Dan’s Opinion -The Top Ten Favourites for Arsenal manager assessed

So, it’s international break which means it’s time for another list on Just Arsenal.

With a lot of gooners wanting the club to sack Emery, who is currently in the best position to replace him and be our next manager?

Here are the Top Ten favourites according to most bookies, with average prices

Eddie Howe 20-1

He has long been seen as suitable for us, as he has Bournemouth playing football in a style which matches our ethos. Even when things are not going well Eddie Howe will not abandon his footballing principles. It’s no disrespect to the Cherries to say though a move to North London would represent a massive jump.

A former player at Dean Court, Howe has led their journey from League Two, meaning he has a control he wouldn’t have with us. The question is are we at a place in our history where we can be taking a gamble? If the answer was no when we replaced Mr Wenger, why would he be a consideration now?

Thierry Henry 16-1
If the Board’s criteria ends up being an ex-legend who knows the values of the club then who better than the greatest scorer in our history?

Yes, it didn’t work out at Monaco, but should you be written off just because one job doesn’t work out for you? It should be taken into consideration the problems the French side were facing, and it shouldn’t undermine the work he did with Arsenal’s under 18’s or as assistant coach with Belgium. The fear is he will take the easy way out and take the well-paid route of punditry.

It would be a romantic appointment. There are many examples of ex-players being great managers and the other way around.

Patrick Vieira – 16-1
His reputation is growing with Nice where maybe, unlike Henry, he has proven he can get the best out of talents maybe not as good as he was. It’s worth pointing out though he was apparently offended not to make Arsenal’s shortlist last time, especially when it was clear they were considering ex-players. That was when he was part of Man City’s set up, coaching their American franchise. Will his time in France have changed the perception of him within our recruitment team?

Brendan Rodgers 12-1
A good price as he meets a lot of the criteria. He plays positive football, trusts youth and for the sake of getting such a high-profile job would tolerate a limited budget. Yet do you want to replace Emery with an appointment which would divide the fan base? Some feel his work at Leicester made some gooners wrong to originally dismiss him as Arsene Wenger’s replacement.

Yet I would still argue, is winning the SPL with Celtic enough to prove you can manage the expectations of Arsenal? Even with the Foxes, it’s a different environment where you are expected to win every week. When things went wrong at Liverpool he was shown to be out of his depth, with each press conference more cringeworthy then the last.

Ljungberg 8-1
Could find himself in right place at the right time in terms of; If the club felt compelled to make a sudden switch, our Assistant manager might be asked to take the role short term. The likes of Solskjaer at United show what can happen when your given such an opportunity. Like Di Matteo at Chelsea, in the short-term he could tell the players what they want to hear, then worry about the rest once he got the gig full time.

Remember it was the club not Emery who chose to promote the Swede from being the Under 23 coach, so don’t assume he agrees with our current style of play. He’s been trusted because of his work with our youngsters making him a crucial link between their progression to the main squad. Gooners want to re-find our identity. As an Invincible who played in our most successful era, Freddie’s been taught the Arsenal Way.

Allegri 6-1
Won 4 consecutive Doubles for Juventus before choosing to go on a sabbatical. So, when he wants to return this man can have the choice of any job available. I find some gooners arrogant that they think this is a realistic appointment. Do you know how many aspects of the club would have to change for him to consider us?

Which is a shame, on the surface, we should be an attractive vacancy. Living in London, proud history, huge fan base, great youngsters maturing and brilliant facilities. Yet an Allegri wouldn’t take a job to battle for 4th, he would want to see a long-term plan where we can be Champions. That means a transfer budget and an element of control that the Kroenke’s simply won’t give.

Enrique 6-1
Again, consider that top names were not interested in replacing Arsene Wenger when they heard they only had 50 million to spend. That would have to change to get a proven name. Enrique will play a style of football that fans like, but it’s more a case of what we can offer him than the other way around. He walked away from Barcelona and had ambitions to lead his country before the death of his daughter, so it is arrogant of our fan base to think he would agree to work under the current set up without radical changes.

Arteta 5-1
One of the favourites as we know he was reportedly days away from getting the job, before at the last moment it was decided to go for the more experienced Emery. That’s given our former captain another two years to work with Pep Guardiola where seemingly the presumption is that he’s learnt a lot from the best. While he can copy training methods off Pep, he wouldn’t have the unlimited transfer and wage bill he has enjoyed at the Etihad if he came to the Emirates.
Unless he thinks he’s being groomed to be the next Man City manager, this would be a job offer too good for the Spaniard to turn down.

Jose Mourinho 2-1
I would personally want bigger odds then this. For me, he’s only favourite because of lazy journalism. The Portuguese coach has a house in London … that’s it. Everything else suggests it’s unlikely. His footballing principles greatly contradict ours. He only takes jobs where he can spend serious money, something our owners have never done. He likes full control over a club at a time where the Arsenal Board have put a set up in place behind the scenes.

With our fan base toxic, he would be a choice that makes some gooners angry. He’s never lasted more than three years anywhere and we need someone for the long term. While in the short term he could win us a Europa League or the FA Cup, it’s at the price of horrible press conferences, picking on players and falling out with those above him.

Not just ‘why would we want him?’, but also ‘why would he want us?’ The juice is just not worth the squeeze…

So, these are the Top Ten Favourites, but who do you want as next manager?

Be kind in Comments

Dan Smith


  1. I was one of those who said Brendan Rogers will not be good for us, how wrong can I be. I’d support him if he is hired. I’d support any manger anyway so far they are able to improve us. I like trophies but am not crazy about it so am willing to give the new manger time. I supported Emery until I realised he was taking us in the wrong direction. Wenger has given us some fantastic football, to find a manger that will do something better might be a challenge but it’s not impossible.

    1. Admin can you please remove an article that showed a man on the floor with creepers on him, please admin it distresses me a lot and I find myself struggling to open your website in case it shows up.

        1. How about a cup of “snowflakes” Martin! That should warm your insides up! I had to snort with derision at that post of Pat’s.

        2. Sorry admin that is me for you, I am a woman and I am allowed to get irritations and distressed at pictures that are distressing. If you don’t want to remove please let me know so that I will stop coming. At least it’s saver than having the mental image remained with me for the whole day. By the way it’s still there

          1. I seriously have no idea what you are talking about Pat, send me the link and I will, of course, have a look

          2. I tried o take the picture so that I could send it to you but it didn’t give me the option of loading a picture. But there is a yellow creeper that swallowed a man until he died. Please if you can take the article away I will be very glad. Am grateful for your attention

          3. Admin, it is part of the extra articles. It come directly below the main article for discussion and above the space for our comments. There are several articles there, some are adverts while others are just events that had happened and are not related to football at all. The headline say ‘ this was the last picture before disaster struck’ (it might not be that accurate as I couldn’t bear to see it at all). Sorry for troubling you admin. It’s just that it’s very distressful to me. Thanks

            1. OK, these are all part of a block of adverts. I have zero control over this. I have also noticed this form of advertising on almost every site I visit. Their algorithms must tell them that this sort of ads is popular, rightly or wrongly. Sorry, there is nothing I can do about this, unfortunately, however, I will point this discussion to the people that do manage the adverts to bring your concerns to their attention.

    2. I opposed the idea of hiring Rodgers as well, but he seems to have learned a lot in Scotland

      But it’s better to forget him, because he is under a long-term contract and he has a stable job currently. I highly doubt Arsenal would pay Leicester to steal him

      1. We had the chance of hi services but seem to decline it
        Why would he leave Leicester which seem be on the up now to a club who are in disarray and on the slide.
        We are all fed up of listening to could be should appointments.
        The board just need to get it right on the next go and please dont go for the cheapest option.
        Pay the going rate for the best person for the job
        2 years later and we are still talking about the same thing

  2. I preferred to see / nominated 1-Brendan Rodgers
    2-Steve Gerd
    3-m Arteta
    as my potential managements candidates for Gunners

    1. Good call on Steven Gerrard. I have been impressed by his work at Rangers so far. Granted some will say this is the Scottish PL, but in short order he has Rangers challenging Celtic again.

  3. I am feel sorry for Henry not in my consideration we are in need of refreshment not heart disordered this upcoming time around.

  4. This list shows Lack of Ambition

    ONly 2 out of that list for me

    I don’t understand how we would beat Guardiola/Klopp led teams with Arteta, Howe, Llungberg, Henry, Rogers etc. They won’t last 1 season

    We are we Lacking Ambition!

    1. Innit,I agree that Allegri and Enrique being top managers but I do feel we need an English speaking coach first and foremost, not sure how good their English is but if it’s as bad as Emery’s its a no goer for me.

    2. Arsenal could surprise us with either Allegri or Enrique

      They need to sell our fringe players first, to give a decent transfer budget to the next manager

  5. I think Arteta is more likely than most to be our next manager,I like what Rodgers is doing at Leicester,not sure about Freddie and have to agree with Pat about Mourinho.

  6. Dan, you should have mentioned Laurent Blanc and Giovanni van Bronckhorst

    Blanc’s PSG team showed nice football style, whereas Van Bronckhorst is Man City’s target and he used to play for Arsenal/ Barcelona

  7. Rodgers, Howe, Arteta, Ljungberg, in that order of preference imho.
    Style, entertaining football and stability first with trophies to come in due course.
    Instant gratification is not the issue for me, I just want my Arsenal back.
    Emery out.

  8. No Erik Ten Hag?
    My favourite 3 in order of preference would be;
    1. Ten Hag
    2. Brendan Rodgers
    3. Any coach better than Emery

  9. Arsenal should start using explayes as their managers. Same to what Barca does!!! Patrick Viera and Henry can give us the best we want. Their English is good and well respected. Lastly sell of. Fringe players like Chambers, Mustafi, Kolasnac, Sikratis etc

  10. Naglesman for me – speaks english, develops youth, modern game plan, impressive with Hoffenhein and now RB Lezpig

  11. I think Benitez would be worth considering. Whoever gets the job will struggle because so many things still need to be sorted out off the pitch as well as on it. Recruitment is our main problem along with player contracts. We can’t keep letting players leave for little or nowt. I can’t see Rodgers leaving Leicester. He has a better team there, better owner, better board and better recruitment. He’s young enough to wait a few more years before moving on.

  12. I would be interested in hearing more about Ten Hag or Nagelsmann. They could be a possibility if the Kroenkes follow form and want to appoint a talented young coach that can bring youth through.

    As the article covers, there are problems with most of the current front runners. Particularly in terms of the available budget.

    I would say that Viera needs a year or two more to get things straight with Nice. Given our situation at the moment, how a manager improves a struggling club is quite an important quality to consider. As things stand I certainly see Viera as a possible future Arsenal manager.

    As for Howe, he has done well to keep Bournemouth in the Premier League, but I would like to see a little bit more from them before making such a big jump. Maybe a couple of good cup runs.

    Arteta may have learned from the best, but has he actually managed any team where he had sole responsibility for it? Even a youth team? Good assistants dont always make good managers.

    Ljungberg did well with Arsenals youth teams and I wouldnt have a problem with him taking over as a caretaker for a while. It would give a much better idea of if he could do the top job.

    I wouldnt write Henry off just yet, but I think he needs time managing a smaller club to actually prove he has waht it takes.

    As for Rodgers, he seems well set at Leicester and I cant see him moving any time soon.

  13. Frdedie got a yellow card on the bench – passion not in doubt
    Freddie working through his coaching badges – right approach
    Good work with the U23s
    He’s an invincible
    Give him til season end with option to extend
    If it doesn’t work out go for Allegri – assuming he’ll go for us!!

  14. It’s not just a matter of selection.In the real world availability is more important and that would rule out Rogers, Naglesmann , Howe and Gerrard.As far as I am aware neither, Enrique,nor Allegri speak fluent English , Henri has taken up a post on the USA and Vierra is not exactly setting the Heather alight in France.In all the circumstances an Arteta, Ljumberg combo looks to me the most likely appointment unless of course Emery can prove us all wrong after the international break.

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