The three teams that could help Arsenal by taking points off Man City

Manchester City climbed to the top of the Premier League table with a 2-1 win over Fulham on Sunday. Man City are now the odds-on favourites to win the Premier League again with 76 points, one point ahead of Mikel Arteta’s team, but Pep Guardiola’s side has a game in hand. With six games remaining, they only need at least fifteen (15) points to clinch another Premier League title.

Arsenal, on the other hand, would need something special to win the league this season after losing 4-1 to Manchester City last Wednesday. Mikel Arteta’s side still has a chance to win the title if they win their remaining five games and Manchester City drop six points.

West Ham United, Leeds United, Everton, Chelsea FC, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Brentford remain in the Citizens’ fixtures. Looking at these fixtures, I can identify three opponents that could cause Guardiola and his team to drop points, giving Odegaard and co. an advantage.

Here are three teams that could lend Arsenal a helping hand to win the 2022–23 Premier League title:

1. Chelsea

Chelsea’s performance has not been remarkable, but given their position in the Premier League table (relegation fear is creeping in, though it is unlikely they will be relegated), Manchester City will find it difficult to defeat them on May 21st. Lampard has been attempting to find balance at Stamford Bridge, and maybe when they face City, he will have found it and they will be able to deny the Citizens points.

2. Brighton
Brighton and Hove Albion are vying for a place in the European competition, which might make Manchester City find them difficult to beat. The Seagulls are one of the most difficult teams to play against, and the Gunners should hope they show up and take all three points against City on May 24th.

3. Brentford
Brentford also hopes to qualify for European competition, and Pep Guardiola’s team will undoubtedly find them difficult to bully given that the Thomas Frank-led side won the first leg 2-1 at Etihad Stadium. The Bees have been a giant slayer this season, and they will be hoping to dispatch Manchester City on May 28th for another great victory over a top team.

Arsenal are craving to win the league, and we hope these three teams will help them end Manchester City’s dominance. Anyway, in which other game can City drop points?

Darren N


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  1. Based on the way Man City handled Bayern Muenchen and us, none of those teams would be able to stop them, unless Haaland and De Bruyne get injured

    1. City only won by 1 goal this weekend. It’s not impossible for them to drop points

      1. You are talking about a team that has won at every first half in about 10+ EPL games

    2. Well you never know football is illogical and you don’t always have predictions right ….dont forget Brentford beat them at their backyard

    1. Newcastle away was always the one for me. Even if we’d pulled off a win at City, I’d still have been concerned about that one

  2. No way West Ham or Chelsea take any pointsLondon clubs always lay down & die.Nor Leeds( cricket score).If any do a major shock.The only possibles are Everton,Brighton & Brentford.& even then,a long,real long shot.

  3. The team that could have helped Arsenal the most is Arsenal. But we haven’t helped ourselves lately I’m afraid. It is amazing though, how just one defeat has brought us so much gloom. That’s how tenuous the situation becomes these days, if you slip up when you’re taking on City in a title race. Just ask Liverpool. Either the lads are going to wake up out of their nightmare or it’s going to be more pain against Chelsea. If Chelsea even score tonight and we don’t win there’ll be all sorts said about us.

    1. That’s pretty much it. Nothing to do with City to be fair, so many EPL titles have been won in one horse races its depressing. Although of course that’s practically a criminal offence to say. The whole idea of the EPL was to undo the damage Wimbledon had done in denting the aura of invincibility the big clubs had spent over a decade building. Money has flowed upwards, and a ‘Super League’ in outline has opened up between the big clubs with super wealthy owners and the rest. As such, unlike days of old when a few points dropped was damaging, but not fatal, now it is.

      As we saw when we challenged Utd, to finish above them you need to breaking records not just winning the league. The same applies to City.

      It all makes Leicesters title win even more remarkable in hindsight.

      As for tonight, as you say, even if we win 1-0 or 2-1, the pundits will be doing up the laces on their DM’s ready to give us a good kicking. They need a good performance, and a comfortable result. Knowing our God awful luck though, a certain player we missed out on will score making for all the wrong headlines…

      1. Oh hello Marge. Your posts are always like a sight for sore eyes. Chelsea can’t score a goal for toffee right now that’s why we should be able to keep our first clean sheet in yonks. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always work like that. Can’t Eddie Howe’s staff be employed to teach us to defend ? I admire their consistency. I’d be happy with a nice boring
        1-0 or 2-0 tonight. In fact I DEMAND a clean sheet. Are you listening Gabriel? Can you hear us Rob? No stupid balls-ups please, that would be oh so nice.

  4. I’m not giving up until it’s mathematically impossible

    It’s possible City could drop points. Not probable but not impossible

    City just won 1-2 so it’s possible that they could drop points still

    BUT regardless we MUST win our remaining matches

    1. Dear Stephanie, you are such an optimist, I value that in you, but I have previously posted you a reply on the subject of City doing what they needed to do, so I won’t repeat what I said then. Can you transfer to me some of your undying optimism as mine expired last week.

    2. Stephanie, we are not out yet .I somehow fill we might nick it. However not in our hands all we need to do is win all our games. Whatever happens from there at least we gave a good fight.

  5. Clutching at straws.
    If we play a different formation or personnel and this leads to a positive outcome this would be more satisfying from a realist like me. I thought it was over after the Southampton game.
    I hope I have egg on my face and the 2 title chasing teams prove me wrong.

  6. I wouldn’t cling too much to the 2-1 stephanie. City rested De bruyne, Fulham scored against the run of play, and it was only City’s ‘generosity’ in finishing that kept the score down. Its depressing that City can rest their key play maker against a decent side.

    It’s always possible, but it’s not in our hands any more.

  7. The same team, except Brentford + Newcastle away can make us drop points too. Actually I’ve already see that our title chase is over

  8. I’m really pleased that those games against Brentford & BHA are the final two of the season, which could (hopefully🤞) provide a very exciting finish to a season that’s been quite a ride. Both those teams will be competing for at least a Europa League place, and at home, so maybe…Watch.Out.City!

  9. Living in dream land we have already blown it will prob loose to a poor Chelsea team then go to Newcastle who are flying and bottle it there like we did last season got absolutely no chance City will win every game!

  10. How many times has it happened??? Out of form teams play Arsenal,,, and Bob’s your Uncle they turn up and beat us,, and then that side get beaten the following match after beating us. At the moment I don’t really trust this Arsenal team at the moment. We’ve been leading the Premier League for 93% of the season. Must be a real kick in the guts to their confidence right now to have let an 8 point lead slip away. I think Manchester City have too much pedigree to lose it from here. It’s a shame. Would be great to see our lads win their last 5 matches. It would boost their confidence in going into the 23/24 pre-season campaign. That’s how I see it

    1. Summed it up there. The teams confidence has looked shot for a while, but it gave out completely against an out of form, average, Liverpool side. I’m sure their European place rivals are cursing us for giving them that morale booster. After that, each successive game saw more and more confidence ebb away, and the collapses against West Ham and Southampton were just dire. Going into the City game you suspected we were going to get mugged as a result, and we did.

      It takes a real mental effort to turn round a bad run, and a bit of luck too. If their confidence and mentality is as shaky as many suspect, then wins are going to be hard to come by – regardless of the opponents. I’d like to think we can give a dismal Chelsea a hard time, but that will be purely down to the mood in the dressing room.

  11. Though it’s still mathematically possible for Arsenal to win the league. Many of the supporters are giving up already, while blaming the coach and the players. Get behind the team guys. The team has achieved its main objective for the season by qualifying for champions league. This team is on the up and will challenge more next season. Let’s keep backing these boys; the future of the club is bright

    1. “While blaming the coach and players”. Err, who else can you blame for four dismal results in a row? Liverpool were there for the taking- they blew it. West Ham are crap, yet we threw away three points against them. Then we play Southampton, a really poor side, at home, and they twice hold a two goal lead, the team is awful, and only the Saints dire defence and a ‘too little too late’ surge cost them the win. Then we had the abject display against City…

      Losing the momentum in the title race is nothing new. Arsenal have done it before in my lifetime, and done it style (72-73). However, its the manner of this collapse that both worries and frustrated people. The team looked increasingly like a rabbit in the headlights, and that’s something I’ve not seen before.

    2. For Keynes
      You are absolutely right. As GB stated we should be backing the boys.
      Unfortunately, Marge is a little similar to me: A realist and supporting our club a lot longer than me.
      Other teams have found us out.
      What could give us hope is a change of personnel or a change of formation and thus a new dimension.
      Then we know we have learnt from the mistakes and be more prepared for next season and who knows with that hope we might even get a bit of luck and take the title chase to the last game of the season.

      1. Tbh the next five games could tell us an awful lot. If they bounce back and start reeling off wins again, then hats off to the youngsters, and that sets us up nicely for next season. By contrast, if they don’t recover, keep making the same mistakes on and off the pitch, then doubts will creep in. From past experience, that may well carry over.

        The former option suits me.

  12. A few people on here who’s glasses are half empty! I know it’s unlikely but don’t give up so easily.

  13. There is just no way Man city will win all their remaining games. I feel they might draw 1 and lose 1 because of the many games they are playing. Don’t forget these are human beings: they are not machines. Fatigue and injuries might set in. Similarly some of the teams which have a real fear of going down might surprise giants. Similarly, Chelsea might want to defeat Man city as vengeance for having dethroned them. Anything is possible and indeed there are surprises around the corner!

  14. I don’t see Manchester city dropping more than 4points. People are all talking about city dropping point, who will talk about arsenal dropping point at Newcastle and brighton. City will surely win the league but by 4point margin.

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