The Three Things that Arsenal fans want…..

What do the fans really want? By SK

What does an average football fan really want? This probably may be the question on the minds of football coaches and administrators? What makes an average football fan happy? Is it trophies? Bragging rights? Or just the pleasure enjoyed in watching your football team play and win games? What does an average Arsenal fan want?

Before we go into finding at what an average football fan wants, maybe we should try and define who the modern day football fan is…the average football fan is that person who supports a particular club or groups of clubs with all his heart and passion. He wants to watch his club win games and trophies, as well as doing well financially. The average football fan is the live wire of a football match, as their voices are heard around the stadium where there club is playing a football match! So, what does an average football fan want in exchange for his passion and support?

Now, what does an average Arsenal fan want from his club? Simple! His needs can be divided into three basic things, which are: to watch his team play beautifully, to watch his team compete and win trophies and finally, to be heard whenever he has an opinion.

To watch his team play beautiful football can be said to be the number desire of an Arsenal fan. The Arsenal fan is used to watching his team take charge of football match; enjoy the highest share of possession and to play the opponents into submission. Arsenal has always been known to be a team that loves playing beautiful and attractive football. Even when they lose a game, the consolation of the fan lies in the fact that they lost gallantly. The type of football we are witnessing now from Arsenal, is not how Arsenal plays. The fans need an improvement ASAP!

To watch his team compete and win trophies is one desire of the fan that the club must try to achieve. A football fan wants to brag with his team’s success! He wants to boast to his friends who don’t support his team about the capabilities of his team. What is the joy of supporting a team that cares less about winning trophies? Arsenal has not won a lot of trophies recently and the fans are clearly not happy with this. They need to be compensated for their loyalty towards the club, with a trophy soon.

The average Arsenal fan wants his voice to be heard concerning certain issues affecting the club. At times, it takes the voices of the fans to move the club into taking drastic steps that will improve the lots of the club. The fans as of today are not happy that Wenger is still the coach of the club, and the club’s owners must act and calm the nerves of the fans by sacking Wenger! Enough said.

What do you guys really want as compensation for supporting Arsenal for so long?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. ArseOverTit says:

    If I was granted 3 wishes by the football fairy (no not Robbie savage) this would be my list in top priority first order:

    1. An owner/ board that loved the club and football in general
    Who were willing to invest in the success of the club ‘on the field’. Therefore a good manager, scouting and general investment for top players would follow as would leaders.

    2. Entertaining but more importantly ‘effective’ football.

    3. More initiatives like West Ham do to enable youngsters to attend matches at next to nothing and to lower ticket prices in general for locals. Less prawn sand which football tourism would be good for AFC and the game in general IMO

    This is why I dislike AFC at present and for some time now.
    Business is booming but the spirit has been lost somehow.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Great post, I couldn’t agree more ^.^

  2. john0711 says:

    TBH i want wenger out but if we really think about it the issue is Kronkie, if he wanted success we wouldnt be discussing wenger he would already be one.

    the protests wont make any difference because Kronkie has ruined other sports clubs, hes all about money. I predict he will ruin Arsenal and we will end up a mid table team

    dont thumb me down as ive made my mind up to not put one penny in his pocket

    1. Midkemma says:

      Wenger isn’t immortal so he has to go sooner or later, I agree though that while Silent Stan is here then I have very little hope we will be competing with EUs biggest teams.

      I don’t focus on sacking Wenger, I focus on the ambition of the board, if that was to improve then changes would happen due to the new ambition. Even if some choices was wrong, if the ambition was there then I can forgive mistakes… Progression feels non existent atm.

  3. davidnz says:

    Indeed what is a sports fan?
    Some say football/sport
    following is a modern religion
    with players and managers being demi gods
    and the fans the new disciples.
    Historians say sport is an opiate a temporay escape
    for the masses scraping through life in filthy
    squalor in post industrial revolution society.
    Sociologists say football fans are the modern day
    warriors participating in mock tribal warfare at the stadium battle ground.
    Fans are drawn up at either end of the ground
    bedecked in their tribal colours
    screaming obscenities at each other all game.
    Every move on the field is watched intently
    and the fan rides every tackle every pass every close call
    while opposition goals are met with stark silence
    a goal for his side is met with unparalleled euphoria.
    After the mock battles are over the ferocious warriors slowly
    wend their way home replaying the glories and failures
    of their heroes and enemies with their comrades .
    Now days most fans are also key board warriors venting and ranting
    and have become online genius managers who surely would drive
    their team to victory if only some one would listen.
    The fan finishes his tumultuous day reclining in hie easy chair
    sipping a cup of warm milk. Warriors need time out too you know 🙂

    1. stubill says:

      “Now days most fans are also key board warriors venting and ranting
      and have become online genius managers who surely would drive
      their team to victory if only some one would listen.
      The fan finishes his tumultuous day reclining in hie easy chair
      sipping a cup of warm milk. Warriors need time out too you know ?”

      This sums up the average member on here.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    I feel the most important thing, is to be competitive again. Even if Arsenal consistently spent big, I still wouldn’t expect us to win trophies every season, but I would expect us to be challenging at the very least. The Premiership is the most competitive league in the world, and it’s tough in Europe as well, but it’s not impossible to win, despite what some fans, and pundits think.

    This is why I feel Wenger is a poor manager. We do not even challenge anymore. Arsenal are there just to make up the numbers, and Wenger claims that consistent mediocrity is not only acceptable, but should also be deemed as a great success! Forget the board for a minute, if that’s how your manager thinks, then there’s no hope…and there hasn’t been.

    This is why I badly want Simeone. He has to work on a much smaller budget than Wenger, and keeps losing his best players, yet his team still wins. Even when they are not successful, they at least challenge, and go down fighting in defeat. You won’t see his team concede 10 goals in two games to Bayern. In fact, Simeone knocks them out!

  5. Ronny331 says:

    Does anyone else feel that wengers renewed already? I feel if he was leaving it would have a positive impact all round if managed well. So why not announce it?
    If he’s renewed then it wouldn’t be wise to announce this based on our succession of losses and poor performances.
    A couple of wins and it will break I feel 🙁
    Personally I’d like to see Wenger go and a high% of the right players to also move on.
    Apart from a select few a lot of loves been lost for this mottly crew!

  6. Midkemma says:

    I want Arsenal FC to be ambitious, this needs to come from the owners as any manager they choose will be of their choosing.

    I want Arsenal FC to get a team of people who are capable of making transfers happen, don’t rely on 1 or 2 people to get it all done… That fails. History is showing us Arsenal fans a great example.

    I want Arsenal to get top medical staff in, I am sick of losing our best players to injury, how is Bournmouth handling Wilshere better than our staff??????

    I want to watch beautiful and effective football.

    I want to see players learning from their mistakes and growing into much better players.

    I want Arsenal to be competing at the top, not just making up the numbers.

    That is what this supporter wants.

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