The three most important fixtures that will define Arsenal’s season

Important upcoming fixtures for Arsenal to push for a top four finish this season

Arsenal have had a fairly successful first half of the season under the new manager, which saw them notch up a 22 game unbeaten run before losing to Southampton. This showed very clear improvement, and sets up for a very exciting period moving forward for the club. For a club the size of Arsenal, they need to be playing in the Champions league and are around 11/4 on the best betting sites at present to secure a top four spot come the end of the season. Here we cover some of the most important upcoming fixtures which could define their season.

Arsenal v Chelsea – 19th January

The home fixture against Chelsea on the 19th of January as expected is set play a very important role in the top four race this season. Both clubs are battling it out and three points could be the key in order to guarantee that top four spot. It is usually a very close encounter when each side play and the previous fixture kicked off the season. This ended in a 3-2 victory for Chelsea, but Arsenal have won the previous two games when playing at home so will be hopeful of picking up the three points.

Tottenham v Arsenal – 2nd March

Another derby at the start of March, which is likely going to be key as to whether Arsenal can finish in the top four. Tottenham are having a strong season themselves and are still in the hunt with Manchester City and Liverpool. Tottenham finished in the top four last season ahead of Arsenal, which they have struggled to do in the past, so this further pushes the importance of this game. The previous league game in December finished 4-2 to Arsenal, so they will be looking to put on a similar performance to guarantee the maximum points.

Arsenal v Manchester United – 9th March

The fixture with Manchester United in the early period of March is looking ever more important, as the resurgent United continue to climb back up the table.  They are now looking to challenge for the top four themselves, so this is likely to be a very important game if Arsenal are to return to the Champions league next season. The previous premier league game between the two sides in December finished 2-2 but Arsenal have a strong record in recent times when at home against United, so will be confident of picking up the three points.

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  1. We had a tough time at wolves, brighton, burnley etc. What makes you so confidant about the top teams when we struggle against bottom teams and meekly surrender to pool? This is the arrogance at the emirates of counting the chickens before their hatched.Remember dont be over confident cause utd are better off now without Jose and are 3 points below us. And the lesser we talk about the transfers the better.

    1. “This is the arrogance at the emirates of counting the chickens before their hatched.Remember dont be over confident ”

      So wanting the team you support to win is arrogant !!!!!!!!!!! and no one is in a place to tell fans whether to feel confident about their team or not.

      1. Mate we want our team to win, but berating the opposition, living on past glory is either arrogance or living in cuckoo land

  2. Do you guys think we actually CAN’T afford transfer fees atm, or is it just Emery being coy, playing player prices down?

    I mean how the f*** can’t we actually AFFORD players?! We are one of the richest clubs in the world. Get RID of Ramsey RIGHT NOW!! £10 million fee and 110k a week off the books. How f’n hard can it be?

    1. Maybe they are planning on getting more players during the summer window (which is when most players change clubs). Plus maybe the want to welcome the new sponsors in style

  3. Well said mate I thought it was Wenger being tight but he ad no money the new manager is just a yes man again to stan we should stop buying arsenal goods and match tickets wot a joke arsenal or sad days a head

    1. Thomas, how can you accuse Unai Emery of being a “yes man” after a half season as coach? You are totally unfair and should give Emery a number of transfer windows before stating such opinions.
      I believe that Unai Emery will walk away if he is not supported by the owner and management at Arsenal.

      1. That is a possibility. Kroenki’s response will be to employ a cheaper manager and continue taking money out of the club.

        1. Well said mate Harry is up for grabs

        2. Until we see the accounts for KSE uk we can not be certain that Kroenke is taking money from the club.Some respected financial analysts think that he is not, bearing in mind the present Financial position of the club. This is the reason why Arsenal cannot afford to buy or pay players in the current window. It makes no sense for Kroenke to make matters worse by taking money from the club. I notice that PSG, even with their billionaire owners have only 20-30000 euros to spend in this window. Sometimes there are things in the commercial/business world that us fans are not aware of.

      2. Things are changing

        sensible comment. could not agree more. Of course the transfer windows he gets only mean something if he is given reasonable funds to rebuild. If he has no funds to spend this window it really doesn’t count as rebuild window.

        I think the best thing for a future would be to pull a miracle out of the head and win the Europa league or finish 4th. That will be a binary event for our financial budget. Failing again the qualify for CL football will only serve to make us fall further behind the other top 6 teams IMO.

        1. Things are changing, here’s a thought.
          We had twenty years of CL football, more than the current four clubs above us during that period.

          In just two years, without it, we are coming out and saying to the world’s media that we can only afford loan deals.

          Of course we don’t know the financial politics within the club, but if you were a player such as Sanchez, would you not be asking the question why they can’t find £15,000,000 to sign me on a three year contract….OR…do they not see me as worthy of a permanent deal?I’ll go elsewhere.
          That’s what happened so many times previously, but no-one believed it did they (Griezmann).

          Like it or not, situations have not changed regarding the support of the manager from the owner.
          The question is still the same, where has the money gone?

          1. Things are changing

            If you include Aubamayang we invested GBP 120 million in 2018 on new players. Add a payroll of about 120 million for senior players alone and we spend close to 250 million on players alone. Not so hard to see where most of the money went.

            But with Arsenal being a private company now it will be a lot harder to get detailed enough information about the finances to really know where it all went.

            The question arises whether an owner of a privately help company is under any obligation to make public detailed financial statements let alone justify how he runs his company.

          2. Things are changing, regarding 2018….we actually received £110,000,000 plus in transfer fees, so the actual “spend” was roughly £10,000,000 ( source: Wikipedia ).
            That makes the equation a little different doesn’t it?

            I was also expecting your comments on Suarez.

  4. Most important fixtures that will define Arsenal’s season. why can’t we have a good season once and for all instead of always doing probability with some fixtures we need so as to meet up top4. what a joke we have become…

  5. You forgot we have Man city away…another 3 points waiting to be dropped.

  6. How did we lose 5-1 to Liverpool? Why not 5-2 or 5-3 why did it have to be 5-1 🙁 I’m yet to recover.

    1. You’re not the only one

      1. If Liverpool scored 5, I’m scared of what Man City will do 😭😭😩

        1. I don’t even want to think about that just yet! 😟

          1. Things are changing

            Just remember the Liverpool home game and the Spurs game. This manager when given time and healthy players has proven he can get his squad to get results against the top teams. We have to hope players continue to return from injury and continue to learn Emery’s system.

            (Still fear the Europa League might be our best bet to make it to CL – unless Hazard gets injured but you can’t hope for that, can you?)

  7. The only important match to consider is the clash with West Ham who will not be easy to overcome.One game at a time is the philosophy to be adopted by Emery as he has not the quality and strength in depth in his squad to plan ahead.I only hope Bellerin is fit to play against the Hammers as the prospect of Lich steiner coping with Anderson fills me with despair.

  8. I believe that Unai Emery has the right approach, taking one match at a time. Yes, the matches cited are important for Arsenal’s final position in the table; however as Emery has stated, a win against Burnley is worth the same 3 points as a win against Liverpool. Losses and draws against any opposition will drag Arsenal down the table.

    1. OG: Saw your article about Hughie Gallagher, Wow, although I’d heard of him, never realised he had such a goalscoring record, 463 in 624, incredible and Reg Date, a goal machine. Would probably had a very successful career in the Football League, As I said to Jon in another post should have said “in my time” regarding Jimmy Greaves but from the late fifties when I first saw Greaves playing for Chelsea he was undoubtedly the best in my time.

      1. Kenny, the other interesting thing about Hughie Gallacher is that he was a contemporary of and grew up in the same village/town in Scotland as the Arsenal great Alex James. Imagine if they had come to Highbury together!
        You also asked about my son and his cricket career. He was a 6’4″ hard hitting middle order batsman and handy medium pace bowler, who played in the winning U19 district cricket club side in Newcastle. Two of his team mates went on to play first grade and NSW 2nd II and another played for South Australia. Unfortunately my son went into Real Estate sales, so working on weekends stopped the progression of his cricket career. Similar to his dad (LOL) lack of commitment, meant a career outside of sport was more rewarding.

  9. I do not understand the mindset of some of our fans. Do they think Arsenal was founded for the sake of their happiness. If you don’t enjoy being an Arsenal fan why can they put their well-being first and join another club. We accused the club of keeping a tight lip and not communicate with fans and not let us know the situation of things with the club during Wenger era. Now Emery is doing the opposite and let us know we can’t afford outright purchase of players in this transfer and the club is being ridicule for it by her fans. Forgetting that the club is actually doing what majority of fans want ,bringing new players in to help the team. Does it even matter if we pay for a players, get the player on loan or free transfer as long as they are quality. Arsenal is an institution of over 100 years old and might be forever. So some of us need to put our worries, anger and happiness in perspective as an arsenal fans. This is not attack on anyone but base on my observation generally.

    1. Why shouldn’t fans moan?
      I thought we were in the top 7richest clubs in world football the last time I looked ,so why don’t we acted like it ?
      I think arsenal fans have every right to moan (more than most clubs fans )we have been patient while they built the stadium then was told we would match the top 5 clubs in world football if I remember what Ivan spurted out of his slimy mouth .But no here we are in 2019 still coming out with the same tired fcking accuses,no ambition is what I see and if I wanna moan I will .maybe you’re happy watching our side struggle year in year out just to scrabble to 4th place .i would understand if say we were Everton but we are not .we are meant to be a big club maybe we should act like it

  10. Chelsea 3point is same as fulham 3points, only difference is that,they are our direct rival. I can say out of the 3 fixtures,only chelsea matter now, as its the only fixture happening in less than 2weeks time.
    Others are over a month time, nobody can predict what will happen to either utd,tottenham or us by then.
    Lets take it a game at a time.
    This is a trying time for the club, hope we pull through this transfer huddle, this will help us to have successful summer

  11. Things are changing

    I am worried about Man U. It is one thing to look at Chelsea and hope we can catch them. It is an other thing having to keep a rampant Man U behind us with only a 3 point cushion.

    They have a very talented squad.

    1. They also have the FA, The Premier League , The Referees, The Media and every other organisation connected to football in this country behind them. A successful United is beneficial to those organisations pockets. Chelsea should also be worried for that 4th Champions League spot. They’ve already had some bad decisions recently concerning VAR. Anybody noticed.

  12. Had we won Wolves, brighton, crystal palace we wil be above chelsea n one point from spurs..
    But xhaka,mustafi,lichsteiner just had to make stupid individual errors.
    Im not even talking the Soton game or Kolasinac error against United…

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