The THREE reasons why Arsenal CAN win the title this season

How ‘Winning Mentality’ Can Help Arsenal This Season! by AT

Although it is perhaps unfamiliar for Arsenal in recent times to be top of the table at the halfway stage of the season, it is worth remembering that the Gunners were in an identical situation two years ago, during Mesut Ozil’s debut season at the Emirates.

Buoyed by the arrival of a long-awaited superstar, Arsene Wenger’s side dominated the Premier League from September to December and looked to be in a strong position to clinch the title. But with the turn of the year, Arsenal’s form had a massive dip and by the end of the campaign, we celebrated Champions League qualification like it was a trophy. So is there anything different this time?

Yes there is! Two years ago, Arsenal lacked a winning mentality to go all the way in the title race. But looking at the situation now, the team certainly does not lack it anymore. Apart from two FA Cup victories, the Gunners’ have added proven winners to the squad by bringing in players like Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech, in additon to Ozil.

On the long run, I firmly believe the experience of these players in situations such as this one will come in very handy for the team. It is always a significant advantage when you have players who are very accustomed to dealing with the pressures of winning titles.

To be honest, the Gunners haven’t really had many of these world-class players in the recent past and I firmly believe the trio will have a very positive impact going into the business end of the season.

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  1. The team still lacks the winning mentality, without Sanchez and Coquelin we’ve been dominated by every team and we got a Southampton drubbing and without Ramsey we got a Bayern thrashing. Players like Ox shouldn’t even be 2nd choice, we need more proven quality in the attacking and midfield area like Isco, Aubameyang and Wanyama then we can talk about challenging for CL which is what PL winners do. If the team wants to prove they have the mentality then they shouldn’t be less than 7 points clear of City come end of the season.

    1. those drubbings have to be understood in context:
      the main thing we have now is lack of stamina, not lack of ability.
      so when we beat Bayern 2:1, the next time we lose.
      when we beat manc 2:1, the next game we lose.
      the lack of stamina is due to the fact that our bench is not close enough in quality to our “first” XI and due to the large (but totally predictable) number of injuries we have.
      if wenger had planned for the very high (but usual, expected & predictable) number of injuries by expecting that 2-3 months into the season, 1/3 of his squad would be injured, and if he would be willing to rotate enough players, then we would no longer have the stamina problem.
      but he does not.

      1. We don’t have quality,we did beat Bayern 2-0 but they also thrashed us 5-1,against Barcelona the same thing will happen we’ll probably beat them at the Emirates by a close score then lose at Nou Camp by 4 goals or more

  2. INSHAA ALLAH this season we will the win the league of we just keep focus, treat one game at a time, don’t be afraid of man city, man utd, tottenham, Liverpool,Everton when we we play them away just be patient and respect them at their home grounds sit deep and work hard and we wil get the important results in our favour in these games and also don’t underestimate small sides because these games can give you points and if we you lose or draw against these sides then it can cause huge dent in our title ambitions… COYG!!!

    1. You couldn’t have said it better… When we play away, we need to sit deep, size our opponent’s game & make sure our defensive setup is tightly organized, well-positioned & settled first. Maintaining great defensive organization in the first 15-20 minutes of the game helps settle the nerves & from there, we can build the courage to be more adventurous in front of goal. If we sit deep, we have the counter-attacking players to give the opponents a headache or two, and if we start getting adventurous, we have The Özil & Sons, a popular company of professional locksmiths to navigate through defenses.

    1. Today’s team must:
      bellerin Kos gabriel gibbs
      chambers flamini
      Campbell Ramsey Ox

      The reason because we have to give rest to our main players Cech, Ozil, monreal and Giroud.
      They can come subs in 60 minutes if the situation is worse otherwise not required.

      1. cech does not need rest does he?
        i mean a goalie is not running around.
        maybe the main reason would be to build ospina’s confidence.

  3. The team is experienced
    Ten players 30 +
    Ten players in the mid 20’s.
    Ox Chambers + Bellerin
    young but experienced.
    This team is ready to pull away from the pack.

  4. So the three reasons we are going to win the title is Sanchez,Ozil and Cech??that’s ridiculous!
    What about Walcott, Giroud,Koscielny,monreal and Be
    Look, we need every member of the team to win, we just need the right attitude,motivation,concentration,and good team spirit.childish article

  5. OT:
    Wenger has discovered a very special player in Elneny
    Believe me,you guys are gooner love this lad
    Imagine a technical Gabriel, an aggresive Ramsey and a versatile coquelin.he is exactly what we need.
    He can play as DM and even the Ramsey role,he is a good team player as well, above all he is made for the Epl.If you don’t see all this in him,you are fre to do or say anything to me..smiles..coyg!!

  6. Arsenal need a gold of a player who can just push the team to a new level. Barca did not need Luis but signed him to create extra potency. Ozil stated that previous seasons players did not finish his chances, obviously players like Walcott,Giroud don’t stand at the same levels as Lewandowski or Suarez but do it only on occasions. The one thing Wenger needs to learn is to stretch teams for fun. Oxlade chamberlain came inside of the midfield which removes the chance of forcing teams into submission. By holding the width teams won’t force but in-order for it work Arsenal should let go of short passing which is easy to mark.

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