The transfer window is still not over for Arsenal

At 17.00 UK time on Thursday the English Premier League transfer window shut but only for clubs to buy players, not to sell.

Most European leagues have until September 2nd to bring in new acquisitions and that means that Arsenal remains vulnerable to interest in their players from some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

It is not necessarily a negative situation, as an example, it means there is still time to sell unwanted assets that Arsenal wants to get off their books like Shkodran Mustafi or even Mesut Ozil.

And even if a club like Barcelona wants to sign an Alexandre Lacazette or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang it does not mean that Arsenal will cave in and sell.

But it could create destabilisation among some of the players, just look at the Wilfrid Zaha situation as an example.

I have never fully understood the logic in closing the window earlier than other leagues and there is always the fear that we may still lose one of our stars despite our own transfer window being shut.

So, even though the transfer window is shut, it really is not and you can expect to hear speculation involving Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka, Willock and so on.


  1. Hope to see few of our fringe players getting their transfer or loan deals to other foreign clubs. Elneny, Mustafi, Mavro, Saka, Martinelli and Smith Rowe to name a few.

    Only Nelson and Willock could have their breakthrough seasan this campaign (hopefully)

    1. Nelson and Wilock should go on loan too

      if they can get 30 regular and competitive games they will improve further rather than playing handful of games here

    2. Hey men but if we send on loan Martinelli and saka our only winger on the bench would be nelson..what if someone get injured or red card…do u want to play laca auba, Pepe and nelson every match? Now we lose iwobi we can’t send on loan martinelli and saka…we need at least one of them…i know miki Will play as winger, even Ozil, but i hope not

    3. We don’t have enough backup. Injury to our 3 up front leave us with academy player to explore. Pepe injury leave us with Nelson, auba injury leave us with Saka,laca injury leave us with martinelli. I don’t see why milki and Smith should be sold. No other back up at the attack. I only see mustafi going out. Injury to holding and mavro will force us to keep chambers.

    4. Saka still just 17 so will likely keep developing at academy this season. Martinelli is for the first team and since we sold Iwobi we need more than just Nelson as wide backup (I guess Miki is backup too, but eh). Smith-Rowe, and Mavro possibly could go on loans. I think a loan would be good for both of them.

  2. MAJOR OFF TOPIC I apologize to administration and everyone.

    Ken 1945 I did research regarding spuds and nfl deal you asked about and lengthy reply on “Confirmed David Luiz ” tread.

    Be warned scary reading for those interested, nightmare scenario if nfl expansion agreement made and spuds stadium hosts the london nfl team.

    I apologize again, and even to Kev as well my friend, you were right about Saliba and Tierney and a gentleman for not rubbing it in despite the abuse you received; well done.

  3. Sell mustafi 20 mil, Elhneny 10mil, probably ozil and kolasinac, save money for January n get a world class player for that.

    1. None of our first team player should be sold again until next transfer window, we need options in various department, because by the time injury set in around December to February all these so-called useless players will be useful,

  4. I hope some clubs buy Mustafi, but Ozil no..
    Imagine in-form Ozil behind Auba-Laca-Pepe, even out of form he is still better than Mikhitaryan.
    Moreover I read in various interviews he had a lot of offers to play abroad but he is still determined to play at the highest level. That’s the attitude!

    1. Mikhitaryan is useless maybe that’s why no team came in for him. Not even with an initial low offer.

    2. Kindly tell us one top team that came for Ozil. The negative of this transfer window is that no-one came calling for Ozil

    3. keep on dreaming about ozil being a world class player scuff..
      once a suitable offer come for him,he shld be sold without d club thinking twice abt it

      1. No offer came in simply because he’s not for sale.
        Unless you have seen anything from the club to that effect as I certainly haven’t.
        UE has said enough times that he sees him in his plans, so I guess we had better start looking for a new coach as well.

        AdminMartin, you seem to have a malfunction in your pc, because every time you talk about players being transferred it always print “or even Mesut Ozil” – needs looking into!!!

        1. Ken You actually think OZIL WAS NOT FOR SALE! I think you are out of touch with the clubs reality. They would love to sell Ozil and Mkhi too but failed to sell either, PURELY BECAUSE of their huge wage, which we would have to subsidise, their age, their OBVIOUS laziness and other clubs are more smart in avoiding overpaid coasters then we were. You will now reply “then why does UE pick them?” as you keep asking, but still ignore the answer I HAVE MANY TIMES GIVEN YOU BUT WHICH FAILS TO REGISTER WITH YOU.

          1. Jon, so show me the proof he was for sale then.
            It’s a simple enough request, especially as you say “they would love to sell ozil”.
            Just one example Jon, that’s all you need to supply, want another bet you cannot do it?

            You say you deal in reality, the reality is that you want the club to sell him and so make up these unfounded statements and feather them with reasons why you (again) want it to happen, while completely ignoring what UE says…what reality world do you live in?

            I noticed that you didn’t answer Phil when he totally shot your argument as to why UE selects him to pieces, perhaps you could aaddress that now?

            As for being out of touch with the clubs reality, let me remind you that, as a self professed and successful gambler, you lost two major bets to do with the club…Ozil still here at the start of the season AND your 99.9% assurance to the clubs supporters (IN CAPITAL LETTERS OF COURSE) that Iwobi would be here at the start of the season, a 100% failure rate!!!
            Not the record of someone who claims others aren’t in touch with the clubs reality…just as citing age as a reason, after buying Luiz from chelsea… or salaries when our billionare owner seems more than happy to continue paying him… or laziness when our coach sees none of that…unless of course, you want us to believe he would play a lazy player instead of those Phil listed, for example?

            The silliest part of your incessant ravings is that, if Ozil was sold tomorrow, I would carry on supporting the club and it’s players to the hilt…you, however, just cannot seem to manage to understand this simple act of a true supporter.
            I actually feel rather sorry for you and your situation, but await the proof of your accusations with great interest.

  5. Elneny and Mustafi do not belong in our club. We should bite the hand off whoever makes an offer. Mhki and Ozil have the potential to play good football, they may have good seasons. Not likely but at least it’s possible and they really cant be sold with their extreme salaries at the moment. Monreal will probably play some part in our defense this year, although if an offer comes from Spain he could be sold.
    ESR, Mavros and Medley should go on loan. They all have potential to become first team members in a couple of years.

    Willock, Nelson and Saka will probably play a big part this year between the EL and the cups, we dont have any other wingers so wouldnt send Nelson and Saka on loan.

    1. Sorry JimBEam but mikhi and Ozil and done and dusted. whoever comes in with an offer we need to take it. The ridiculous ozil salary would also do wonders for our payroll situation

    1. You should. With the transfers in the bag as at the end of the transfer window, I don’t expect anyone of us Arsenal fans to be less than happy.

      Well done board and manager. Now let’s go happen to this season, starting with Newcastle.

      1. Can you compare this window to when Wenger and Gazidis were here?! Panic buying after we have been romped in our first 3 games and the season is already over even before it has started? Good riddance to that ambitionless, incompetent pair, for once in years we are prepared for a new season before it starts and can actually be exited about it!

        1. Since Wenger departed the Board realized that without him the Club has to rely on buying good players. Otherwise nothing good will come.

          Because Unai is not Wenger, disaster would encamp us

        2. The difference between now and then is we now have single owner. Every decision taking now will be vetted and vetoed by Kroenke alone on then when it will go through a lot shareholder. And if the club succeeds from here the glory will be his alone. As for Ivan we got what we paid for compare to Raul. Raul came from a club that is a perpetual winners that is synonymous with buying qualities player while Ivan came from mls

        3. Foolishness again.

          When Wenger wanted a winger and a CB, the club got him Aubameyang. If the same money had been spent on a winger and a CB, we would have had a better defence, been much much better on the wings and still have Lacazette and Giroud as diverse CF options – all in all a bigger chance for top 4 than we had last year…

        4. Now all we have to do is qualify for the CL and finish in the top four twenty years in a row, win seven fa cups, become Invincible and win three trebles…simple really, especially if one is ambitious and competent, so let’s start judging it when the present regime actually start winning something shall we? They certainly have a easy record to surpass it seems.

          God knows what your reaction will be if we lose our first three games QD, let’s hope your crass remarks don’t come back to haunt you…you’ve set the bar, so let’s see if UE can jump over it.

          As for fannie’s, sorry vannie’s post, I’m still trying to work out what it means.

  6. Good Morning,
    Thanks to my club Arsenal for having done wonders of bring in David and
    Kieran to the Emirates.
    Thanks and Kudos to the entire team.
    Am a fan and will remain an arsenal fan forever.
    Cheers to the whole team and whole board.
    Wish you all for the new season.

    1. Nope.
      The ranking is;
      Man utd ……148m
      Aston villa…144.5m

      But in all, a very good window for Arsenal in a long time.
      Kudos to all involved

      1. Well QD will be happy, we are back in the top four regarding one stat at least!!!

        Hang on though, take off the iwobi transfer money and players on the never never …oh blast, we’re out of the top four yet again, let’s blame ….????

        Excellent, this is what ambition really looks like.

    1. I think he is surprised just like any other, The Post Wenger era.

      The Board decided they MUST Buy otherwise disaster would awaits

      1. vannie, disaster occurred when Arsenal missed Champions League for two seasons (now three)!
        For a Club like Arsenal top four is the minimum.
        You needn’t worry, if Emery doesn’t satisfy the requirements of the owners, Board and management, his contract will not be extended into the third year.
        How about being positive for the start of the season; a ball hasn’t been kicked yet?

        1. ozziegunner, do you get the feeling that some of these posters are just out of short trousers OR at the other end of the scale suffering from memory loss?
          They obviously never lived through the times before AW transformed the club and, instead of acting as supporters of the club, continue to spout c**p that has no relevance to UE and what he is building today.

          There is a small part of me that actually wants these so-called fans like QD to live throught the days of Billy Wright etc etc just to understand what supporting a club really means and also understand how our club has evolved to what it is today.

          1. Ken, can’t agree more; unfortunately you can’t buy experience, but you can learn from others.
            After the so/so years, I really got excited by Bertie Mee and Don Howe (great coach), when Arsenal equalled Spurs to win the double in 1970/71. I laugh when people say the current Spurs team is their greatest; Danny Blanchflower and his boys of 1960/61 might say something about that.
            I really was a great fan of George “stroller” Graham and was so disappointed with his demise, particularly when he wasn’t the only one at it. (Reminds me of ball tampering in cricket LOL). The sarcastic chant of “1-0 to the Arsenal” was testament to the defense. People who reckon Arsenal didn’t play attacking football under Graham should check the records. Thank you Bruce Rioch for Dennis Bergkamp, who Stuart Pierce said would fail in the English League! As for the first 10 years of Arsene Wenger, enough said.

    2. Iwobi transfer was great business even thou I would have preferred the other two to leave before him (his Everton
      Move shows his true value) let’s hope we can move mkhi and
      Mousetafi, it will be a perfect window if this eventually

      1. We got £15M for Gabriel Paulista and he was shaky so I imagine we can get around the same for Mustafi. Miki on the other hand is impossible to sell. Only the Chinese can afford a £180K per week benchwarmer.

        1. Yeah, Xhaka can command a relatively high fee, as could Mustafi since their wages won’t be a stumbling block.

          But Özil and Mkhi, wrong side of 30 and on 350k and 180k, will be extremely difficult unless they want to take paycuts.

    3. He is in mourning, so take pity and leave him be for a while. His passion for the headless chicken Iwobi means he will now either be likely to become a Toffee fan or find some other inferior Nigerian player to transfer his affection too. FAILURE TO FACE UP TO WHAT STARES MOST NORMAL FANS IN THE FACE NEARLY ALWAYS LEADS TO PERSONAL HEARTACHE. THAT IS HOW LIFE TEACHES US. After all TH14 is STILL VERY YOUNG! I do NOT mock and make a serious point about life teaching us. That is why,in the main, I take older fans more seriously than the youngsters, many of whom know little about how life works. GROWING OLDER AND GENERALLY WISER IS THE ONLY CURE FOR MOST OF THEM.

  7. Transfer record smashed, tens of millions spent! Only problem area remaining unaddressed is RB. With both Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson disposed I would have imagined a new RB was on the way. AMN will cost us points.

    1. That’s it, I wandered why
      They didn’t bring in a
      RB am tired of this English
      Over rated Niles who can’t
      Do a decent job at RB I rather
      Have mousetafi playing RB than

    2. So AMN is the new scapegoat for this season now?! Is that what it is? Some fans here in this blog… smh!

  8. Just imagine an arsenal team without


    That will be excellent(most of them are played not because of what they bring to the team but because they just have to be played)

    1. That will definitely happen with time. We cant get rid of all of them at once but gradually.

      Once the new players blend in, then we are in for an amazing season

      If ozil can’t perform with all the arsenal in his front, then I M done with him for good

  9. Arsenal’s transfer window:

    ✅ Nicolas Pépé
    ✅ Dani Ceballos
    ✅ Saliba
    ✅ Martinelli
    ✅ Kieran Tierney
    ✅ David Luiz
    ? Lacazette new deal
    ? Aubameyang new deal
    ✅ Selling Iwobi for £40 million.

    Raul Sanllehi masterclass. ?

    1. Most people myself included had thought the new management were useless and that Raul was the new dictator. When nothing was happening i to was very angry that we got rid of Sven for Raul’s apparent book of contacts.

      HOW I WAS WRONG! He is an absolute genius and so happy we have him! We are going places with him incharge!

      The one thing i want to question is? How much do you think the #WeCareDoYou petition helped this transfer window? I think it kicked the Kronke’s into gear and this happened as a result.

      1. @Roshan that petition was the driving force imo ,I would say that we have actually made money after the iwobi sale because of the other contracts of the players we signed .
        I think the outlay was 142 mil
        And sales was 55 mil ,but because of the structures of them the club did pretty well .
        Just hope Pepe hits it off and brings the best out of Ozil,but the David luis singing was the best one for me ,8 mil in today’s market for a 2 year deal was a steal.

        1. Also, Edu gives Arsenal good connections to the South American market, where he has knowledge and access to players such as Martinelli, Everton Soares and David Luis.
          Hopefully Arsenal can identify and sign such players before they move to Europe and their prices increases.

    2. What a hell of a window

      Just imagine arsenal spent £150m+ on a £45m budget and sold iwobi for £34m+ our net spent is around £10+ and remember if we still manage to ship out more players we can end this window with a gain/profit yet we spent more money than all the EPL teams…

      That was a spectacular management by Raul that works for both kronke and arsenal if this continues then we can make two statue’s of Raul one by fan’s the other by kronke..

    3. Ceballos is not our player and must adapt for a year to EPL and team. Auba,Laca were better last season for that as most player joining epl; takes a year as to know team better.

      Torreira, gendouzi grew with games last year and will be greater now.

      Saliba has a long way as he still in france and will need to adapt.

      Martinelli is a young player for the future and hope to see him go on a good loan as Nkhetia just did, same for few promising youngsters. Not waist their progression or see them burst in clubs they should be loaned and not sold.

      Luis is replacement for Kos and we dont have one for jerkinson,waisting a great box to box and DM we have in Niles. He is not a RB, like playing torreira xhaka or Nelson as LB! But yet i see blow taken at our boy; should be sold cuz too loosy as a RB.

      Everton signed Sidibe who prefers Arsenal beside a perfect fit, easyer for to adapt at AFC & so needed RB!

      Tierney is often injured, currently is and will need to adapt and not injured but we have players in that spot, not on RB, so obvious for a all year but sold Jerkinson; the only real RB option.

      Pepe must adapt in many ways, watch his dribbles & tricks to not get broken into pieces by tuff, ruff intense EPL defending.

      Cant get excited too fast but expect a lot from 80M valued player.

      Most of you did not play in club as kids or later and do not get it at all; football game takes attack and defense; we dont have no defense.

      Our defense was the biggest issue but we actually worst. No real RB back up at all and Luis brings what missing but miles away from Kos who knew team, in the 11 starter and had our dna.

      I think pepe helped us get auba & laca extended but were expecting Koulibaly & defense lift up Kos asked as a condition…

      Team balance with these holes all over defense obliged Emery to play 5 in the back with torreira gendouzi xhaka, had iwobi defend. Couldnt play auba &laca together for that; need many defending players bc no 2 top CB nor on flanks nor a beast in middle, few were available!

      To see people team with pepe – auba – laca ceballos or Ozil shows lack of football logic beyond knowledge. Do need someone in middle to pass the ball, lounge attack, feed theses strikers but means 4 players.

      Then what? Xhaka torreira in middle,right, leaves 4 in the back then. Who?

      Niles who is not a RB until bellerin back, fit and to his level, Niles cant be injured nor replaced, jerkinson gone.

      Mustafi & sokratis or Luis who first need to adapt, to both clowns until holding gets back and fit.

      To me; this looks worst and more scary than last year and indeed; it will take another player in middle and a back 5 as last year in order to balance for Emery. We couldnt play auba & laca often as supposed to with such players, because of that defensive issue; how can we play both and pepe?

      When both on, laca had to come out and be pissed because a middle needed tobcome beef up defending!

      It is a disaster and scary, but kroenke managed to have us all fooled as auba & laca thinking pepe meant we show ambition; now facing this same equation and worst : a weaker defense.

      Pepe as Payement Plan 🙂 was that tricky flash but a terribl3 window as we worst in defense! Scary as hell; means useless window.

      We are dead, cant buy anymore!

  10. We have had a good window, which hopefully will become a great window if we offload Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny and Miki to Europe.

    1. All you care about is offloading, who will cover in their absence?

      You should leave Xhaka out completely because we have only 2 of them (Lucas and Xhaka) so if he goes and Lucas is injured who will play there?

      Or Pepe?

      I think we need to be reasonable and more sensible!!!!

  11. We have been so spoilt in the past in having big figures at Arsenal, players who command attention all over the world. With the invincibles it was obvious, and recently with Alexis. So I kind of smiled as we got David Luiz. A big character, he commands attention and despite the occasional blunder he is a top player. Arsenal have always had ‘Big’ players, big characters, and that is one of the things that makes us a big club. I see an interesting season ahead. We need the Arsenal name to create a stir and the Arsenal players to lead the dance/battle once again

  12. Anybody who think the petition works is only deceiving himself.
    This is Stan Kronke first season of owing 100% ownership of the club, so he surely has plan to buy players to let the fans know he is ready to spend money. Only than the fans weren’t patient enough.

    The Tierney and Saliba deal has been on even before the petition but the only obstacles is the structure of the deal.
    And the fans go nut about it, but does that make the board increase there offer? No. They stick to there guns till they reach agreement with the structured plan.

    With the fans petition, did they sign any defenders to play this season? No. They only sign David Luiz just because Kos is gone.

    They are on Zaha and Pepe deal before the petition came up only that the journalist don’t see the Pepe deal coming just because Pepe has a lot of big suitors who will outbids us but no suitor for Zaha except us and the late Everton bid.

    And I know Pepe deal has been going on before the petition because Pepe said, he has been thinking about it before the AFCON, during the AFCON and after the AFCON. so there you have it.

    So stop deceiving yourself that the petition works out.
    The board did what they plan to do and not the petition.

    The only positive about the petition is that, the board will now come to realize the fans will not keep quiet like before if they are planning not to sign in future.

  13. Believe we can now let Mustafi go!

    Wouldn’t mind selling Xhaka and sign Khadeira as an unattached free…not sure though if we can still register him?!?

    Could see Toreira and Khedeira run midfield in big games with both having excellent positional awareness!

    But good I am excited seeing Pepe in action….lets get started!

  14. Mustafi and Xhaka is going nowhere this Window. With the current options at hand?

    Never happening!!!
    UE is no clown

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