The THREE signings that Arsenal MUST secure this summer

As opposed to my article earlier today, this article is going to be looking forward into Arsenal’s future, as opposed to looking backwards at what has already happened around Europe this summer! If we look at Arsenal’s summer, we’ve managed to sign Cech from Chelsea, as well as we’ve offloaded Podolski, Miyaichi and Diaby (and we have not re-signed Flamini either). That frees up 4 very valuable slots in our EPL roster, assuming Arsene doesn’t give Flamini another one year contract. We have also managed to loan Maitland-Niles to Ipswich, which I think will do wonders for the very promising young winger. Most importantly, we have not lost anybody of value this transfer window, which means that we are free to add to, and improve upon, last season’s squad. Gone are the days that we are looking to replace somebody each season.

Ideally, we let Flamini go on a free as he is now out of contract, and bring in either Vidal or Schneiderlin. With Manchester United confirming the signing of Schweinsteiger, I feel as though Schneiderlin is ours should Arsene want him. I can understand the delay in signing Vidal as he was pre-occupied with Chile and winning the Copa America until recently, however that’s done and dusted. Vacation or not, it’s time for him to sort out his future. If we do not sign either Vidal or Schneiderlin, I will be extremely disappointed. While Coquelin has done a fantastic job for the second half of last season, we need competition for him. Between Vidal and Schneiderlin, neither of them is an out and out DM like Coquelin, which is a good thing. Both of them are more defensive minded than Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey, however they both offer more than Coquelin when going forward. We would be able to play either of them alongside Coquelin to help solidify a lead, or we would be able to play either of them instead of Coquelin when we still want a defensive presence, but we want a bit more going forward.

Additionally, while I am excited to see Walcott’s pace playing up top, I would like us to sign another striker too. For me, it’s either Higuain, or Lacazette. If we purchase any other striker, that is currently being linked with us, then its a waste of money. While I appreciate what Giroud does give us, we need an alternative. We struggled when he was injured last season and it cost us. Walcott is back, and Oxlade-Chamberlain should help as well, however we need another. We need somebody that is going to simply score the chances that we create for him. While I wouldn’t complain too much about signing Cavani, I would much rather see Higuain or Lacazette, even after the Copa America that Higuain had this summer.

Lastly, and of much less importance, is a central defender. To me, we need one. Mertesacker is 30, Koscielny will be 30 in September, and has had a recurring Achilles injury recently. While Chambers is a CB for the future, he needs a season of consistent game time at CB. Loan out Chambers to an EPL or Championship club so that he can get used to the physical game required at CB, and bring in Van Dijk from Celtic. As a Celtic supporter, I have watched every single match that he’s played this past season, and he’s the real deal. He may not have a Senior appearance for the Netherlands yet, but don’t be surprised if that changes this upcoming season. At 6’4, quick and athletic, he’s got the physical attributes to succeed in the EPL. He’s both strong and very capable on the ball and he’s strong in the air as well. If occasionally necessary, he would be able to slot in as a DM to help solidify the final 10-15 minutes of a close win. As he just won the Celtic Player of the Year award, he will cost 12-15 million, but he’s only 24 and already has 2 years of Champion’s League Experience. In my mind, he’s as close to a sure success as possible.

As much as I try not to put weight into Twitter reports, this Muzzi Ozcan guy does seem to have a very positive track record as being reliable. Here’s to hoping that he’s right, and Arsenal announce a massive signing (in value/quality, not price) sometime this week. Until then, I’m going to be playing my Fifa15 and hoping that the US men’s team have a successful Gold Cup!


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    1. Needs to be emphasized all the time that we are a FEW world class players short of winning major trophies. TRUTH needs to be repeated all the time.

      1. But to whom, the board or other people agreeing on this matter with no influence on player signings whatsoever?

        1. he ASSISTS anytime he wants. Even on holiday, he can’t stop ASSISTING.
          Mr OZIL after paying for 23 Brazilian children to have life saving operations. On Friday, Mesut Ozil had paid for 11 more Brazilian children – “Ozil’s Eleven ” – to have operations between the 24th October and 7th November 2015 at a hospital in Coroata.
          GOD BLESS YOU!

      2. Man, I always leave the truth on “repeat”.

        In other, What’s Up With Our Incoming World-class Striker???

        1. O.T. Muzzi Ozcan tweeted this today..

          Morgan Schneiderlin talks are in advance stage will be announced in the coming few days . It’s decision time for Schneiderlin either A or B

          Do you think Arsenal could be one of the teams??

            1. United have him. So we get the pleasure of seeing a player who apparently would only make our bench, lineup against us for United. Good stuff.

              That was as obvious a transfer as there ever was for Arsenal, French, just turned 25, proven……really hope Wenger has just cause for not biting on that one. I’ll keep the faith until the window shuts, but my nails are starting to go.

      3. What truth is that? That only the few players hyped by the media are worthy of acquisition? Ridiculous.

        Same names over and over and over. Do you realize how many great players exist out there in this big world?? And many of them unknown to you, me or the stupid media and articles like this that continue hype the same names repeatedly.

        And there is also no “truth” about which exact positions must be filled or else AFC will implode. Ask each fan and you will get different answers.

        The “truth” you speak of does not exist.

    2. Think I read this exact kind of post as early as february. Now I dont read every article here and im not here consistent enough to see every article posted, but the last article i can remember actually had something original and that was not biased, was the “Why arsenal do not desperately need to buy [Insert role]”-trilogy or something like that from TJ(?) which was in may, i think.

    3. Kind of feels that way SoOpa Aeon – I think the Jonny Evans thread has done me for the day. One point arising out of the above though is our haste to bin players at 30 – or at least the apparent double standards we apply. United sign BS aged 30 with a 3 year deal and it is “great business”. Liverpool sign Milner at 29 on a 4 year deal – “smart move”. The Chelsea back 4 that so many on here envy – Ivanovic gets a new 4 year deal at 31, Terry is 34 and has a contract extension, Cahill the baby by comparison is 29.

      Sort of gives us hope for Santi at 30 – he doesn’t rely on pace or physicality – could have another 3 years minimum at the top for us. Whether we rate them or not is not the point but both Merts and Kos have a minimum 3 or 4 years left at this level if they/Wenger choose.

    4. How many times we have to repeat the same thing????are we going to sign any world class players??I’m not going to start again,but it doesn’t look good…anyways before I get bombarded I must say staying positive…. Keeping faith in Wenger. Hope he’s taking his time to sign the best players available

    5. Even Pedro is not joining us, that’s just great news. Good signing for Chelsea. everything is happening for every club except us. Even Stoke are having a better transfer window than us…why??cuz we have a good enough squad…if we did why we finished third????now this is our clubs new target. Finishing third. Great!!!with our current squad we won’t even finish fourth. Chelsea,mancity, and manure have better squads

      1. 12 days you absolute embarrassment. The window has been open 12 days.

        Chelsea haven’t signed Pedro. You’re too dumb and can’t understand gossip.

          1. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho makes £20m move for Barcelona star …
   hour ago

            Sounds 99% done to me…….. Muppet

            1. Spain star issues plea to Chelsea despite interest from Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool
              BARCELONA winger Pedro is holding out for a move to Chelsea, according to reports.
              By ADAM SKINNER
              10:45, Sun, Jul 12, 2015 | UPDATED: 11:03, Sun, Jul 12, 2015


  1. I just hope come end of 2015/2016 season, we won’t be saying ‘If only’, ‘How I Wish’, ‘What if’…. I hope we don’t settle for the ‘Near’ syndrome that we have been suffering from all this yrs.

    My Target is fight for the league and see how we progress. Hopefully we WIN it with the right additions or finish in the TOP 2..

    Retain the FA cup again but I’ll be happy if we win the league’ even though we lose the FA cup

    Break that round of 16 (champions league) Jinx. Make it to the semi’s to say the least.

    Play our young guns only in the capital one cup and see how they progress in that competition…

    ‘Nearly as they say’ cannot kill a bird….Hopefully, we won’t come so close yet so far. Now is the time to access the team and know what to add in the team… Wenger’, I appreciate and respect You. Make us happy once again. COYG!

  2. Cavani, Greizmann and Pogba or
    Higuain, Vargas and Aranguiz or at the very least
    Benzema, Reus and Carvalho

  3. Getting old.. but what else is there to talk about? FYI flamini has a year left on his contract.

    For me the question is will wenger buy another dm? Beause why bring someone inferior to coquelin when we already have that in flamini and arteta?

    On the other hand, i doubt AW will want to bench lecoq. Then it seemst unlikely we’ll buy someone superior to coquelin for 20 mill. Pounds and promtly bench the new guy, don’t you think?

    On the other hand, Wenger has said coquelin is “ready to fight [for starting berth]” even if competition came in. Is that a hint?

    1. I believe Arsenal really need another DM – Coq cannot do it all. And many fans believe Arsenal need a striker and a DM. That means Wenger will just get another CAM.

  4. Personally i feel were fine at CB, i dont see callum chambers future at Right back, he definately has the size and has the potential to be a top class CB in the future,working with people like Koscielny and Metersacker can only be a learning experience. Plus we also have Gabriel who is definatley a one to watch as he gets aclimatises to th bpl. At the moment i feel we should concentrate on areas we are lacking.. truth be told regardless of how many hate hearing it the lack of goals from our fowards is alarming.. Giroud managed 14 in 26 appearances, whilst its ok people like remy(who spent a majority of his season on the bench at chelsea) managed 12, and i feel a sensible thing to do would be to sign another striker, because of regardless of how you look at it. there was a period of about 8 games when giroud didnt score a single goal, so weather you look at it as giroud needing a rest or not being up to the task and if im not mistaken we drew twice and lost twice sadly if you want win trophies those draws need to become wins. And if Giroud was the highest scoring striker in our team serious questions need to be asked.

  5. Off topic = I feel so sorry for RVP he was treated so badly and betrayed at United shame on them such a nice boy what’s up with these Manchester clubs Sagna WHO, and Nasri bench warmer so bad HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Why feel sorry they made their beds.. we didn’t force them out they chose to go, I cant help but think what could have been.. but then i look our team and think ‘I dont care now!

        1. Drip Drip haha

          When ever I’m reminded of RVP I always remeber how he Celebrated when he scored a goal aginst us so I fugure he deserves all the Sh!t and sarcasm he gets

          1. We should have signed him back on a two year contract… He would have provided us with more options upfront. I think he still has 2 more quality years left in him. He should stay in the bpl.,.

            1. No way I wouldwant him working for Arsenal again,

              I can understand a player moving on for more sucess and even more money but to be injured for years and as soon as he was useful he left us and even then let’s say I’m ok with it but his celebration and jumping in the arms of SAF it’s treason

    2. We cant disrespect Sagna the guy has been amazing for us for all these years, stayed with us when others left and only left when he knew we could afford to lose him. Im not mad at him for wanting to make a few extra millions before retiring and I still respect him.

  6. Watch my lips for the umpteenth time, “Arsene is done in the transfer market and we will not be signing anyone of significance this side of the window”. Mark my words however much I hope I’m wrong! Let’s enjoy the Emirates Cup in 13 days and gauge the strength then of the team.

    1. In the last 5 transfer windows over 80% of Arsenals transfer buisness was done in the last 14 days of the transfer window …….Somehow i think you’re wrong

        1. One more player would secure a top four finish and two more players would make us challengers for the title

  7. He needs to upgrade attacking options ..
    So reus or griezman with lacazette as fall back or cheaper option in drexler
    DM schneiderlin or bender

    Some combo of these wld do me … Anything less and it will be wenger out

    1. Wenger will never leave, he won’t sign anyone and will still stay on as manager.nothing you fans in London can if I was living in London I would have organized an anti Wenger group and call for his head if we don’t make any signings. How long more we fans have to suffer. Me and a friend of mine have travelled thousand miles to watch arsenal play once. it costs lots of money and takes lots of time but we still do it once a year. This is how we supporters do it, why don’t we get a little respect????we want new world class players. Two more signings is the least we deserve

  8. These types of articles and headlines are RIDICULOUS. Many thousands of great players out there but we are supposed to swallow the media hype that ONLY these 2 or 3 players will thrust Arsenal upward. This is so far beyond nonsensical. It is in fact childishly stupid. STOP!

  9. Benzema is 87 on fifa 15,Giroud 79 methink wenger should try and sign benzema no avarage player can play for madrid for 6seasons he is wc and could be the signing of the season.YEAH Benzema a is complete traditional forwad

  10. Off topic, I’m glad Sterling won’t be coming anywhere near our club. This boy has a serious chip on his shoulder. 45 million for a manipulative/ unproven little rat. Give it a couple of years and he will end up at west brom or Villa

    Rant over.

  11. Nice article. Well written and fact oriented.
    NIce read.
    I think 2 well picked played would push us further.
    Wenger has to know it . He is not getting any younger even for manager standards and he surely wants t add a ucl and one EPL to his name.
    If not he would be too naive.

    1. Exactly, Wenger should sign top class players for his own sake. Doesn’t he want to finally win the UCL and one more bpl title???what is he thinking???he’s probably on crack

  12. £10m Jonny Evans shouldn’t be bad at Arsenal if the Boss signed him on, would he? But wait, does that mean there will be no LB signing by the Boss this summer? I don’t want to believe that. Higuain 28 in Dec., maybe losing pace? He could. Does he miss sitters in the big games? Report had it he does. We don’t want him to miss the winning goal for us when we get to the Ucl final as his history at the 2014 and 2015 WC & Copa could repeat itself. Lacazette height of 5ft 9in will be a disadvantage for him in the BPL? If he can be a another Sanchez for us, he’ll be okay. But is he a RW specialist? Because that’s what Arsenal need in their forward line now. We have 3 strikers and a LW in Sanchez with the Ox to be his understudy in my own believe. Report has said, Chelsea is about grabbing Pedro with the help of Fabrigas. Had the Boss wanted to sign him, he had his 4 Spanish contingents to call upon to convince Pedro to come to Arsenal. Doesn’t he? This Schneiderlin signing won’t go away easily from Arsenal, will it? But Flamini contract position at Arsenal is ambiguous to me. I heard he has a year left on his deal. Then another report said he has run down his contract at Arsenal. Which one is which? Whatever it is, Vidal is aging and he might have lost his pace a little that can hurt Arsenal if they sign him. And his asking price by Juventus is reported to be much higher than Schneiderlin asking price of £25m by Southampton which Arsenal can beat down. Should the Boss sign him to replace would be departing Flamini? He might. Cavani is getting old for us to own. We don’t want a striker that will come to Arsenal and become a mediocare player. What of RW Aubameyang of Dortmound? Doesn’t the Boss wants him? And what of LB Faouzi Ghoulam of Napoli? Doesn’t the Boss wants him too? I think those 2 with Schneiderlin should be okay for us this summer if the Boss accepts.

  13. I like Van Dijk. I’d prefer other options to strengthen the team but his market price and quailty make it a Wenger type buy. On a side note, I am going to be very surprised if we buy two quality players. I think with our history in the market Wenger will just add one more player. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. its just 12 days into the transfer window and there is already panic in this

  15. Please not Higuain. He’s a name for dumb fans who have never seen him play. A price tag. It will at least shut the idiots up who seem to mostly frequent this page. He will be a huge disappointment. Then the same idiots rallying for him now will be crying Wenger out when he bottles it again in a big game.

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