The transfer target lined up by Arsenal to replace Alexis?

Arsenal fans can only wait and see if our manager and his declared intention of not selling the star striker Alexis Sanchez to a direct rival means that the Chilean is still a Gunner next season. Arsene Wenger has been sounding confident about keeping the forward but only time will tell.

The Chilean upped the ante a bit last week by saying that he needs to be in the Champions League, which was a very thinly veiled admission that he wants out of Arsenal during the current summer transfer window and whether the boss can talk him round is questionable.

There is no point in leaving everything until the last minute, though, so I am sure that Wenger and the Arsenal scouting team have been looking at possible players to bring in to replace Alexis should he leave and according to The Mirror one of these mooted replacements is the France under 21 international Moussa Dembele.

The 21-year old Fulham academy graduate enjoyed a stellar first season in the SPL, scoring 32 goals and helping Celtic to achieve what the Gunners did 11 years ago and go an entire season without loss in the league, although the standards of the two divisions are somewhat different.

Dembele also bagged five goals in Europe and looks the real deal but he is clearly not at the level of Alexis Sanchez, so would you be happy for Arsenal to sign him if we do lose the wantaway striker?



  1. We should sign Dembelle Goretzka Lemar and Alexis. Dijk would be good too, are we a big club, well then lets do something big. Either a good CB and a bunch of future stars in the making like those, or we could put up or shut up on Mbappe and Lemar.

    1. impressive stats but honestly i think the scottish league is a very weak league.
      would need alot of time to adjust in my opinion.

      1. He did score 2 goals in their 3-3 game with Manchester City and the goal in the 1-1 draw with Gladbach. That’s not half bad.

        1. Meh, I just saw the highlights for those two matches and his goals weren’t all that great. Flukey offside goal, penalty, and a great goal overhead goal.

          Might be worth a punt with a loan back straight away to see if he gets even more clinical this season.

        2. All very well in Celtic’s unbeaten march to the Scottish treble. It is in the end Scotland and Celtic would be hard pressed to make the play off places in the championship- fact.

          I dont want to lose Sanchez although it is clear (not thinly veiled) that his mind’s made up. If that is the case, we want someone to seamlessly fit in with end product. With the reserves/juniors reportedly being prepared for the Europa League, this is our season to make a proper fist of the title with the other top six clubs are all in the Champions League. Our post Europa fixtures don’t look great so I am inclined to go with AW on this.

          Let’s get Lemar (but not for £80m) or Mahrez not another 20 year old rough diamond. Hell I’d have Martial over Dembele! Give Nketiah a season at Celtic and he’ll be the same, just not EPL ready.

          1. Just because you put “-fact” at the end of a sentence, doesn’t actually make it so.

            What you should have written is; ” Celtic would be hard pressed to make the play off places in the championship – nothing but pure conjecture”.

      2. very weak league indeed. Bayern, Dortmund, and even Schakle04 have given us some football lessons in recent years. Yet, Bundesliga is very weak league according to you.

  2. A ‘veiled’ submission that he wants to leave you say!?;)

    Is this like your wife suspecting you are up to no good when your having Sex with another woman in front of her kind of ‘veiled’?

  3. Aguero is better than Sanchez yet theyre both greedy goalscorers. He wont go to City unless Aguero leaves in which case City havent strengthened, theyve swapped. We will be fine with or without Sanchez. City will be the team to drop out the top four this season…then Pep will be on his toes….

  4. I would agree with Sanchez because any player who wants to win a Trophy cant stay n arsenal ,,,,,,but probably arsenal has now changed and players have now seen what t means t have team spirit…sorry t say this but sanchez used t struggle alone,…….any way h should remain for this season and in case WENGER FAILS t revise n his ways,den h will probably leave for a focussed team.SANCHEZ shud ask himself why most arsenal fans hate FABREGAS(HE LEFT AT the time when we really needed him…)….ask HLEB,samir nasri whom most of us(teenagers)enjoyed while n da football pitch dan any other player……

  5. Dembelle of Celtic to replace Sanchez? Then bring back Alexander Hleb or Rociski if Arsenal fc can not Singh any of the big names available now, Lemar,Auba,Aguero just to tell this Sanchez that he’s not irreplaceable

  6. I’m tired of this Sanchez business now I think he’s got going to city or why would they let aguero go. Just get as much money as you can. The onus then is on Wenger to use the money to improve
    Lamar, Goretzka, Mahrez total pay out 115m max
    Get 70-80 m for Sanchez and we will be a better all round team.

  7. Would prefer Dembelle from Dortmund instead and either Lemar or Mahrez for the other side. Through in a CM to challenge Ramsey and we are back in business.

  8. Ousmane Dembele is the one we should be going for.Besides Moussa Dembele is a CF and we have Lacazette there.We need a winger if Sanchez leaves.I’ve seen Moussa Dembele play and he’s not as good as people make out.This is a transfer we will come to regret.I hope if we sell Sanchez we get Ousmane Dembele.We need to get him before many clubs shift their attention.If we want to sell we must do it quickly before teams raise their asking prices for their star players as the transfer window’s end draws nearer.

  9. 16 mill for calum chambers to Palace is a good deal
    both Holding and Bielik are better
    cash in and get Lemar and Mahrez both
    If AW doesnt sell Sanchez to City, eventually he will extend his contract

  10. Have people already forgotten we just spent £50 million on a prolific striker? Wenger only plays one upfront, and still has Giroud.

  11. Not sure why people on here are hating on Sanchez, he is the only Arsenal player that gives 100% in every single game he plays, i wish he stays but if he does go i hope we wins the champions League coz if there’s one player who deserves it its him.

    1. ‘He is the only Arsenal player that gives 100 percent every single game he plays’ Are you sure about that? The loss at home to Watford, away losses to Everton, Westbrom, Crystal Palace. His selfishness most times trying to dribble three players when he could have passed to a team mate. Slowing our attacking moves. Loosing the ball in dangerous positions and putting our defence under pressure. 24 league goals was fantastic. But he is no where near RVP and Suarez in their last seasons who scored 30 league goals. Higuain scored 36 leavie goals for Napoli but was sold. Any way, his agent is already offering him to clubs across europe. Like Real Madrid and PSG. He said it is up to Arsenal. So if they finally get a club, Arsenal should just listen so he can go. We should sell him if he does not sign the contract. As simple as that. But not to Man city. Europa league for a season is not a death sentence. Man United is the biggest club in England and among the top 3 clubs in the world. They also played europa league last season with a player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has won more trophies than Sanchez.

  12. As for me, I always want to see Alexis play for arsenal with all his skills, struggles and dedications, but if players starts keeping up attitude like this based on transfer, they always end up with regrets, this is the time arsenal needs him most, but if Sanchez wants to go, Wenger should let him go, so he can’t be bad influence on other team mates come next season, bring in young lads of great skills and talents with good pay, let’s build a new strong team that will dominate the world of football for years

  13. I would suggest that when we are examining the whole Sanchez situation that everyone take a deep breath and remember what really happened several years ago when RVP made some noise about Arsenal’s ineptitude when it came to buying the right players to spearhead a successful campaign in the EPL and Europe…Wenger kept saying that he would not sell RVP, which in turn flipped the script leaving fans angry at RVP for even suggesting that he would leave our beloved Gunners…this “wag the dog” strategy left many venting their anger towards the player instead of directing their frustrations towards the incompetence of the club to address the glaring holes in our lineup…don’t fall for the same mind games again because no matter how you feel towards the perceived antics of Alexis he is one of only 2 truly world-class players on our roster and his loss will be felt for years to come…in that same vain, Sanchez needs to likewise realize that he was little more than a talented afterthought in Barcelona and that, for whatever reasons, this club has been a godsend for him too and that he should think carefully before he forces a move to another club where the same opportunities might not be so forthcoming…so when you are constantly inundated with “fake” news about the Sanchez saga don’t be so quick to say out loud that you’re sick of the whole ordeal because that is what the number-crunchers in the Arsenal backroom want to hear because that is the only way they can justify his exit from the club without fearing the inevitable backlash that would come if you didn’t lay the necessary groundwork for just such a devastating move

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