The TWO stars backed to lead Arsenal to GLORY

With every improvement in performance from Arsenal and every game we win to keep climbing up the Premier League table, thoughts inevitably turn to whether the current version of the Gunners is good enough to emulate the sort of success that we had in the first decade under the managerial reign of Arsene Wenger.

We don’t expect them to repeat the feat of the famous Invincibles, but it would be nice if we could win the title that last came to north London in that amazing season. Two of that team can certainly see it happening sooner rather than later and that is because of the quality now on show in the current Arsenal squad, with Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg each highlighting the players that they feel can lead us to the top.

As reported by the Daily Express, Ljungberg sees something very special in Aaron Ramsey who is becoming a great source of goals from midfield just as the Swede was. And our former star thinks that the fight and mental strength shown by Ramsey already to overcome adversity as well as his youth means that he will only get better.

Freddie said, “At the beginning of his Arsenal career it didn’t go so great, but for me that shows he has great mental strength to keep on going.

“Then to explode like he did last season was unbelievable and no one was more happy than I was for that, and I think he has the potential to be a top, top, top player.

“He is already – but to keep going from season to season.

“I know his history extremely well; he was young when he broke his leg that hampered him for almost a year.

“And if you think about it he lost a year of his [football] education and he’s still at the level he is, he’s going to get better and better.

“If Arsenal develop as a team and we can start winning the Premiership again then it’s easier, but as a player he’s one of the leaders in the team already and I think he’ll develop into one of the best players in the Premiership.

“That’s what I would almost demand at Arsenal. If you want to play at Arsenal you need to be top, top, you need precision.

“But he showed last season and this season what a great player he is and he should be there.”

Pires has been talking about our record signing Mesut Ozil in an interview on the Arsenal website, after the midfielder put in a Man of the Match performance against Liverpool. Pires has been training with the German so has seen at first hand just what an amazing talent we have on our hands. Pires also reveals that Ozil loves the club and is determined to bring us success and that sounds pretty good to me.

Pires said, “For me, the man of the match was Mesut Ozil. And I am so glad that he proved his critics wrong.

“Too many people have criticised him this season and overall since he arrived at Arsenal. I train with him regularly and I can tell you that he is one of the best players I have seen.

“He loves this club and cares a lot about it. He wants to win trophies here and wants to make the fans happy, like he did against Liverpool. First, there was his wonderful pass for Aaron on the first goal. Then he scored that wonderful free-kick for the second goal.

“Again, I am not sure Mignolet can do much better because the strike is so clinical and goes out before coming back in. But Mesut also worked hard for the team, he defended, he was precious on the ball and he was simply instrumental.

“You can see that his understanding with Aaron, Santi, Alexis or Olivier is perfect. I love seeing Mesut, Aaron and Olivier exchanging those short passes.

“Liverpool could not cope with our pass and move in this game. We overrun them in midfield, pressurised them at the back and contained them up front. This is a very important win for the rest of the season but also for next season.”

Football is a team game of course but do you think that keeping Rambo and Ozil fit could be the key to Arsenal becoming champions next year?

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    1. Totally agree. Its a squad game. I believe it is impossible for a footballer to be in form all season. Good rotation and keeping key players from injuries is key.

      Sanchez has played so much this season. The he will play in the latin American cup. Hope he gets a long break. Even if he miss the starts of next season no problem. I don’t want any long term injuries to key players due to fatigue.
      Hope Ozil and rambo stay fit as well. In the last 2 seasons they have been out for atleast 3 months each. thats too much. Add jack and Ox etc to that and its just too much injuries to win trophies.

  1. What an array of players we have assembled. Özil, walcott, Welbeck, Cazorla, Ramsay, Ox, Giroud, Sanchez…

  2. Ramsey and ozil both are at their prime,.ramsey’s balanced play and ozil’s assists will be the difference between arsenal winning or losing title next year !!

    Btw,it wud hav been better if wenger or the players dont talk abt quite optimistic tbh.if arsenal do beat chelsea and utd,i think we will win it !!

    1. how is he at his prime at 24? I’m guessing in 2-3 years he will be in his prime and unstoppable

    2. Ozil’s game is just effortless sometimes. Its as if he is in training or something. The touches and passes is just sublime. Ozil= Class. Its as if he has eyes at the back of his head. My biggest criticism of him was his commitment and challenges. Not any more. Sanchez has contaminated the entire team with his energetic and consuming style. Everybody is putting a shift.

      Ramsey is the engine and heart beat of the team. be it out wide or in the middle he never hides. Thats why i get really frustrated when we bash him on this forum. Rambo gives us everything and will only get better. Sell rambo for Pogba? hell no . There is only one Rambo. Just a complete midfielder this guy is.

      Coq. I declare him the best Dm in the league. yes he can’t pass the ball like Schiniderlin or Busquet or javi Martinez. I don’t care. In fact he doesn’t even need to know how to pass the ball. lol We have ozil cazorla rambo Jack who can all pass. Coq should just win the ball and play it simple . And he does that better than anyone. He is in my team of the year. And for someone who has only played from December that is a huge complement. I will take Coq ahead of matic. call me crazy But I will do it.

      Finally How can I conclude without mentioning nacho . What a left back. he is a terrific defender. And i have learned that u don’t need to have crazy pace to be a good fullback. Great positioning and knowing when to attack and when to defend and stay back with his center backs. Look at kyle walker? he is a back of pace but and awful full back.

      1. @Galen
        well said I’m with you on everything you said. And I’d take le coq over any dm in the world! I hope we tie him down to a 5 year contract and triple his wages he can’t be on more than 20k right now

        1. Watch out Goonsqad,Charlie is gonna say Ya wrong mentioning Le Coq again is the best DM this season.Im with you as most fans agree he is the best this season and all we need is a Right sided player like Milner of City CB

          1. mmm i don’t think milner is who we need, i don’t see what he would add to our team, id rather give gnabry the playing time on the right side. or put ozil on the right and wilshere in the middle (In terms of rotation) but i agree with you on what you said about charlie!

  3. if we want a second striker to offer something different to OG, how about eduardo vargas-type player?

        1. Welbeck is a strange one. His shooting is actually very good, he generally gets shots on target and forces saves from goalkeepers, his shots just rarely seem to find the back of the net for some reason. They’re well hit, decent power and accuracy, but seemingly always saved or blocked. The same with Cazorla. Welbeck has all the ability, pace, strength, height, a good footballer and a really good mentality. Sooner or later it’ll click, and he’ll be a great player, I’m confident of it.

  4. I think Personally Ramsey in the second half had a poor game, always drifting inside leaving Bellerin by himself on the right.

    1. Always happens when we put a central player out on the wing. Cazorla, Özil and Welbeck are all guilty of it too. They need to be more disciplined, but it’s a new role for Ramsey, I can’t see him staying there very long, but if he does he’ll get better.

      1. Yes Ramsey in the RW slot is a weird one – especially when Welbeck and Walcott are sitting on the bench. It appears at first glance to be Wenger back up to his old trick of somehow squeezing in his best/fav X1 and meddling with the system/formation to accommodate. That said, you have to say it has been effective for the last 2 matches. 2 wins and goal and assist from AR. Interesting to hear AR say in his post-match interview that he prefers to be more involved in the middle but happy to do a job in another position if called upon. Frankly Wenger has a nightmare on his hands now with nearly all players back out of the treatment room – almost embarrassing wealth of options and permutations.

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