The tricky issue of improved contracts and how much Gabriel Martinelli is worth now

Arsenal should be careful before agreeing to a significant pay rise for Gabriel Martinelli too soon.

Recent reports claim that Arsenal is set to triple Gabriel Martinelli’s wage from £10,000 per week to £30,000 per week because of interest in the Brazilian from other top sides.

Wage increase has been a tricky subject at Arsenal and there have been cases of giving too much to players who turn out to be complete flops.

Mesut Ozil is an example of a player who played his way into a better wage but failed to justify his new pay packet.

In the coming months, Arsenal will begin to renew the contracts of their current players. The likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette will be asked to sign new deals.

They will no doubt be looking at Mesut Ozil for reference in their new pay packet. It might be that Aubameyang deserves to be the club’s highest-paid player because he is arguably their most important player now, but who else deserves a significant pay rise?

Arsenal has to avoid giving Gabriel Martinelli too much too soon. The Brazilian is just in his first season as an Arsenal player and has been impressive no doubt.

However, he needs to prove himself consistently for a while longer before a pay rise can be effected, else he might just be a case of giving him too much too soon.

Most of the Premier League’s big sides like to pay youngsters extremely high wages as soon as they break into their first team, Arsenal has to avoid this trap as they try to rebuild their team.

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    1. When Ozil outfoxed the club with that contract, he did have a very good reputation. His European and Arsenal stats were incredible. That’s aside his other accomplishments (5 times German player of the year, World Cup winner, etc). Unfortunately his performance seems to have nosedived after the contract.

      My point is that, at the time of the contract, it did probably look like a reasonable deal, but now in hindsight, it doesn’t look too good. However, the management had to be cut some slack because no one would’ve predicted such dip in performance. Sanchez contract at United is probably the biggest “scam deal”.

  1. I think its not just about what the player earns but also about the Gross contract cost to the club. You mean the club should pay Auba higher than Ozil in addition to the £60m+ we paid for his transfer fees?

    My understanding is that a player who signs a contract as a FREE agent is likely to earn more than a player who signs with a huge transfer fee. As a free agent, instead of the selling club receiving that huge transfer fee, the player then request a portion of that “transfer fee” to be factored into his wages, which is what Ozil did. In the end, it’s still likely cheaper for the club (over the course of the contract) than if they had to pay a transfer fee plus wages. Ramsey contract at Juve (£400k per week) is a good example.

    1. Impenia you are absolutely right and just think if Ozil preformed well and we sold him we would of been quids in

      1. I think if a player is free of contract we should pay him a signing on fee and keep his salary low just so not to have his salary unsettle the rest of the team and supporters

        If we don’t want to pay the signing on fee all at once they can spread it over his contract

  2. Pay him 10k p/w. Then add performance bonuses. A Good game in team win add 20k. A Goal in a team win add 30k. All players should be on 10k p/w plus
    performance related bonuses. How can we pay any one 50/100/200/300 k p/w whether they play let alone play well. Its complete madness.

  3. Ozil did not play himself into a new contract! He was on the decline back then, and his performances away from home and against top teams throughout his entire Arsenal career up to the point of his new contract had been more than questionable.

    The ONLY reason he got a new contract is because Wenger and Gazidis made an absolute hash (as they always did) of player sales and contracts.

    You are right that agents will definitely reference Ozil wages when negotiating on behalf of their clients. Some delusional fans (one in particular) have constantly stated that his wages do not matter, but clearly they, and will continue to have an impact until we can get rid the most expensive nonentity of all time!

    If Ozil is worth 350k a week, then surely Martinelli has to be worth around one million a week?

    1. It is the nature of humans when things go wrong, to always want to apportion blames to everyone else, but excuse self. If I remember correctly, the fans were happy when Ozil agreed to sign that contract.

      The slogan then was that Arsenal is no longer a club that sells players, since they have finished paying the stadium’s debt. The fans were demanding that the club “pay the damned money,” to keep Ozil at that point when both he and Sanchez were about leaving together.

      Fast forward now, people pretend to be oblivious of all that happened before that contract was signed. They blame Wenger just because he practically had to convince Ozil to stay with the assurance that he (Wenger) would not leave, or something like that.

      I just marvel at the type of fans we have – always moaning and blaming.

      1. You’re right.

        I remember most fans furiously demanding Sanchez not be sold in the summer.

        Then 5 months later when all we could get for him was Mkhi, most of the same guys were complaining about him not having been sold in the summer…

  4. What’s wrong with increasing the Young Gun(Martinelli) wages to 30k? It’s still a token Penny.!
    I assumably think Match bonuses should be implied..

  5. Agreed, £30k is a small wage in relation to others.

    Also, you can tell that this guy is going to be quality – it’s not like he’s just in a rare patch of form.

  6. This boy doesn’t look like a flop. He’s a gem. Shame that he’s paid that with his contributions so far while the flops are getting more than ten times that. What has age to do with productivity? Not in all cases. Remember a certain Ronaldo at Man United? We have to keep this boy here and happy too. Just watch the other young boys at Real Madrid, including that Brazilian (is it Vicius Jnr?). Let’s keep Real away from this boy.

  7. Its a tough one 10k a week to and 18 year old is phenomenal but in this world of football we know how it goes. Give him a big payrise and he doesn’t train on and we are stuck with him, give him a small rise because of his age and he flies, we will lose him to another team because we haven’t valued him. If he flies i doubt we will keep him long anyway so we have to find a halfway house solution,hope he is a super star, hope we can improve as a team and hope he stays for a little longer and helps us get back in the elite standing. If we get a huge fee for him, then invest it in another gem.

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