The two January deals that Arsenal can do very cheaply and easily

At a time when Arsenal have an injury crisis, we have a young centre back and midfielder we could recall from loan spells, but still the priority is saving money. At a time when the club are cautious about being self-funded, they don’t want the embarrassment of having to pay a couple of million for their own players?

Are we that tight-fisted that we would rather save a few quid at the expense of helping the team on the pitch?
Unless there is something we are not being told, we are a rich club. We bring in more match day revenue then most sides worldwide, we share a TV contract worth billions, yet we are finding ways to save funds when we are struggling to make the top 4?

Even from a business point of view, the quicker Arsenal are back in the Champions League the better asset we become. To do that you can’t stand still, you have got to show some level of ambition, or are you happy with us being in the Europa League?

If our owner truly feels that paying approx 5 million to cancel some loan deals a gamble, then where the hell has the money gone? It’s not like Nelson or Chambers would just fill holes in the squad, they really could push for a place in the starting 11. Chambers hasn’t pulled up any trees at Fulham, but like Holding is young enough to get better under Emery. With our manager insisting on 5 at the back, surely he’s a better option then a 34-year-old right back? Nelson meanwhile would give us pace and width. With Welbeck injured we don’t have a plan B to bring on. We were told both were sent away for their developments, if you believe in them, now is the time to use them when the club’s needs help. Both would be buzzing at the bit to get that chance.

Why send your recruitment team round Europe searching for value over quality when for the same price you bring back two players who are not stop gaps but have a future at the Emirates. You sense the whole club need a confidence boost and would benefit from a couple of fresh faces. If we can’t even put football over financials in this situation, then I don’t know where we are going?

Dan Smith


  1. So you kind of lost me when you conclude early on that Chambers and Nelson aren’t being recalled because it will cost money. Unless youve got inside knowledge. If you do, good point well made. If you don’t than your just making stuff up. I could equally say that Nelson and Chambers definitly aren’t being recalled because both are showing good progress after a year (or more in Chamber’s case) of stagnation and, unlike many fans, the powers that be have a realistic expectation for this year and don’t want to jeopardise these player’s long term development. But the I’d just be making stuff up too.

    1. Trudeau, I tried to write more or less the same as you but aborted the post as I couldn’t find the right words as it’s been a long day ?. I salute you sir for an extremely well written reply. By the way, I heard the same explanation as you.

    2. I read a rumour that we bid 55m for Under, that is a fair price, that’s the price thaat some of the top ones, at smaller clubs go for, he hasn’t proved enough yet for him to be valued much higher. We need to get our top targets, I hope we don’t end up losing out to someone who goes ten or 15m higher.

      Also I’m reading that Liv are looking at Rabiot after Barca backed out. We should have an upper hand with this one, we usually deal well with French clubs and we have his old manager. Yes Liv are going places, but before VVD arrived they would have to sell the idea, and look at the accomplishment that VVD can be proud of. Similar to the Sol signing except we already went places before Sol arrived, players buy into this stuff. We need to talk some players into bringing AFC back to the place we belong.

      1. Re Rabiot, my worry is the fact we are now managed by his ex-manager is a major reason he’d not want to sign for us. Other than Mbappe, judging by what I have read, none of the others at PSG have had anything very positive to say about Emery since he left the club.

        That’s not to say he isn’t a good manager and can’t turn things around at Arsenal given time. Just saying he didn’t seem to do a great job managing the egos at PSG.

    3. Reports say to end any loan deal we have to pay compensation for canceling deal
      If not the case, why wouldn’t you call them back?

  2. According to ESPN and The Daily Mirror, Mesut Ozil has snubbed a move to Manchester United, who apparently offered him more money than he’s already getting. Can you blame him? When you’re getting that kind of money, where do you want to be, London or Manchester. It’s a no brainer. London dwarfs Manchester in every way. London’s the capitol of the World, Manchester’s a village. He’s obviously spoke to Alexis Sanchez who’s already made the biggest mistake in his life and is now regretting it and is desperate to return to Arsenal and life in the best city in the World. Jon have you got the bank details of The Willow Foundation, Only joking Jon, whoever loses the bet, it’s going to a very worthy charity.

    1. News and media outlets like making things up. Ozil’s agent just said he is not going anywhere and has no desire for any such move now and in the future. Time for Emery to start looking for ways to utilise him because I haven’t seen any of his current milders helping with the defence. If he has another reason then he should let us know.

      1. Sorry, but I couldn’t live in either London or Manchester long term, because the weather in both cities is aweful compared to where I live!

              1. OG, the weather is not so bad in London, very similar to Northern France, however you’re right about Manchester. The rain belt continually runs across Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. My Sister lives in the Yorkshire Dales, fantastic scenery but always raining. She keeps me regularly informed.

                1. OG, don’t you notice how you’re lucky to get 3 days play when Test matches come from Old Trafford or Headingley.

                  1. I certainly do, Kenny and it usually rains to save England from defeat (LOL)!
                    Regarding Cricket the Australian Cricket Board is currently gifting India their first test series in Australia, by banning Smith and Warner both 12 months and Bancroft for 6 months greatly weakening the batting. Other players found ball tampering have been lucky to get a 2 test ban maximum. Atherton got an MBE, yet the ACB has to try and prove how righteous they are. Also there is no test in Brisbane and the drop in pitch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground is rubbish now two seasons in a row. The ACB is about money, that’s why the MCG still gets tests. Its blown up in their faces because crowds are down and TV viewing isn’t great (thankfull all Test Cricket is still free to air here).

                    1. Also Kenny, I have visited the UK in 1977, 2011, 2014 and 2017 always in summer. I have relatives in Hornchurch Essex and usually go to Chelmsford CG to watch Essex CCC on occassion.
                      I have always been pretty lucky with weather even in Cumbria and Northumberland. One on my loves is to ride the heritage steam railways in the UK and am crossing them off one by one.

                    2. Brilliant OG, as I said London and the South east gets the best weather in the UK and before anybody starts telling me I’m bias, purely geographical. Also your point about the Aussie batsmen, I’m in total agreement with you , completely over the top. Am I right OG in saying they’ll all be back for the Ashes series in England 2019. I certainly hope so. My offer to you still stands, if you visit the UK in the near future you can have my season ticket for any game of your choice.

    2. So his agent came out today to make it clear that he’s going nowhere and his future is at the Emirates because he wants to stay..and according to you he’s only staying just because He’s in London?? I don’t know about the news that Man Utd wants him but if it’s true and he turned down higher paycheck to stay…don’t you think it’s lame to label it as staying because London’s more popular than Manchester?? The things you guys always make up when it comes to Ozil eh, ayayayaya I don’t know

      1. Sorry? Did you read my comment or is your comment to the original article? Because I didn’t say he is staying at Arsenal because of London or he is going to Man U. If you have have access to SKY SPORT NEWS you will be able to read what his agent said. Or better still goggle it. I don’t make things up!!!!!!

        1. Geez Pat!! My response is to Kenny Rolfe… Do I sound like the fella who doesn’t follow up news about our team?

            1. Kenny, you are right; Smith and Warner will have sat out their bans by the start of the One Day World Cup and Bancroft 6 months before. All will be available for the Ashes.

    3. Kenny, I won’t need the Willow details . KEN WILL THOUGH. I don’t buy into your Manchester as a village comparison either. When a player has the sort of wealth they do the world is their oyster , not merely London, Manchester or even Britain. I think Sanchez being unhappy is totally unconnected with Manchester “Village” and much more to do with Manchester United and esp their recently departed manager.

      1. What are you saying Jon? There’s no difference in quality of life with London and Manchester. Are you kidding? Did you read the story about David and Victoria Beckham who went to a Chinese restaurant in Manchester that the following week got a zero rating by the health authority. You think there’s no difference in the night life, the theatres, the museums, the arts and all the attractions that London provides. Manchester’s about the size of Shoreditch with a tenth of the night life. You could fit 50 Manchester’s into London and still have room for Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield.

        1. Kenny, I presume you already know I do not work for the Manchester Tourism Board. I did say and this is far more pertinent than mere Manchester nightlife – or relative lack of it- that such as Ozil has the whole world as his oyster to choose to see. I much doubt that nightlife or art galleries etc will be a crucial factor, were the ultimate choice to be among London or Manchester, which I very much doubt it will be, in any case. Your irrelevant Beckhams point is pointless if you don’t mind me saying so. I would also point out the obvious, that many filthy rich other players happily reside in the frozen North and even slum it in “tinier than Shoreditch” Manchester without withdrawing from social life. In my long ago away games with Arsenal I enjoyed many a lovely time in Manchester and its evening attractions with not a thousandth of Ozils spending money. The London / Manchester debate is a pointless red herring anyway, in my view.

          1. Yeah, I’ve had some good nights in Manchester, OK for a week, I’m sure Sanchez doesn’t want to go to the same restaurant every week and are you saying that footballers wouldn’t want to visit art galleries. Dennis Bergkamp was a regular visitor to the best art gallery in the World, The London Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. My point regarding the Beckhams is they had no choice, whereas in London there are thousands of restaurants to choose from and the best chefs in the World. Go online, you’ll find my information is correct

            1. Yes rated in front of the Louvre in Paris and the Riek museum in Amsterdam that holds most or the Rembrandts.

              1. Couple of points to add Jon, where do you think all the Billionaire Oligarchs have chose to live? London of course, you won’t find to many living in Liverpool or Manchester and regarding the players who you said “happily reside in the frozen north” their there purely for the money, their WAGS don’t like it but are putting up with for the money, When their contracts are finished they’ll high tale it out of there on the first stage whereas many multi millionaire ex footballers have chosen London for themselves and their families to live the rest of their lives. Wisen up Jon, as I said before London’s the capitol of the World.

      2. Jon, if Ozil is happy and willing to fight for his place as quoted, then get your cheque book out ???????
        If he loves the club as his agent quotes, get your cheque book out ???????
        If you think we might even have a Ramsey type stand off get your cheque book out ????????
        Guess who’s found the smiley faces again??????????????
        Whoever wins the bet, it’s all in a good cause and l promise not to rub it in if I win ???????

        1. As you say Ken “IF”! I suggest to you too, that even the fact that his agent is openly speaking about and trying to deny it is evidence that behind the scenes much is going on. I choose to see that clearly. You clearly do not! In life I always avoid looking for what I want or do not want to happen. I concentrate on what I believe WILL happen. THAT is why I describe myself as a realist . And with due respect, you only know me on here. I have lived with myself all my long life and along with my nearest and dearest who often says the very same about me, I know the real truth of how I am. LIFE IS TOO SHORT AND TOO PRECIOUS TO DELIBERATELY FOOL ONESELF. I also take for granted that neither of us will “rub it in.” Finally, I am rather surprised that even you have succumbed to those wretched emojis! It must be the Jacob Rees – Mogg in me! PERISH THE THOUGHT!

  3. I like Chambers, I think his versatility and experience could really aid our backline.

    Watching Emeryball, I feel a DM that can slot into CB could be vital to not expose our flanks when our fulbacks are acting as wingers.

    I like Torreira as a DM, it isn’t that I wish to replace him, I think Emery could make use of his pressing ahead of a player like Chambers. Chambers could allow Torreira to occasionally take a risk to skip past a player and not leave a gap for the opposition to exploit, Torreira has shown that he can hold onto the ball which I feel could help Emeryball turn over the opposition sooner.

    Chambers and Bielik are two players I feel could be pushed to play this role.
    Neither have blistering pace to be the true CBs who at times will be pushed with the high line Emery plays but both are neat passers of the ball and both like to move the ball forward, they both have decent height and can put in a tackle. Not saying they are ready to lead us to UCL glory but at some point we will either need to trust them or sell them.

    I would leave Nelson on loan unless we can sell Iwobi, I am not against the idea of selling Iwobi… I would prefer Nelson over Iwobi which will upset some gooners, I just feel Nelson is a special talent who would benefit from learning and competing against Auba for that spot. Nelson has the potential to be a better ball carrier while providing an equally dangerous goal threat. If he has to compete with Iwobi then I fear Emery will pick Iwobi for the mins and Nelson development will stagnate.

    1. His manager over in Germany, likened him to Messi and Ronaldo, that would be some player. Me thinks it’s a bit of an ego boosting comment.

    2. For me Iwobi is an average player but imagine arsenal without him this season . It would have been dark. Nelson is a great talent but i am yet to be convinced on his talents . He is not a starter for Hoffenheim . Another player i would like people to be mindful of is Auba . He gets goals but he losses a bucket load his linkup play is questionable and finds it hard to beat a man one on one . I even struggle to see the pace he is well known for.
      This are just my views .i am not professional but i do love Arsenal .

      1. dead on, i see a decline in auba’s form with age and laca’s is by far the better leader of the line!! but let’s not jinxed it hope the goals don’t dry up, you should have kept it to yourself for another month or so 🙂

        1. I think Auba has great ability to read the game and position himself in the right places for the chances that a team creates, Laca likes to drop deep and become that link between CM and attack, let him do so and get Auba waiting in the wings to be released.

          It is why I would have liked Nelson to have been Aubas main backup, that, along with I agree that Laca leads the line better.

      1. Let’s say Raul can do good business and get £30 million for a young, HG international with potential… We got £35 million for the Ox who was a bit more established but equally disappointing so I do think that is an honest assessment of Iwobi value currently.

        £30 million could go some way towards getting a top right inside forward…

        It isn’t like we would be downgrading either.

  4. The score line against Fulham was and is flattering, I watched a poor game with a defense still so so bad and full of flaws… Even Owen Hargreaves after the first half went on about how Arsenal have been poor by their standard but they took their chance.
    Am I the only one who’s tired of Xhaka playing so many wrong passes and losing the ball in our own half? Apart from the goal he scored, any body honest with himself will know he was poor yesterday.. The last 2 games the only bright thing is seeing Iwobi getting better again, I hope he keeps his head down and keep working hard. Though he got tired and had a poor 2nd half, credits goes to him..
    Like I’ve been pointing out how bad our defense is and how playing the high line is the reason we are getting raped, it was still obvious yesterday.. The first chance Fulham got that Ryan Sessengon blew yesterday after we got caught up field, there were so many chances they blew and our defense as usual was poor, our defenders are hardly in our own half, if you doubt me go watch the replay of the game.. Before the Liverpool game I mentioned how we could get away with Brighton but that Liverpool would take those chances and they did perfectly… Yesterday after conceding 5 goals, I see no improvement, no change, Emery’s doing nothing about it. I could count a few times I saw Sokratis, Koscienly and Mustafi upfield and on the wings…
    Imagine getting caught out like that and Fulham just playing the ball over then it’s a slaughter race between RS3 and Guendouzi or whoever. I find it hard that Pat and I are just the only ones who has pointed out this high line strategy at the back and which is clearly not working. Emery and Bould ain’t fixing anything in the defense, good thing they got the 3 points, but we’ve been here before, I’m passed where I start getting excited again after picking points against a low table team.

    1. Saying that the 4-1 scoreline was flattering, is something I can’t really accept. Yes, they missed a couple of chances in the first half, we did too.
      Don’t forget how many good saves their keeper had to make. Remove that from the equation and we may be talking of 3 additional goals for Arsenal.
      On the defensive side of things, I agree with you 100%. We seem not to be learning anything from previous mistakes and it makes me feel that even if you bring in VVD, we may still get similar results.

  5. Ozil is ready to challenge for a place in Emery armoury but needs to adapt to the pressing pattern of the manager. I really want him to stay because he’s vital for the team

    1. You need him to have a surgery or put electric motor in order to change his body language also we need to agree players come and go and Özil time is up the only mistake was to tie him in huge contract

  6. The last 2 games the only bright thing is seeing Iwobi getting better again, I hope he keeps his head down and keep working hard. Though he got tired and had a poor 2nd half, credits goes to him..
    Like I’ve been pointing out how bad our defense is and how playing the high line is the reason we are getting worse, it was still obvious yesterday.. The first chance Fulham got that Ryan Sessengon blew yesterday after we got caught up field, there were so many chances they blew and our defense as usual was poor, our defenders are hardly in our own half, if you doubt me go watch the replay of the game.. Before the Liverpool game I mentioned how we could get away with Brighton but that Liverpool would take those chances and they did perfectly… Yesterday after conceding 5 goals against Liverpool, I see no improvement, no change, Emery’s doing nothing about it. I could count a few times I saw Sokratis, Koscienly and Mustafi upfield and on the wings…
    Imagine getting caught out like that and Fulham just playing the ball over then it’s a slaughter race between RS3 and Guendouzi or whoever. I find it hard that Pat and I are just the only ones who has pointed out this high line strategy at the back and which is clearly not working. Emery and Bould ain’t fixing anything in the defense, good thing they got the 3 points, but we’ve been here before, I’m passed where I start getting excited again after picking points against a low table team.

    1. Niles played well over the two games also. I esp liked him in that last game, when he tried to urge to crowd to give more support, and he seemed to know what he wanted to do when he controlled the ball. He had much more purpose about him, Iwobi did too. You need that, it helps take pressure away from forwards and then we are not so easy to read or stifle.

    2. Eddie Hoyte, am surprised most people don’t see the defensive problems. I just finished watching Man and the game was a little bit difficult for them in terms of scoring, but you know what, they didn’t concede as well. The game against Fulham could have been over in the first half. Like you I have stopped being excited about us anymore because of the defence. It is shambles. Southampton held Chelsea to a goalless draw because they defended property and it was a good result for them. Am already tired of Emery’s defensive tactics and sometimes his whole approach to the game.

      1. I’m not for all this “Klopp had 4 years bullshít”..“Emery’s new to the league” it’s a whole lot of crappy talk.. I thought Emery was claiming he knew so much about the team and players before and it influenced him getting the job?
        The man got in 4 defensive players and our defense seems worse than ever, and nobody should bring up the we have injured players excuses.. Before those players got injured, we’ve been leaking goals and playing this lame high line that we don’t have the players for.

        Yes blame it all on Kroenke, create excuses for Emery, but if 6 month is not enough for him to see that this team can’t play a high line then I wonder how many years it’ll take him.. Meanwhile people keep going on about Emeryball, WTF is Emeryball? .. All we still do is play like we did under Wenger, only difference is we score as much as we concede for a top team.
        Emery’s too straightforward and not really a flexible I once said, he has no idea the set of fans he’s messing with, Arsenal fans would come for his head when they want to, Booing his substitution of Lacazette yesterday is only a tip of what he’s gonna get if he keeps being stubborn

        1. For me, Emeryball has the element of many passing options, when watching the players and the way they position themselves, many of the times it creates 3-4 forward passing options. For me, it appears as if Emery wishes to move from deep, using the man advantage with GK to force an option which isn’t marked. Do this swiftly and pick a passing option available from the tactics until you are in behind their defense and then shoot. If we fail to do it, back to the start, back to the CBs and GK and work the ball forward again.

          I feel it is why Ozil is looking worse than normal and isn’t trusted as much. He, along with Mkhi and Laca, are players who like to play with a level off freedom in their play. Emery likes his tactics so much that I think it stifles any player who goes outside of those tactics, talents such as the players mentioned are hard to ‘chess move’ them in his tactics. If Emery can’t plan for the players talent then it looks like the player suffers, sorry Laca :'(

  7. Bloody hell Sky are showing the wrong game! West Ham are 2-2 now…. and Watford are 3-3…. the only thing that happened in United’s game in the first half was Martial getting hit in the face with the ball! ?
    Arnautovic has scored twice…. I do like him

    1. Same I think he’s a quality player
      Shame he’s getting on now ,think he will be moving at the end of the season according what his agent said .

      1. Was quite surprised when he went to West Ham, although ANY team is an upgrade on Stoke!!
        Wonder if he’ll move abroad?

        1. There was rumour the Jose wanted him at Man Utd ,but that’s gone now so not sure
          Him and Wilfred zaha would be enough for me this transfer window ?

            1. Hehe Arnautovic would cost more than £2M and I don’t think Zaha would want to join us after the death threats to him and his family from the Xhaka penalty fallout. Ultimately it wouldn’t matter even if we got them as any benefit from signing those two would have been nullified by our consistently deteriorating joke of a defence.

  8. Your dead right Eddie.The lack of pace at centre back is such that we cannot afford to play a high line system.Presumably our scouting team are fully aware of this deficiency when considering possible recruitments.Let’s hope so.

    1. Exactly Grandad the high line is ineffective because the defense is ill disciplined, tactically unaware and lacking in pace. This has not been helped by the defense being disrupted by injuries. There has been no consistency in personnel to build the teamwork required for discipline and tactical awareness.
      One wonders again why Steve Bould appears so ineffective in working with the defense as a group to instill these attributes.

  9. Think Emery tactic is to squeeze the team into compact space (hence high line).

    This reduces space for opposition Ben when they get the ball –

    Attackers / mid-field have to press instantly to try regain possession – but more importantly stop them from having time/space to deliver the long balls –

    It’s a high risk strategy, but one that has worked for the most part, against most teams.

    As he said before arriving, he prefers to put score opposition that to win 1-0 –

    Might not agree with that method. But it is his. And it’s now quite clear to see.

    He picks his philosophy before the team. Same as Pep did, when insisted on style of play before he had keeper to deliver it. But when got keeper it all came together – and they won the league easily.

    That’s what I’m seeing. I’m ok with that – but he MUST get funds and players he needs to deliver it.

    Scared that won’t happen!

  10. First post of 2019 so happy new year my fellow Gooners wishing you a happy healthy prosperous year ? off topic does anyone else think Henrikh Mkhitaryan looks like an Armenian Bear Grylls? ? Totti is the Italian version ? on topic why are we always scraping the barrel for transfers we’re supposed to be a big club it’s embarrassing.. I’m hearing loan signings is our most likely scenario this window and even if we don’t spend this window who honestly believes we’ll have a healthy transfer budget come the summer? It’ll be roughly the same as last summer or slightly less! We’re going nowhere under Kroenke I’ve learned to accept that as long as he’s the owner of the club we as fans must accept mediocrity! Josh Kroenke knows absolutely nothing about football much like his old man and we got a chairman who’s as clueless as both owner and son! Sir Chips should follow Ivan the terrible to Milan…. We need a complete overhaul of the club to become a force again with these clowns in the boardroom the future looks bleak! Anyway onto Blackpool Saturday let’s hope it doesn’t turn into another Nottingham Forest, hopefully Emery fields a strong team as we struggled against the seasiders in the league cup ?

    1. HNY John! Haha Bear Grylls indeed ?
      I reckon on Saturday we’ll see 2 things I never want to see again – that horrible green kit…… and Lichtsteiner in that horrible green kit ????

      1. Happy New year Sue ? haha completely random wasn’t it ? Sue i think all 3 kits are an eyesore especially that mint green thing whoever designed that should be Jailed ? imagine the headache Blackpool’s luminous orange kit and our glow in the dark mint kit ? ? I never want to see Stefan Lich again I’d rather we just played Jenks and he’s useless too ?

        1. With their kit & ours it’ll be like a 90’s rave ??
          Fingers crossed we’ll be ok… love the fa cup (we’ve won it enough!) ?
          Just watching MOTD… loved Xhaka & Laca’s goals!

          1. Haha bit of haddaway at halftime on Saturday then Sue ? yesss me too was gutted going out in the 3rd round last year ??? yeah Sue I especially liked Xhakas goal ? Fulham could have been 2 or 3 up yesterday though it’s worrying! Damn I definitely need a new phone this cr*p keeps freezing on here!

            1. Will remind us oldies of the fluro socks that eere all the rage in the ’60s!
              Bring back the yellow and navy blue or maroon and gold please!

              1. Definitely Ozziegunner we haven’t been yellow for a while now… Puma have disappointed with their selection of design also colour’s and I’m old school I prefer teams with 2 premier League badges right and left sleeve not for this sponsoring on the sleeves that visit rawanda sponsorship is an eyesore! I just refuse to buy anymore Puma Arsenal shirts I’ve only bought one that was in 2015 and the fabric was rubbish very cheaply made

      2. i got one for you too john, doesn’t emery remind you of that dracula on Sesame Street: hope we get two, two tranfers HA HA HA!

  11. Is it that our defense is no good or
    Is the players been ask to play a high line which exposes all their frailties

  12. The issue is our wage bill. Funds naturally becoming available (limited by X) each season through turnover but we cannot keep buying without balancing the books. Things are slowly changing and the Adidas deal will help.

    I don’t see players leaving in jan…,maybe one or two but sales will be hard as our squad is injury hit and potential sale-able players will be needed atm.


  13. The fact nobody here is excited Chelsea dropped 2 points today shows how little confidence there is that Arsenal will make top 4.

    1. I can’t see us beating West Ham away I actually think we’ll lose that one! I’m never confident in any away game! We’ll finish 5 or 6th it’ll be a miracle finishing top 4 with that team and that defence

    2. I WAS excited. But I don’t think we have a serious hope of finishing in top four though. I firmly believe we will finish in 6th place . It seems near certain right now

  14. Chambers is not the answer and not worth losing millions over. I think Holding is better
    Sign a quality CB in January either by loan or purchase. Fullbacks we can make do with Lichtsteiner/Bellerin/Monreal/Kolsanic but try and sign one more FB if possible

    Wish we had Nelson. If we can’t get him back then we must keep him next season

    We need Ozil, Iwobi for the rest of this season unless we can upgrade

    January signings are usually limited to emergencies, unless a top quality player is unsettled/unhappy at his club

    1. Fans keep saying we need Nelson and I can’t see how he will make any difference to our team. As good as his stats are the boy isn’t starting games for Hoffenheim. He should be where he is and gathers as much experience he can. I do like the boy but I don’t see him as a starter for us until he is 20. I will gladly take Under ahead of him for reasonable fee.

  15. Hopefully we will ser improvement when everyone is fully fit eg Socrates, Koscielny, Mavropanos, Bellerin, Monreal and Kolasinac. I also believe that the U23 CB’s deserve an opportunity.

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