The three things that Freddie Ljungberg told the Arsenal players

Freddie Ljungberg inspired the Arsenal players at training today.

Freddie Ljungberg took his first training session today as the new interim Arsenal manager following the sacking of Unai Emery after last night’s embarrassing home defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt.

That game was Emery’s last chance to save his job, but it backfired and this morning he was put out of his misery.

Arsenal have named the club’s former forward, Freddie Ljungberg as their new temporary manager and he has promised to do all it takes to make the team great again.

Emery was fired when he came to take the usual training session this morning ahead of their trip to Norwich at the weekend.

When the players were informed that he would be leaving his post as their manager, they were also informed that Ljungberg would be their new manager, albeit temporarily.

Sky Sports’ Kaveh Solhekol, as cited by The Express reports that the Swedish manager had some inspiring words for the squad afterwards.

“After this meeting with Emery, there was a meeting with the players at 10am,” Solhekol reported on Sky Sports News.

“All the first team squad were at that meeting as well as Raul Sanllehi, Edu and Vinai Venkatesham.

“There were told that Emery was leaving the club.

“They were also told that Freddie Ljungberg was going to be taking over as the interim head coach.

“Then Freddie Ljunberg spoke to the Arsenal players, my information is that he told them to stick together.

“He told them that they could turn this around and he told them of course as a former Arsenal player himself, he told the players to play for the shirt.”

So, in short, play for the shirt, stick together and they can turn things around. You have to wonder why they were not sticking together and playing for the shirt under Emery.


  1. It must be an extremely slow news day for admin to resort to click bait. The substance of this very write up is in almost every article published so far today.

    1. Terribly disappointing to come on here and be reading plenty of trashy articles. What happened to “quality over quantity”?

  2. There is a real opportunity for Freddie. The man is a legend and understands what it means to be a real Arsenal player. I really hope he gets a few games. We may well have a determined little jewel there. Let’s hope little Freddie becomes Mr.Big.

  3. Freddie, is not a manager, is a very nice person but he is dealing with people i wouldn’t trust, some of the players. We are entering new territory for arsenal with some very dodgy looking players, who on paper look decent but attitude wise, extremely lacking in substance. I hope we can come out of this ok but i am not optimistic.

    1. thank you Sir for speaking the truth.Many here blamed Emery, now that the mask is gone let us hope to see the true face of Arsenal players

  4. As Lee Dixon has suggested Freddie Ljundberg should engage George Graham to work with the defense for a month. Dixon, who ought to know, reckons this would improve Arsenal defending 100% or more.

  5. Not that it matters now but I`m still wondering by whom and why Emery was appointed in the first place. If that element is still with us the problem is only half solved.

    1. I think that question is indeed misplaced. Emery was appointed based on his record elsewhere. He had 3 Europa titles, a treble in France and was one of the top managers available. He was not an unknown entity. Many of us were optimistic that he would do the job. Therefore his failings at Arsenal cannot be blamed on those who appointed him. Besides he sat an interview where his resume was judged the best.

  6. I hope Freddie succeeds as our new Head Coach. I loved to watch him play when he was a player for Arsenal. He gave everything for the shirt. He should be a true motivator and leading by example as he himself is an Invincible. Hope the players give their full commitment to his and the Arsenal cause and it is now the players who should take the burden and the responsibility and bring Arsenal back to the position that Arsenal deserves to be. Cmon Gunners take on the World!

  7. I think the idea of taking the advise of Lee Dixon for sorting our defensive matters is a good one as our defence must be sorted out first. Our midfield is ok and our attack is excellent. Once the defensive issue is sorted out Arsenal will be the real Arsenal. I think Freddie will first concentrate on the defence.

  8. Let’s first see ehat team he picks for Norwich. That will be an immediate indication of whether he knows what he wants and is doing.

  9. I think he will go for an attacking formation, keeping the Arsenal brand of football alive, as he is a true Gunner to the core. At the same time he should make the players aware defensively and ensure that they avoid making errors.

    1. Jim, I see no creativity in your team.

      I would probably go with Xhaka and Torreira and Ozil in front of them.

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