The Three Greatest Arsenal Players Of All Time

The Greatest Arsenal Players of All Time

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There have been loads of teams throughout the decades, but none of them is quite like Arsenal. This is an iconic team that doesn’t have fans just in England but all over the world. Arsenal has had a variety of players over the years and it has hosted some that have gone down in history. In that regard, here are what some consider as three of the greatest Arsenal players of all time:

Dennis Bergkamp

The mid-90s were a great time for the Gunners as they had just signed Bergkamp. This Dutchman was rather popular in the Netherlands and he decided to stick around and make it in Arsenal. He had an impressive record behind him and gave Arsenal a much-need spark with his career which lasted for 11 years. In just 1 month after he was signed he managed to score the top three goals that would get him the top 3 spots in BBC’s Goal of the Month. More importantly, this fantastic football player helped Arsenal snag 3 title wins and his performance on the field is what makes him a legend to this day.

Patrick Vieira

Vieira was one of the best midfielders that Arsenal saw. But he had other qualities as well. He enjoyed a good tackle once in a while and liked carrying the ball too. In short, he was part of all the aspects of a play and he was known for storming the pitch and there wasn’t a single person that could stop him. As Patrick was excelling in his career and turned out to be quite the leader as he helped Arsenal remain undefeated in 2004.

Thierry Henry

The thing about Henry is that he wasn’t the best or most serious player around when he started playing for Arsenal. The vice-chairman at the time gave a tape of Ian Wright which he was supposed to study, but he felt like he didn’t know what to do. However, something clicked and he became the best player Arsenal had ever seen. His stats speak for himself and he has gone on to have a legendary career. He assisted in no less than 20 Premier League goals and managed to get 4 Golden Boots under his belt. In short, he’s a living legend and one of the greatest football players in the world.


These are just 3 of the greatest football players that Arsenal has seen and there have been many of them throughout the decades. In the future, Arsenal will host some more great players too.

Who would disagree that these are the three greatest Arsenal players ever?

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