the wonderful effectiveness of all eleven players busting a gut the whole game long. IMO, that was the main reason Pool beat a Chelsea team playing far better than they have for some time. Liverpool refused to let up the thrilling pace and that made it a great game. I really hope a true football club like Liverpool wins the title from an oil rich and corrupt sheik who has bought titles with City so far. Sorry Sue but I respect a REAL CLUB AND DO NOT HATE THEM OR THEIR FANS, AS YOU DO. It is City and that oil money type of clubs who are destroying football, not a club like Liverpool. I actually dislike Chelsea and City more even than Spurs who are well run , sadly, at long last, and with no oil money propping them up and buying titles, thus ruining our sport. And unlike us, Liverpol have owners who actually care for the club, for honours and its fans.

    1. I’d rather have Liverpool winning the title all day long.It would be far far better for the league.Cant stand Guardiola’s dominative style of football which takes away excitement from the game and I don’t want City to be dominant and for Guardiola to say he dominated the league.

      1. City have no fans so I dont have to deal with hearing about it so much. If liverpool win, there goes any football conversation around an LFC fan for the next decade.

        1. Liverpool winning the league would just be like another set of United fans unleashed “plague”.

        2. I beg to differ on this one.The thing is I have an issue Pep as a manager and even though Liverpool fans may make noise forever I’d rather be happy than to watch him smile again.I’ve always been happy anytime Pep’s team loses.It puts a smile on my face and gives me joy.The fact that City don’t have any fans too even makes me hate the club more .It means a club without fans win the league and all the other clubs with fans couldn’t even match them.Winning it twice and also a possible treble for them means they’ve made the league look easy to win based on last season for them when they also got 100 points.Im sorry but I can’t have this club winning it.

  7. ….. Really tired of hearing people say Mancity bought the title….blah…blah…..It isn’t their fault they have a wealthy owner and one who actually gives the team whatever they need. I mean Liverpool spent money too, why is no one mentioning that. Mancity have played well and they deserve the title should they win it. Enough of this emotional blackmail making the rounds recently; it’s annoying.

    1. I love this….arsenal fans come here to pretend but deep down they want an owner that can splash out serious money on any quality player…please let’s stop this pretence and pray for an owner that can get us quality players even if we need to spend so big… We need to compete one way or the other or we risk losing value as a club..and if that means spending big then so be it…. Simple fact and truth!!!

      1. You show your customary inability to think about things more deeply than the rot you say above.. No one on here is surprised in the least.

    2. JAMES, The inconvenient truth sometimes IS annoying. But it remains the truth all the same. As for “emotional blackmail” I think you need to understand plain English. This is nothing to do with either word you use. JUST PLAIN TRUTH!

      1. Jon, the only truth here is that both teams have spent money to get where they are now. Neither of the two should be seen as the better devil or whatever in this context. They invested wisely in good players and are reaping their rewards. Liverpool isn’t the Saint here so saying they deserve the title because the other team spent money isn’t the truth but one just being sentimental.
        Anyway, I am confident City will win as the title is theirs to lose. Liverpool winning it is down to City, which is a bad situation.

    3. Liverpool spent money they earned from player sale -coutinho,benteke n co.
      Go check their net spend.

      Also Pep hasnt really done anything special from what Mancini or Pellegrini did at City, sign d best players n win d league isnt rocket science (except you are Mourinho).
      If he wins d league again in 2seasons consecutively he ll be even more overrated like he pulled a rabbit from a hat.

    1. Pray for a Watford player to have a bad day and get a red or something. I also think tomorrows game could be another disaster. Such a shame too. The Chelsea loss puts us in a good spot to get back into UCL. But even after this Watford game we have Wolves and Leicester as well. Too many away games against non-bottom table sides for us to go on a winning streak and finish the season strong. It will come down to our performances in Europa League. We have to win.

  8. I watched Lfc and have seen them reinvent themselves into a formidable, relentless attack and defensive unit with reserves able to sustain what it is they bring to the game. What also strikes me as an area of concern is that chelski despite losing still stand in our way in the prem and in the EL and let’s not forget it was only their two mistakes (e.g. against Burnley) that catapulted us to 5th and then 4th place in the EPL.

    We can’t go into tomorrow’s game against the Hornets complacent and thereafter hold a hope to go and wipe chelski aside in 2 competitions (the epl & EL). Though we may dream to do it – there’s little to suggest we are playing at a level that is above cfc. Our Gunners need to show up tomorrow then and improve some more.

  9. To get back to the subject of the match against Watford .I feel a win is essential tonight if we are to maintain our hopes of a top four position.A victory would also give us real confidence to take to Naples where the crowd can be hostile in the extreme and where we are likely to face some considerable play acting from the home players.These are two vital games which will test the mental strength of our team big time.Unlike Wenger, Emery strikes me as a Manager who will impose his will on our players forcefully ,and in this regard I cannot see him trusting Ozil. In Naples.Despite our woeful away record this season I feel the players will respond and get us the results we need.

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