The Top Ten projects for Arsene Wenger after Arsenal…

Wenger’s next job by Dan Smith

Caring about Arsene Wenger’s next job is like showing an interest in what your ex-girlfriend is getting up too. While you should be only focused on the new person in your life, you can’t help wish the best for an individual you spent over two decades with. While the ending may have been messy , it’s doesn’t mean it was all bad, you will always have memories that will stay with you. Even if you wanted to end the relationship earlier, you don’t wish any harm on that person……

So after 22 years in the same job, where next for Arsene Wenger? He claims he’s recieved more offers then he imagined. His criteria is a project although a short term one. Certain events in the summer may have changed his next destination.

Here though are the 10 most likely next jobs for the Frenchmen

Real Madrid – Wenger’s never been shy in telling the world he’s been offered this role before.
That the Spanish giant didn’t jump when their long term target was finally unemployed, tells you time his time may have passed. The only reason you wouldn’t rule it out is knowing how trigger happy their president can be. This is a man who will sack managers if they don’t win the Champions League. If they ever needed a stop gap appointment, they have Arsene’s number…

PSG- Has a relationship with their owners, with talk of him even advising them on footballing matters in the past. They preferred to make a younger appointment rather then make the Frenchmen an offer. They are so trigger happy though you wouldn’t rule out it happening one day.

England – The only negative aspect of England’s successful summer is it most likely keeps Southgate in a job for another 4 years. The FA have discussed the job with Arsene Wenger while he was in charge of Arsenal. Now he’s open to the idea, Southgate’s PR work makes it unlikely. Would Wenger play a midfield of Henderson, Delph and Dier? …… I don’t think so!

France – Would have been short odds before the World Cup with Deschamp not all fans and media favourite cup of tea. As the only man to win his country the World Cup twice, he now gets to pick when he leaves. He may feel the only way now is down and want to bow out on a high. Either way you sense the moment the Blues are looking for a boss, Wenger will be in the frame .

Spain – Unlike other nations, the Spanish are not known for hiring a foreign coach. Arsene Wenger though is so universally respected it’s hard to see fans being opposed to it. The two could be a perfect fix due to matching philosophies. While many debate about the tika taka style that is ingrained in their culture, Arsene Wenger equally believes in the game being played the correct way.

USA – Arsene Wenger is looking for a project to get his teeth into and will consider an international job and of course this would pay well. America has responded to failing to qualify for the last World Cup with a complete overhaul of the game. Whereas it be a bit drastic , a whole review is underway with those in charge ready to rip things up and start again. The pressure has increased with the news they will be joint hosting the 2026 World Cup. Having revolutionised the French , Japanese and English game, Arsene Wenger is a voice everyone in US soccer would listen too.

Japan – The Japanese FA have admitted speaking to him in the summer, so Arsene Wenger is in their thought process. He’s been highly respected ever since working in the country in the early 90’s.
The Frenchmen had ambitions for the game to grow in Asia years before millions was pumped into it, not for the first time he was ahead of his time. Sucess in Russia has led to those in charge leaning towards sticking with a domestic based boss but this could happen one day.

China – The Chinese president has long expressed his ambition for the Chinese to be world champions one day, a claim which every year becomes more outrageous. A lot of money has been thrown at their domestic Leauge and the resources are there to hire a top coach. It would take someone like Wenger to help grow the game. He would have ideas in terms of dieting and training while he could help guide youth development and training facilities. That would really be a challenge, but still hard to argue it wouldn’t be finanancially motivated.

Chinese club – Have shown they will pay big salaries to attract star players and managers to grow the brand. Arsene Wenger could name his price, and win more silverware while waiting for one of the above jobs to become available . Remember this is a man who had a vision for the game to grow in Asia although he has been vocal about how they tried to throw money at it.

MLS- Could be the ideal option for Le prof. His preference might not be available but he knows it’s when and not if they offer him the position. Financially he’s under no pressure to take a job for the sake of it. While he’s too old to give the dedication he did for Arsenal he’s too obsessed with the sport to be doing nothing. An American club would give him the project of helping grow the game, all the while living in a nice place while continuing to be a rich man. Not a bad place to be while your waiting for a better job to open up.

Where do you think he will go?

Dan Smith


  1. Innit says:

    Don’t care.
    I don’t want to look backwards but forwards
    Thinking about Wengers future is reminding me of the past.
    I want to think about Emery now

    1. gotanidea says:

      Totally agree with this

      Who cares about Wenger now. But if PSG hire Buffon, they could also want Wenger

  2. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Mesut Özil will become our new captain .

    My reasoning

    1. snowden says:

      I like it. 🙂

  3. barryglik says:

    During the speculation about
    his departure he was very defiant
    saying he would be coaching
    immediately he left the club.
    He does seem to have mellowed a little since then
    especially when he said he regrets staying on a bit too long.
    Perhaps being out of management is not the horror void he feared.
    Maybe he will wait a year to see how the Emery transition takes place.
    He may even be hired by Arsenal to be a director on the board
    and become a club statesman like Bobby Charlton at Man U
    and Kenny Dalgleish at Liverpool.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    its up to him where and what he wants to do

    he can manage a club in the Premier league, Serie A, la liga or a country…

    its his choice

    fans should not decide …its his choice

    1. Gunner22 says:

      If gazdis moves to Ac Milan, Why not arsene back in the boardroom, the legend was backstabbed. if he goes sure arsene would reconsider and guide unai.never the less, except torrera none of the signings are good, so the problem was not Arsene
      As arsenal we should be going in for hazard or isco rumours connect us with Andre Gomes and wilf zaha. We cannot even off load Danny welbewelbeck or Carl jenko.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        well its Mr Wenger’s choice and decision…

        he can move upstairs at Arsenal or any club

        or manage a new club anywhere

  5. McLovin says:

    Old news, kev reported this days ago.

    1. GoonerUTH says:


      1. tas says:

        You can get all the news regarding Arsenal or other teams at “arsenal news now” its constantly updated every few mnts reports from around the world

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Transfer window is closing in about 2 weeks, i hope we do bring in a couple more players to strengthen the squad

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Madrid, PSG, France, and Spain…haha! Maybe 15 years ago!

    1. wiehn says:

      could you remind me what AFC achieved before AW?

  8. Adajim says:

    someone said apart from L. Torreira other signing are not good. is that? is Leno not an upgrade on what we have already, what of d vast experienced leichsteiner,? I think ppl should start jettison d idea of big money always means big talent. Leicester bought Kante ,mahrez, vardy less than 10m, Kane was a youth upgrade, who can tell me how much d Messi, ronaldinho of dis world cost? We all know d teams dat uses money to buy trophy by buying expensive, arsenal isn’t one of them, so never expect that to change overnight because wenger is no more here. Am happy with our transfer dealings so far, we bought right player for right price, a winger will be an icing on the cake. zaha I don’t like, I prefer wingers with better end product dribbling alone doesn’t mean u are a good winger, shaqiri I would have loved us to get martial is still OK besides, our scout should explore other options w/w

  9. Pires says:

    stop your hatred Dan .I wonder if you can even lead a warm up….show some respect

  10. Benex says:

    who Wenger EPP?
    anywhere he likes, he move too

  11. jon fox says:

    Yawn! Anyone know what George Graham and Herbert Chapman will do next! Herb is still dead at present, while WENGER IS JUST STILL DEAD TO US WHO CARE ABOUT OUR FUTURE MOST OF ALL.

    1. DAN says:

      Herbert Chapman and George Grham were not as sucessful as MR Wenger
      The day we can’t talk about the greatest manager in our history is the day we sell R values

      1. jon fox says:

        I JUST HAPPEN TO DISAGREE WITH YOU , ESP OVER CHAPMAN , WHO BUILT THIS CLUB FROM NOTHING TO THE MOST FAMOUS IN THE WORLD, IN LESS THAN HALF THE TIME IT TOOK Wenger to regress us for a whole decade before leaving. No comparison and Chapman was FAR greater.

  12. DAN says:

    I say great as in he won more lol

    1. jon fox says:

      Do you actually KNOW what Chapman won and on the innovative and inspirational way he took Arsenal from a team who had never won a major honour to the most famous club in the world? It seems to me that you know little or nothing of what he achieved and from a far worse base than the one WENGER TOOK OVER IN 1996. No possible serious comparison in their times here. WENGER WAS FORCED OUT BY FAN POWER; CHAPMAN DIED UNEXPECTEDL Y OF PNEUMONIA AND WAS MOURNED BY COUNTLESS THOUSANDS. READ YOUR ARSENAL HISTORTY AND LEARN THE TRUTH.

      1. DAN says:

        Wenger won more trophies , that’s a fact

        1. DAN says:

          ”Do you know what Chapman won……there is no comparison ‘
          Chapman 3 trophies ……Wenger 10
          Treble the amount is quite a comparison
          Think it doesn’t make me a bad fan to say Wenger was more sucessful when he ………was more sucessful ?

  13. OzzieGunner says:

    Herbert Chapman won with Huddersfield, transformed English football with the “W” formation and then won with the Arsenal. You have to compare success per season, particularly as jon fox states Herbert Chapman made the Arsenal and started from a much lower base from that inherited by Arsene Wenger.
    I don’t believe comparisons should be made between great Arsenal managers in different eras, particularly when one manager is lauded over another by denigrating others’ achievements.

    1. DAN says:

      I only said wenger won more
      Then was asked to ‘check my history’ which refers to me not knowing the truth
      When history confirms I was correct , Wenger won more , we bring up Huddeafield lol
      Ok add up everything he won at all clubs it’s not as much as Arsene Wenger won at Arsenal , not including trophies in France and Japan

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