The Top Five stupid rumours Arsenal fans can expect this summer

Prediction – the stupidest Arsenal rumours to expect in the summer

One of the most exciting, frustrating and possibly boring periods in English football is the summer transfer window, it is when all fans yearn to know what players may possibly be joining their beloved club and us Arsenal fans are no different.

We pick up every little titbit that the press throws our way, we get all excited because so and so may be joining us, then we get frustrated when it does not happen and in the end, we just get bored with all the bullshit.

And the worst thing about it all is that the gossip starts really early and even though we should know better, we end up believing half the rubbish being published and boy, is there some rubbish.

Here is a little list of rumours that I am absolutely certain will pop up and that I know in advance will never happen.

Alexis Sanchez

Never ever going to happen, for one, he will never take the sort of wage cut he would have to accept to rejoin us and secondly, where would he fit in? We do not need him, it is as simple as that.

Gareth Bale

Same as with Sanchez, his wages are simply too high and how would he be received? This would not be like the Sol Campbell episode. he would cost a fortune and never ever be truly considered a Gunner.

Paulo Dybala

Absolutely no way, he will cost in excess of £100 Million and while I would love this Juventus playmaker to join us, it just is not going to happen, the money is not there for this sort of purchase.

Christian Eriksen

This rumour has not yet happened but trust me, someone, somewhere will come out with this whopper, probably the Daily Star or Daily Mail. Do I really even need to write why this one will never happen?

Robert Lewandowski

A few years ago this one may have been realistic but not now, we are ok up front and do we really want to sign a 30-year-old up front? We all know this won’t happen but rest assured, it will be a rumour at some point.

There are more for sure, but take my word for it, the above players at some point will be linked with a move to the Emirates.

Do not believe a word of it.


    1. No Sue, I’m assuming the writer is Martin and he’s as mad as a bucket of frogs or madder than the maddest thing you can think of ?

  1. The fact is there are couple of young gem who can develop to this outdated list you brought forward, only Dyabala and Erikson look ok this days, others have past their prime, we need to expand our youth scout network and bring in talents, i prefer those to some outdated stars who have past there prime but only relied on past achievements.
    We cant afford to have another fund wasted on such

  2. Phil, I left a reply to your comment on the “Folarin Balogun” article…

    You most certainly believe that your ignorance about Iwobi’s choice is a virtue…

    “Iwobi Nigeria sums it up nicely”

    If you could get off your high horse for a quick minute then you’ll realize that Iwobi chose family. He chose Nigeria because of what it means to his family, Nigeria is his place of birth, he has an uncle who is a legend for the Nigerian national team and he decided to follow in his footsteps.
    I wish it was as black and white as you portray it to be, but it’s not. In your opinion, he may not be as massively talented as his mates in the England youth setup (even though he made several appearances for the team), and the English national team might be quite a long shot for him but his family history trumps all that tosh you’ve been spewing about why he chose Nigeria.

    Ross Barkley, Ademola Lookman, Bamidele Alli and Tammy Abraham were all eligible to play for Nigeria but they all chose their place of birth (England).

    Like I said, not all cases are as black or white like you think… I’ll advise that you start thinking really deeply about such matters as these before you make an ignorant and misinformed comment.

    1. Iwobi chose Nigeria because he wanted to play International Football.He would NEVER be good enough to play in an England side so he took up the option of playing for Nigeria who are that bad as a Football nation they would take anybody.
      Do not fool yourself over this.You now have a Two Bob player representing a tuppence h’penny Country.
      They deserve each other

      1. i don’t know why some people underrate african teams? nigeria especially had several great teams, cameroon, Senegal, cote d’ivoire, egypt, algeria, tunisia, morrocco, Mali, Ghana, Dr congo well when it was called zaire, they all had a good players in the team..they might not have won a WC but they did entertain us so don’t be like that phil, trying my best to see where you are coming from, but it feels like you just don’t like african players. and my friend that is your issue 🙂

        Ps: iwobi isnt as bad as you make him sound, and nigeria is a team that produces amazing talent i personally thank them for our very own Kanu!!

        1. Actually iwobi is worse than Phil makes out .hopefully we get a fit and raring to go nelson next season ,you know a player who can actually beat a man and cross the ball .
          The problem with some people on here is that they are iwobi fans not arsenal fans ,and that’s the difference ,some of us wanna see the best players others just want to see their country man playing because said country don’t have to many players playing in the big leagues .
          When you’ve grown up seeing the kind of players we had on that left flank to what Ive had to watch this season it leaves you with a sour taste in you’re mouth ,at the end of the day he’s just not good enough ,and it has nothing to do with what country he plays for.
          I’ve said it countless times over this season his stats are unbelievable bad ,what is it 3 goals all season? ,how many assits (pre assists don’t count )I dont need stats to tell me he’s not good enough all I have to do is open my eyes .

          1. or more like some people have different views than yours, and have no problem being vocal about them, beating a man he’s probably the only player in the team that can do that so that is one of his strengths, i’m personally in awe that you can’t even spot that simple fact man, his crosses not that bad either check your stats ;)…what he lacks has been talked about many times, anyways i’m sure if he has a couple of good games you’ll be the first to change your avatar and say i always saw talent in him, like half of you at the start of the season all that trash talk about bellerin and now i wish he was playing lol.

            to me a person that relies on stats only says alot, as you will never be able to assess potential you are too busy looking at the paper to see if the percentage is good or not, you are not looking at what he is trying to do, or where he made the mistake which he can improve on in training…anyways he’s gonna be here next season so looking forward to the change of tone.

            i also love it when you implied that i must be Nigerian to support him, lol no man i’m just an Arsenal fan and i’ll support who i beleive is good for the team, that’s my agenda and it will always be this way.. i’ll also support and be more patient with our youth products than the players we purchase if you really want to know what kinda supporter i am, so no harm done but way off mate 😉

            1. Firstly ,I didn’t imply that you were Nigerian ,where in my post did I say SAL is Nigerian ?
              Secondly I said I dont need stats to tell me how a player is performing ,maybe read my post properly next time .
              Thirdly ,You’re telling me that iwobi is the only player in our team who can beat a man ??‍♂️??‍♂️Lost for words I really am .
              And for someone who says they support arsenal you don’t half gone on about iwobi a lot ,I see you’ve commented in the next article again mentioning iwobi,can I ask what country you’re from if that’s ok?

              1. i respect that you didn’t back down so i’ll give it to you straight if that’s ok take it like a big boy 🙂

                1) my comment was to phil and you butted in which is all good i do that!!
                you did say and i quote” The problem with some people on here is that they are iwobi fans not arsenal fans ,and that’s the difference ,some of us wanna see the best players others just want to see their country man playing because said country don’t have to many players playing in the big leagues ” the reply is to me not to th14 or the moon no? hence the terminology implied!!!… or were you waiting for a nigerian to butt into our conversation? you are speaking to me genius, i can read the flow 🙂

                2) you say ” all i need to do is open my eyes” again reading the flow of the convo your obviously clueless at least to me, about what iwobi brings to the table… hard-work and flair are known to any fan that has watched him, so the fact that you point it out as a weakness is out of the blue !!! as his for his crosses i’m a big fan of his cutbacks he just needs to learn when to shoot and when to pass no confidence in the lad, maybe fans that calling him shit even when he’s playing well doesn’t help… so based on these two observation alone which are the reasons you think he’s awful your a stats guy, i’m giving you a compliment there or more like an out.. you don’t want be known for not even watching your team? no?

                3) you said i post alot about iwobi, on the next forum as well…i did and if you checked the timing of when the posts where actually done, you might realize why i’m going so gung-ho on you, yep it was written before we’ve even crossed paths, it’s just fans like you irk me.. you bring nothing but negative energy, putting the manager or the team down, and worse of all i learn nothing from you!!! so i apologize for being harsh but it’s the truth, don’t think you know much about iwobi , don’t think your eyes are able to spot what he brings to the team, sorry

                4) i don’t go thinking he’s the best player in the world, you can ask th14 we had that debate 🙂
                but i don’t think he deserves the stick that he’s getting by some fans…it’s either ozil is shit, ramsey’s shit, iwobi is shit, granit is shit, etc… just tired of reading the same thing, change the F ing disc for god’s sake!! get your ass behind the team and support…most importantly learn when it’s the correct time to critique a player and when it’s NOT!! for example now with big games ahead, and him doing nothing wrong neither us the fans nor the team deserve your BS, that’s me giving it to you straight!!

                5) i won’t give you my nationality as it’s not relevant to this forum, but i’m not black or african if that’s what you wanted to hear? again reading the flow of the convo why whould you ask?

                maybe you think i’m defending iwobi as i have to play a race card, i’m not on this forum for that to me it’s about football… i support arsenal and if i beleive you deserve support you’ll get it from me whichever colour you are, are we clear? hate when people use the race card are we not passed that yet?!!! no wonder you where so quick to jump in, wow 😉

                6) and here answer your own question, who is better than iwobi at beating a man now at the club…i’ll even give you the best options laca? miki? ozil? ramsey? dennis? another? go ahead name one? don’t avoid the question if you actually beleive what you are saying, not recycling others comments!!

                  1. ? whoa, I could even taste the foot in my mouth while reading that and it wasn’t even directed at me…
                    Remind me to never mess with you Sal

                    1. Laca ? hope I didn’t offend anyone other than him but it just had to be said, sometimes I do get carried away 🙂

      2. Like I said Phil, you most certainly believe that your ignorance is a virtue.

        There’s no point trying to make you think really deeply about your convictions about Iwobi or Nigeria either. Your stance is glaring on both issues and it is not at all surprising. “Tuppence ha’penny” says it all.

        It would do you and this site a lot of good to keep such unrefined opinions about other people’s countries to yourself…

        I personally don’t think Iwobi is a great player, he’s average at best but there’s no denying that he can improve even if only marginally. Also, I don’t have to rate Iwobi as a footballer to respect his choice of where to play his international football, it’s just the human thing to do, it profits you nothing to be so bitter that he chose some “tuppence ha’penny” country to play for.

        The funny thing is, when you really compare the national teams of both countries in terms of quality on display vis-a-vis their respective continental competitions, Nigeria has fared better; so joke’s on you mate.

  3. Off topic
    6 Man U players withdrawn from international duties due to ‘injuries ‘.
    Smells a bit.Remember Giggs used to be injured quite a lot before Welsh games,then fit for the next Man. U game.
    See what players are able to play for Man.U’s next game.

  4. I swear this is the only place where arsenal players just keep getting sticks no matter what. Why can’t we love, appreciate and wish all the best for our players as long as they are with us. IWOBI could well do with a break now.

      1. I am not one to beat down on players irrespective of their talent level. Iwobi doesn’t play at the level expected but he tries very hard in carrying out the managers instructions. Whether this suit the mass or not I think we should accept whilst not constantly criticizing the player for trying. I understand your frustration having to have to watch Iwobi while better players sit on the bench. But I think you’re frustration should be directed elsewhere.

        1. Evening jah son
          Am not one for beating down on player
          That’s quite rich coming from you
          But you beat down on the manager whi has to work with inferior players at his disposal
          Iwobi like a few others is best a bench warmer and not a first starter
          He lacks discipline. He ball watches and doesn’t track the man
          He has a few tricks in his locker but lacks a consistent end product.
          In time he might get better but for now we have to find an upgrade

  5. there is an abundance of talent coming through the ranks, somebody must grow some balls
    and start trusting them, the germans do it !!

    1. So with only a handful of games to go that are all “Must Win Fixtures” do you seriously believe now would be a good time to play the youngsters coming through? I don’t and neither would any other sensible supporter.Our squad depth has got us through the season so far and will continue to until the last game.But as they are all pressure matches we face there is no way Emery will gamble on a young player.There is just far too much at stake.

    1. On their way to winning the League Sue and next year, the Champions League. All under the guidance of excellent manager Joe Montenegro and captain Kim Little, best lady footballer since Kelly Smith.

      1. They’re doing well Kenny…. 4-0 now!

        Btw Kenny, I really liked reading your stories yesterday about yesteryear…. keep them coming ?

  6. Just read that Man United are willing to spend at least £250 million on 3-4 players from the Portuguese league.

    But we are here contemplating on our so called £70 million transfee kitty.

    Sad sad. Lol

      1. A story he read in the daily mail of all papers ,a paper which pretty much is a Manchester rag ??‍♂️

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