The Three Players Arsenal Need Back to their A-game to easily beat N Forest

Arsenal return to Premier League action on Tuesday night when they face Nottingham Forest at the City Ground. Arsenal lost 1-0 the last time they visited the City Ground, but made amends on Match Day 1 by defeating Forest 2-1 at the Emirates, but it was far from a comfortable victory.

Arteta and the boys will look to complete a double over Forest on Tuesday, and they will easily do so if these three players show their A-game.

Bukayo Saka
Saka hasn’t been in his best form recently. He’s only scored once in his last seven league games. Teams always devise strategies to stop him, and there is some discussion over whether he has become predictable. He not long ago hinted that he has reviewed video clips of his past performances to learn how he might improve. I hope he has devised some strategies to outwit Forest’s defense in the last few days. When Saka plays well, Arsenal plays well; the Hale End graduate can decide a game for Arsenal, and if he excels against Forest, there will be nothing to worry about.

Martin Odegaard
Odegaard began the season brightly but lost form along the way, with injuries playing a significant factor (there was a revelation that time he was playing with an injury). In the last few games, he seemed to have improved his form. It goes without saying that Arsenal cannot be at their best if their “master of dictating play” isn’t. On a good day, the former Real Madrid player is an orchestrator, pulling the strings in the final third. I hope Tuesday will be a wonderful day for him.

Gabriel Jesus
The Brazilian does not score as much as he should. This has fostered the perception that Arsenal should have signed a top striker this winter. However, it seems unlikely that a new striker will join before the winter transfer deadline. Arteta is stuck with Gabriel and Nketiah till the season ends. Gabriel needs to at least find his form in front of the goal. In his first few games for Arsenal, he was scoring for fun, and I feel he can still do so, perhaps beginning with the match against Forest.

I don’t know about you, but for me, those are the three Gunners who, if they step up, will lead Arsenal to an easy victory on Tuesday night.

Daniel O

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  1. 2 of them are players that should have been rotated and managed properly, lack of forward thinking and poor planning is the cause nothing else.

  2. I have a high regard for Saka but sadly he is being misused by our Manager imo and as a consequence he may never fulfil fully his undoubted talent.If you compare the freedom Foden is currently enjoying with Man City where he is popping up all over the pitch and causing havoc ,with the rigid positioning which is affecting the performances of Saka and Martinelli you can perhaps understand why our wingers are struggling.Foden may have better ball skills than Saka which makes him a more natural number 10, but Saka and Martinelli ought to be given more scope to interchange in the final third which just might upset the defensive plans of deep lying sides like Notts Forest.The match tomorrow will be far from easy, that’s for sure and every player will have to step up to the mark to get us the victory which is vital if we are to maintain credibility to rival City and Liverpool.

    1. Notts Forest,? Please grow up. Assume slight/insult is intended. Nottingham Forest have two European Cups , how many have the pea shooters? Cannot address such unknowing comments seriously.

        1. Plainly SUE, he is a Forest fan. Simple as that. Some fans do go on other clubs fan sites. I do my myself.

          Of course being a Forest fan IS the ” problem” for him and for all their fans. Tying themselves into financial Notts and not being able to find themself out of the Forest.

          Still, a pretty certain FFP points deduction will help them at least take the Forest out of the PL. Just like that too!

  3. The city ground will prove a tricky tie, they will double up against Saka as usual.

    It will come down to how the gaffer approach this one, Arsenal could hit them hard and early with Martinelli in a 3 : 1 : 3 : 3 formation.

  4. My three players would be….

    Havertz, Havertz and Havertz

    Sorry, I felt I just needed to emphasize what an extraordinary bad transfer he has been so far!

  5. I think the most important players in the Forest game are Zinchenko and Rice. Chris Wood gonna be a massive danger for Gabriel and Saliba. Bearing that Gibbs-White gonna target Zinchenko. So the Ukrainian gotta set the tempo with Rice to attack to bring back the whole Forest squad down to defend. Nuno Espirito is no slouch. That fella knows how to play and beat Arsenal. Dangerous game this one.

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