The transfer window starts in just two days – How will this affect manager-less Arsenal?

We all know how badly Arsenal’s season started last year with the never-ending transfer rumours regarding both Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the highly disruptive saga of Alexis Sanchez’s desire to move to Manchester City, but thank god that a situartion like this can not now happen thanks to the FA and the Premier League voting to unilaterally change our transfer dates so that all transactions must be completed before the start of the new campaign which begins on August the 11th.

This means that all new players must be in place before 5pm on Thursday August 9th, hopefully ending the dreaded uncertainty and the distraction of our players ahead of the serious fixtures that spearhead our campaign. Who could forget the awful performance of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in our 4-0 defeat to Liverpool just a week before he joined Jurgen Klopp’s side last summer?

England may have voted to change the rules, but we still have to conform to UEFA rules which state that there must be a full 12 week window every year, so that means that effectively the English transfer window will open in just two days time for the movement of players in the UK.

So where does this leave Arsenal as we are currently without a manager? I would imagine that with our new power structure at the club, any new transfer dealings will be dealt with by Sven Mislintat, Raul Sanllehi and Huss Fahmy, overseen by Gazidis, and whoever the new manager is will be told to just coach work with the players that are put are put in front of him, so effectively he will have no say in which players are targeted by the club.

Judging by the arrivals since the new regime was put in place this could mean the purchasing of expensive players like Aubameyang and Henrik Mhkitaryan, or promising youngsters like Dinos Mavropanos, all of which have been successfully integrated into the side.

The biggest problem facing all Premiership clubs this season is that the World Cup is going to disrupt any transfer negotiations with top players. The first group game is only four weeks away so any early signings will have to be completed in the next two weeks, before the international teams meet up to prepare for the Finals, and with our new our new transfer deadline, there is only another four weeks after the Final before the window shuts.

This will create problems for everyone, not just Arsenal, but as I don’t expect the new manager to have too much input on the new arrivals, it shouldn’t be any worse for us than anyone else…

What do you think?



  1. tas says:

    its not like it was I don,t think it’s up to the new manager to sign new players it will be a team of people like director of football Raul Sanllehi with scout Sven Mislintat and others to decide and i’m sure they are fast at work

  2. Anko says:

    Lol, we don’t have a manger, not to talk of a backroom staff. Usual Arsenal Board. You would think they will be on top of this situations yet we are here. I heard Chelsea are going to sack Conte and hire Poch. From one top manger to another, no wonder they have won premier league. We are going to hire Arteta. Then it is try and error, board make more money, spend less on hiring a manager, fans hope is pinned on luck (maybe maybe not). No matter what happens, board go home with profit and fans are left to bear the financial burden!!!!!

    1. Enagic says:

      You can hire a big name manager and pay him £100 mln if you don’t bring in quality players and keep talk shit like Wenger used to do will be same all same even Bellamy disagree with him when Wenger say this team is 3 players away to win championships and Bellamy say we 7/10 and I think is right and I saw an article Wenger say his only regret was not signing Cristiano Ronaldo my God!! the old man is out of his of his mind

      1. Break-on-through says:

        In fairness it was his biggest player regret, that was the question asked to him and he answered as usual. Bellamy is not a manager, most of these pundits were never managers or else failed managers. Conte took over a weak Chelsea in pundits eyes, that needed big signings to replace some of the old guard, Conte proved them all wrong. They change their tune constantly. They are just like your average fan, throwing out numbers like it’s a simple math problem, they haven’t got a clue what it really takes.

        1. Enagic says:

          Yeah, but on this one I will side with Bellamy we need new 7/10 players in order to compete again not 3 according to Wenger

          1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

            What is 7/10 players?? 7- 10 (between 7 and 10)??

            We need 3 or 4 players to compete for the top 4 (GK, CB, DM, Winger) and can do that next year or the season after that.

            We need better backups to compete for the title if we’re in the Europa or CL (unlike Chelsea or Leicester). That means better backups that Chambers, Holding, Iwobi, Welbeck, and possibly Elneny.
            In total we need 5 – 7 improvements to challenge for the title. Just look at our attacking subs – Welbeck, Iwobi, Nketiah vs Spurs’ Lucas Moura, Erik Lamela, Fernando Llorente.

            I feel the earliest we can challenge for the title would be in 3 years, or maybe 2 if all our transfer business works out.

          2. Enagic says:

            I mean 7 – 10 new players

    2. Justice George says:

      Not all big name managers are successful.. Arteta is inexperienced & so was Pep & Nigelsmann before now. Everybody starts somewhere & if Arteta is hired(Which I don’t support) the best we could do is to get behind him & don’t be surprised he just might be the right one & deliver success… “Most Arsenal fans really don’t know what they want”.. Lets be careful what we wish for.. AFC4life..

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Pep and Nagelsmann did not start as first team manager of a “big” club like Arsenal as their first managerial appointment.

        1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

          Pep started as the manager of Barcelona.

          Nagelsmann as the manager of Hoffenheim.

          Perhaps you were thinking of Luis Enrique.

      2. ks-gunner says:

        I wonder at times if people like before they make a comment do even consider the things they say before posting them? Logic and reason going to the toiled as it seems.

      3. Godswill says:

        Did Pep manage any team before Barca?
        You are trying to convince me on Arteta.

        1. Kilted Gooner says:

          Pep managed Barca B before Barca. Arteta has never managed a single game of football in his career.

        2. joseph says:

          He managed Bacelona B team that comprised of Messi, Pique,IIniesta etc they won everything

  3. Chiza says:

    Don’t worry our future is bright…Nagelsmann or Jardim would be our new me on that one… Arleta is just a smokescreen…the board is not a fool.. They can’t joke with the arsenal fans nowadays

    1. Nagelsmann already ruled himself out of the job..story is on Skysports. I wonder though, if Chelsea sack Conte maybe we should consider him over Arteta? He did win the league last season after all…

      1. tas says:

        would love to have Conte

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          ?also Conte would have something to prove to Chelsea.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Conte would not fit this new regime, the players being kept on are not up to a manager nor are the new players signed. We’re looking like we want to remain an attacking team, I don’t think Conte would sign on for that and most top managers would not want a style chosen for them. R Madrid are like that, and that rarely worked well for managers overall. I could be wrong, but Holding and Wilshere new contracts and am sure we are trying to get Ramsey to sign. Mkhitaryan even though Wenger wanted Martial. We are gonna need a certain type of manager one who just wants to work with what he has and maybe only little input in who we sign.

          2. Rudy Garcia fan says:

            That ‘certain type of manager’ is normal around the world. If you think it’s normal for the team coach to also choose which players will be bought, you must be British. LOL

          3. Break-on-through says:

            Mourinho, Pep, Klopp, they definitely have the final say on signings. The best managers are too well respected for anyone to go against their judgement. The director of football thing is common these days, but the best managers all have their own philosophy and they’ll tell the director what type of player to look out for.

  4. Janebrix says:

    So happy about the news that arsenal are after koulabaly and seri. Two physical players we need. Raul Sanllehi and Sven are working their ass out not withstanding the situation at the club

    1. I was thrilled about Kalidou Koulibaly but then again, will he leave a champions league semi-finalist to play Europa league football? Will we pay the touted £50M fee and more importantly will title chasing Napoli allow him to leave? Finally, can we afford to pay him crazy money like Aubameyang to make the step down to Europa? Ozil is on a monstrous 350K a week and it is emerging Aubameyang could well be on the same if you factor in the bonuses related. As for Seri looks like a good buy, so is it Ramsey who will make way? Hopefully it’s Wilshere but that’s just me.

      1. Ackshay says:

        Roma is champions league finalist not napoli out in group stage albeit in a tough group.

        1. My mistake bro. Nonetheless, it will be an uphill task getting him to sign for us.

      2. Godswill says:

        I have confidence. If PEA was brought here in January when we were down and out they will try and bring him. Though PEA actually like the club.

  5. John0711 says:

    We havnt really participated in th last few seasons so may not be an issue

  6. barryglik says:

    Too much we don’t know.
    Will Mislintat Raul and
    Josh decide the transfers?
    Will the new manager have any say at all?
    A radical approach could see the following leave
    Cech Ospina Monreal Jenkinson Mustafi Holding Ozil
    Cazorla Koz Elneny Wilshere Iwobi Wellbeck Perez Campbell.
    A measured approach is more likely with only
    Ospina Jenkinson Cazorla Perez Campbell leaving.
    GK Martinez CB Bielik.
    DM and RB could easily be secured for the said 50m.
    Cech Martinez
    Bellerin (RB) Mustafi Holding Koz Bielik Mavropanos Monreal Kolasinac
    Xhaka Niles ( DM) Elneny
    Ramsey Wilshere Nelson Ozil Mkhi Iwobi
    Aubameyang Lacazette Wellbeck Nketiah.

  7. Meja says:

    The manager/coach decides on the players he needs based on his philosophy and system. So expecting mislintat and sanhelli to sign players for the next manager is really not logical. Again we need to appoint a new manager soon because in a world cup year, players price tag normally sky rocket based on their performance so we need to do our business early. Last world cup real madrid had to cough up in excess of £70m for james rodriguez who was valued at just below £30m by monaco before that world cup.

    1. Gab says:

      However if its a yes manager like Arteta without experience, they could buy any player for him. We need a bold manager who will request for the players he wants.

      1. Mobella says:

        How in hell do you know Arteta is a yes man. You and others who call him that need head examinations. This is a man you don’t know personally and the fact that you don’t fancy him doesn’t give you any right to make things up about him.

        1. ks-gunner says:

          Arteta doest hold any power to speak for him self. He is beggar and not champion.

        2. RSH says:

          he’s a new manager with no experience and Arsenal job could be the biggest job he ever manages. Board will have a lot of control over what he does. Arteta would take Aresnal job even if board gave him no transfer budget. I’ll still get behind Mikel, but it’s pretty obvious what Kroenke is doing.

    2. Rudy Garcia fan says:

      “The manager/coach decides on the players he needs based on his philosophy and system.”

      Not in most clubs around the world, dear friend.
      For example, Allegri is famous for adapting his tactics to players the club decides to buy or keep. (ranging from 3-5-2 to 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2-1, or 4-3-1-2)
      The result of that policy? 4 consecutive DOUBLES (a record in European history!!). Also, when he joined Milan — Milan’s only title in the last 14 years.

      “in a world cup year, players price tag normally sky rocket based on their performance”

      That is downright stupid, bro. SOME players’ price tag goes up. If they don’t perform well, their price tag either goes down or stays the same, and there’s usually just 5 – 10 star players in a world cup and it doesn’t mean much for their future premier league form.

  8. Ezio says:

    So we hiring Arteta because of his perfect hairline, just like wenger.

    Gazidis though.

    is it just me, or does Artera seem too calm to lead Arsenal??.
    i could be wrong though, look can be deceiving.

    1. Ezio says:




    2. RSH says:

      Arteta wont ask for a big budget and will be a “yes man” since this is his first real coaching job. If it were a manager with experience they wouldn’t come here unless a big transfer budget was promised. With Arteta, they don’t need to give him a penny.

  9. Phil says:

    Sven M and Raul arrived with BIG reputations.They knew what was going to be required from them before joining the Club and they are not just here for the money.Their own careers will be judged on how Arsenal Football Club respond with the two of them responsible for the signings they introduce over the next few seasons.Lets remember these are top class professionals.They would have demanded to know the footprint of the Clubs intentions.If they were not satisfied the Club were serious with their intentions they would not be here.The single issue is the size of the transfer budgets they are expected to work with and if the amounts were not enough I honestly don’t believe they would be here.Dortmund were forever losing their own best players to Bayern pretty much like we have to Citeh and Manure over the past years so this is even more relevant to Sven M.Again they would have known when they joined that if Wenger was not gone this season then he would certainly have not been here after next year.I cannot believe both Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis were not prepared for this outcome and they both are aware of how vital it is the next Manager is not only the right choice but will work within the new structure that is in place.
    Aubameyang is a good start.More is required.Its going to be a very interesting time this summer.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I agree Phil; top liners like Sven and Raul would not have joined Arsenal without doing due diligence regarding the situation they were walking into.
      Sven Mislattat is supposedly in negotiations to get goal keeper Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen for £22 million and is looking at a young DM from Dortmund.. I’m also hopeful regarding Emil Forsberg 26 the Swedish midfielder/winger from LB Leipzig.

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        A good point regarding what was going on at the club before the trio signed up.
        However, i think that when Wenger handed in his resignation/was sacked (who cares now?) he threw the most enormous spanner into the works.
        We can see that now as it all unfolds before our eyes.
        As you have said before, I also find it unbelievable that the club seems to have been so unprepared. I also thought it just needed the t’s to be crossed and the i’s to be dotted before naming the successor.
        That seems not to be the case.

  10. barryglik says:

    Does a club actually need a manager?
    Wenger said he never told the
    players anything just let them play.
    Sven, Raul and Josh get the players and the coaching staff train them.
    26 of the 27 PL titles have been won by the 5 richest clubs
    United Chelsea City+Arsenal and Blackburn who were rich when they won.
    So is it just down to the quality of players you can afford to buy?
    Nothing to do with the manager.
    Could by why Arteta is in the mix.
    No managerial skills required.
    Just be a puppet of the organisation.

    1. Gab says:

      You hit the nail on the head

      1. Phil says:

        Interesting thought Barry.Its the Coach who is important.If Gazidis is effectively running the Club allowing the Coach to concentrate solely on the Team then your right-Why do we need a manager

        1. ks-gunner says:

          Makes you think why Tuchel might got into problems with Mislantant bec of reasons like this. Still a proper manger is required as during the games one needs to outsmart the other team while the game being played. Cant see Arteta picking up a phone and get instruction from afar. But a puppet manager he rlly could be.

  11. Meja says:

    Chelsea are going for #pochetino, westham are in talk with shakhtar donesk’s #fonseca, napoli have agreed to replace sarri with #ancelloti, arsenal want to replace wenger with #arteta??? We will forever be a laughing stock

    1. Anko says:

      Some said Arteta will be a good manger and then I asked, how many clubs in Europe will hire him, how many championships side (here in England) will hire him, how much of coaching did he actually do in Man City, or was he there to understudy Pep, and has he become a finished product already in 2 years or he will do try and error with Arsenal Football Club, who will suffer the most fans or board. I am not doing it. The reason I buy tickets or Arsenal products is because I want full entertainment, the reason the board are there is to provide that entertainment and make money. One will have to give because with Arteta I will not be spending any money

      1. Godswill says:

        Just want to know how many clubs Pep managed before Barca job.
        Am not for Arteta though.

        1. barryglik says:

          He managed Barcal “B” Lol
          Zidane managed Real “B”.
          If you manage Real or Barca
          you don’t need any experience.
          Ian Holloway would win at Barca or Real 🙂
          Then Pep managed Bayern who
          just won their 7th title in a row.
          Now he managers Shieky who spend 500m
          in two years and have won 3 of the last 6 titles.
          Same at Chelsea. Just buy the title every 3 years.
          Even Alan Pardew would win the title at Shieky or Chelski.
          Poch and Klopp are good but their clubs are not rich enough to win.
          But we have Arteta coming. Victory is assured Lol.

          1. Mobella says:

            Which shows Arteta will have a better cv than 2 of them if he get arsenal job because he has coached a certain first team unlike Pep and Zidane who coached academy.LOL..

          2. John0711 says:

            Just so your aware he’s not the no 2 at city just one of the coaching staff, I’m not belittling that just stating it’s a huge step to manage arsenal
            At least pep had managed before

          3. RSH says:

            I’d be more comfortable with Vieira who at least has managerial experience. Arteta doesnt even do youth coaching. It’s such a crazy gamble. I’ll get behind him if he is the new manager but far from by preferred pick. Why not just get Allegri and call it a day. Arsenal board are so dumb.

        2. ks-gunner says:

          The foundation Riijkard left behind was heaven for every manager aspiring to make a name for himself at Barcelona. A champions league winning side. Prior Guardiola also worked at Barcelona before becoming the manager. He was even a decent player back then and well respected.

          How can you compare those two with each other i wonder?

    2. Mobella says:

      Out of the clubs you mentioned, the one who has the chance of winning something is Chelsea and that is not due to the quality of the coach they are hiring but obscene amount money they have to spend. l also do not think Arteta is not ideal to take arsenal because of the little knowledge I have about capability but if Pep took him on his wing and Poch was ready to our man then he has something going for him.

  12. ks-gunner says:

    Arsenal fans have been turned into idiots by being constantly forced to endure what can not be endured. Patience was the magic word. Yes its hard but have patience. And they try to make fans eat the same cake again and to many of you what i read do eat the cake again.

    What was the point to sack Wenger then? We are just changing names but the policy remains the same. Here does the real problem stand.

    Emty stadiums are going to be a norm at Arsenal. Let them do their bits and fans will do theirs for sure.

    Great players wont respect mediocre managers. Wenger could not manage some great players what makes you think that a novice ever could. Look at Ozil. Misses games when he wants. Goes know to visit a dictators. All chill and no sense of responsibility. What could a person in Arteta really accomplish? Respect is not given, its earned, and he doesn’t have it. Simple.

  13. Ackshay says:

    A lot of work needed to reinvigorate this stagnant club OFF-FIELD has been done. Wenger is gone, much of the outdated training staff has been sacked, top-level staff like raul, sven have been recruited and i expect many other to fill our training staff. But for all that hard-work just 1 mistake in hiring a coach(not a manager) can set us back more.

    ON-FIELD many average or stagnant squad members like walcott(accept it you never really believed wenger would have sold them), gibbs, ox, soon wilshere have been removed giving us the space to add quality in the squad. Top players like Auba, laca and mkhi are in plus ozil was renewed. Is there work to do? Hell Yeah but we are on the right LONG way

    Compare our situation right now to last year when we expected to be without ozil, alexis, no lacazette, auba or mkhi. Average players like gibbs or walcott playing regularly. We went close to having a front 4 of welbeck iwobi walcott behind giroud at the start of 2018/19 to having
    auba ozil mkhi behind lacazette.

    1. Ackshay says:

      We solved our attack by simply upgrading the attacking squad but i really think the problem in our defence is not entirely quality but tactics. Bellerin was top class 2 seasons ago, mustafi had a superb start to his career so had chambers(arsenal player of the month in 1st month) so had holding. Kolasinac also had a good start all these players were good once not long ago and they all had the same issue their progress stalled and that was not addressed by wenger or this staff or anyone at the club.
      Cech, monreal are getting old that cannot be fixed. Koscielny is a coin-toss, successful surgery and rehab will fix the constant tendon inflammation he had which was clearly affecting this ability to defend and he can be the boss again or it can permanently limit his ability to play which would be unfortunate and sad.
      Midfield issues is simple you cannot have both a slow deep-lying playmaker xhaka and a marauding box to box ramsey(doesnt even work in fifa 18 i tried). Choose xhaka/kante-type combo or matic type/ramsey combo.

    2. Barren says:

      @ ackshay u right we can have good things in place but a wrong decision like arteta can mess everything up and set us back years…I can feel we going to pull a Liverpool and wait years to get back to the champions league

  14. jon fox says:

    All the vibes coming out of the club, plus the several big managerial names who have, for various reasons been ruled out, point strongly to the fact that what we will have will be no more than a glorified coach, working under the team led by Gazidis. Is this healthy? Time will tell I suppose, though I counsel against it and personally fear it. All top world clubs and British ones have and need one man firmly in charge and that man should always be the manager. If he is only a puppet manager hired mainly to coach, why pay him a managers fee and give him the title ” manager”? I now strongly suspect that Arteta will be our new man. HAVING ACCEPTED NOW THAT WE ARE VERY UNLIKELY TO APPOINT A BIG NAME, WE – OR CERTAINLY I – WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT. What is clear and has been for some time, is that Arsenal do not wish to compete financially with the REAL big boys. If they did, they would bring in Usmanov today. That they have and will still sideline him shows the small thinking. A VERITABLE MOUNTAIN OF CRITICAL RHETORIC HAS ENGULFED THE CLUB IN RECENT TIMES; THE LIONS SHARE BEING DIRECTED AGAINST THE MAN WHO HAS JUST LEFT. But as we all knew, this club is no longer a big thinking club but in reality is in the strata just below the really top clubs. We either accept this or fight it by the empty seats method. I stopped attending anyway after 60 years of going. I had fully intended to start again once Wenger left, as I really believed we would be forward thinking once he had gone. Maybe what is now happening is , indeed, forward thinking. Just, though, SMALLTIME forward thinking. I don’t see myself attending a club with a novice coach as “manager” though! And I firmly believe many other “dyed in the wool lifelong Gooners” are thinking the same way.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      jon, the banners will be back “KROENKE YOU’RE NEXT! WE WANT OUR CLUB BACK.”

  15. Barren says:

    Hi mate. I am sure you spent a long time on that nteresting comment but I’m afraid the rules do not allow you to post quite so many swear words…

    Not even after the watershed!

    If you want your comments read n future please tone it down…

  16. Barren says:

    Our season ticket holders I pray url don’t buy all this shit from the board and don’t renew tickets! Kroenke is next! Wenger is no more there to protect the board! All these years we have been fooled!

  17. Highbury44 says:

    Arteta is now odds on to be the next manager ,with Betway no longer taking bets.They think it is all over it is now .I don’t see him as a stick type manager more of the carrot type so next season could be very interesting.I think he’ll have until xmas to win the fans over, otherwise the protests will start

    1. jon fox says:

      If he even shows definite signs that we EVEN HAVE a defence after all these joke years at the back, fans will give him credit . Though, it is an almost impossible job, since really we need to bin all the idiots playing there and replace the whole damn lot of them, barring Mavropanos, Chambers and possibly Monreal short term. Not hopeful personally. How can anyone be!

      1. Highbury44 says:

        The defence is definitely the key.If we have that sorted we should make top4 at least .The trouble is I feel Arteta will try and play the Pep way and we simply don’t have players or the budget available to buy them

        1. jon fox says:

          Very true. But under Arsene we also didn’t have any defensive coaching. That could at least end with Arteta installed. He might even let Bould earn his money. And I don’t mean by just sitting on the bench, impersonating “The Glums”, with Wenger alongside.

  18. Shi2 says:

    Its just a shame we couldn’t get a top class coach, and arsenal is going down seasons after seasons. We need to move the board out. Now we know the real problem.empty seat is the next strategy to get these giraffe out of our beloved club

  19. John0711 says:

    The interview process shouldn’t take long there’s only Arteta that hasn’t turned it down lol. Big club ??? Laughable

  20. John0711 says:

    We are also in for Johnny Evans because he’s 3m
    The fans pay harrods prices for Aldi entertainment

    1. Highbury44 says:

      Even at 3 million that’s 3million too much

  21. Elliot says:

    If Arteta is to be the new manager, im going to lose my mind….

    1. jon fox says:

      Then you are amply qualified to be Arsenals CEO!

      1. GoonerP says:


  22. Shi2 says:

    Ancellotti is available and far better than inexperience arteta!!!

  23. calm down everyone
    this ceo have a plan it goes like this
    destroy arsenal
    didn’t you get it
    they are spurs fans

  24. stubill says:

    If we’re going down the cheap route, I’d rather see David Wagner given a chance over Arteta!

  25. RSH says:

    they need to hurry up and just announce Arteta. We all know he’s the next manager. Just hurry up so we can get the players in that we need. World Cup will make things even more complicated. No time to waste.

  26. Highbury44 says:

    Now it all makes sense.I always wondered why Arteta went to Man City , he was sent by Arsenal to spy on Pep to get all his skill and knowledge so we could have a value ie cheap version of Man City

  27. stubill says:

    Joachim Low has just signed an extension to his Germany contract, so another one out of the running. Not that I wanted him anyway.

  28. RSH says:

    Arteta is coming because fans and hierarchy have always been obsessed with being a mini-Barcelona. Can’t wait until this attitude dies and we focus more on success. That doesn’t automatically mean unattractive football either. Arsenal are just trying to hard to be something we have failed miserably at. If Arteta had even youth coach experience I would feel better about this happening. I’ll still get behind him and give him a chance.

    1. RSH says:

      i’ve had a change in heart the past several minutes. I believe in Arteta and I think we should all give him a chance. We have no other choice so may as well give him the best atmosphere possible and see what he can do. He may shock us all and end up doing really well. COYG!

      1. jon fox says:

        I have also been trying to talk myself into also having a change of heart, like you. Still working on it. It aint easy. There will be many who would accept it but also a good number who wont. Not confirmed yet , of course, but as a betting man, I know bookies do not suspend betting without good cause. Well, at least he is young, I suppose!

        1. John0711 says:

          No sorry you can convince yourself however even is he know what he’s doing he’s already battling against the players he once played with
          Doomed to fail

          Stinks of cheap cheap cheap
          If he’s the best option please convince me why

          1. Ozziegunner says:


      2. GoonerP says:

        Hear hear. Let’s get behind the team and whoever is in charge

  29. Jeremy says:

    The current setup looks like the new manager is no longer needed for transfer of players any more. It looks a bit like Real Madrid. Anyone remembers how Redondo was sold after destroying Manure?

    Getting rid of backroom staffs, is a good thing. We just can’t fix things like persistently crowded treatment room. But thought SB should go too, he doesn’t look the least bit like a defensive coach. The current team can’t defend.

    But having said that, unless those clowns can bring in replacement fast enough, will we be ready for next season.

    It’s been laborious to anticipate inwards transfers seasons after seasons so we are probably seasoned by now. Maybe we should just conserve our energy to get ready to kick Kroenke out.

    The replacement exercise isn’t done properly at all, no matter which angle you look at it.

  30. Anesh says:

    I said it in one of my comments. Whoever the manager is he needs to get a good creative player, similar to cazorla. shaqiri at stoke, he can change games. Just bit selfish but a very good player. Especially with Stoke relegated. Our dm position must go to Niles, he is one excellent player, now I know why Wenger had faith in him. He’s strong, fast n skilful. I’m not sure who the manager is gonna be but let’s hope it’s someone that will take the club forward. Even if it’s Arteta, vierra or any other guy. My worry is the funds that’s gonna be available for the new manager to recruit the right players. It took a few empty seats that made Kroenke get rid of Wenger as he was concerned abt his lost revenue from empty seats, got nothing to do abt fans. They know they have to ensure the stadium is full always. Anyway we needed change too, feel for Wenger as I really admired the guy. He’s 68 now, go enjoy life. Leave the stress n pressure to someone else . KOS HAS LOST IT big time, he’s being overpowered way too often. Let’s hope we get the required n suitable players in the rightful positions with a manager to drive them back to a top class team.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Actually fans=money. We are the Golden Fleece.

      He clearly thought we are going to walk to him no matter what sort of results the team gets. He was dead wrong.

  31. Ronny says:

    It won’t the budget is clear our requirements are clear and Mislintat will be all over it.
    The new manager will have no say or a delayed say right at the end of the window.

  32. Ronny says:

    On Arteta I feel sorry for him already!
    For years we’ve been the comedy club everyone loves to laugh at pundits the press and opposing fans so what do we likely decide to do……hire Arteta.
    God I hope this works I suppose if the doesn’t we can play the oh well at least we were bold in our decision card!

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