The TRUTH about Arsenal and Cesc is NOT out there!!

Just like the poster in agent Fox Mulder´s office, Arsenal fans `want to believe´ or at least we did, that our former captain Cesc Fabregas still had Arsenal at his heart. He said as much even after leaving us to join his boyhood club Barcelona, so we were all shocked to see him join our Premier League rivals Chelsea last summer and declare himself delighted with his new club.

The Spaniard must understand why this did not go down too well with his former fans, but there is no firm position amongst us Gooners. Some of us hate him, some of us still appreciate what he did in his years in north London but one of the big problems is that no one is really sure about the ins and outs of his move to Stamford Bridge last summer.

We knew that there was some sort of buy back clause or first refusal between the Gunners and Barca and it was believed that Wenger did not enforce it because we already have plenty of players like Cesc in the squad. But there were also rumours that our former star preferred to go and play for Jose Mourinho and maybe that is what Wenger was hinting at this week in a statement reported by ESPN. The Frenchman revealed that there was more to the saga than we know and also that it would all come out one day, but not yet.

Wenger said, “We will have to discuss that one day what happened, with all the terms. It is not as clean as that. I cannot speak to you about that [reasons] now because that will not help us to win the game on Sunday. This is not the right time.”

So what do you think has been hidden from us Gooners?

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    1. Why do we care so much bout this cesc Fab……..can’t we just move on 4 once? #monster face#

  1. We (the FANS) are Arsenal. You don’t sign us, you don’t sell us. You come, you go, but we are forever here.

    1. wearing my newly bought arsenal jersey on Sunday for the game. hope it gives me the lucky charm. Arsenal 5 1 Chelsit. Maureen sent to the stands. Flamini comes on and slams the ball into fabregas face. Hazard picks up an injury.

      1. Amigo, I think some ducklings from Turtleham Hot Dogs are on this site just randomly thumbing down every comment that makes sense.

        1. I thumbed him down because he wished injury on an opponent, that means I’m a “duckling from Turtleham Hot Dogs”?

  2. Whatever The reason is Cesc Made the wrong Choice,he felt he needed to go home,Arsenal were his home,Wenger was his father,who knows were he would be without arsenal signing him,its not all the La masia products that make it big,e.g Muniesa,Cuenca,and previously bojan,who was teammates with cesc,Out of respect for the Club and the fans not Wenger he should have joined another team other than Chelsea or Man utd,He wouldnt have joined Real Madrid If It were barca who had the clause,He Screwed up big time,and He had the potential to be Arsenals greatest ever Midfielder and one of the best Captains,Arsenal=Fabregas like Henry=Arsenal,but he messed that up,Utterly disgusted to see him in that Shitty Blue Jersey,He is just like the others and should not be excused

    1. The only reasonable option I see for fab to join would have been bayern (if they even wanted him). Barca will nvr sell to madrid, n I dont tink atletico got enough dough to afford cesc. France and italy are massive dowgrades and unattractive seeing how he cant speak a word of either language. Basically once we rejected him, he cant return to the epl either without offending the fans. I find it abit unfair to begrudge cesc for joining chelsea if u consider these circumstances

      1. I think Figo was the last player to go from Barca to Real. The same reason why Cesc went to Chelsea. For money. So f@#k him.

  3. Mourinho an his rubber band of merry divers are very savy.
    We need to understand they will try every trick in the book to win. An we need this win. Badly.

    Its gonna be strange for me to see cesc. Last time I saw him I high fived him from the stands an said gracias por todo . Now hes back at the emirates in the blue of chavski….its like a bloody soap opera

  4. I am not a fan of bringing players back. Especially the players that left the club in the first place. I don’t care what quality they have. Cesc RVP Song Nasri all left us when we needed them to stay. I have zero regrets about Cesc not coming. I was even sad when we resigned flamini. Flamini left us at his peak then we signed him back. Thank God he will be gone for good this time.
    The manager has trust in Ozil cazorla and the likes of jack AND rambo. And rightly so. Why bring Cesc when he asked to leave in the first place.
    Those saying cesc is a legend? legend in what? what did he win for Arsenal? Emirates cup?????
    I will be at the stadium tomorrow and I won’t be applauding Cesc.

  5. I understand why fabregas wanted to leave. he wanteTo come back but Wenger didn’t want him I understand, not happy with Wenger but I understand.
    However, playing for Chelsea and Mourinho (who insulted Wenger twice : “Voyeur” and “specialist in failure”) almost like playing for Spurs. Fabregas could have gone lots of places.

    If I were Wenger I would not shake hands with someone who called me a “Voyeur” and “specialidt in failure” but Wenger is more gentlemanly than me so he probably will.

    I want to beat Chelsea, Fabregas and Mourinho

    I would go crazy if we beat them at least 3-0/3-1
    But more than happy with ANY Win

    Prediction 3-1 to us 🙂

  6. Chelsea are going to play dirty, like that tackle on Alexis in first game.

    I think a cool, calm and collected Arsenal will win, but if they play dirty and work us up I’m afraid we will lose.

    Hope the ref has his contacts in, Chelsea will cheat to win this.

    1. We won’t get worked up if Wilshere doesn’t play. He’s the only one in our team that seems to lose his head in big games all the time, especially when things aren’t going out way. Remember that headbutt on Fellaini before he got injured? Well.. Chestbutt really. I’m not one that calls for us to sell Jack, I think we should keep him. But none can deny that his discipline is a weakness in his game.

  7. I predict a legitimate Arsenal penalty being denied and a dive for Chelsea being awarded with a Penalty.

  8. Here is how it happened

    Couldn’t buy Suarez
    Panicked and bought Ozil
    Fabregas became surplus at Barca
    Couldn’t buy back Fabregas ‘cos we have Ozil

    Never ever forget that £1

  9. Just a thought. Has anyone thought Wenger might have been blocked from buying back Fabregas. His not exactly going to say that his employers blocked to move is he.

  10. He already broke our hearts he left, we needed him but he didn’t want us. When he wanted to come back and he needed us we opted not to take him. Sure there is probably more to the story but from what i can gather “He moved on” and So should we. Booing or cheering him at the weekend would be evident that we as fans haven’t moved on, WERE NOT THE SCOUSER’s we don’t rely on history to remind us of the ‘GOOD OLD TIMES’. With that being said my reaction to CESC at the weekend would be that of SILENCE!!! He is simply a Former Arsenal Player to me. because to boo him would be a reminder of all the years of pain we went through after he left and judging by our recent success i think we moved on, to cheer him would be riding on the coattails of History and IM NOT SCOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Fabregas was my childhood hero growing up watching arsenal. Even though it pains me that he joined chelsea, I wont hate him cos he had given us, or me at least, 8 years of great football. Its funny how he left for barca with well wishes from MAJORITY of the fans in 2011 and ppl start blaming him now for leaving in the first place. I hope that as a club that prides itself on class, we fans can live up to that reputation. No need to clap for fab, but I dont tink theres no need for boos either

    1. Don’t you remember that he used arm twisting tactics to force a move and went on a silent sit down strike by feigning an injury which ‘healed’ as soon as he left Arsenal! At that time he never imagined that things would turn ugly for him at Barcelona and he would wish he hadn’t left Arsenal but as they say “what goes round comes round.” Fabregas used all forms of dirty tactics to leave Arsenal and in return Arsenal also did what it deemed correct by refusing to invoke its buy back close; a case of tit for tat? Maybe.

  12. It’s like Fab cast a spell on Arsenal fans he didn’t just leave ,he made the whole thing a circus And every barca player then Were carelessly saying he deserved to be in a bigger club

    They had the audacity to put a barca jersy on him while he smiled sheepishly .Fab’s mind was so made up no other club came in for him thus giving Bacerlona all the power to choose a miserly fee and stuck to their gun

    Fab stepped up took a salary cut and left us for dead ,summarily triggering an exodus of our finest young players
    Just think people ,Fab only thinks about Fabregas. When he was ready to go he did so because it suited him When his home coming became an horror show ,so much that so that the much talked about DNA didn’t stop the fans from booing him .

    He decided to come back because it suited him When he joined Chelsea he didn’t esitate to throw Wenger under the bus he even went to mention Ozil by name several times knowing fully well he was struggling and that people would clamp down on that you guys think he would have been shouting he ditched me for Sancez with the way Alexis is playing now

    Finally to all you sheeps out there. Learn the diff btw a Fan favourite and a legend .there a big gulf between the 2 .

  13. If wenger ever writes a book when he retires, this would be a chapter I would love to read!

    The truth is, cesc wanted to go, and the money men we moan about, actually brokered a good deal for us. In directly, Chelsea have paid us for fabregas…who would of thought Chelsea money would of got us to buy Sanchez!

  14. Fire has has been great for Chelsea but wouldn’t have made any difference if he was at Arsenal. Chelsea’s squad had no creativity in it before Fabregas joined, that’s why he gave them such a boost. Arsenal on the other hand already had Cazorla and Özil. No more creativity needed. Much rather we spent £32m on a defensive player or two than bringing Fabregas back. They’d have had a bigger impact on our squad than he would have. Or at that price tag, put it this way, Fabregas or Alexis Sanchez? I know who I’d choose.

  15. I’ve said it before, the only thing that separates Fabregas from Nasri, Van Persie et al is a better PR agent.

  16. Arsenal now are at 2nd spot and that’s because we had injuries begining of these season so if we win and beat Chelsea We are already the CHAMPION. Arsenal are the best and professional team in ENGLISH FOOTBALL.
    COYG we will WIN.

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