The transfer plan that CAN make Arsenal EPL champions!

The Arsenal transfer rumours have not really got going properly yet, with at least two months to go before the current season ends and most of the players jet off to sunny climes to relax. But they have not stopped completely since the January window closed either, suggesting that the transfer business behind the scenes never really stops either.

This week we have the news, reported by The Mirror, that Arsene Wenger is plotting to make three big signings in his quest to turn the Gunners from Perennial also-rans into genuine Premier League title contenders. The players in question are the Southampton and France star Morgan Schneiderlin, the Chelsea and Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech and the Borussia Dortmund and Serbia defender Neven Subotic.

Would this triple transfer swoop, assuming it happens of course, be enough to propel Arsenal to champion status?

I certainly like the idea that Wenger still wants to strengthen the central defence, despite the signing of the Brazilian Gabriel from Villarreal in January and Subotic is a quality player. I just worry about his history of injury problems, but you could say the same for his club colleague Mats Hummels as well.

Schneiderlin is a no-brainer for me, a brilliant all-rounder who has proved beyond doubt that he can shine in the rough and tumble of English football as well as having the vision, composure and technical ability to run a game like Arteta.

Cech, or another world class keeper, also sounds like a solid plan to me. Look how well the very below par Man United have done this season thanks to David De Gea. The one thing missing from this transfer plan, in my opinion, is a top class striker to strengthen the front line.

Add one of those, and the club can certainly afford it, and I think you would have an Arsenal that could win. Do you agree?

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  1. It still amazes me how people can keep calling Wenger a failure, when only recently has he had decent money to spend on players. The season has been a tumultuous one, but then again I think every club has experienced the same problems and runs of inconsistency. We are lying 3rd, a few points shy of 2nd and Arsenal have spent a fraction of what the top 4 teams have on their squad. We have won some tough games and I think it is safe to say that if Wenger does strengthen the squad by purchasing the aforementioned players, it will most certainly solidify our top 4 spot. I think Chelsea are too far ahead and too consistent a team for them to lose top spot now, but we can definitely leap frog City to second and mount a serious challenge next season. If we could get Schneiderlin or Bender to rotate with le Coq and also bring in a world class finisher, then I’d say we are well on our way to top honors. Both Giroud and Welbeck have their place, but we are still lacking that CF with killer instinct.

    What pleases me the most is that the team we have right now are loyal to this club. Ozil left Real Madrid of all teams to join us and could have gone anywhere he wished. The same applies to Sanchez. Wenger is building a real team, not a squad full of fakes likes RvP and Fabregas etc that left when things got tough. When the new season begins next season, we will not have lost anyone important, which is the problem we had for so many years pre 2012. All Wenger needs to do now is tweak the squad and strengthen where necessary.

    1. Yeah you hit the nail on the head. I think the coming transfer window can be the exclamation point for Wegner because the squad has been rebuilt with good mix of youth n veterans. Depth is best it’s been in a while.

      I’d like to see Walcott extended. And a striker is a key for Arsenal to challenge for title Next year. NeXT year could be Wegners last if he plays his cards right.

    2. Btw I just realized that the #Karma For united. When RVP was sold to united , ut was vermaelen’s mistake that led to the goal for united. People started teasing arsenal defender that he still believes that rvp is his teammate. How about repeat of Karma with Valencia doing a favor to Welbeck

  2. different fans have different view….

    The House of Rahman and its representatives would prefer Isco, Draxler, Reus, Varane, Aurier, Kondobagia, Cech and Lewandoski

    8 signings and we are good to go…..

    Jenkinson, Poldi, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Ryo, BFG,

    1. and how much money is the House of Rahman willing donate to the purchasing of these players?

        1. The House Rahman also wants:

          Wenger OUT, admin-Bob OUT, fans OUT.

          SPEND SPEND SPEND on a new admin, quality articles and world class fans.

        2. Your argument reminds me of LVG and all the money he was allowed to splash last summer. I’ve never seen a Man U squad look so discombobulated as it is now.

          Easier said then done Hafiz, that’s all I’m saying.

        3. What as opposed to “poor” billionaires? We have shareholders who happen to be billionaires – very different from billionaire outright owners. Why would they want to invest addition millions in addition to their shareholding?

  3. Selling Walcott will get us nowhere, in fact, it will just strengthen our rivals (unlikely he will move to smaller club).

    Wenger need to find replacements for our deadwoods, hate to say it, but I consider them Diaby, Flamini, maybe Jenkinson, Campbell and Podolski.

    Arteta is important for our squad, his experience and discipline is irreplaceable. I also believe Per still has his place at the squad, I mean, who else are as adapted as he is. Replacing Per, will just improve our rivals.

    1. OUT: Diaby, Flamini, Arteta, Jenkinson, Campbell, Poldi, BFG, Ryo, Sheez and Silva

      Loan: Gnabry, Akomp, Bellerin, Zalelem, Sanogo

      In: Isco, Reus, Draxler, Varane, Subotic, Cavani, Benzema, Cech, Hummels, Gundogan

  4. I doubt we will get Cech since he’s been at Chelsea in what feels like centuries. Joining a rival team has to be the last thing on his mind when there are prob other clubs abroad who would be happy to start him.

  5. It amazes me how some people still think squad deficiency is our problem. We already have a squad that could win the league. It falls on the manager that we haven’t.

    1. In fairness we didnt have the squad or else why would fans have been calling for a defensive mid all season and why were fans so upset at cb cover before gabs arrival. Also there may or may not be a need for a certain type of striker.

  6. As we all know the boss very well. None of Cech, Subotic and Schneiderlin will be signed by the boss. Because we normally don’t know who he will sign until he has done a bidding. Gooners are talking of Arsenal aquiring a world class player as if it like a newspaper we can pick up on the newspapers stand. Besides, how willing is the so called world class ready to leave his present club for Arsenal. And how willing will his club be ready to allow the world class leave, if the player is actually a world class. And at what price? Are those worl class simple to get? Let’s thank God for what we have now and pray, the boss can get 1 or 2 top players again for us next season.

  7. i think we should get rid of flamini,he left us for ac milan on a free,karma is a b*tch!!also sell campbell with him signing a new contract we should get good money for him and spanish teams seem to like him,poldoski also out,theo if he is not happy with being a team player he can also go i think he is paying the price for holding us to ransom in his last deal he wanted more money and assurances he,ll be playing as a CF not good enough also sanogo should be sold for his own good and do a chamack will be playing better&regularly for a smaller team(palace,newcasttle aka neufchateau:) freeing places for class players!! what do u think??ps:scheszny for petr !!yes yes yes COYG IN ARSENE WE TRUST!!


  9. all we need is either dybala or lacazette or higuain as c/f, schniderlin or kondogbia at d/m and maybe if wenger is feelling lucky schar at c/h and we are set we should be set in the wide areas with the likes of gnarbry and silva looking to get a start next season ryo will be out along with all the others wenger needs no more of coyg

    1. The acquisition of the following players would definitely solidify Arsenal as a serious threat in both the EPL and Europe and honestly would fall within our financial means if a handful of players are sold this summer(Podolski, Jenkinson, Campbell, Schez). If Theos team creates another contract soap opera and is shipped out to Europe for a decent fee the summer haul becomes that more realistic and affordable.

      Dybala(Lacazette or Higuain) $30M
      Kondogbia(Schneiderlin or Bender) $20-25M
      Schar(Subotic or Dragovich) $10-20M
      Cech $10M

      Podolski $5-10M
      Jenkinson $5-10M
      Campbell $10M
      Schez $10M
      *Walcott $20M

      IN: Approximately $80M
      OUT: Approximately $35-55M

  10. In: Lacazette, Schneiderlin, Mings, Schar

    Out: Flamini, Diaby, Miyaichi, Podolski, Campbell, Jenkinson, Ajayi, Galindo

    Maybe outs (age, contract negotiations): Arteta, Mertesacker, Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott

  11. How about shock the world of football and buy the Man U keeper shit what would that say to the world

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  13. Arsenal don’t need a all-rounder like schniderlin cause Wenger would sub him for Coquelin who is potentially better than him and the player arsenal need is a CDM of 6.3 tall like busquets and the closest it is going to get is either Kramer or lars bender cause they are the best.

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