The three most error-prone players at Arsenal revealed

Arsenal has had a tough start to this season in the Premier League.

The Gunners have already lost six of their opening 11 league games in a campaign that they were expected to challenge for the top four.

While football is a team sport, individual performances make up the team’s overall showing and players that are prone to making mistakes at Arsenal have been revealed.

Mikel Arteta has drilled the current Arsenal team very well, but there seems to be work to be done with some players after Sun Sports revealed the top three most error-prone players at Arsenal.

One of Arsenal’s ever-present this season is Bukayo Saka and it has now been revealed that the Englishman is also the club’s most error-prone player.

The report says Saka has already made 114 mistakes in the league this season and makes a mistake every 6 minutes 21 seconds.

Kieran Tierney has made the second most errors at the Gunners with 102 errors, one every 8 minutes 44 seconds.

Joe Willock completes the list, he has made 19 errors, but his limited playing time for the club means that he has made an error after every 7 minutes 44 seconds.

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  1. “If you torture the data long enough, it will tell you what you want to hear”

    Error-prone could mean these are the players that are trying most to make things happen. looking at the names, this is very likely the case IMO.

    Easy to be error free when you take zero risks and back-pass all day long.

    1. I totally agree with this statement, especially Tierney and Saka as they have been two of our best performers in this unusual start to a season.

    2. funny isn’t it? because you feel both are too good to be blamed? I wonder why Gabriel name isn’t included z oris he not trying to make things possible as well?

      1. @Adajim This is very easy to explain, central defenders take way less risk than other players. They make things happen either by playing long balls or short easy passes to a midfielder / wingback in general. naturally this is less risky.

        @Joe Allysons Please then do the analysis to put me flat on my face, if that’s what you really are intent on doing…am I not allowed an opinion? If you knew anything about statistics you’d know that ‘mistake’ is way to much of a generalized term to take anything of substance from the data.

        An error/mistake could be losing the ball trying to dribble with 3 defenders on you while none of your team mates making a run or helping out….?

        If you really wanted to know who the problem players were, you’d be looking at stats like “errors leading to goal scoring opportunities”

        Have a good weekend, don’t be so uptight and relax a bit!

    3. You’re saying this because the players mentioned are players you prefer would be potrayed in a different light.

      A little analysis could put your final statement flat on it’s face.

      If we replaced those names with Kolasinac, Xhaka and Bellerin, suddenly, statistics would be accurate.

      1. You couldn’t be more wrong Joe, Reading the article, the same thought that came to mind are what PJ said, they made errors because they took more risks and every footballer who’s adventurous does this, even the great Messi and Ronaldo. This is not the same as errors leading to goals, like passing directly to the opponent very close to your box, the types you would expect a xhaka, bellerin and kolasinac to make.

  2. For this moment in time football has become the vision of Mr Klopp. Football was and is still a beautiful game but the love for the way liverpool achieved success has hypnotize a section of the footballing fraternity. Players are now required to do numerous sprints in a single game whilst maintaining their energy level. I think only special players will be able to maintain such levels. I think what some managers are requiring from the players body is unsustainable hence the injuries and players burning out. Mistakes are abound.

  3. Meaningless stat.
    Players who take risks make mistakes.

    I’m sure even Martinelli will be on this list soon after his career restarts properly.

    The bigger issue is big mistakes in the defensive third. That would be more interesting.

      1. Adijim, They do effectively lie, when you have someone who is a slave to them and who believes , incorrectly , that they give any more than a useful guide, even when properly used. Slavish devotion to a mere guide is, frankly, stupidity!

  4. Need to look how much dangerous & involved they are in time spent.

    If you not create, take risks, you not making errors.

    Luiz shows how his lack of involvement when needed most is costing us so much. He can pass all game long but abandons his tasks in heart of actions!

    Stats are one thing but must put context in order to understand that this is actually as great as it looks on pitch. Tierny Saka spending more time highlight that, amazing talents, fighting spirit as Willock!

    Not like they making rookie errors, they are very involved.

    Error is Luiz not doing his job, makes less errors then, common sense, as much it cost us yo play him; error!

    Coach error, who is the error board, error of Kroenke who pays for it..

    Biggest error is fan; for forcing Wenger to resign insulting Football with signs in a stadium he built for them!

    Kroenke did not fire him, these poisoned fans…

    Or he would be heading board and helping Arteta and any coach to make a 2 decade+ transition. Lookat Man U!

    Can you imagine this on Sir Alex.

    It was a beautiful club and story fans ruined and of course Kroenke not putting money when needed

    Stadium paid for in 2013, Suarez wants in, we know story. 2014, Kante has our shirt on already, kroenke refusing to put 45M for each deals; ruins our transition to Champion at Emirate!

    Looking at what teams who had Suarez made, and of Chelsea since; we could have been champions and win CL several times!

    Wenger mistake was to refuse Bayern a year or so after Arsenal. It was not one but a message and act for his club Arsenal. We won’t coach nor work in any other clubs.

    His corporate experience for a year prepares him to be Arsenal boss he is.

    1. Its amazing how bias people can be . Three players were mentioned in the article as the most error prone and the stats prove it but you turn the conversation to Luis ..the only player actually trying to create when he plays. You down play his long accurate passes but focus on the time he has been caught too far up the pitch without mentioning that the reason he gets caught up there is because the players tasked with creating aren’t doing their jobs.. Your entire comment can be summarized in 4 words ” I dont like Luiz”..

  5. most replied I read so far ascertain one thing ‘we are all biased in judgement’.
    Severally, we have abused players like Luiz, Ozil, Chaka in the past each time they appear on such list, but now we find reasons for the player now on the list because ‘we don’t want to blame them’.
    I want to say I agree with the article and I have before now been unhappy with Saka and KT performance so far especially in attack, both have made costly mistakes or squandered goalbound chances. I remember Saka against Leeds, KT only needed a pass to AUBA in the opposition 18, to achieve an additional but decided to take accros to Pepe who was in a difficult area than AUBA

  6. Even without looking at stats, I already knew that Saka was not fit to be in team, he massively unbalances the team, it’s just hype, hype etc….

    He makes way too many mistakes and most importantly, doesn’t take effort to win the ball back.

    And he’s the one that the coach plays in wingback role, which is hilarious.

    People keep hating on Willian but to me he’s the best winger at the club. And along Nelson they should be the ones at the top

    Cedric… Holding… Gabriel… Tierney
    Partey…. Elneny…. M-Niles
    Willian… Aubameyang…. Nelson

    That’s the lineup I expect again the over-hyped Spurs which we have a better squad!!!

  7. Meaningless information and some silly reactions at a time when the same fans are calling for more creativity.If they used the same technique/measurement at Barcelona, Messi would probably be at the top because he is endeavoring to take people on and lay off balls at speed whereas centre backs , for the majority of the game are limited to making simple passes.Certain stats have a very important role to play in life today, e.g. In the case of the current Pandemic, but in the case of Football, they are of very limited value.After watching a game, I trust my eyes and brain to tell me who can play, and who cannot.Unfortunately, at Arsenal at present we have too many in the latter category.

    1. Grandad, from long experience in this very site, I can clearly see that the ones who are slaves to stats and over hype their limited usefulness as a guide only – and even then, only when properly and wisely used(which so often they are not) – are all younger and less worldly wise fans.

      We oldies, who grew up in a world largely free from being slaves to stats, know much better about their very limited uses. Eyes and BRAIN too, are far more useful. Always were, still are now and always will be!

  8. I think the misconception here is people are equating errors to failed dribbles and blind passes.
    I feel like this collection took a lot more into account. On failed dribbles and blind passes, Willian and Laca would be topping the list. I feel like there’s more to be considered.
    The notion they are making errors because they are trying also flies in the face of scrutiny.

    Bellerin created two chances against wolves and was blamed because a pass hit his bum.

    Tierney created no chances and was praised yet he got turned too easily for the first goal.

  9. What an absolutely irrelevant article that actually tells us nothing at all. Mistakes, what mistakes, mistakes that led to a goal, mistakes that led to not scoring a goal, mistakes that cost us the game, mistakes trying to actually influence a game, mistakes passing back to our goalkeeper, mistakes making a foul throw. The biggest mistake is trying undemine players that may actually give the ball away actually trying to influence a game, instead of playing safe and backwards all the time, which none of them can be accused of.

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